Classification: Semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Arima, third planet from the sun in the Alpha Centauri A star system (one of three stars in a trinary system - see comments), Milky Way galaxy;
    Arima had a "figure-of-eight" type orbit, tracing its path between and around each of Alpha Centauri A & B (as represented by the symbol on Dynorr's chest emblem);
    when last seen, most of the planet's water supply had been lost, and the formerly aquatic cities were devastated by flames caused by the twins suns;
    water formerly covered 95% of the planet's surface; gravity if 210% of Earth's; atmosphere is 188% Earth's density

Known Members: Dynorr ("the Stalker"), Yennon; unidentified "old one";
    unidentified Thanos-Thrall (suspected);
    unidentified former Runestaff inhabitant;
    unidentified Mourners member;
    unidentified Galactic Marathon observers;
    Population estimated at 75 million (though this may have decreased since their world was rendered virtually uninhabitable)

Affiliations: Kormok

First Appearance: Sub-Mariner I#17 (September, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Alpha Centaurians possess gills and other adaptations enabling them to dwell beneath the sea.
    Alpha Centaurians have two hearts; the second one starts when the first stops.

    They have built interstellar ships of "intermediate capacity," able to attain 95% light speed (see comments). Their technology includes Attrakton, electro-probes, funnel-disks (able to generate hyper-vortexes), infra-filters (which presumably filter out toxins from other fluids/waters they siphon to their ships), "nerve-rending rays," able to render unconscious Namor (recently underwater, but subsequently pulled through a vacuum-like vortex), photonic plates, and their viewscope.

    Dynorr was strong enough to contend with the underwater Namor, who possesses Class 100 strength. Namor soon overpowered him, but Dynorr's bear hug made Namor groan in pain. In their own world's fluids, Dynorr claimed to be far more powerful than Namor.
    Dynorr also apparently wielded some sort of hand-blaster, which fired a beam sufficient to blast Neptune's trident from Namor's hand. It's vacuum weapon setting not only pulled the water away from him, but also the water from his system, directly weakening him.
    Dynorr either easily learned or enabled communication with other languages via a translator or some other means.

Traits: All civilizations live underwater. Alpha Centaurians are a feudal society, organized into small, interdependent kingdoms. The people are generally self-centered and dispassionate survivalists (see comments). They consider less technologically advanced societies to be savages.

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric semi-humanoid bipeds.
Two (on head)
Five (with opposing thumb)
Three (webbed)
Skin color: Gray (scaled)
Average height: 6' 1"

(Sub-Mariner I#18 (fb) - BTS) - For countless ages, the water vapor of Alpha Centauri had been slowly escaping into space.  In more recent years, the process of dehydration had accelerated, leaving its cities exposed to the burning rays of its twins suns and its very civilization in danger of total annihilation. The Alpha Centaurians devised funnel-disks to atomize the hydrogen-oxygen liquids of other worlds and teleport them across the void of space to replenish the fluid of their world. They began to send out expeditions to planets with vast quantities of water and use their funnel-disks to steal their water.

(Sub-Mariner I#17 (fb)) - Dynorr found many planets with the water their world needed and led their far-flung raiders to such worlds, leaving the once-lush worlds barren and and desolate.

(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - An unidentified apparent Alpha Centaurian, presumably an inhabitant of the scholarly planet Rus, was pulled into the Runestaff when its new owner Kamo Tharnn conjured improperly.

(Sub-Mariner I#18 (fb)) - On Earth, Dynorr ambushed the Inhuman Triton, capturing him and bringing him aboard their ship. Dynorr used some of his technology to probe Triton's thoughts and learn Earth's languages, as well as of the existence and amphibious nature of Namor, possessing both functional lungs and girls

(Sub-Mariner I#17 (fb)) - On Earth, Dynorr contacted the Atlantean/Homo mermanus Kormok, convincing him to aid the Alpha Centaurians' efforts in exchange for "a high price."

