Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human magic user; presumably Tibetan citizen

Occupation: Hermit, sorcerer

Group Membership: An unidentified order of mystics, including the Ancient One and Dr. Strange (possibly the Order of the Aged Genghis, see comments);
    the Immortal Nine (
Cagliostro, Ghost/Fu Manchu, Orphelus, Yellow Claw/Plan Chu, and four others seen only in shadow; formerly Al-Tothas)

Affiliations: Servant of the Vishanti;
    served by a series of acolytes;
    Baron (Karl) Mordo, Clea,
Manuel Diego, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Khalid Inshallah, Jules St. Thomas, "Screamer," Sen-Yu, Tareva, and Wai Chee Yee, and most other human mystics;
    apparently the

Enemies: Presumably fought numerous magical entities over the millennia;
    at least formerly

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: All-Knowing Genghis, Exalted One

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: A cavern in the foothills of the Himalayas
    active from pre-Cataclysmic through the modern eras.

Extent of Education: Trained by the Vishanti, extensively self-taught

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#136 (September, 1965)


Powers/Abilities: Genghis was once an extremely powerful mystic, but now his powers are virtually inaccessible, lost somewhere in his senile mind. He has numerous magical tomes and items of power, though he rarely has the focus to find or utilize them. His mind drifts between barely coherent ramblings to being completely unaware of anything occurring around him, giggling madly. He spends virtually all of his time levitating in the air (his power allows him to do so indefinitely, while his limbs are probably too weak and/or too painful to support him, and he would have pressure sores from sitting all the time), and his acolytes have to force him to eat (and, sadly, probably to perform other body functions as well). Nonetheless, powerful magical forces remain in his body, physically disturbing him has sometime unleashed unconscious magical assaults, and attacks upon him--even from an accomplished sorcerer--have proven futile. At other times, he has been injured by simple physical assault, though perhaps that was deliberate.

    Once every century, for the a little over 24 hours, the Time of the Vishanti restores the Genghis' power and mental clarity, allowing him to perform the contest to choose the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. In this form, he can teleport, restructure matter (even an immense stone temple), communicate with minds across the world, and likely do whatever is necessary to perform his obligation. As soon as he has accomplished his goal, his mind fades into senility once more.

    The Diary of the Aged Genghis is an item of great power of its own.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 84 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald (white facial hair)


History: The Aged Genghis is Earth's oldest living sorcerer.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (hardcover) Vol. 7: Appendix: Magic (from the journals of Ian McNee) (fb) - BTS) - Now unsure of his ability to choose a successor, Agamotto chose someone he believed could help him make the right choice, the wizard Genghis, famous as a truth-teller. Admitting he did not know who should become the next Sorcerer  Supreme, Genghis told Agamotto that the surest way to find the "supreme" anything was to hold a contest. So the "Time of the Vishanti" was declared and all the world's most powerful mages battled to see who would be supreme.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (fb) - BTS) - The sorcerer Genghis made a pact with forces beyond the Earthy sphere (the Vishanti, at least). In return for knowledge, he agreed to bring together the world's greatest mystics once every hundred years. He would then preside over a contest of sorcery which would sorely test their skills, and would determine and acknowledge one among them as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (fb) - BTS) - Genghis performed his duty, conducting the contest during the Time of the Vishanti every century.

see the "Secret History of the Aged Genghis"

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (fb) - BTS) - He performed his duty, conducting the contest for countless millennia.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (fb) - BTS) - Centuries ago, he came to swell in a cavern in Tibet. Watched over by a series of devoted manservants, his original name was lost to the eons, and he became known as the Aged Genghis.

