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Real Name: Seraphim

Identity/Class: Extradimensional magic users

Occupation: Mystic entities

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Ancient One, Clea, Dormammu, Augustyne Phyffe, Jacob Roark, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), The Demon, Tiboro and many other mystics;
    presumably Oshtur;
    see also the Catalogue of Correspondences for Oshtur from Ian McNee's reading of the First Tarot

Enemies: Shaeol and other unidentified mystic entities involved in the War of the Seven Spheres

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Extradimensional realm

First Appearance: (named) Strange Tales#124 (September, 1964);

(seen) Doctor Strange III#49 (January, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Seraphim are mystic entities with vast knowledge and power over magic forces at a level comparable to demons and deities. Their appearance seems to be a multitude of black-hooded, tattooed, blue-skinned humanoids of uncertain gender. The Seraphim could create spheres of magic energy, known as Shields of the Seraphim or Spheres of the Seraphim, which could contain and restrain powerful beings such as Ikonn. However, the real extent of the Seraphim's power is unknown.

   The Seraphim are prone to grant similar powers to those who invoke them in the right way for evil or good purposes. The power granted can make concrete different effects:

   The Seraphim are probably stronger, quicker, and more athletic, agile and resisistant than a normal human being, but it is unkonwn at what level.

head shotsHistory

(Doctor Strange III#48 - BTS) - As with many other powerful mystic beings, the Seraphim were involved in the War of the Seven Spheres, a pan-cyclic conflict between magic entities that would endure for 5000 years. Their very fierce enemy in the War was Shaeol.

(Doctor Strange I#177 (fb) - BTS/Incredible Hulk II#126 (fb) - BTS) - The Seraphim "rule the black of night," performed a "silent chant" and wore dark clothes. It is probable that the Seraphim's usual environment of living is a dark or black place, or that they act and use their powers mainly during the night of their world, a moment during which, typically, the world is silent.

(Strange Tales I#126/2 - BTS) - The Ancient One invoked the Seraphim and was granted the power to send Doctor Strange via dimensional travel.

(Doctor Strange III#49) - The War of the Seven Spheres reached a stage in which the mystic entities involved had to personally fight, so when the Seraphim were invoked by Strange to create a Shield, the Seraphim appeared in their multiple form asking the Sorcerer Supreme to fight for them against their enemy, Shaeol. But other entities also sought Strange's help, Cyttorak grabbed the Seraphim's sphere, and Watoomb scattered the Seraphim far from Dr. Strange. Ikonn intervened and its five manifestations were restrained by the Seraphim with their Spheres, but the situation became even more chaotic with the arrival of the Faltine, Raggadorr, Satannish, Valtorr and Denak. Dr. Strange did not wish to fulfil any of the requests and so pronounced the Enchantment of Emancipation, thereby refusing to serve the Seraphim and any other being in their multidimensional war. The Seraphim and the other mystic entities then had to accept Strange's denial of service and so hurled him back to Earth but negated him any help in the future.

Comments: Name and use in spells created by Stan Lee;
    Form revealed by Len Kaminski (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils) and Petrecca & Hudson (inks).

    In Doctor Strange III#58, Strange revived Pura-Shamutra, one of the entities involved in the War of the Seven Spheres, whose death had caused a cosmic unbalance and had seriously damaged the tissue of the Universe. Strange convinced Pura-Shamutra that the War could lead to the annihilation of everything and that the annihilation was probably the purpose of the Trinity of Ashes. Pura-Shamutra promised to intervene to stop the destruction.
    It is my opinion that Geof Isherwood's purpose about the future events was that Pura-Shamutra and/or Strange would manage to stop the War, convincing the other mystic entities about the extreme danger related to the death of one of them, and eventually that the Seraphim and the other entities who tried to enslave Strange would grant him again their favor.
    Instead, in Doctor Strange III#80, Strange revealed that he had fought BTS in the War and that he had regained the favor of the Vishanti (and probably the Seraphim's favor too).

