Real Name: Wong-Chu

Identity/Class: Human (conventional and advanced technology user);
    Sin-Cong citizen

Occupation: Ruler of unidentified organization and its village; drug and human trafficker;
    former leader of people's rebellion in Sin-Cong

Group Membership: Unidentified organization and its village;
    former leader of Sin-Cong rebel forces

Affiliations: Dr. Midas, Karim Mahwash Najeeb (see comments); Li, Po, Teng, numerous troops and servants; unidentified terrorists and drug (and human) traffickers across the world
Mandarin, Swordsman (Jacques DuQuesne);

Enemies: Armand DuQuesne, Mandarin, Sing-Cong's French goverment and troops, Sons of Yinsen (including Sun-Tao, 11 other members, and a former servant replacement for the female killed by Wong-Chu's security measures), Swordsman (Jacques DuQuesne), Ho Yinsen;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Yellow Pearl" (Enlish literal translation of his name),
    red guerilla tyrant

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly a number of bases in the jungles of Southeast Asia (see comments);
    formerly Sin-Cong

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense I#39 (March, 1963)wong-chu-armored


    At least in his prime, he was large and powerful, and a skilled wrestler, sufficient to defeat any powerful challengers from villages he conquered. He was sufficiently confident of his skills that he would offer to set the whole village free if any of its members could defeat him.

    A charismatic orator (at least in his youth), he could motivate people to form armies and aid him in a revolution. 

    He was experienced with firearms.

    While wearing Iron Man armor designed by the Sons of Yinsen, he could fly, project repulsor blasts from his gauntlets, and cloak himself in stealth mode (although he became visible when he fired). The covered portions of his body would have gained the armor's protection from injury, but obviously his head, neck, arms, chest, and upper abdomen were not protected.

    Wong-Chu was ruthless and bloodthirsty, swiftly killing anyone who crossed or failed him -- or killing groups of his villagers just to prove a point -- without remorse.

    He had all of the building and people of his village adorned with the Mark of Wong-Chu.

Height: 6' (I'd believe he was more like 6'3", but he's not clearly shown standing next to the 6'1" Stark or the 6'4" Swordsman)
Weight: 675 lbs. (see comments)
Eyes: Brown
Bald (or shaved), with black eyebrows; formerly black, thinning on top)
Other distinguishing features: The left half of Wong-Chu's body was scarred from burns suffered when Iron Man blew the ammo dump; he appears to have some sort of symblepharon (wear the conjuctiva is of the lid and globe are adherent) or perhaps damage to the orbit and/or ocular muscles that caused a marked stabissmus (deviation of the eye so that it does not look in the same direction as the other eye). The differing appearances from Iron Man III#32 and Iron Man Annual 2000 can be attributed to artistic license/variation.


wong-chu-avspot22-fullwong-chu-avspot22-face(Avengers Spotlight I#22/2 (fb)) - In Sin-Cong, Wong-Chu spoke to group of native rebels, discussing how their land had been ruled for over 100 years by a "foreign devil" (the French) who proclaimed superiority without basis and who claimed to fight against another tyranny that he might entrench his own. He encouraged the people to seek self-rule, noting that China and other neighboring lands would aid their struggle. Many present were inspired to join his cause, include Jacques DuQuesne.

(Avengers Spotlight I#22/2 (fb) - BTS) - DuQuesne adopted the Swordsman identity and aided Wong-Chu's agents in opposing Sin-Cong's French government. Wong-Chu apparently agreed with Jacques that once the French withdrew that he and his father, Armand DuQuesne, would be allowed safe passage out of Sin-Cong. However, at some point, Armand was slain by his disgruntled butler, the same man who had led Jacques to Wong-Chu's speech; Wong-Chu apparently knew of this, but kept it from Jacques.