    The mind of the Genghis was long ago consumed by the mystic forces which swirl about our reality.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (fb) - BTS) - The Aged Genghis was approached by many travelers seeking a mystic tutor. Presumably, he turned away all or at least most of them.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (fb)) - Fifteen to twenty years ago, Victor von Doom, recently scarred by the explosion during his failed attempt to access the Netherworld, sought out the Aged Genghis. The senile mystic acknowledged that he knew Doom had come to him seeking to learn the ways of sorcery, but told him he would not be his guru, and that he should look elsewhere. The irate Doom grabbed him and hurled him against a wall, stating his past experience and insisting that he help him. Continuing to refuse to teach, Genghis referred him to an order of holy men in high Tibet, from whom he would find his destiny. Genghis then directed him to the group that would become known as the "Monks of Doom".

    Early the next morning, Dr. Strange--on his way back to the America at the direction of his mentor, the Ancient One--stopped to pay his respects to Genghis, finding him lying crumpled in a heap on the floor. As Strange nursed Genghis back to health, the elderly mystic predicted that years in the future Strange would meet the man who had assaulted him. Strange stayed with Genghis for three days.

(Strange Tales I#136/2) - Seeking the means to locate Eternity in order to save the Ancient One, Dr. Strange sought out the Aged Genghis. When Dr. Strange mentioned the target of his search, Genghis grew excited, stating that only he and the Ancient One knew the secret of Eternity. Whilst complaining about his mind being clouded, Genghis recalled a scroll, which he found and gave Strange. However, when Strange performed the spell, he was not brought to Eternity, but rather to the Netherworld of Eternal Doom.

(Dr. Strange II#7) - Clea, unwilling to seek aid from Dr. Strange, sought out other mystics for aid against Dormammu, made mental contact with the Genghis. Knowing his wisdom was hidden beneath senility, she ignored his ramblings about Dormammu's worshippers. Breaking contact, she thus missed his statement that Dormammu's servitors were amassing outside of Dr. Strange's Sanctum.

(Dr. Strange II#9) - While Dormammu fought Umar, the Aged Genghis laughed mindlessly from his distant cave.

(Dr. Strange II#10) - Dr. Strange again sought the secret of Eternity from the Genghis, but his requests met with only a gibbering giggle. Realizing that the Genghis was helpless to even care for himself, Strange prepared to guide him to his Sanctum to care for him. However, the chaos of the Genghis' deranged soul took physical form, assaulting them both in the form of tentacles. Overcoming this threat, Strange realized that he dare not disturb the Genghis further, and left him to chuckle as he slipped back into dream.

(Dr. Strange II#11) - Baron (Karl) Mordo's self  entered the Genghis' cave, drawn by  the very madness that consumed them both. The Genghis merely laughed as he entered.

(Dr. Strange II#12) - While Genghis sat unaware, Mordo's mad spirit merely sat across from him. However, as Dr. Strange approached the Genghis' cave, its two inhabitants' madnesses achieved harmony, dreaming up a magical doppelganger of Dr. Strange (in his costumed form) to battle the original. Strange defeated the doppelganger, while Mordo regained enough of his wits to exit the cave and confront Strange directly.

(Dr. Strange II#57) - Another would be mystic sought out the Aged Genghis, telling him he wished to study at his feet. "Ah, you wish to study feet! Excellent! The foot, my son, is the pathway to the soul!" he responded. However, when the man explained that he wished to study magic, the Genghis told him that he no longer troubled himself with such things, and sent him to seek out Dr. Strange, who lacked a disciple at the time.
    A number of others also learned of Dr. Strange's current status and sought him out as well.

(Dr. Strange II#58) - The Genghis' acolyte attempted to convince him to eat, as he had long ago forgotten how to feed himself. Dr. Strange visited him, requesting that he not send further would-be disciples to him. However, the Genghis' ramblings made it clear that the message was not fully received.

(US1#3 (fb)) - The man who would be the Highwayman sought out supernatural means to fight off the ravages of time. Among those he sought out was the Aged Genghis, who dismissed him, saying, " Do I look like one who knows the secret of Eternal Youth?" (see comments).

