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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user (Japanese citizen) (see comments)

Occupation: Thief, collector

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsHer guards

Enemies: Deathlok (Michael Collins), Silver Sable, Wild Pack (Battlestar/Lemar Hoskins, Amy Chen, Crippler/Carl Striklan, Doug Powell, Raul Quentino)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A secret base in the Grand Canyon

First Appearance: Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6 (November, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Cathode's visor can shoot a "transmission beam" - a beam of energy that dematerializes objects and transmits them to another location, where they are rematerialized in miniature form. The beam can transmit an object as small as a bullet or as large as the Statue of Liberty. Her armor also incorporates a force field, although she must lower it to fire a transmission beam. She can control much of her base's functions from a floating control harness she is frequently wired into. She also employs several combat robots. Cathode is a technical genius, having designed all of her own equipment.

History: (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6 (fb) ) - At some point in time, Cathode established a hidden base in the Grand Canyon and began stealing large items with her transmission beam, including several fighter planes and a Space Shuttle; she apparently did so solely out of pure kleptomania.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6 (fb) ) - Cathode miniaturized the Statue of Liberty and transported it to her Grand Canyon base, where she enlarged it and placed it in her collection.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6) - Silver Sable, her Wild Pack, and her ally Deathlok stormed Cathode's base in search of the Statue of Liberty. They battled her combat robots and her armed guards, the latter of whom managed to hit the Wild Pack with a transmission beam, imprisoning them in miniature form in another part of the complex. Sable and Deathlok escaped, only to run into Cathode herself!

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#7) - While her guards dealt with Deathlok, Cathode took on Sable, teleporting away the mercenary's weapons before ordering her guards to fire their transmission beam at her, teleporting her to safety. Sable ran riot through Cathode's base for a while, but Cathode eventually tracked her down and teleported her purloined weapons away; when she lowered her force field to fire a transmission beam, however, Sable punched her in the face. Sable attempted to interrogate her as they grappled, but when her attempts proved fruitless, Sable stunned her with a headbutt. Quickly recovering, Cathode triggered her base's self-destruct sequence, prompting Sable to tear her from her control harness and knock her out. While Sable handed Cathode off to re-enlarged Pack member Doug Powell and ordered the Wild Pack to retreat, she and Deathlok used the harness' transmission beam to rescue the stolen goods and Cathode's guards and flee the exploding base.

Comments: Created by Gregory Wright, Steve Carr, Deryl Skelton, and James Sanders III.

Not sure if Cathode is Japanese - Wild Pack member Doug Powell refers to her as such, but in the same issue he identifies his Vietnamese teammate Amy Chen as Chinese. He's kind of a racist idiot.

Seriously, that costume. That cannot be comfortable.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Cathode should be distinguished from:

Cathode's guards

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6) - After defeating Cathode's robots, Silver Sable, her Wild Pack, and Deathlok were besieged by Cathode's human guards. The guards successfully transmitted and miniaturized the Wild Pack, but Sable and Deathlok eluded them.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#7) - When Silver Sable attacked Cathode, her guards teleported her to safety with a transmission beam. While Deathlok went to find the Wild Pack, Sable tore through the guards, killing several with one of their stolen rifles. Elsewhere in the base, Deathlok found the miniaturized Wild Pack, but ran into more guards, who he non-lethally disabled. After returning the Wild Pack to their proper size, he blasted Cathode's guards with a transmission beam, storing them in energy form until they could be turned over to the authorities.

Cathode's guards carried rifles. They also rode hovering vehicles equipped with transmission beams.


-- Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6 (6, 7


Cathode's robots

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6) - As Silver Sable, her Wild Pack, and Deathlok entered Cathode's Grand Canyon base, they were soon surrounded by her hovering robot guards. They were unable to shoot or tackle the mechanoids, but Silver Sable found that she could jump through one and shoot it from behind, destroying it. Their weakness exposed, the robots teleported away.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#7 - BTS) - The robots were presumably destroyed when Cathode's base self-destructed.

Cathode's robot guards can teleport (presumably via transmission beam) and hover. They also carry energy swords. They can also become totally intangible; however, they revert back to solid form once they cannot see attackers, rendering them vulnerable to assaults from behind.


--Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6




images: (without ads)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6, p22, pan1 (main image)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#7, p2, pan1 (guards)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#6, p19, pan2 (robots)

Silver Sable & the Wild Pack#6 (November, 1992) - Gregory Wright (writer), Steve Carr & Deryl Skelton (pencils), James Sanders III (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)
Silver Sable & the Wild Pack#7 (December, 1992) - Gregory Wright (writer), Steven Butler (pencils), James Sanders III (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)

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