(Home of the Skrull "Milk")

Classification: Terrestrial city affected by extraterrestrial DNA

Creator: founder unknown;
    The transformation was unintentionally caused by the 3 unnamed Skrulls, and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

User/Possessors: natives of the town (sheriff Chet Rollins, Jack Strzltski, Barney White, Emmett, "Tiny" )

Base of Operations: King's Crossing, upstate New York (around a lonely service road four miles off interstate 90)

First Appearance: (unidentified) Fantastic Four I#2 (January, 1962);
    (named) Fantastic Four Annual#17 (1983)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Natives of King's Crossing had the similar metamorphic ability as the Skrulls. They had a militaristic level of organization and were extremely xenophobic. Those passing through the town were at risk of becoming assimilated into the colony. Resistance was futile (unless you knew the Fantastic Four, of course).

    While the Skrulls could simulate most body functions, they could not actually lactate. Instead--as each Skrull is like a living unstable molecule, and their every atom functioned like human DNA--the milk equivalent they produced carried the genetic matrix of a fully developed Skrull, and would have attacked and modified any non-Skrull cell it encountered. The Skrull "milk" actually had a life of its own, reproducing itself and taking its nourishment from the basic elements in air. The Skrull "milk" would--when consumed by other living beings--convert cells it encountered to mimic its own. In addition, the genetic matrix of the Skrulls also carries their war-like tendencies.

History: The past history of King's Crossing is unknown.

(Fantastic Four I#2 - BTS) - Four Skrulls came to Earth and framed the Fantastic Four by shape shifting into their forms and committing crimes. According to their plan, the military would destroy the Fantastic Four, leaving the Earth open for conquest. Long story short, the FF foiled the Skrull plot, and cleared their names. Mr. Fantastic then hypnotized three of the Skrulls into believing that they were cows, and he sent them off to graze in the fields of King's Crossing.

(Fantastic Four Annual#17 (fb) - BTS) - The three cow-Skrulls mixed with a local farmer's herd. The people of King's Crossing consumed the milk and were transformed by it. Those initially affected made certain that more and more people were similarly affected until the entire town had been transformed. It made their naturally insular community more so. Rather than setting off to conquer the world, their energies went along more familiar lines--they became extraordinarily efficient farmers. They built up their town into an immense farming community, where immense vats of milk were "grown." The Skrull "milk" was pumped through their irrigation systems, and used in place of water for their crops, so that the crops, too, were transformed by the milk.
    Those who wandered into King's Crossing seldom wandered out. They, too, were exposed to the "milk" and transformed.













(Fantastic Four Annual#17) - Sharon Selleck's car broke down out side of King's Crossing. She scaled its chain link fence, but was discovered by a couple of locals. They brought her car into town, but kept delaying her, telling her that she needed a new part that they had to order, the mechanic taking the day off to go fishing when the part was supposed to arrive, etc. Meanwhile, all the food she ate there had been exposed to the Skrull "milk." Even though it was not true milk, her milk allergy began to make her violently ill. Sharon called her roommate, Julie Angel, but the phone cut off before she could reveal her location. Sharon then sneaked out to a pay phone and called the Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, she was only able to speak to their robot secretary, Roberta, for brief time before the mutated natives captured her.




    However, the Fantastic Four did get her messages, and as Johnny new Sharon personally, they traced her call. Recognizing the significance of the name of the town she had called from, Reed suspected what had happened and devised a means to counteract it. Arriving in King's Crossing, the FF found and freed Sharon. However, as they investigated the town to confirm their suspicions, the mutated natives attacked them, stealing the canister Reed had brought with him. Retaking the canister, Reed activated it and immediately began to restore to normal the organisms in his immediate vicinity. Reed then dusted the entire town with his formula, curing everyone in it, and Johnny burned all of the infected crops.

    A fortunate effect that the FF learned was that despite having been transformed into pseudo-Skrulls for several years, the restored people had not aged at all, and many of them were, in fact, much healthier. As Reed commented that they should be grateful that no one of a more militaristic nature was exposed the the Skrull "milk," a truck carrying canisters of milk could be seen pulling into Camp Merlo, a US army depot.

Comments: Indirectly conceived by Stan "The Man" Lee and Jack "King" Kirby.
    The whole Skrull Milk concept was created by John Byrne.


What do we call the mutated natives of King's Crossing? pseudo-Skrulls? Skrullactians? Lactoskrulls?

    Ironically, this type of infection (transmitted by pure DNA) would be closer to a Prion, than a virus, which is actually along the same lines as BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) , or Mad Cow Disease! I call this affliction Pseudo-Milk Induced Skrullophilia (PMIS), which is not to be confused with PMS, although the two are not mutually exclusive.

In addition, as detailed further in the Skrull Kill Krew profile:
    (Skrull Kill Krew#2 (fb) - BTS) - The remaining three former cow-Skrulls were handed over to the Alien Activities Commission, who forced them to become cows again. This time, however, they sent the Skrulls to the slaughterhouse, along with the rest of the beef. The Skrulls were slaughtered and mixed with other, real beef, meat and distributed across the country. In the form of hamburgers, the Skrull meat was consumed by an unknown number of Americans. Some of the people who ate the beef proved immune to the Skrull DNA. Some died horrible deaths. A small number, were "infected" and developed metamorphic powers, along with progressive and terminal neurologic disease.
    Among those infected/empowered were the Skrull Kill Krew, who went on to try and kill every Skrull on Earth.  I have called this affliction Skrullovoria Induced Skrullophobia (SIS), perhaps better known as Mad Skrull-Cow Disease (MSCD).

    I'm going to ASSume that the names and appearances of those seen in the main part of the story were their actual names and appearances, as (1) they would have had no reason to use false names and/or appearances, and (2) the police chief looked exactly the same after reverting to normal. This is unconfirmed, and the sheriff was the only one clearly seen after the wrap-up.

    Also of potential interest is that Jack Strzltski's garage was a subsidiary of Roxxon Oil, meaning those power mongers could have obtained a sample of the Skrull "milk."

Several people, including our own Luis, as well as Shad Z made comments to this effect:
Just read the new profile on King's Crossing, and I just felt it should be mentioned somewhere in the profile that the character of "Tiny" is visually based on Al Capp's comic strip character Li'l Abner.  (John Byrne did this several times in his FF run, basing minor characters on comic strip folks.
When Reed & Sue breifly lived in the suburbs, their neighbors were Hi & Lois and the Mitchels (from Dennis the Menace)!)


Sheriff Chet Rollins


    He made certain that Sharon had stumbled onto their town by accident, then arranged for her to stay in town while they repaired her car, which he made sure would never happen. He continued to delay Sharon no matter how much she complained.

--Fantastic Four Annual#17



Jack Strzltski


    The owner of Strzltski's garage, he told Sharon that he had to order a new fuel pump for her car, then disappeared, allegedly on a fishing trip.


--Fantastic Four Annual#17






Barney White


    The owner of the town hotel


--Fantastic Four Annual#17








    A farmer and co-worker of Tiny, he brought Sharon to Sheriff Chet.

--Fantastic Four Annual#17




    A farmer and co-worker of Emmett, he brought Sharon to Sheriff Chet.


--Fantastic Four Annual#17







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Fantastic Four I#2 (January, 1962) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), George Klein (inks)
Fantastic Four Annual#17 (1983) - John Byrne (writer/artist), Carl Potts (editor)

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