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment) - As the Genghis' acolyte again sought to convince him to eat, the mystic's mind was drawn to the word "doom," and he detailed his past meeting with Dr. Doom. As he spoke, the aged one's mind cleared and he was bathed in a light that restored his power, sanity, and clarity. Recognizing that the Time of the Vishanti was upon them, Genghis revealed that it had been his destiny to send Doom on to his destiny. He then transported himself to the jungles of South East Asia, to the Javan Rainforest, to the Temple of the Three. Clearing a century's worth of plant growth from the Temple, he then sent out a call heard only by those most learned in the ways of sorcery. At least thirteen mystics responded, including Manuel Diego, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Khalid Inshallah, Jules St. Thomas, Screamer, Sen-Yu, Tareva, and Wai Chee Yee.

    The Genghis then confronted the sorcerers, explaining the purpose of the gathering, and the Vishanti themselves then appeared and confirmed his statements. The victor would become the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, a boon would be granted, and lives would be changed. The Genghis then called upon the Vishanti to encase him in mystic crystal, after which they explained that the one who freed the Genghis from their embrace would win the contest. Dr. Strange succeeded in overcoming the others and releasing the Genghis, merely by touching the crystal and saying, "Aged Genghis...I pray you, come forth!" Dr. Strange accepted the honor, though he declined the boon, but the Genghis explained that the Sorcerer Supreme does not receive the boon...he must grant any other mystic who evaded the power of the crystal. Only other mystic had done so: Dr. Doom. Genghis told Strange that he was duty-bound to fulfill Doom's wishes to the best of his ability. Strange reluctantly agreed when Doom revealed his desire to free his mother, Cynthia von Doom, from the clutches of Mephisto.

    Stating that his duty was done for another century, Genghis vanished, returning to his cave, his mind quickly degenerating into senility once again, and the Temple collapsed without his magic to support it.

Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee and "Sturdy" Steve Ditko.

    In Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Annual#4, Dr. Strange -- having had his Sorcerer Supreme title usurped by Salomé -- referred to himself as "mystic of the Order of the Aged Genghis."

    In US1#3, the Highwayman, posing as an old man at a truckstop, related his origin to US:
    He started out back back in the early days of trucking, a strong young buck, he could drive long and hard with the best of 'em. However, as he grew older, younger men in better rigs began to overtake him. Unable to accept this, he went looking for supernatural ways to fight off the ravages of time. He was refused by both the Ancient One and the Aged Genghis (What's that? 'Youth' you say? Do I look like one who knows the secret of eternal youth?). He persisted in his search until he found a coven whose master (presumably Mephisto, in the shadows) could grant him youth and power, at a price--his soul. Now he travels the road at night, hunting for souls to send his evil master.
    This information would most likely be a ploy to further confuse US. However, there's no reason it all has to be thrown out the window. The Ancient One and Genghis would have refused his aid, and so that could definitely have happened. Perhaps as he continued on, his mind became twisted enough so that he saw the Aliens who trained him as demons. Or he just twisted that part around. In fact, I don't even care about the Ancient One, that much, but the Aged Genghis rocks! C'Mon!
    Now what I'd really like to see, would be for the Highwayman to go back to Genghis and somehow learn some magic or steal some magic scrolls (and maybe get some real demon power from Thog or someone), and then rain hellfire and damnation on the Star Stop. Maybe he could team up with Spragg (and maybe Moomba)'d be great! Maybe Byrne will come back and right a She-Hulk (or Razorback, or even US1) Graphic Novel...a real graphic novel, not the trade paperbacks that are now constantly and incorrectly referred to as graphic novels.

    For some reason, my notes on the Aged Genghis list him as appearing in Dr. Strange III#23/2, but I don't see him there. I'd ASSume it to just be a typo, but I don't find him in any other Dr. Strange issues, either. Any help?
    If you can think of other appearances, please tell me.
    Of some interest was the use of Aged Genghis and his scroll to the Netherworld of Eternal Doom in What If? I#18.

    Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment is a total classic by Roger Stern, Mike Mignola, and Mark Badger. It's a must read, if you can find a copy.
Mystics I didn't see at the Temple of the Three included Turhan Barim, Count Carezzi, Jaine Cutter (though she may not have yet gained her power at the time of this story), Dr. Druid, Agatha Harkness,
"Dust" Johannsen, Rama Kaliph, Omar Karindu, James Mandarin, the Obeahman, Amanda Sefton, Avram Siegel, Margali Szardos, Jakita Wegener, or any of Strange's other mystic allies and associates. However, they could have been in the shadows.

The fact that the Ancient One became Sorcerer Supreme circa 1666 does not necessarily mean that the Aged Genghis held a contest in that timeframe; Doctor Strange was already considered the Sorcerer Supreme before the contest in modern times, so the contest is not essential to holding the position.  Plus, the fact that all of the contestants were Earth people implies that it was not for the position of Sorcerer Supreme, who is responsible for protecting the entire universe, but just to determine who was the "supreme" sorcerer of Earth.  But who knows.
--Ronald Byrd

Secret History of the Aged Genghis

(unpublished book of the Vishanti (fb) - BTS/Tomb of Dracula I#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Aged Genghis became one of the Immortal Nine, nine beings who met once every century by the mystic Pool of Blood; existing in Britain, the Pool allegedly contained blood from everyone who ever died in the history of Earth. The Pool slowed the aging of the those who partook of it. The Nine existed as a closed group, with a new member joining only if he replaced one of the existing members .

(unpublished book of the Vishanti) - Continuing his search for knowledge, Cagliostro sought out the Aged Genghis, who told him of the Immortal Nine. Cagliostro attempted to slay the Genghis and replace him, but found that his form was immune to his mystic bolts. Cagliostro instead slew and replaced Al-Tothas, taking on his appearance, and appearing at the next gathering of the Immortal Nine, which included the Genghis, Cagliostro, Ghost/Fu Manchu, Orphelus, Yellow Claw, and four others seen only in shadow.

(Tomb of Dracula I#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Pool of Blood was destroyed by Orphelus, one of the Immortal Nine, thus apparently dissolving that group.

Our own Jean-Marc Lofficer wrote this information and Marvel purchased it, but its lost in their inventory somewhere. I wish they had a Marvel Fanfare in which they could publish great stuff like this. Anyway, JML sent me a copy of the story, and you can read it here:

The Diary of the Aged Genghis has a small entry in Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic.


No known connection to:

Diary of the Aged Genghis

Its exact origins unknown, the Diary made it into the library of Lord (Julian) Phyffe. His son, Augustyne, offered the Diary to Dr. Strange in exchange for helping him obtain a new supply of the mind-altering drug orphium. Recognizing the book as accursed, Strange recognized that he couldn't take the book from Augustyne even if he wanted to. Strange suspected that the Diary may have been partially responsible for Lord Phyffe's fall to the dark forces. Strange attempted to remove the curse, but was instead attacked by a powerful tauro-Demon, which Strange was barely able to banish. Strange then led Augustyne to the Bazaar at the End of Unreason, where he sought out a Grogronk of Gronk to take the Diary to its home dimension, akin to a cosmic landfill. The Diary's curse continued to weaken Strange, giving him a goat's leg in the process, but eventually the Grogronk to the Diary off of their hands. Weakened from his ordeal, Dr. Strange was forced to consume some Orphium himself to gain the power to fight off an attack of the upstart Wandor.


--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12 (January 1993) 
    aka Winter Special 1992


Appearing when Dr. Strange attempted to remove the curse from the Diary of the Aged Genghis, the bull-demon attacked Strange. Though Strange and Augustyne Phyffe managed to banish the creature, it lashed out with an energy blast that knocked him to the ground and weakened him on his subsequent mission to give the Diary to a Grogronk of Gronk.


--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12 (January 1993) 
    aka Winter Special 1992





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