(Avengers Spotlight I#22/2 (fb)) <Over a year after the conflict began> - In anticipation of news on their progress, the Swordsman reminded Wong-Chu  of their agreement; Wong-Chu assured the him he would be reunited with his father soon enough, good news of bad. When the news of France's withdrawal arrived, Wong-Chu proudly exclaimed their triumph as their land was now theirs. At Swordmsman's urging, Wong-Chu brought him to his father, ultimately revealing how Armand had been killed and then noting that he and his people owed nothing to "a French dog...even one who was stupid enough to fight on our side?" When Wong-Chu instructed his men to fire, however, the Swordsman swiftly pulled Wong-Chu in front of him, forcing Wong-Chu to order his men not to shoot in order to prevent his own death. After the Swordsman cast Wong-Chu aside and progressively took out his men, Wong-Chu shot him in the arm, but the Swordsman swiftly outmaneuvered him. Furious over having been manipulated for what he thought was a good cause, he denounced Wong-Chu as another tyrant, but left him alive.
    Wong-Chu's stunned troops allowed the Swordsman to depart.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu did business with Dr. Midas, who typically betrayed him; Wong-Chu respected him for this trait.

(All-New Iron Manual#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu forged alliances with terrorists and drug traffickers around the world, including Karim Mahwash Najeeb of Afghanistan.

<see comments about corrupted continuity>

(Iron Man I#268 (fb)) - The Mandarin elevated Wong-Chu to a position of power, but maintained Wong-Chu under his direct control.

(Iron Man I#267 (fb) - BTS) - Many people, from the ignorant to the highly educated, flocked to Wong-Chu's side; according to Ho Yinsen, he "preached a poison many wished to hear."

(Tales of Suspense I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Professor Ho Yinsen was pressed into slave labor by communists, and when he resisted, he was taken (or sold as a) prisoner by Wong-Chu.

(Iron Man III#31 (fb) - BTS) - Yinsen's prodigy, Sun-Tao, insisted he accompany Ho Yinsen as he was taken from Timbetpal. 

(Iron Man I#267 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu had it made to appear to the public that Yinsen had perished.

(Iron Man I#267 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu had a laboratory built in which Ho Yinsen was to build a super weapon. Playing along, Yinsen produced a little for Wong-Chu, and then a little more as demanded, but never enough for a true weapon.

(Iron Man I#267 (fb) - BTS) - Yinsen told Wong-Chu he could not complete his weapon without the aid of American industrialist Tony Stark.

(Iron Man III#31 (fb) - BTS) - Presumably suspecting that Yinsen and Sun-Tao were feigning failure, Wong-Chu had then banished to the slave camps. As Yinsen grew frail, Sun-Tao did his work to keep Wong-Chu diverted.

wong-chu-tos39-facewong-chu-tos39-upper(Tales of Suspense I#39 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man I#267 (fb) - BTS) - Stark visited the jungles of Southeast Asia to investigate/assist against local guerilla forces (see comments for greater details on the two versions of these events).

(Tales of Suspense I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu and his forces defeated another village in the jungles of southeast Asia.

(Tales of Suspense I#39) - As per tradition, Wong-Chu vowed that if any of the villagers/prisoners could defeat him in a wrestling match, he would free the entire village. The strongest of the villagers accepted the challenge, but Wong-Chu defeated him and the next man to accept the challenge; Wong-Chu gave the order to plunder the village.

(Tales of Suspense I#39 - BTS / Iron Man I#267 (fb)) - As Stark entered the jungles, either he or one of the men accompanying him set off a tripwire, activating a bomb that incapacitated Stark and sent shrapnel into his chest( see comments for greater details on the two versions of these events).

(Iron Man I#267 (fb)) - Wong-Chu instructed that Stark be brought back to the encampment immediately; he further instructed his men that if Stark died, they would all suffer the torture of a thousand agonies. wong-chu-tos39-full-distant

(Tales of Suspense I#39) - Wong-Chu was informed that the shrapnel was too close to Stark's heart to operate and that Stark only had a week to live, he resolved to use Stark while he could.