(Sub-Mariner I#17) - Kormok sent Namor out to undergo an Atlantean ritual and walked into a trap of Dynorr's men. Namor escaped a snare sent by some of Dynorr's men only to be attacked by Dynorr himself. Namor punched him down, but Dynorr drained the fluid from around him, weakening him. Dynorr then called for his ship to use the funnel-beam against Namor, who recovered in time to stun Dynorr. The Alpha Centaurians summoned Dynorr back to their ship via their Funnel-Beam.

    Dynorr returned shortly thereafter and ambushed Namor again in Antarctic Atlantis. Namor pummeled Dynorr into submission and then walked away after checking to see that he had no heartbeat. However, Namor did not realize that Alpha Centaurians have two hearts, and that the second one starts when the first stops. Dynorr then recovered and instructed his ship to activate the funnel-beam, catching Namor unawares and pulling him up to the ship in space.

(Sub-Mariner I#18) - Electro-probing Namor, Dynorr analyzed his functional gills and lungs, the latter of which allowed him to breathe air from a gaseous medium. The Alpha Centaurians hoped to learn from him how to regenerate their own vestigial lungs, though they realized that it would take many years to develop such a process; and, in the meantime, they still needed to drain planetary volumes of water from worlds such as Earth to preserve their world. However, after learning that Triton was their prisoner as well, Namor helped him escape his holding tank, and the two attacked their alien captors. They coerced Yennon to lead them to their vortex weapon. The terrified Yennon complied, but perished upon striking some deadly "ray," the existence of which he was unaware.

    After locating and claiming his Neptune's trident, Namor struck the ship's wall and was cast out into space, but his constitution enabled him to survive until he used the trident of Neptune to strike the funnel-disk, causing it to release sufficient water to maintain his might until he could locate the sectioned band that revolved around the ship's great hull, controlling the funnel-disk, altering the position of the funnel-disk in hopes of preventing it from draining the water from  Earth; the disk actually reversed its direction. As Triton fought back against the aliens, Namor began to fade in the cold vacuum, Dynorr decided Namor must not perish before he had suffered for the damage he had done to the craft, and ordered him to be summoned back onto their craft. The Alpha Centaurians restrained Triton while Dynorr taunted the exhausted Namor and then activated the funnel-disk. Dynorr did not realize until too late that the funnel-diskt had actually been reversed, and Alpha Centauri was instead drained dry, bursting into flames under the heat of the sun.

    Furious, the Alpha Centaurians turned on Dynorr, and one of them blasted Dynorr, seeming slaying him. Dynorr's seeming slayer succeeded Dynorr as leader, but felt shame over his peoples' actions against other worlds, and decided to let Namor and Triton go in peace. However, as a result of energies to which he had been exposed, Namor temporarily lost function in his gills and could no longer breathe underwater.

(Captain Marvel I#31) - At least one Alpha Centaurian apparently served in the Thanos-Thralls.

(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - After retrieving the Runestaff following it having been taken by Hercules, Kamo Tharnn attempted to use the Runestaff again, and its inhabitants, presumably including the apparent Alpha Centaurian, were transferred into Tharnn himself.

(Thor I#335) - The Asgardian goddess Sif used the Runestaff on Kamo Tharnn, freeing all those who had been trapped within, including the apparent Alpha Centaurian.alpha_centaurians-galactic_marathon-crowd

(Quasar I#58) - At least a pair of Glyx were present on the planet belowing the finishing line of the Galactic Marathon where they observed the Eternal Makkari's arrival following his victory.

(Maximum Security#1 - BTS) - Surviving, Dynorr may have languished in a prison for years.

(Maximum Security#1 - BTS) - Dynorr was one of the inmates beamed to Earth by the Intergalactic Council during the events of Maximum Security.

(Maximum Security#1) - In Manhattan, Dynorr struggled against Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.

(Maximum Security#1 - BTS) - Later, several of the extraterrestrials who had been beamed to Earth joined with the heroes of Earth to fight Ronan and the Kree/Ruul to break the barrier surrounding Earth.

    Dynorr may have been involved in this, but was not seen. He was most likely extradited from Earth, but his subsequent fate is unknown.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Marie Severin and Jay Hawk.

