Real Name: George Tam Wong

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Accountant, advisor, assassin, bodyguard, student

Group Membership: Formerly the Triad and Tong

Affiliations: Elio Angelopoulos III, Kingpin, Mr. Lem, Red Hares

Enemies: Byron Ballymor, the Board, Dr. Melinda Brewer, Vernon Brooks, Max the Rottweiler, Microchip, Howard Nees, Punisher

Known Relatives: Mr. Wong (uncle, deceased), Arthur (uncle)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    Formerly Chicago, Illinois;
    Fisk Towers, Manhattan, New York
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

First Appearance: Punisher II#17 (March, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: George has no superhuman abilities, but he is highly intelligent, especially in accounting, mathematics, and criminal strategy. He is quite athletic, with some training in the martial arts, and is proficient in the use of knives (especially the butterfly knife), as well as firearms. He is experienced with high-tech computer equipment, such as a spectrographic scanner, which he kept in his briefcase.

(Punisher II#58 (fb)) - George used to be a caddy for his uncle Arthur.

(Punisher II#17 (fb) - BTS) - After Microchip introduced a computer virus into the Kingpin's systems, he summoned Mr. Wong to do his accounting by hand. Mr. Wong brought his nephew, George, as well as his (Mr. Wong's) personal assassin, Mr. Lem.

(Punisher II#17) - George stood by silently as the Kingpin discussed his problems with the Punisher. When the Kingpin's young computer expert, Board, mouthed off to the Kingpin, Mr. Wong offered George's services, telling Fisk that George would deem it an honor to chastise the boy. Fisk gave the ascent, and with a punch and  a kick, George successfully taught the Board proper respect.

(Punisher II#18) - Frustrated over his recent treatment and his future with the Kingpin, the Board attempted to make a deal with Microchip in the Punisher. As he spoke to Microchip in Central Park, George Wong suddenly came flying by on a skateboard and stabbed him to death with a knife. The Punisher had set up Vernon Brooks as a sniper to protect Microchip, but Brooks refused to kill George, whom he saw as just a kid.
    Later, counting money, George made the mistake of commenting on how the Punisher had killed Mr. Lem, but the Kingpin let it slide due to his success in preventing the Board from sharing in critical information. During the Punisher and his allies' subsequent assault on Fisk Towers, George and his uncle were knocked out by a gas attack, and they remained out of commission for the duration of the struggle.

(Punisher II#53 (fb) - BTS) - Impressed with George's service, the Kingpin paid for his college tuition.

(Punisher II#53) - George reported to the Kingpin on rival Howard Nees' synthetic heroin racket. George came up with the plan to kidnap Microchip to force the Punisher to kill Nees for them. George correctly tracked down the Punisher and Microchip's current location, had Microchip ambushed and captured at the New York Toy Fair (George knew that Micro had not missed a show in 12 years). The Kingpin accepted his plan, but criticized him for smoking at a young age and for attending a massage parlor, telling him he could provide for his needs more discretely.

(Punisher II#54) - After George reported his suspicions that Nees would target the Kingpin's Queens trucking company, the Kingpin introduced him to Microchip. The Punisher slew Nees, but the Kingpin had arranged to have the NYPD ambush him, and Castle surrendered when surrounded by cops.

(Punisher II#55) - Since the Punisher had fulfilled the deal, George set Microchip rural Thailand.

(Punisher II#57) - After Microchip returned to the USA, he posed as the Punisher's lawyer, meeting with Frank, who directed him to go to an older safehouse. George tailed the Punisher's "lawyer," not recognizing him through his disguise. However, the drugged Frank had failed to tell Micro about the scrambling device on the safehouse and he had to go get one. George, however, did have a scanner on him, and after Micro left, he used it to access the safehouse, stopping onto to stab a street criminal who tried to mug him. Inside the safehouse, he was attacked by the Punisher's dog, Max, who chomped on his right forearm, but George managed to stab Max and then shoot him three times, leaving him for dead as he went to get his arm treated.

(Punisher II#58) - George, his arm in a sling, watched as the Kingpin apparently slew his uncle for failure to notify him that the Punisher had escaped Riker's Island. The Kingpin was similarly upset at George for having told him that the Punisher would be unable to escape the prison, but he gave George one last break due to his age. George quickly redeemed himself by correctly figuring that the Punisher would be looking for plastic surgeons (after having his face slashed to pieces by Jigsaw). Later, while George practiced his combat skills and balance, the Kingpin told him he had arranged for him to be trained by a ninja master. The Kingpin next entrusted him to security for a meeting with James Delacroix, leader of the Red Hares, the most powerful Jamaican posse in the "U."
    When another of George's uncle's, Art, chastised him for dishonoring his family by working for the Kingpin, George rebuffed him, severing ties to the Triad and the Tong. George then met with Delacroix, assuring him that the Punisher would soon be out of business. After a group of the Kingpin's agents failed in an assassination attempt against the Punisher, the Kingpin summoned the head of that operation, instructing George to use his golf putter on the man, Byron Ballymor, when he came through the door. George instead recommended he use the nine iron, which proved most effective. He then told the Kingpin that he had narrowed the plastic surgeon search down to two, and the Kingpin's men were then able to ambush the Punisher when he met up with surgeon Dr. Melinda Brewer.

(Punisher II#59) - After the Punisher escaped that ambush, the Kingpin hurled its director, Mr. Deems, down an air vent, instructing George to have someone clean out the vent, and to focus on the Red Hares. Along the way to the meeting, Microchip, posing as a homeless man, planted a transmitter to his car,

(Daredevil I#297-300 - BTS / Punisher II#62) - Due to a serious of events, the Kingpin was toppled from power. George narrowly escaped being caught in the fallout.

(Punisher II#62 (fb) - BTS) - George located Dr. Brewer, who had temporarily given an African-American appearance to the Punisher. Getting her hooked back on drugs, he brought her with him to Chicago in pursuit of the Punisher, who was now working alongside the superhuman Luke Cage.

(Punisher II#61) - George met with Chicago crimelord Elio Angelopoulos III, informing him that the new "black man" in town messing with his operations was the Punisher, and offered to help bring him down.

(Punisher II#62) - George revealed his desire to work for Elio, who agreed to let him in if he could prove his enemy was the Punisher. Dr. Brewer, unable to resist her drug cravings, pointed out the disguised Punisher, enabling George and Elio to set up a trap. When George threatened to kill Brewer in front of Castle, he admitted who he was, in witness of Elio and his men. However, as they prepared to slay Castle, he pulled a hidden gun and shot George in the forehead.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Whilce Portacio, and Scott Williams.

    I almost included George in the Marvel Knights Encyclopedia, but there just wasn't room, so here he is, in more detail anyway!

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Punisher II#53, p8, panel 1 (body)
            panel 4 (face)
    #57, p9, panel 4 (action)

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