(Iron Man III#31 (fb)) - Wong-Chu showed off Stark as his prisoner, and Yinsen and Sun-Tao were pleased by his presence/survival.

(Iron Man I#267 (fb) - BTS) - Stark was placed in Yinsen's lab -- a large room with plenty of scrap iron and tools, where he eventually regained consciousness after three days. When Wong-Chu's female agent invited Stark to a meeting, he initially refused, but Yinsen coached Stark to play along rather than risk acute death. 

(Iron Man I#267 (fb)) - As Stark entered his chambers, Wong-Chu mocked Stark's "cardboard power," noting that "in my kingdom," Stark was no more than a peasant groveling in the dirt. When Stark mockingly turned down an offer of wine, Wong-Chu instructed his agents Li and Po to discipline Stark to make him aware of the precarious nature of his position. Stark fended well for himself before abruptly collapsing as the shrapnel moved closer to his heart.

(Iron Man I#268 (fb)) - When Yinsen urged Stark be taken back to his lab to save him from the migrating shrapnel, an indignant Wong-Chu argued that Stark should be cast on the dung heap for his insults. Yinsen reminded Wong-Chu that without Stark he could not grant him the power he craved, and that he would never be more than a cruel and petty warlord. Warning Yinsen that he only lived because he had use for him, Wong-Chu chided him for lecturing him and imagining himself Wong-Chu's superior and then tossed him across the room. After Wong-Chu reminded Yinsen how easily he could have him die painfully, Yinsen argued that if Wong-Chu dared to kill him he would have done so already; Yinsen further taunted Wong-Chu with his suspicions that he served a master who kept him on a tight leash. Though furious, Wong-Chu sent Yinsen back to his lab, instructing him he had until tomorrow to provide the desired answers.

(Tales of Suspense I#39 - BTS / Iron Man I#268 (fb)) - Stark and Yinsen worked together to build the Iron Man armor both to protect Stark's heart from the shrapnel and to to use against Wong-Chu.

wong-chu-im267-face(Iron Man I#268 (fb)) - Wong-Chu reported to the Mandarin, who berated him for his failures. Tossing Wong-Chu about and threatening to kill him much like Wong-Chu had done to Yinsen, the Mandarin commanded Wong-Chu to instruct Yinsen to save Stark, as only through the combined knowledge of Yinsen and Stark could he wield the full power of his rings. Replying, "Yes, master!", Wong-Chu fled into the jungles, where he considered that one day the Mandarin would go to far, and he would lose his patience for his arrogance, much like China had lost its taste for the Mandarin. Returning to his encampment, Wong-Chu took his frustrations out on his guards, battering them for the ease with which he approached the camp without challenge (although they had recognized him and allowed his approach).

    Wong-Chu's female agent noted she had heard -- as neither Yinsen nor Stark thought she understood of what they spoke -- that Stark and Yinsen were conspiring against him. Appreciating, at least, that they had been talking about some form of weapon, Wong-Chu gathered his warriors and headed to Yinsen's lab, intent to claim the weapon and make himself master of the entire world. He did not realize that the Mandarin had entered the camp and overheard this, appreciating his betrayal.

(Tales of Suspense I#39 - BTS) - As the armor was completed, Stark donned it to protect his heart from the increasing pressure of the shrapnel. As the armor charged, Wong-Chu approached to check on them (as indicated by a warning light they had installed).

(Tales of Suspense I#39) - To prevent Wong-Chu from discovering the armor before it was ready, Professor Yinsen rushed out in front of Wong-Chu, shouting "Death to Wong-Chu! Death to the evil tyrant!" Considering Yinsen mad and no longer of any use, Wong-Chu ordered his troops to end his life. 

(Tales of Suspense I#39 - BTS) - Yinsen was shot, and Wong-Chu ordered his body to be dragged away.

