The natives of Rrorgo


Classification: Extraterrestrial, humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Rrorgo, sector D-30 of the Milky Way galaxy (Earth-630592)

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: Unidentified pilot of the spacecraft P184

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#92/3 (May, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: The inhabitants of the planet Rrorgo could communicate using speech, but they never used it because they had telepathy. Hearing the thoughts of other Rrorgos meant experiencing wonderful sensations of ecstasy, serenity and happiness. Apparently, they didn't wear clothes, so they probably were not affected by extreme temperatures and climatic changes.

Traits: Rrorgos were pale green, giant, bulky humanoids who stood about 5 meters tall or more. Their hands had three fingers plus an opposable thumb, but their feet didn't have toes.

A Rrorgo eats the yellow fruit


(Journey into Mystery I#92/3 (fb) - BTS) - The planet Rrorgo had at least three satellites and a ring. The planet had a peculiar trait in that the yellow spheric fruit growing on its trees could transform the being who ate them into a green giant with telepathic abilities. Over the years, every alien visitor who landed on the planet and tasted the yellow fruit was transformed into a Rrorgo. The disappearance of so many persons had the planet Rrorgo gain the designation of the most dangerous place in the galaxy.

    In the future, when space exploration became common in the Milky Way galaxy, the planet Rrorgo was classified as being in sector D-30. A little spacecraft voyaging near the planet had serious problems with its nuclear reactor and the pilot had to land on Rrorgo. Some Rrorgo welcomed the worried pilot and told him about the transforming properties of their fruits. The pilot, starving, ate the yellow fruit and became a green giant, feeling the peace reigning on the planet.

Planet Rrorgo

    Another spaceship later arrived on the ringed planet, reaching the place where the transformed pilot was. They offered an antidote to the pilot, but he was so happy that he decided not to show himself, and wanted to stay with his Rrorgo comrades.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Steve Ditko (pencils and inks).

Could it be that all Rrorgos were transformed aliens, each apparently transformed into the same "species", or were there Rrorgos that were actually indigenous to the planet?
---Grendel Prime

The "transforming fruit" -- I wonder if it could have anything to do with the Skrulls... (see King's Crossing)
--John Kaminski

Profile by Spidermay.

Rrorgos have no known connections to

PilotP184 Spacecraft

P184 pilot

The P184 spacecraft had serious problems with its nuclear reactor. The human pilot, the only traveler on board, sent an SOS and was forced to land on the nearest planet, which was Rrorgo. Once there, the Rrorgos welcomed him, explaining to him that if he ate of the yellow fruit, he would become one of them. The pilot finished his reserves of food, and then had to eat the fruit to survive. The transformation was almost instantaneous, then his telepathic senses awakened. He welcomed his new perceptions, and understood that the planet Rrorgo was the most beautiful place to live and be in peace and harmony with his pale giant denizens of Rrorgo.

    Another terrestrial spaceship later arrived on the planet and reached the place where the transformed pilot was. They offered an antidote to him, but he was so happy that he decided not to show himself, instead staying with his fellows.

--Journey into Mystery I#92/3

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Journey into Mystery I#92/3, p2, pan3 (Rrorgos)

p3, pan4 (Rrorgo eating yellow fruit)
p3, pan1 (planet Rrorgo)
p3, pan2 (pilot)
p2, pan1 (P184 spaceship)

Journey into Mystery I#92 (May, 1963) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Steve Ditko (artist)

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