Real Name: Xanja

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Cygnorian) 

Occupation: Conqueror

Affiliations: leader of a force of Cygnorian warriors;
    unnamed weapons dealer;
    Arnie Strunk (pawn)

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Vaalu

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Stalker from the Stars

Base of Operations: the planet Cygnorion

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man#25 (April, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Xanja is superhumanly strong (at least Class 25-50).  He can travel at great speeds (and perhaps intergalactic distances) by converting into energy.  He can also enter the body of another and take possession of it while in energy form, granting his host superhuman physical abilities in the process.  He can fire energy blasts and  form protective force shields, as well.  Besides these physical abilities, Xanja also has a telepathic power to locate objects.  It is unknown whether Xanja's powers are normal for a Cygnorian or whether they are artificially derived (via mutation or technology).

History: (Web of Spider-Man#25) - Xanja made a deal with an intergalactic weapons dealer to receive the Cosmultigizer to amplify the power of his weapons one thousand-fold in exchange for payment of 1/3 of the wealth of each planet he conquered with it.  However, as the Cosmultigizer was beamed through space towards Cygnorian, a laser signal from a New York observatory passed nearby, altering its trajectory and sending it to Earth.  It landed in a construction site near Arnold Strunk, a cheap hood, who looked at it and left it there, because he couldn't find any use for it.  Spider-Man later found the Cosmultigizer and took it home to examine it.

    Xanja came to Earth and sought out Strunk, learning that the Cosmultigizer had landed near Strunk's vicinity.  When Strunk didn't have it, Xanja searched telepathically and ascertained its location. Xanja then transformed himself into energy and took possession of Strunk, figuring it would be easier to obtain the Cosmultigizer as a human.  Strunk/Xanja then located Spider-Man, demanded the Cosmultigizer, and physically attacked the hero when he refused to give it up. Xanja's powers allowed Strunk to hold his own against Spidey, who figured out Strunk might be possessed, and headed for the East River to avoid injuring Strunk.  Xanja abandoned Strunk's form and beamed himself after Spider-Man, intercepting him at a dock.  Simultaneously, Detective Gibbs arrived and shot at Xanja, who laughed off the assault.  Spider-Man was unable to make any headway against the powerful alien, who crushed him in a bear hug when he got too close.  However, Detective  Gibbs then dropped to the ground, and another alien, Vaalu, who had been possessing Gibbs' form, revealed himself and attacked Xanja.  Xanja held off Vaalu's attacks and even put him on the defensive, until Spidey grabbed Xanja's cape and knocked him off balance.  Vaalu then caught Xanja with a blast, neuro-stunning him, and bound him in electro-shackles.  Spider-man was convinced to surrender the Cosmultigizer to Vaalu, and the alien departed with it and Xanja in tow.

Comments: Created by Larry Lieber (that's Stan Lee's brother, in case you didn't already know!).

Once again, people who complain about the story from Web of Spider-Man#34, featuring A'Sai, as being the worst Spidey story ever...obviously haven't read this one!!  Sorry, Larry!

Xanja, the Stalker from the Stars, has no known connection to:

The Cosmultigizer has no known connection to:

Detective. Harry Gibbs has no known connection to:

(Cosmic Multi-Energizer)



A weapon of great power and unknown origin, it was sold to Xanja by a weapons dealer, but a laser signal from Earth somehow interfered with its flight, sending it to Earth instead. It landed in Jackson Heights by Arnold Strunk, who left it behind when he couldn't get it to work. It was later picked up by Spider-Man, who tried to study it, which caused it to produce a hologram, giving it some idea that it was an artifact sought by alien warriors, in order to devastate other worlds.

