Classification: Psychoactive Chemical

Creator: Dr. Viktor Cassidy

User/Possessors: Osborn Chemical, Baroness (Heike Zemo), White Ninja

Appearances: Spider-Man: Fear Itself Graphic Novel (1992); (Spdm:FI(fb), Spdm:FI

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Cassidy Crystals transform into a psychoactive vapor on exposure to air. This vapor generates intense fear and powerful hallucinations. These effects can be overcome by extreme anger.

History: Viktor Cassidy was a brilliant chemist, and a former friend of Norman Osborn. Working out of Osborn Chemical, he created the Crystals in the hopes of reversing the effects of schizophrenia, but was inadvertently exposed to them, and has been hopelessly insane ever since.

Harry Osborn, then the CEO of Osborn Industries wanted to destroy the Crystals, but was prevented by US government pressure. The Department of Defense designated the Crystals a National Security Project. Somehow, the international terrorist known as the Baroness I learned of the Crystals, and sent the White Ninja to steal them. Silver Sable learned of this planned theft, but she and her men were unable to stop it, and were in fact blamed for the theft as there was no evidence of the White Ninja on the security cameras.

Osborn informed his friend, Peter Parker, who, as Spider-Man, contacted the Silver Sable. She informed him that the Baroness planned to disperse the Crystals throughout the world, creating a global terror that she could dominate. She and Spider-Man flew to the Baroness' bavarian castle in an effort to stop this. The White Ninja exposed Spider-Man to the crystals, but he eventually overcame the hallucinations when he became angry. The White Ninja then inadvertently exposed himself to the Crystals, and in his fear fell into a deep, deep crevasse. The Baroness was also exposed to the Crystals while attempting to use them against Sable. She thought she was turning into a monster and ran face first in into a mirror in an effort to stop the change. In her panic, she inadvertently set off the self-destruct mechanism in her castle while trying to launch the missiles containing the Crytals. Spider-Man attempted to save her, but in her paranoia she fought him off and was seemingly trapped in the explosion.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway, Stan Lee, and Ross Andru

The Baroness, of course, survived, although severely scarred by her trauma.


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