Alpha Centauri...binary...trinary...

    The two suns of the Alpha Centaurians are clearly defined, referenced, and pictured in the Sub-Mariner I#17-18 story. The original OHotMU: Appendix to Alien Races: Alpha Centaurians entry identifies Arima as the third planet from the sun in the Alpha Centauri A star system (one of three stars in a trinary system); it further notes that the Alpha Centauri trinary system boasts other worlds with intelligent life.
    It's been nearly 25 years since I took astronomy in college, and I am relying on astronomy sites' internet research and information from others, so let me know if my information is off:

Alpha Centauri B vs. Beta Centauri...home of the Centaurian race

Proxima Centauri...home of the Centurii?

Other comments

    The original OHotMU: Appendix to Alien Races: Alpha Centaurians entry notes their ships can only reach 95% light speed. With Alpha Centauri being 4.36 light years from Earth, it seems unlikely that Dynorr was leading the Alpha Centaurians to planet after planet (with few planets in each star system likely to hold significant volumes of water) with such limited capacity. However, since they could teleport planetary volumes of water, it may be that they could teleport their ships as well...or maybe the Alpha Centaurians are particularly long-lived? Maybe they journeyed for 5-100 years between missions?

    The original OHotMU: Appendix to Alien Races: Alpha Centaurians entry describes them as self-centered and dispassionate survivalists, though it would seem from the events of #18, that the Alpha Centaurians were driven to this behavior by Dynorr...or, maybe the "old one" was more unique in his shame for their actions.

    The alien from Thor I#335 is not identified as an Alpha's just a face in the crowd. It is also distant and not properly colored, so it could be something else. Still, it's got the moustache-like deal continuing back and up to the pointed ears. Additionally, it's fairly clear that many of the aliens were based on those from the original OHotMU appendix to alien races...though I believe only 9 issues of that were out when Thor I#335 came out.

    My issue of Sub-Mariner I#18 is missing pages #11-14. Roger Ott got his friend Joe Demartini to provide scans of the missing pages. Thanks to you both!!

    Thanks to Donald Campbell and Wolfram Bane (Harvey Johnston) for helping clarify/define the Alpha/Beta/Proxima Centauri business.

    BIG thanks to Will Uchtman for photoshopping the Alpha Centaurians OHotMU image to take out the text!

Profile by Snood.

The Alpha Centaurians should be distinguished from the



    Their Attrakton is magnetic disk used to collect someone or something brought aboard their ships by their Funnel-Beams. When a foe was gathered by the Attrakton, he or she could be rendered unconscious by their "nerve-rending rays."

    Prior to activation of the Attrakton, Infra-Filters were used to prevent unwanted mixture of alien waters with those aboard their ships


--Sub-Mariner I#17


Dynorr's handheld vacuum weapon


    It fired a beam sufficient to blast Neptune's trident from Namor's hand. It's vacuum weapon setting not only pulled the water away from a target, but also the water from Namor's system, directly weakening him.


--Sub-Mariner I#17 (18












    Used to analyze the internal structure of organic beings, their readings could be beamed onto photonic plates for visualization by the Alpha Centaurians.

    It is unclear whether it was the Electro-Probe or other means which rendered Namor unable to breathe underwater by the time he was dispatched back to Earth. It is similarly unclear whether this was done when Namor was being analyzed, or as he was returned aboard their ship after altering the course of the funnel-disk.

--Sub-Mariner I#18




funnel disk

    Their funnel-disks atomize hydro-oxygen liquids and teleport them across space to replace the waters evaporated from Arima. The funnel-disks were launched from within their ships and were controlled via sectioned bands revolving slowly about the ships' great hulls.

    By thrusting Neptune's trident between the ship's sectioned band's gleaming sections, Namor reversed one of their disks so that when they activated it, the "water" was instead pulled from Arima to Earth (?), destroying much of what remained of Arima's civilization.