    Spidey tried to turn it into the cops, but failed to believe its true nature, but did direct him towards Officer Gibbs, who had an interest in such things. Shortly thereafter, Strunk, now possessed by Xanja, attacked Spidey to obtain the Cosmultigizer. Spidey suspected alien involvement and fled, but Xanja pursued and overpowered him. Vaalu, another extra-terrestrial who had possessed the form of Gibbs, attacked Xanja and managed to subdue him with Spidey's aid. Vaalu then took the Cosmultigizer and flew off into space

    The Cosmultigizer can increase the power of other weapons 1000 times.

--Web of Spider-Man#25



Detective Harry Gibbs


A man killed in an accident 20 years ago, his form was taken over and reanimated moments later by a time traveling Vaalu.  The alien continued to pose as Gibbs until the Cosmultigizer arrived on Earth, at which point he shed Gibbs form.  Presumably Gibbs' dead body was found and presumed to have been killed in the struggle, though apparently Spider-Man was not blamed for this one.


--Web of Spider-Man#25






Arnold Strunk


    A two-bit punk from Jackson Heights, he saw the Cosmultigizer land, but couldn't figure out how to get it to work, so he left it behind.  A short time later, he stole a pin from May Parker but was pursued by Spider-Man, who took it back.  Spidey also came across the Cosmultigizer and took it for study.  After this, Arnold was confronted by the powerful alien Xanja, seeking the Cosmultigizer, who learned its location and took possession of Arnold in order to obtain it more easily.  When Spider-Man refused to give the Cosmultigizer to him, Arnold/Xanja attacked him, with the alien's power making Arnold a match for the webslinger. Correctly suspecting alien involvement, Spider-Man fled to avoid doing serious injury to Strunk, and Xanja abandoned his body and went after Spider-Man himself.


--Web of Spider-Man#25



    Vaalu was the Monarch of Hyginus(?) II, a neighboring planet to Cygnorion.  Warned of Xanja's plans by a peace-loving Cygnorian, he observed as the Cosmultigizer was sent to Earth, and then acted to prevent Xanja from obtaining it there.  Unwilling to travel directly through space due to its danger, he instead traveled through both time and space, arriving on Earth some 20 years in the past.  He came across the body of Detective Harry Gibbs, who had been killed seconds before in an accident.  Healing Gibbs, Vaalu took over his form, became a law officer, and prepared himself for the arrival of Xanja and the Cosmultigizer.

    Twenty years later, he received a call that fit the description of the Cosmultigizer's arrival.  He went out to search for it but arrived just after Spider-Man had picked it up.  Attempting to pursue Spider-Man in his car, Gibbs/Vaalu was knocked off the road by some drunk drivers and crashed into a tree.  It took him awhile to recover, but he then tracked the Cosmultigizer, Spider-Man, and Xanja to a dock.  He used his gun on Xanja to no effect, and then released Gibbs' form and reverted to his own.  Still, Xanja held off Vaalu's attacks and even put him on the defensive, until Spidey grabbed Xanja's cape and knocked him off balance.  Vaalu then caught Xanja with a blast, neuro-stunning him, and bound him in electro-shackles.

    Spider-Man was reluctant to relinquish the Cosmultigizer to Vaalu, as he wasn't so sure that he was benevolent, but Vaalu convinced him that he did not want a device able to amplify the power of other weapons 1000 times on Earth.  After receiving the Cosmultigizer, he took it and Xanja and beamed back into space.  (I guess space travel wasn't so dangerous this time!)

Vaalu can travel through time and space (as apparently can the rest of his race), can possess the form of others, heal injuries, and fire energy blasts.

Comments: ...[Vaalu's homeworld] name is actually Nyginus II.  At least, that's how it is printed in the first panel caption of page 2, in my...issue [of Web of Spider-Man#25].  Respectfully yours: Carycomix@aol.com

--Web of Spider-Man#25




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Web of Spider-Man#25, Cover (Xanja main image)
  p2, pan3 (Cosmultigizer)
  p7, pan3 (Det.Harry Gibbs)
  p13, pan2 (Arnold Strunk)
  p20, pan5 (Vaalu body shot)
  p21, pan6 (Vaalu head shot)

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