Real Name: Zogg

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (race unknown)

Occupation: Spy

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His fellow aliens

EnemiesUnnamed Earthman with a fly-swatter

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "our master of disguise" (as called by his fellow aliens)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the universe

First Appearance: Amazing Adult Fantasy#11/1 (April, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: In his natural form, Zogg (and his fellow aliens) had green skin, six tentacles, a single eye in front, and a single eye in back. The fact that he was able to speak without a mouth implies that he may have also had some form of mental telepathy. Having no legs, Zogg appeared to have a single foot which he used for locomotion, much like an Earth snail.

Zogg was a shape-shifter (a trait that seemed uncommon for his race) who could alter his form to take on the appearance of other beings; this ability may have been unique to Zogg alone.

History: (Amazing Adult Fantasy#11) - After conquering the planet Centaurus and the Sixth Galaxy, an alien ship approached the next planet on their list for conquest -- Earth. Knowing absolutely nothing about this planet, the aliens sent their master spy Zogg to find the dominant life-form of Earth and negotiate surrender or the Earthlings would be destroyed. Zogg's perceptions would be recorded on a viso-screen for his fellow crew-members to monitor his progress.

Zogg altered his form to a glider-wing shape and floated to the ground near a forest, where he began to search for the dominant life-form that was the master of this world. He first found some beings which were large, but too quiet, calm, and peaceful (cows) to be the rulers of the planet. Next, Zogg encountered other beings that had the power of flight, but were too aimless and purposeless (birds) or too timid (squirrels) to be the masters.

Seeing structures of a city, he went there and saw two-legged creatures who hurried around too much and seemed to be imprisoned in strange garments like slaves (humans)...then he saw some of these same creatures being lead around by four-legged creatures (people walking their dogs) -- obviously they were the four-legged creatures' servants -- then he saw them both feeding themselves to a four-wheeled monster (both climbing into a car). Zogg had never before encountered so many different forms of life, yet none appeared to be the supreme life-form of the planet.

But at last, Zogg found what he sought -- a life-form that was strong, fast, free, could walk and fly, and all Earth must be their domain because they were everywhere! Zogg changed into their form to make contact with one of them, and ordered him to surrender Earth or...[THUD!]...the viso-screen went blank, meaning Zogg had been slain! Since Earthlings must be far more powerful than the aliens dreamed, the invasion was cancelled.

Meanwhile on Earth, a man rejoiced in "triumph" because he had just swatted two flies -- one of which (unknown to the Earthman) was the mistaken Zogg.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Those cows that Zogg first saw when he landed on Earth...wouldn't it be ironic if they were the three transformed Skrulls from Fantastic Four I#2?

Could Zogg the pre-FF alien be part of the unseen aliens in the back story of King Kull#15.
--Brett Kraft

Profile by John Kaminski

Zogg has no known connections to:

  • Zog, alien @ Journey into Mystery I#56
  • Philo Zog, creator of Electro @ Marvel Mystery Comics#4
  • any other characters with similar names

Zogg's fellow aliens

Zogg's fellow crew-members (only two were seen), they remained on their space ship in orbit while their master spy Zogg went down to the surface of Earth to negotiate a surrender from the planet's dominant life-form. They monitored Zogg's perceptions via a viso-screen, and when the viso-screen went blank, they knew Zogg had been killed. Thinking Earthlings to be too powerful, they cancelled their invasion plans.

--Amazing Adult Fantasy#11/1




A man with a fly-swatter

An ordinary human, he unwittingly stopped an alien invasion by swatting two flies, one of which was the alien spy Zogg.

--Amazing Adult Fantasy#11/1



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  p6, pan7 (man with fly-swatter)

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