--Sub-Mariner I#18 (18 (fbs), 18




old one

    Once Namor reversed the Funnel-Disk's flow, draining and destroying Arima as a result, the old one, along with the rest of the crew turned on Dynorr, seemingly executing him with a hand-held blaster weapon. With Dynorr fallen, the old one spoke for the rest, noting that while they could repair the damages they had done to countless worlds in the name of survival, that Dynorr would never again lead them into dishonor. Acknowledging it was Namor who had directly caused Arima's downfall, the old one noted that the Alpha Centaurians were not barbarians, and that Namor and Triton were free to go. They were returned to Earth by the ship's vortex beam.

    He was referred to by Triton as "old one," but was otherwise unidentified.

--Sub-Mariner I#18



photonic plates


    The information gleaned via the electro-probes could be beamed onto the photonic plates for viewing.


--Sub-Mariner I#18


raider fleets


    Led by Dynorr to worlds he had found possessing the water their world needed, they drained those worlds, leaving them barren and desolate.

    The ships were equipped with funnel-disks, vortex beams (which could pull objects and beings to or from the ship from orbital distances within water pulled through a vortex; they could similarly project beams of water and transport objects and beings down to planets as well), Attraktons, viewscopes, electro-probes, and photonic plates. The ships could allegedly reach only 95% light speed.

--Sub-Mariner I#17 (17 (fb), 17-18




Runestaff inhabitant

(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - An unidentified apparent Alpha Centaurian, presumably an inhabitant of the scholarly planet Rus, was pulled into the Runestaff when its new owner Kamo Tharnn conjured improperly.

(Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS) - After retrieving the Runestaff following it having been taken by Hercules, Kamo Tharnn attempted to use the Runestaff again, and its inhabitants, presumably including the apparent Alpha Centaurian, were transferred into Tharnn himself.

(Thor I#335) - The Asgardian goddess Sif used the Runestaff on Kamo Tharnn, freeing all those who had been trapped within, including the apparent Alpha Centaurian.


(Captain Marvel I#27 - BTS) - A Rigellian was among the "intergalactic hordes" serving Thanos.

(Captain Marvel I#27) - On Titan, after Mentor and Eros joined forces with Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), a trio of Thanos' thralls -- including a Rigellian, Alpha Centaurian, and an Aakon -- confronted them. The Alpha Centaurian, who seemed to lead the group, ordered Mar-Vell and the others to freeze, instructing them that they were under arrest for treason against the Emperor.

    Enraged by this accusation, Mentor informed his accusers that he had created that world and sired their emperor, and that no one accused him of treason; and he punctuated his point with a telekinetic burst that flattened the Thanos-thralls.

(Captain Marvel I#31) - Later, after Thanos had acquired the Cosmic Cube and used it to capture Mentor, Eros, Iron Man, Captain Mar-Vell, Moondragon and Drax the Destroyer, the mad Titan could not resist bragging about what he had accomplished and what he was going to do.

    As part of this boasting, Thanos showed his captives his fleet of space raiders that were ready to plunder Earth and were crewed by his personal horde of outcasts and criminals collected from throughout the galaxy. A Xeronian was shown to be part of this horde.

--Captain Marvel I#31

Note: While this character has not been confirmed, compare his mouth and "brow" structure to the old one above. Fairly convincing, in my opinion.

      His presence in Captain Marvel I#27 and #31 may well make him behind the scenes in other issues, but that is unconfirmed.

     It may or may not be the same Alpha Centaurian in both images. Given the large number of followers that Thanos must have had to crew his fleet, it is certainly possible that there was more than one Alpha Centaurian amongst them and these images could have been of two different Alpha Centaurians. Or not.




    Seen in both warrior-like yellow garb and scientist's robes, Yennon denounced Dynorr following his initial defeat by Namor, but quickly begged for mercy upon Dynorr painfully squeezing his hand. He later advised caution when Namor was held aboard their ship, considering Namor a savage barbarian. After Namor and Triton broke free, Yennon quickly caved when threatened by Triton, leading them to the funnel-disk, but apparently perished upon being struck by a deadly ray apparently designed to prevent unwarranted tampering with the disk.

--Sub-Mariner I#17 (18


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