(Iron Man III#31 (fb) - BTS) - Sun-Tao was tasked with disposing of Yinsen's body in the jungle. However, unbeknownst to Wong-Chu, Yinsen survived. With his apparent dying breath, he told Sun-Tao of his pride in seeing the rise of Iron Man, and he sent Sun-Tao to return to Timbetpal and teach the world of its greatest son. 

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Agents of Dr. Midas -- via a space warp portal -- stole Yinsens body seconds after he drew his final breath and apparently died. 

(Tales of Suspense I#39) - As the newly charged Iron Man struggled to gain his balance, Wong-Chu and his men struggled to break through the locked door to their workroom. Iron Man used his jets and suction cups to hide out on the ceiling when they finally broke through. Wong-Chu instructed his men to keep searching for Stark while he went out to amuse himself by wrestling others in the courtyard.

(Iron Man I#268 (fb)) - Wong-Chu battered his chief guard Teng for failing to prevent Stark's apparent escape.

(Tales of Suspense I#39) -Initially covered in an overcoat and hat, Iron Man challenged Wong-Chu, calling him a coward; when Wong-Chu demanded to see the face of the one he was about to destroy, he was shocked to see the armored man. Introducing himself as Iron Man, Stark spun Wong-Cho over his head before tossing him into the bushes. Wong-Chu ordered his men to open fire, but the armor resisted small arms fire while magnetism warded off larger weaponry.

    As his troops fled, Wong-Chu rushed into a building with a loud-speaker, promising wealth to anyone who destroyed Iron Man, but Iron Man created electrical interference causing static before he took over the loudspeaker instructing everyone to desert Wong-Chu and flee into the jungle from the powerful Iron Man. Filling a cabinet with rocks, Wong-Chu pushed it down the stairs on top of the the hero after he cut through the door, allowing Wong-Chu to flee. Running low on power after freeing himself, Iron Man fired a jet of oil toward an ammo dump that Wong-Chu approached, and he then lit the trail, with the ammo dump's explosion seemingly killing Wong-Chu.

(Tales of Suspense I#39 - BTS) - Figuring the local troops allied with the US would round up the unorganized Iron Man set the prisoners free before wandering off into the jungle.

(Iron Man I#268 (fb)) - Hurled across the camp perimeter by the force of the ammunition explosion, Wong-Chu dragged himself through the underbrush only to find the Mandarin waiting for him. For his betrayals and failures, the Mandarin seemingly transformed Wong-Chu into a beetle and then stepped on him.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - The Mandarin only made Wong-Chu believe he had been transformed into a beetle.

(Iron Man III#32 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu escaped into the jungle and gathered his remaining troops. He entrenched himself in one of the most desolate regions of the Southeast Asian jungles and rebuilt his army and his fortune through the sale of drugs, weapons, and even children; he was considered one of the most powerful drug lords in the planet.

    His people had their faces branded with his symbol.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu developed constituents across the globe.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu had the bones of those who perished "gallantly and unselfishly" serving him to his throne/chair of bones. 

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu had the bodies of those who did not die in his service thrown into a gorge. 

(Iron Man III#32 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu appreciated that Tony Stark was Iron Man and also realized that eventually Iron Man would come to him in an effort to bring him to justice; Wong-Chu felt this would be the time he could claim his vengeance.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu worked meticulously to keep his existence unknown, avoiding the modern world by eschewing computers and other traceable forms of technology.

(Iron Man III#32 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu divided his time between a temple and his own private bunker. 

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Midas sent an agent to meet with Wong-Chu, arranging a silent auction with another party (the Sons of Yinsen, though neither they nor Wong-Chu knew the identity of the other auctioneer) to possess Yinsen's still-living brain. Wong-Chu's greater wealth won out.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Midas' mediator offered the Sons of Yinsen the name of the successful buyer for the rice of their losing bid.
    Upon learning this was Wong-Chu, the Sons realized that Midas was no friend of Wong-Chu.