    Apparently there is no connections among the Seraphim and the angelic order of the seraphim in the Bible. The only similarity I can find is that the Seraphim ARE a multitude - or appear as a multitude of beings, and the Biblical seraphim are also many, probably myriads. Other particulars are rather different. Isaiah 6:2 described the seraphim: "each of them with six wings; two wings covered his face, two covered the feet and two let him fly." This idea/description was probably influenced by previous concepts like those presented in the Egyptian and Babylonian cultures: the idea of a being, messenger or spiritual mediator between human and God was still present in the Zoroasterian religion and was also accepted in Hebrew thought. An Assyrian bas-relief from around 883-859 B.C. depicted two winged "geniuses" and was probably one of the most ancient influences which inspired the idea of the Christian "angels." From Isaiah's description, Dionigi the Aeropagita developed his thought in De Coelesti Hierarchia (6th Century AD), about the hierarchic order of the Christian universe, linking humans to the celestial creatures. He defined nine orders organized in three triads whose hierarchy was given by the degree of intellect attending to the divine mysteries. The most near to God were the seraphim. The hierarchia was followed by Gregorio Magno and became current for all the Middle Ages: a seraph was preferrably portrayed with six red wings. The red color probably recalled the origin of their name, "seraph," which meant "burning" or "being ablaze" in Hebrew. In the 15th Century, the iconographic distinction that differentiated the various orders of angels was abandoned. The seraphim started being portrayed with two or only one pair of wings, like the cherubim, and also started appearing as angels of female appearance and angels without wings. 

Information taken by "I Dizionari dell'Arte, di Rosa Giorgi - Mondadori Electa, 2004".

However, the Seraphim are covered from black robes that they could hide even female characteristics, so the gender of the Seraphim is still an open point of debate for me.

    Thanks to Catherine Yronwode and her THE LESSER BOOK OF THE VISHANTI website, I was able to easily find some occasions in which Seraphim's name was used by Dr. Strange for his spells. The invocations which produced an effective spell could mean that the Seraphim were BTS. I added many other spells invoking the Seraphim to Yronwode's list; nonetheless, the list is not complete, and some spells have been translated from Italian to English. Feel free to let us know what is missing or incorrect, specifying the issue, the caster, the effects of the spell and all the information useful to describe and understand it. Unless otherwise specified in this list, the spellcaster was Dr. Strange.

Strange Tales I#124/2: Banish: Darkness (While on a Time-Trip):

By the shades of the Seraphim --
I forbid the darkness to close in!

[Note: this spell failed to achieve the desired effect.]
Strange Tales I#126/2: Space: The Ancient One sent Strange in Dimensional Travel:
By the shades of the Seraphim --
in the name of the All-Seeing Agamotto --
I dispatch thee to -- the domain
of the Dread Dormammu!!!
Strange Tales I#128/2:
By the shades of the Seraphim --
I command his image to appear before me!
[Note: The Demon could see his disciple while betrayed him in Doctor Strange Sancta Sanctorum.]

    Control over matter:

So, may Seraphim open the floor beneath your feet--!!

[The Demon activated a trap under his disciple's feet.]

    Conjure: Shades of the Seraphim:

Let the shades of the Seraphim again enfold you--

[The Demon sent bolts and darkness forth which were stopped by Strange's shield]

    Conjure: Power of Darkness:

Let the seven rings of Raggador circle around me!!
Let the shades of the Seraphim come forth once more!
Let all the powers of Darkness lash out--out--out!!

[The Demon uses his full power, but the destructive Bolts were turned aside by Strange's Force Field.]

Strange Tales I#129/2:
    Strange conjured the Skill of the Seraphim to battle Tiboro in hand-to-hand combat.

    Conjure: Circle of the Cosmos:

Shades of the Seraphim...
engulf me with the circle of the Cosmos,
to withstand this new threat.

[Note: the Circle temporarily protected Strange from Tiboro's Electroplasmic Ray.]

Strange Tales I#131/2: Strange used the Shades of the Seraphim against Mordo's lackeys:

Indietro, emissari del male!
Che le ombre di Seraphin vi avvolgano!

