Classification: Terrestrial technology

Creator: The Mad Thinker

Users/Possessors: The Mad Thinker

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#131/1 (April, 1965)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Bouncing Ball of Doom was a remote-controlled weapon which could be directed from a distance by the Mad Thinker. The ball had the ability to fly, and could either follow the Thinker's directions, or operate in a random path that no opponent could predict. The ball was flameproof (except to the nova-flame of the Human Torch), could release blasts of cold air that could snuff the Torch's flame, and was so strong and durable that the Thing was unable to break it.

History: (Strange Tales I#131) - Designing a weapon to destroy the Thing and Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, the Mad Thinker decided on a ball-shaped weapon, because a ball is resistant to force. He designed its shell so that it did not have any weak spots, programmed it so that he could control it from a distance, and rendered it so flameproof and damage resistant that he predicted the Torch and Thing would be unable to break it.

The Thinker brought the ball to a newly-completed dam, where the Torch and Thing were going to appear for a ceremony. Masquerading as a reporter, the Thinker released the ball, then began to operate it from a secluded location. Just as the ceremony had begun, the Thinker hurled the ball through the air like a missile. The Thing tried to stop it by standing in front of it, but it hit him so hard that he fell over. When the Torch intercepted it, it released cold air that snuffed his flame. The Thinker tried to predict how the Torch and Thing would respond to the ball's attacks, but he didn't count on how the two would influence each other, as the Thing would dodge the ball at Johnny's suggestion, rather than hitting it like the Thinker predicted. The ball began to smash through the dam, but the Torch followed its flight path and led it up into the air, then unleashed a nova-blast that incinerated it.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Bob Powell and Dick Ayers.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Strange Tales I#131, page 8, panel 1
Strange Tales I#131, page 5, panel 3

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