Real Name: "Grizzly" Grogan

Identity/Class: Normal human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Robber

Group Membership: His own gang

Affiliations: Leader of his own gang

Enemies: Boom-Boom Brown, Two-Gun Kid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Tombstone, Texas, USA

First Appearance: Two-Gun Kid I#64/1 (July, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Grizzly Grogan was stronger than an average man, and carried .44 six-shot revolving rifle.


(Two-Gun Kid I#64/1)- Grogan was a local good-for-nothing in Tombstone, and used his size and strength to bully around others such as Matt Hawk, who was seeing Nancy Carter. Grogan had aspirations to rob the local bank, but his men pointed out that if he did so, he'd be recognized instantly due to his large size. The solution to this dilemma came in the arrival of Boom-Boom Brown, the new town blacksmith. Grogan stole Brown's clothes, and committed the robbery in them to cast suspicion upon Boom-Boom instead of him. The plan seemed to work, and Boom-Boom was arrested, but the Two-Gun Kid suspected that Boom-Boom was innocent, and tracked Grogan down. Grogan professed his innocence, and agreed to testify in court that he was innocent.

    However, while on the witness stand before Matt Hawk, Grogan made the mistake of saying he didn't own a .44 six-shot revolving rifle-- but no one had known what kind of rifle was used in the crime, proving that Grogan could only have known this if he had committed the robbery. Grogan fled the courtroom, but was pursued by the Two-Gun Kid, who fought him. One of Grogan's men got the drop on the Kid, but Boom-Boom Brown, now free from jail, saved him. Grogan was then brought back to Tombstone by Boom-Boom to face the judge.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Dick Ayers.

This tale was reprinted in Gunslingers#1 (February, 2000).

by Prime Eternal

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Two-Gun Kid I#64/1, p1 (main image)
    p2, pan3 (headshot)

Two-Gun Kid I#64/1 (July, 1963) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dick Ayers (pencils & inks)

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