Italian version

Begone, emissaries of evil!
Let the Shades of the Seraphim enwrap you.

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

[Note: in the Italian version it is written Seraphin with an ''N'.]

Strange Tales I#132/2: Exclamation (thought while in astral form):

I must move with the speed of the Seraphim!...

Strange Tales I#137/2: Conjure: Dimensional Travel:

...[secret part]...
By the Shades of the Seraphim!
Let all that I have commanded come to pass!

[Note: this was one of the most powerful enchantements of all times. After the casting, the Amulet of Agamotto enlarged and let Strange enter in it.]

Strange Tales I#138/2: Oath:

...I swear by the Shades of the Seraphim...

Strange Tales I#139/2: Oath

Strange Tales I#141/2: Banish: Vapors of Valtorr:
May the shades of the Seraphim banish
the vapors of Valtorr! In the name of
the Vishanti I speak!

Strange Tales I#146/2: Banish: Evil Spells of Entrapment and Exile:
Let those banished to hidden dimensions
be returned to their rightful place!
Let the dominion of evil be lifted from
their hearts! By the shades of the
Seraphim do I command it!

Strange Tales I#147/2:

Strange conjured the Shield of the Seraphim and held back Mordo's attack

Strange used a crystal to see very far events but saw vague shadows:

Harken to the voice of your master, crystal...
let the mists be lifted!
Let your mystic vision probe the remote corners of the universe,
to wherever Dormammu and eternity now dwell!
Give me that knowledge I need!
By the shades of the Seraphim do I command you!

Strange Tales I#149/2: Banish: Demons of Denak:
Let the amulet of Agamotto bathe the
creatures of darkness in light! By
the shades of the Seraphim do I so
Strange Tales I#150/2: The Ancient One banished Marduk's Sacred Griffin:
By the crimson bands of Cyttorak,
by the shadowy shades of the Seraphim,
I command thee -- begone!
Strange Tales I#151/2: Incantation: Shades of the Seraphim. From rubble and chaos, Strange restored the order in his Sancta Sanctorum.

Strange Tales I#152/2: Alteration: Shades of the Seraphim. Strange mended a broken mystic road.

Strange Tales I#153/2: Control: Mindless Ones:
By the shining, shimmering shades of
the Seraphim, I now command --
Let the gleaming, glittering glare
issue forth --- with the sudden
stunning fury of a serpent's sting!

Strange Tales I#155/2: Exclamation:

By the secrets of Seraphim... 

Strange Tales I#154/2: Strange conjured a Circle of Seraphim. A ring of anti-energy protected him by the suction of the pit of the damned.

Strange Tales I#156/2: The Ancient One used the Shades of the Seraphim to protect himself by Umar's blasts

Strange Tales I#157/2: Banish:

By the Shades of Seraphim -- let them be severed!

[Note: the spell only had a temporary effect against the Seven Rings of Cyttorak casted by Zom.]

Strange Tales I#158/2: The Living Tribunal made the Sign of the Seraphim and imprisoned Strange with his own Rings of Raggadorr.

Strange Tales I#159/2: Conjure: a Sign Leading to the Source of Evil:

By yon long-forgotten spells --
by the Seraphim's grim shield --
to that place where evil dwells,
the way now stand -- revealed!

Strange Tales I#162/2: Banish: "The Spell of Cosmic Banishment":

By the Seraphim's dread shadow --
by Munnopor's moonlit vale --
get thee hence, foul spawn of evil --
far beyond the cosmic pale!

Strange Tales I#163/2: Control: Attract Attention:

By the Seraphim's command,
by Munnopor's mystic maze,
let their struggle dim its fury!
Unto me now draw their gaze!!

Strange Tales I#163/2: Banish: the Talons of Cosmic Fire:

By the Wand of Watoomb,
and the Seraphims' shade,
let these talons be quenched --
let their dread fire now fade!