(Iron Man III#1/2 - BTS / Iron Man III#31 - BTS) - The Sons of Yinsen assaulted Malaysia and Osaka, seeking out Wong-Chu; Sun-Tao explained this to Iron Man/Stark when he visited.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Within seconds of the assaults, one of Wong-Chu's constituents warned him that the Sons of Yinsen were hunting him. 

(Iron Man III#32 (fb) - BTS) - From one of Wong-Chu's associates in Malaysia, the Sons of Yinsen determined Wong-Chu's location.

(Iron Man III#32) - From his base in the gunels of Southeast Asia, Wong-Chu was unconcerned when he was given word that Iron Man and the Sons of Yinsen were coming for him. 

(Iron Man III#32 - BTS) - The Sun-Tao told Iron Man of the Sons of Yinsen's plan to capture Wong-Chu and bring him before an international war crimes tribunal. After New Timbetpal approached Wong-Chu's base using stealth technology, a group of 12 Iron Man-armored Sons, including Sun-Tao, joined Iron Man in invading Wong-Chu's compound. They made short work of his soldiers.

(Iron Man III#32) - As Iron Man and the Sons of Yinsen entered his temple, Wong-Chu mockingly greeted them, speaking of his scarred form as if he was much improved, and then -- via having his troops hold two dozen of his city's residents at gunpoint -- demanded their surrender. Stark convinced the Sons of Yinsen to remove their armor and surrender, after which Wong-Chu had the people killed anyway. He then told Stark that the Sons of Yinsen were really there to reclaim Yinsen, whom Wong-Chu held.

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Wong-Chu had Sun-Tao's face "branded" (looks a lot more like a tattoo) with the Mark of Wong-Chu. Considering Stark unworthy to wear his symbol, Wong-Chu did not have him marked with it; he felt the ragdoll tied around his neck (which Iron Man had been given by a young girl from Wong-Chu's village that he had rescued) was a more appropriately mocking symbol.
    Wong-Chu further donned the boots, pants, and gloves of some of the Sons' armors.

wong-chu-throne-carriedwong-chu-face-an2000(Iron Man Annual 2000) - Wong-Chu taunted Stark and the Sons of Yinsen as he had them sit around a table at his feast, while his prisoners had their faces shoved into bowls of slop. We then encouraged Sun-Tao to reveal the truth about Yinsen, which he did, including how they had learned of Wong-Chu's existence. Wong-Chu was pleased, nonetheless, that the Sons of Yinsen had to use violence to locate him and mocked that he had learned of their hunt and prepared for them.

    As Wong-Chu prepared to have his men execute the group, Stark freed the Sons' cloaking card he had hidden within the ragdoll and placed it within his artificial heart, surprising Wong-Chu as he vanished. Wong-Chu ordered the guards to fire, but the Sons of Yinsen dodged and attacked the guards. Stark recovered his armor and -- via guidance from Sun-Tao -- punched in the date of his escape from Wong-Chu's camp into the cloaking card, which signalled a summoning of a large number (Stark estimated "hundreds") of the Sons' Iron Man drones as the planned cavalry. 

    Wong-Chu's men surrounded the still manacled Sons of Yinsen, and when Iron Man threatened to kill Wong-Chu unless he had his men let the Sons go, Wong-Chu called the bluff, knowing Iron Man would not commit murder; instead, Iron Man used his repulsors to shatter the Sons' manacles. In response, Wong-Chu smashed Iron Man's cloaking card, activated his own, and then swiftly fled. At Sun-Tao's advice that Wong-Chu would be heading towards Yinsen, Iron Man traveled to Wong-Chu's fortified bunker, where Wong-Chu blasted him before cloaking himself again. Wong-Chu repeated this several times, leaving Iron Man somewhat dazed, but Iron Man then blasted several drones flying overhead, and the shower of molten metal both outlined Wong-Chu and caused him to scream out in agony. Targeting that, Iron Man blasted Wong-Chu, knocking him to the ground and then physically battering him into submission. 

