Jillian Wong

Real Name: Jillian Wong

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth 2099) human

Occupation: Cadet Punisher

Affiliations: Punisher 2099 (Jake Gallows); Punishment Police 2099, SHIELD 2099; Chayss; Matt Axel;

Enemies: Crazy guy with a Vibrasaw; Criminals; Goldheart; John Anthony Herod (bts); Saffron;  SHIELD 2099

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother; Jym (father);

Aliases: "Jill"; "Beanpole" (only called this by her dad, and not by choice); "Gillian(?)"

Base of Operations: Nueva York, Earth 2099

First Appearance: Punisher 2099 AD #28 (May, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Jillian had a strong sense of justice, but was often unsure of what should be done about those who went against the law. After joining the Punisher's SHIELD, she was likely trained in most of the standard (and several non-standard) weapons of the time and got a little more of a killer edge. A computer expert, Cadet Wong was often seen at the helm of SHIELD's computer systems.

History: (Punisher 2099 AD #28) After Doom handed the Punisher control of SHIELD, Jill was at home, watching TV with her parents. Hearing a news report on the Punishment Police, Jill told her parents that she thought the Punisher had the right idea. Her parents argued that the Punisher was a terrorist, but after the Punisher himself showed up on TV, asking for new recruits, Jill knew she finally had direction in her life.

(Punisher 2099 AD #29) The Punisher took his old friend Matt Axel on a tour of SHIELD, and asked Jill to demonstrate SHIELD's new Emoscan equipment, but before she could, the computer systems showed a crime was about to be committed. Gallows and his Punishment Police, along with Jill, went to the scene. The man, armed with a Vibrasaw, waited for room service to arrive in his hotel, but when the doorphone rang, it was actually Jill dressed like a maid. The man revved up the Vibrasaw, but the Punisher kicked the door down. Taking the man down, The Punisher then told Jill to shoot him.

As Jill aimed, she had to stop herself, telling the Punisher that she just couldn't kill someone in cold blood, and asking him why she had the right to murder. Telling her they have the right because it's their job, The Punisher watched on as she shot the man dead.

(Punisher 2099 AD #30) Watching the SHIELD agents attack Matt Axel and his upgraded Goldheart, Cadet Wong asked the Punisher to pull the troops back after things started getting ugly, but the Punisher rejected her suggestion. Later, Wong gave the Punisher an idea on how to make a bigger splash, and he commandeered all TV networks and ran a press conference, warning everyone out there that they better stay on the right side of the law. Jill watched the crowd to make sure no problems would break out, but noticed a certain man in the audience with no thought patterns. Cadet Wong frantically tried to warn the Punisher, but he still found himself face to face with Goldheart's gun.

(Punisher 2099 AD #31) After the Punisher escaped from Goldheart, Cadet Wong briefed him, telling him that Matt Axel had seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth. While walking down the hall of SHIELD headquarters, Saffron, Doom's reporter who was sent to watch the Punisher, shot her with some sort of laser, then stuffed her in a storage closet.

(Punisher 2099 AD #32) Framed by Saffron, the Punisher found Cadet Wong and revived her. As the SHIELD building collapsed around them, the Punisher and Cadet Wong tried to find their way out of town. In his own headquarters, Matt Axel decided putting himself into a cryogenic chamber was a better idea than facing what was going on outside, but before he could get in, Matt noticed he had some special guests, the Punisher and Wong.

(Punisher 2099 AD #33) With the Punisher as their cargo in the cryogenic chamber, Matt Axel and Wong attempted to smuggle him off the Earth. Coming to a launching station, Wong attempted to get her cargo loaded onto a ship, but the teamsters working there didn't care that she was SHIELD, and told her to get lost. Knowing she needed to get the Punisher away from Doom (Actually, John Herod, who recently took over), Wong threatened to drop a neutron bomb in the room. The teamsters, deciding it was safer to just do as she said, loaded the Punisher onto a ship.

As Matt and Wong watch the space shuttle take off, they consider whether unleashing the Punisher on the Universe was such a good idea in the first place...

Comments: Created by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner and Simon Coleby

Some slight changes happened to Jillian/Gillian Wong between Punisher 2099 #28 and #29. Along with the confusion about the spelling of the name, Wong's hair changed from purple to black, but that was possibly due to SHIELD policy. I chose to name her Jillian in this profile, as that's how it was spelled first.

John Anthony Herod's (another person with first name issues) successful takeover of America from Doom was the actual reason why the Punisher became hunted, although he didn't know it at the time.

Profile by: Zerostar


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