Doctor Strange I#177: Banish: Protoplasmic Forms (or Anything which Abhors the Light):

By the Shades of the Seraphim
which rule the black of night --
by the Flames of the Faltine --
let all be bathed in -- light!

Doctor Strange I#180: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim. Strange protected a woman from a dinosaur foot.

Doctor Strange I#183: Conjure: Light:

As the three dark shades detect me --
may the Seraphim direct me --
may they shield me and protect me!
Let the shrouding night be gone --
Let the loathsome pit-born spawn
stand before me midst the dawn!
[Note: accompanied by ripping open the curtains]

The Incredible Hulk II#126: Space: Teleportation to Earth:

By the Seraphim's silent chant --
by Munnopor's mystic Moon --
may omnipotent Oshtur grant --
this fateful final boon!!

Marvel Feature I#2: Conjure
    Shields of the Seraphim

Defenders I#1: Exclamation:

By the Shades of the Seraphim, you shall come no further!

Marvel Premiere#3: Control: Brainwash:

There have been mystic words -- enchanted thoughts unleashed here this night -- By the Shield of the Seraphim, let them be banished from your brain!

Defenders I#12: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Marvel Premiere#9: Exclamation: By the Shades of the Seraphim!

Marvel Premiere#12: Space: Teleportation:

Shades of the Seraphim -- select from the day
power enough to wish us away!

Marvel Premiere#13: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Marvel Premiere#14: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#5: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Defenders I#16: Exclamation:

By the Shades of Seraphim...

Defenders I#17: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Defenders I#18: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#13: Exclamation:

By the Shades of Seraphim...

Defenders I#42: Exclamation:

Shades of Seraphim!

Doctor Strange II#20: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim:

By enchantments Satannic,
by evil Tyrannic --
no spell shall they wield
to shatter Seraphim's shield!

Doctor Strange II#22: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#25: Doctor Stranger conjured the Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#27: Dr. Strange conjured the Shield of the Seraphim which surrounded the Ancient One as defense during his travel through the space to Earth.

Defenders I#57: Clea conjured the Shield of Seraphim as defense against a AIM battleship.

Doctor Strange II#29: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim:

'Fore the gathering doom
may my power never yield --
let the Winds of Watoomb
strengthen Seraphim's Shield!

Doctor Strange II#32: Clea conjured the Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#33: Banish: Cold / Conjure: Warmth:

I call upon the Flames of the Faltine to dissolve this frigid prison as the Shield of the Seraphim surrounds my love with its warming glow

Moon Knight I#36: Conjure: Spell of Protection:

Shades of the Seraphim preserve her!

Defenders I#53/2: Clea conjured the Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#38: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#40: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim and Winds of Watoomb

Prima che l'incombente destino possa arrestare il mio potere-- 
che i venti di Watoomb sostengano gli scudi di Seraphim!

Italian version

Before the impending destiny arrest the power I wield--
let the winds of Watoomb support the Seraphim's shield!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

Doctor Strange II#42: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim (2 times)

Defenders I#75: Conjure: Shades of the Seraphim:

By the shades of the Seraphim, by the Flames of Faltine... (interrupted)

[Clea tried to conjure the Shades of the Seraphim to put out a fire.]

Defenders I#81: Exclamation:

By the Shield of Seraphim!

Defenders I#83: Exclamation:

Shades of the Seraphim!

Doctor Strange II#43: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#44: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim
    Banish: Weapon's Power:

By the Winds of Watoomb,
and the Seraphim's Shade,
let these mystic darts be quenched,
let their dread fire now fade!

Doctor Strange II#45: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#48: Clea conjured the Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#49: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim 

Doctor Strange II#53: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim:

By Munnopor's moons and Seraphim's Shield,
let the thing which bedevils me, now stand revealed.

Doctor Strange II#54: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim 

Doctor Strange II#57: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim and Winds of Watoomb:

'Fore the deadliest power may my soul never yield!
Let the Winds of Watoomb strengthen Seraphim's Shield!

Doctor Strange II#61: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#62: Conjure: Shields (of the Seraphim?)