    Sun-Tao told Stark to stop so that Wong-Chu could lead them to Yinsen, but when Wong-Chu vowed he would die before leading the Sons anywhere, Sun-Tao sent a female member Sons into the bunker. Tripping a sensor, she was killed in the resultant explosion, leading Sun-Tao to mock her death. As Wong-Chu continued to laugh, however, one of the Sons' servants (the brother of the Sons member just killed), who had stowed away inside one of the drones, picked up a machete, rushed forward, and slew Wong-Chu with it before anyone could stop. 

(Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - The Sons of Yinsen pronounced Wong-Chu dead and found the brain of Yinsen in a preservative chamber within the hands of a giant Yinsen statue. 

(Iron Man Annual 2000 - BTS) - The servant who slew Wong-Chu was accepted into the Sons of Yinsen, replacing his sister.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Don Heck.

    Iron Man I#267-268 added a lot of information to earlier story from Tales of Suspense, but there are a number of contradictions as well:

And...on that note, the actual "Son of Yinsen" storyline in Iron Man IV#7-12 (2006), had Yinsen implant a device into Stark's brain while the two were imprisoned in Afghanistan together. The story was crap, crap, and more crap.
    The major contradictions include:

    I thought the use of Wong-Chu in Avengers Spotlight I#22/2 was a pretty cool nod to classic continuity.

    I'm not sure where the translation/alias "Yellow Pearl" came from. It's in All-New Iron Manual (2008), so sometime before that, presumably.

    Additional thanks to Alexandre Julião Machado for reminding me about the Iron Man III#50 origin semi-revision. Alexandre further added:

For me, this particular retcon makes sense, because it always struck me as odd that Stark and Yensen could have built the Iron Man MK I without Wong Chu noticing anything. If he was being forced to build some sort of suit of armor in the first place, it becomes easier to understand why they didn't have their real intentions discovered by their captors. By the way, the Mandarin is not mentioned in this story at all.

wong-chu-im268-starkcomparison    wong-chu-im268-yinsenHow big a boy are ya?

    675 lbs. was reported as Wong-Chu's weight in the All-New Iron Manual and subsequent OHotMU hardcover entry; that seems a little excessive to me, especially if he is only 6' tall.
    He was very heavy in his final issues, and the artist in Iron Man III#32 made him look like he could be 500 pounds (or maybe 600 lbs. if he was closer to 6'3" or 6'4"). I don't think we saw him stand or walk under his own power until he put on the Iron Man armor.
    The artist in Iron Man Annual 2000 made him look smaller. I would say 375 lbs. at 6', or maybe 450-475 lbs. if he was 6'3" or 6'4".
    Iron Man's armor weighs 200 lbs., so if Wong-Chu was only half-armored (boots, pants, gauntlets; no upper body armor or helmet), I'd put him up another 100 lbs. armored.
    In his first encounter with Stark, he looked more like 275 lbs., and when he encountered the Swordsman, he looked more like 180 lbs.
    Keep in mind that the the heavily muscled and fat/bulky 6'7" Kingpin has only been listed as high as 450 lbs, though that seems a bit low.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

wong-chu-im3-32-markofwcwong-chu-im3-32-brandMark of Wong-Chu

    The egomaniacal Wong-Chu had all of the buildings and people of his village marked with his symbol.

    The people were allegedly branded, although it looks more like a tattoo.

    Wong-Chu had his symbol placed on Sun-Tao's face, but he considered Tony Stark unworthy of wearing his symbol.

--Iron Man III#31-32 (Iron Man Annual 2000

images: (without ads)
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Iron Man III#32 cover (full form, sitting in shadows)
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All-New Iron Manual: Wong-Chu entry: main image (another art interpretation of his latter form, partially armored)

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