cathode_gloves-tagar-donningCATHODE GLOVES

Classification: Advanced terrestrial technology

Creator: High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham)

Possessors: Count Tagar

First AppearanceThor I#135 (December, 1966)cathode_gloves-tagar-groupbattle

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Cathode Gloves have claws on the tip of each finger, and they generate energy blasts able to subdue other New Men (animals evolved into humanoid form by the High Evolutionary), who typically had enhanced human strength and durability. 

(Thor I#135 (fb) - BTS) - The High Evolutionary evolved a Tiger into one of his New Men. As the man who would be known as Count Tagar emerged from the genetic ray, the High Evolutionary gave him a pair of cathode gloves to be used as weapons.

(Thor I#135) - After the Man-Beast was inadvertantly developed as a hyper-evolved, malevolent wolf that then evolved a number of New Men that served him in attacking the High Evolutionary and his allies, Count Tagar donned his cathode gloves and then rallied the other Knights of Wundagore to his side. Tagar then announced the Man-Beast's threat, and he told the Knights that they must crush them or die in the attempt. 

    Reaching the conflict, Tagar leapt into fray, exhorting his allies "For the glory of Wundagore...attack!!"cathode_gloves-tagar-drivetostarchamber

    Blasting the Man-Beast's New Men, Tagar further advised the Knights that the Man-Beast has reached the High Evolutionary, and he urged them, "onward, to the master's side, before it it too late!"

    After Thor subdued the Man-Beast, Tagarthe Knights forced the rest of the New Men into the Evolutionary's Star Chamber, which then transported them to the "galaxy Dromisana."

CommentsCreated by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby , and Vince Colletta.

Profile by Snood.

The Cathode Gloves should be distinguished from:

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Thor I#135, pg. 10, panel 3 (Tagar donning cathode gloves);
        pg. 11 (in battle with Man-Beast's New Men);
        pg. 13, panel 6 (driving Man-Beast's New Men into Star Chamber);

Thor I#135 (December, 1966) - Stan "The Man" Lee (writer/editor), Jack "King" Kirby (penciler), Vince "The Prince" Colletta (inker)

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