Dottor Strange II#69: Strange conjured the Shield of the Seraphim to defend himself from the Flames of the Faltine.

Doctor Strange II#76: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange II#81: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Strange Tales II#19: Banish: Demon:

In the name of the Hosts of Hoggoth I cast you out!
Cyttorak's bands bar your way--
and the Seraphim shield the innocents here!

[Jacob Roark, trying to defend his grandsons.]

Doctor Strange III#2: Dormammu used the Shield of Seraphim

Thor Annual I#14: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim

Possa il sacro scudo di Seraphim che nessuno puņ impugnare senza il loro permesso proteggere tutti quelli che sono con me nella ricerca dal peso straziante del mare tempestoso.

Italian version

Let the Seraphim's shield
which noone can wield
without their leave
protect all who are with me
in the piercing-weighing retrieve
of the stormy sea.

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

    Conjure: Shield (of Seraphim?)

Doctor Strange III#5: Conjure: Seraphim's Shield:

Ever shall I fight--
never shall I yield!
And ever my aegis is--
the Seraphim's bright shield!

Doctor Strange III#6: Conjure: Seraphim's Shield:

No magic trance that demons wield--
may shatter Seraphim's bright shield!

    Conjure: Seraphimic Shield (again)

Doctor Strange III#7/1: Banish: Agamotto:

By Faltine and Ikonn and dark Valtorr,
by Seraphim, Denak and Raggadorr--
by Dormammu, Watoomb and Cyttorak--
Agamotto be now hurled back!

Doctor Strange III#10/1: Conjure: Seraphim's Shield:

Let no base force that man may wield--
pass through the Seraphim's bright Shield!

Doctor Strange III#11/1: Conjure: Seraphimic Shield:

May the protecting glow of the Seraphimic shield--
'round yon Victor Strange be now congealed!
About this man--this house--now raise a wall--
and keep it from evil--all!

Doctor Strange III#12/1: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange III#18: Banish:

By the power vast which he who honors Oshtur wields--
by the Seraphim, which grant me sway o'er mystic shields--
by the scarcely harnessed might of dread Satannish--
let now this thrice-cursed wall before us van... (...ish?
not completed)

    Dispel: previous Banish spell:

Oshtur--Seraphim--Satannish--nullify my spell!

Black Knight II#3:

Strange protected Black Knight and Sean Dolan from the Evil Eye's beam

Shield of the Seraphim... protect us!

Another shield was broken by the Ebony Blade 

Black Knight II#4: Strange conjured the Shield of the Seraphim to hold back a legion of demons

Mentre lo Scudo protettivo di Seraphim trattiene le legioni delle cose-demoni...
che questi Fomor dinanzi a me siano incatenati...
con i rossi legami di Cyttorak...
e che la mia magia possa scagliarli per sempre nei reami oscuri del terribile Denak!

Italian version

While the protective shield of the Seraphim holds the demon-things' pack...
let these Fomorians before me be chained...with the crimson bands of Cyttorak...
and let my magic hurl them in the dark realms of the dreadful Denak!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

Doctor Strange III#21/1: Conjure Seraphim Shield of Blinding Light

Doctor Strange III#23/1: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim

Doctor Strange III#25: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Doctor Strange III#30:
    Conjure: Shield of Seraphim
    Conjure: Seraphimic Sphere

Doctor Strange III#34:
    Conjure: Shield of Seraphim
    Conjure: Seraphimic Shield

Doctor Strange III#35: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim

Marvel Super Heroes III#11: Strange conjured a Seraphimic Shield with the help of the Staff of Dravid

Marvel Super Heroes III#14: Augustyne Phyffe tried to perform a spell of Dimensional Exploration 

By the Seraphim's silent chant--
and by Munnopor's mystic moon--
may omniscent Oshtur grant
this servant's humble boon...!

[Note: the spell wasn't performed perfectly and Dyskor the Purveyor appeared.
The spell is very similar to the one used in Incredible Hulk II#126.]

