Real Name: (first name unrevealed) Cobbwell

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Electronics professor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: May Parker, Peter Parker, Raymond Warren

Enemies: Tinkerer (he placed a secret device inside Cobbwell's radio); formerly Peter Parker (Parker stole equipment from Cobbwell but made amends afterwards)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Doctor Cobbwell

Base of Operations: Presumably New York, USA

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#2 (May, 1963)

Powers/Abilities:  Professor Cobbwell had no superhuman powers, but was a expert in the field of electronics.

Height: 5'11" (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: White (possibly originally black - see comments)

head shotHistory: (Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4 (fb) - BTS) - Peter Parker's teacher Raymond Warren arranged an internship for Peter Parker with the electronics expert Dr. Cobbwell.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#2/2) - During one of Peter Parker's science classes at Midtown High School, his teacher, Mr. Warren, introduced Professor Cobbwell to Parker, his top student. Mr. Warren suggested to Professor Cobbwell that Peter help him with an electronics experiment over the weekend. Peter gladly agreed.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4) - During his internship with Cobbwell, Peter helped Cobbwell with an experiment. Cobbwell asked if Peter was keeping an eye on the experiment and Peter replied that everything was going according to their plan.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#2/2/Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4 (fb) - BTS) - Cobbwell gave Peter a card telling his address and asked him to pick a recently repaired radio for him. The next day, after picking up Professor Cobbwell's radio at the Tinkerer Repair Shop, Peter visited Cobbwell's lab where Cobbwell spoke about the Tinkerer's ridiculously low prices for radio repair. He then set Peter working on his experiment while he left his home to go lecture at the local Institute.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4) - As Cobbwell left for the day, he said his goodbyes to Peter Parker and asked if he was ok with closing up. Parker replied that it was no problem but once Cobbwell had left, Parker decided to use some of the electronics from Cobbwell's workshop to build an anti-sonic inverter to use as Spider-Man against the showboating Clash. Following Spider-Man's battle with Clash, "Flash" Thompson told Principal Davis about Parker's recent "borrowing" of electronics, costing Parker many of his friends as well as a loss of faith from the school counselor, Mr. Flannigan. Parker immediately tried to apologize to Dr. Cobbwell, promising to replace everything he had borrowed as soon as he got more money, but Cobbwell just asked Parker to leave.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.5) - Determined to make amends, Peter Parker began saving up the money he earned and he eventually returned to Cobbwell's workshop, where he paid Cobbwell back in full for all of the electronics equipment he had taken. Cobbwell took Parker's check for the missing equipment but replied that he would still not be taking Parker back as an intern. Parker then explained that it was not about earning his internship back but rather, it was about cleaning the slate. Cobbwell then told Parker that it was good for him.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Cobbwell was alternately referred to as Professor Cobbwell and Doctor Cobbwell. One would imagine that Cobbwell was a doctor so it's very possible that he was a professor as well.

Given that Cobbwell's mustache and eyebrows were originally black (his mustache was completely white in Amazing Spider-Man III#1.5), it's likely Cobbwell's hair color was originally black before it went white. As for Cobbwell's eyes, he was only ever draw squinting so his eye color was never shown.

Profile by Proto-Man


Professor Cobbwell has no known connections to

Amazing Spider-Man I#2, p24, pan2 (Professor Cobbwell full body)
Amazing Spider-Man I#2, p24, pan4 (Professor Cobbwell headshot)
Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4, p3, pan6 (Cobbwell in lab coat)

Amazing Spider-Man I#2 (May, 1963) - Stan Lee (writer), Steve Ditko (art)
Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4 (October, 2014) - Dan Slott (writer), Ramon Perez (art), Nick Lowe (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man III#1.5 (November, 2014) - Dan Slott (writer), Ramon Perez (art), Nick Lowe (editor)

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