Classification: Terrestrial (Savage Land), presumptive human variant

Location/Base of Operations: Savage Land

Known Members: Nuba, Sagyr

Affiliations: Ka-Zar

Enemies: Plunderer, Quor, Reptile Men

Aliases: Possibly the Mordrees (or that may be a tribe within the Golden People)

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes II#19 (March, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: The Golden People wear light body armor and use energy weapons--apparently given to them by Ka-Zar, but they demonstrated no special skills.

Traits: Hunter/gatherer society

History: The Golden People may be one of the races mutated by the Atlanteans who once ran Pangea, but there is no evidence to support or refute this. They could just be wearing body paint.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#19 (fb) - BTS) - The Golden People were long time friends of Ka-Zar, who apparently gave them advanced technology and weaponry from an unknown source. After the alien Quor arrived, he sent the Reptile Men to drive the Golden People from their land, so that the Reptile Men could claim their stores of Anti-Metal (Antarctic Vibranium) for Quor.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#19) - The Golden People sensed as more outsiders (Plunderer, Vanessa, Mr. Marlowe) were entering the Savage Land. They planned to capture these invaders, assuming them to be responsible for the unwarranted attacks on their tribes. Some of the Golden Men found Ka-Zar after he had been beaten by the camouflaged Reptile Men, and brought him to Sagyr to recover. Sagyr told Ka-Zar of the attacks by the Reptile Men, and he went to investigate. Meanwhile, Sagyr unwittingly welcomed the Plunderer as a friend of Ka-Zar, and was blasted by a stun ray for his hospitality. However, Ka-Zar defeated Quor and drove off the Reptile Men, allowing the Golden People to return to their land.

Comments: Stan "The Man" Lee, Arnold Drake, Steve Parkhouse, George Tuska, and Sid Greene.

I'm not sure who it really was that attacked Ka-Zar. It may have been some overzealous Golden People--put on the defensive by the recent attacks--rather than the Reptile Men.

The Golden People have no known connection to:



Apparently a traitor to his people, Nuba was more than willing to act as a guide to the Plunderer so that he could rob the Golden People of their supply of Anti-Metal. He was first referred to as chief of the Mordrees, but it was then stated that his tribe was the Golden People. Mordrees may be another name for the Golden People. Either he was overthrown by Sagyr, or he was chief of a separate tribe, the Mordrees, within the larger Golden People.


--Marvel Super-Heroes II#19






Chieftain of the Golden People, he had become somewhat defensive after a series of attacks from the Reptile Men. Still, he welcomed Ka-Zar as an old friend, and made the mistake of doing the same to the Plunderer, who blasted him into inconsciousness.

--Marvel Super-Heroes II#19

Sagyr is also pictured centrally in the top image


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