Doctor Strange III#37:
    Conjure: Seraphimic Shield
[to defend himself from Silver Surfer's cosmic attack]
    Conjure: Shield of Seraphim [particular variant of]

Doctor Strange III#38: Conjure: Seraphimic Shield

Doctor Strange III#39: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim 

Doctor Strange III#41
Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim:

Shield of the Seraphim--protect us!

    Conjure: Seraphimic Shield

Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: The way to dusty death: Strange conjured a Shield of the Seraphim to protect himself from Xandu's attacks

New Warriors I#34: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim:

If light and reason be abducted so abruptly--
May Seraphim's Shield choose to protect me!

Doctor Strange III#48: Conjure Space-Time Singularity: Dimensional Door:

Spells of Einstein, Bohr and Stephen Hawking
Let the mystic and quanta become entwined
It's space-time's door that now needs unlocking
By equations of most exquisite kind.
By the Seraphim, Vril, and Munipoor
Bend now the laws of relativity
Allow me passage through dimension four safe from peril
Of no small gravity.

Doctor Strange III#49: Conjure: Seraphimic Shield:

To these crimson bands I refuse to yield
Turn them back with the Seraphim's bright shield!

    Emancipation Encantation:

Satannish Watoomb and Ragadorr
Ikonn, the Seraphim and Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur and Muniporr
Hoggoth, the Faltine, Valtorr and Denak
Those whom I've named plus others I've omitted
Those who threatened my cherished liberty
Hark to this irrevocable decree:
Such an enslavement will not be permitted
Your claims on my person I now reject
All demands of servitude I must deny
For your wisdom and might I've the utmost respect
But the price of its use is far too high
Better the path I walk be mine alone
Hear now these words: let my fate be my own!

Doctor Strange III#54/1:
    Strange conjured a Seraphimic Shield and deflected Siver Surfer's cosmic power
    The Ancient One conjured a Shield of Seraphim

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme Annual#3/2: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim

Doctor Strange & Doom: Triumph and Torment: 

Strengthen your Shields with the sign of the Seraphim... or invoke the Flames of the Faltine!

    Conjure: Sphere of the Seraphim:

Sphere of the Seraphim, steady and true--
grant us protection in what we must do!
Speed us now on to the infernal fray!
Let no power stop us--tho' hell bar the way!


Seraphim save us!

Graphic Novel: What is it that Disturbs You, Stephen? Conjure: Shield of Ceraphim

[Note: Ceraphim, and not Seraphim.]

Doctor Strange: Flight of Bones#2: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim:

Shield of Seraphim, protect me.

Defenders II#1: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim

Defenders II#2: Conjure: Seraphimic Shield:

Flames of Force shall break and yield...
against a Seraphimic Shield!

Defenders II#8: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

Defenders II#11: Stranged the Shield of the Seraphim to protect Hellcat from Nagala's eldritch energy.

Defenders II#12/2: Conjure: Shield of Seraphim

The Order#2: Exclamation:

Seraphim help us...

The Order#6: Conjure: Seraphimic Sheath

Defenders III#1: Exclamation:

Shades of the Seraphim!

Defenders III#5: Exclamation:

Shades of the Seraphim!



As a tribute to Stan Lee and company, here are some totally invented spells involving the Seraphim.--Spidermay

Conjure: Blindness:

From the deep darkness in Thangorodrim,
From the grim shades of the Seraphim,
I call upon thee, a cloak of hungry night,
so thou can no more see, flee nor fight!

Conjure: Sleep:

Heed me, moltitude of the Seraphim!
Ban my enemy's watch with a single sweep,
fill his vigil toughts with your shades so grim,
He shall stand no more. Now, I command: sleep!

Profile by Spidermay.

The Seraphim has no known connections to:

Doctor Strange III#49, p17, pan3 (The Seraphim, full images)
Doctor Strange III#49, p11, pan2 (The Seraphim, head shots)
Doctor Strange III#37, p4, pan1 (Shield of the Seraphim)

Doctor Strange III#49 (January, 1993) - Len Kaminski (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils), Bob Petrecca & Don Hudson (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)

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