Classification: Terrestrial aquatic humanoids (possibly a sub-species of humanity)

Location/Base of Operations:
A huge
city hidden within a submersed mountain in the Indian Sea

Known Members: The unnamed Leader of the Aquaticans, two unnamed Aquatican scientists, and an unnamed guard.

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Dr. Druid (aka Dr. Droom)

First Appearance: Weird Wonder Tales#22/1 (May, 1977) (see comments)

Powers/Abilities: The Aquaticans are ocean dwelling creatures, but are also amphibious, having large gills that allow them to breathe water and lungs that allow them to breathe air. Like many other aquatic beings, the Aquaticans probably have great strength and stamina, most likely about 3 times that of a normal human.

Traits: War-like, vicious in combat, and scientifically advanced

History: Nothing is known of the history of the Aquaticans, as they kept their presence unknown from humanity and their fellow undersea civilizations. This isolationist behavior was broken when they became aware of the world's largest ocean liner, the S.S Luxuria, which was on cruising tour of the Indian Ocean. Using their advanced science, they captured the ship in a huge air bubble and brought in down to their secret city to study.

When word got out that the Luxuria had disappeared, divers and exploratory ships were sent out to see if it had sunk, but could not find anything after looking everywhere they could. Realizing that some mysterious factor was at work, the board of inquiry of the Steamship Line naturally called in Dr. Druid, resident master of the unknown. Druid sailed to the Indian Ocean and descended into the waves in his bathysphere and scuba suit. Once at the bottom, he discovered a submersed mountain and a lever coming out of the rock. Pulling the lever, he was amazed to find the top of the mountain opened.


Journeying into the chasm under the mountain, Druid found a gigantic city and the Luxuria in a giant bubble. He found two Aquatican scientists studying the craft and observing the ways of the surface dwellers. A huge screen activated and revealed the face of the Leader of the Aquaticans, who spoke of their plans to invade the surface world for glory and conquest. Druid knew it was time to act.

Guessing that the broadcast had come from a large palace-like building, Dr. Druid entered the building and discovered electronic beams evaporating the water and filling the chamber with air. He located the broadcasting room and found the Leader and a guard who immediately attacked him. The Aquaticans were savage fighters, but clumsy and Druid easily defeated them. Once finished, he hypnotized the Leader into activating the broadcast beam again. Using the broadcasting machine he put all of the Aquaticans into a hypnotic trance and made them forget their knowledge of the surface world. He then hypnotized the humans on the ocean liner to forget all of what had happened to them, as to prevent fear of travelling the seas.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

This story was originally printed in Amazing Adventures I#2 (July 1961), wherein "Dr. Droom" battled "the Atlanteans"; when it was reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales (using the magic of retroactive continuity) it was redrawn and relettered to make Dr. Droom into Dr. Druid and the Atlanteans into the Aquaticans (probably to avoid confusion with the Sub-Mariner's people).
--John Kaminski

Considering that Stan Lee did this story, the Aquaticans are a bit disappointing. I know that the space for the story was short, but it seemed like it could have been a lot better. None of the Aquaticans have any names and we only get to see a glimpse of their city. They have so much undiscovered potential though, as their origin was never explained. The Aquaticans could be:

1-An evolutionary offshoot of the Atlantean or Lemurian race

2-A product of Inhuman or Deviant genetic experimentation

3-An exiled clan of Inhumans (like Red Raven’s Bird People)

4-An alien race that colonized Earth long ago and slowly forgot their extraterrestrial origins

5-Human beings mutated into amphibious beings through some unknown factor (Like Dr. Hydro and the Hydro Men)

The Aquaticans are different from most of the water dwelling beings, as the can breathe both air and water. They also have technology superior to human level technology. These facts seem to lend a bit of weight to possibilities 1 and 4. Although their hidden city and isolationist ways suggests that they are exiled Inhumans.


Then there’s the submersed mountain deal. Perhaps they are descended from the human inhabitants of the ancient lost continent of Atlantis. Maybe the Aquaticans were once normal humans dwelling in an underground city beneath a mountain on Atlantis. When Atlantis sank, the people were saved from drowning by their enclosed city, and slowly mutated over time into the fish-like people they are today. I think somebody should find the Aquaticans and their city again, like Namor or Stingray. They could even be tied into the whole Serpent/Cobra Crown mythos.

I've got them listed as extra-terrestrials in my notes, but I'm not sure where that came from. Also, these stories (in Amazing Adventures) occurred in the pre-modern era, back when Dr. Druid was Dr. Droom. When Droom became Druid, and he entered the Marvel Universe, I would consider these stories as part of the Earth-616 continuity--Snood.

Profile by Ben Peberdy, Spaceknight

The Aquaticans
have no KNOWN connection to:


Amazing Adventures I#2 (July 1961) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks)
Weird Wonder Tales#22 (May, 1977) - reprint

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