Real Name: Thomas Gideon

Identity/Class: Human mutate;
    former citizen of the United States of America

Occupation: Would-be god;
    former apprentice dreamshaper

Group Membership: Formerly the "Four Muses" (Prester John, Stranger, Tim)

Affiliations: Eternity, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl (now Invisible Woman)/Sue Richards, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Infinity, Judson (chauffeur), Living Tribunal, Eurth natives;
    formerly Michael Berengetti, Marlo Chandler, the Shaper of Worlds, the Wild Ones of a pocket reality mirroring Reality-73836, Zee/Zed;
    formerly improved the realities of Sheriff Bates, Chamber (Jonothon Starsmore), Jack Horn, the Hulk (Bruce Banner), Husk (Paige Guthrie), Jubilee (Jubilation Lee), Mayor Lyle (Dustbowl), M (Monet St. Croix), Tom Martin, Sam & Mary Melville, Billy Molt, Abner Perry, Synch (Everett Thomas), Maple Waits, Sydney & Sylvia; unspecified natives of Dustbowl, New Mexico; unspecified residents of Godthab Omega
    drawn to Godthab Omega by Glorian: Astronomer (Seginn Gallio), Cerise, Champion (Tryco Slatterus), Contemplator (Tath Ki), Devos, Gamora, Grandmaster, Gun Runner (Brell), Judicator, Korath, Nebula, Quantum, Runner (Gilpetperdon), Tana Nile, Ronan, Spirit (Xira), Stellaris, TalosZarek ; (possibly) Eradica and a portion of the Annihilation wave

Enemies: Eradica and a portion of the Annihilation wave, Dawn Greenwood, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Rick Jones, Betty Ross, Satannish (as Nick Cloot), Shaper of Worlds, Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), Skin (Angelo Espinosa), Tribbitites (esp. King Torkon II), Zed

Known Relatives: Gregory Hungerford Gideon (father, deceased), Claire Gideon (mother, deceased)

Aliases: Dreamer, Dream-Weaver, Maker of Miracles, Shaper of Dreams;
    the Stranger, "Golden Man" (Hulk nickname)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the known universe;
    formerly Godthab Omega;
    formerly Las Vegas, Nevada;
    formerly Westchester county, New York;
    born in Rochester, New York

Education: High school equivalent under private tutors (unfinished);
    private training by the Shaper of Worlds

First Appearance: (Thomas Gideon) Fantastic Four I#34 (January, 1965);
Incredible Hulk II#190 (August, 1975)

glorian-gideon-rainbow-bindingPowers/Abilities: Glorian can restructure finite pockets of reality by mentally manipulating the cosmic energies that bind atoms along probability lines. 

    As of the time of his manipulation of Dustbowl, New Mexico, he could mentally restructure the perceived reality of a volume with a maximum radius of 5.02 miles from his person. He could maintain this restructed reality for a maximum of 23.1 hours. Although he enacted a physical change upon matter, his power is frequently referred to as illusion. This is because the restructured reality is only temporary (reality assumes its rest or normal state as soon as he leaves or fails to maintain the transformed state) and a mere re-creation of the outward aspects of a person or environment, not that person or environment itself.

    Bolstered by the Shaper or by absorbing energy from other sources, Glorian could affect entire planets or even potentially an entire reality.

    Presumably Glorian has limited telepathic abilities that enable him to learn what another person's dreams and wishes are.

    Glorian can tap into and manipulate tachyons, a group of particles moving no slower than the speed of light. Glorian uses tachyons to create hyperspatial bridges that resemble arcs of refracted light (commonly referred to as rainbows). By stepping on such bridges, he can convert himself to tachyon particles analogues -- freeing him from such physical limitations as needing air or food during his travels -- and transport himself at trans-light speeds both across planetary surfaces or between star systems; the maximum distance he can bridge between in unrevealed. He can also use the bridge to similarly transport passengers along within himself.
    According to Zee/Zed, the "rainbow" is actually an Einstein-Rosen bridge (or wormhole).

    He can also use the tachyon bridges to wrap around and bind others.

    Glorian has superhuman durability, enabling him to survive in the cold vacuum of space and withstand assaults from superhuman beings. Even when beaten seemingly to death, he can restore himself with minimal damage, sometimes using an illusion to distract others from his apparent resurrections.

    Glorian possesses no superhuman physical powers and has almost no knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eyes: White (formerly pink);
originally brown
Hair: Orange; originally brown
Skin: Gold; formerly pink (Caucasian)

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry / Fantastic Four I#34 (fb) - BTS) - As a youth, Fantastic Four aficionado Thomas Gideon and his mother Claire were frequently ignored by Thomas’ father Gregory, a billionaire devoted to gaining additional wealth, not as much for its own sake as for the challenges involved and the possibility of one day ruling the world.glorian-gideon-youth-face

(Fantastic Four I#34 (fb) - BTS) - As Gregory Gideon was often away, Thomas wished his dad could be around more.

(Fantastic Four I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Reading a Fantastic Four magazine in their home, Thomas heard his father's car enter the driveway.

(Fantastic Four I#34) - While Gregory Gideon was plotting to destroy the Fantastic Four, Thomas came rushing into the room, ecsatic that he was home. As Gregory hugged his "little man," Thomas expressed his wishes that his dad could be home more often, "like other dads" and noted how much he and his mother missed him. Gregory tried to explain that he was not like other men, and that Thomas would understand when he "gave him the entire planet as a plaything." When Thomas told him he didn't want the planet but only wanted him, Gregory changed the subject and asked what magazine Thomas had been reading. When Thomas told him it was the Fantastic Four, his favorite heroes, Gregory thought to himself, "Not for long."
    Thomas later overheard his father ordering the FF's destruction and, as he rushed away -- thinking his father was that in name only, as he didn't care about him or his mother, and only wanted ever-more power -- Gregory appreciated his presence and told him to wait so they could talk, When Thomas continued to rush off, Gregory continued with his plans, figuring he could deal with the issue later.

(Fantastic Four I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Thomas instructed his father's chauffeur, Judson, to take him to the Baxter Building so he could warn the FF.

(Fantastic Four I#34) - As the car arrived at the Baxter Building, Thomas rushed out and tried to warn away the Fantastic Four members from the traps his father had set. When the heroes ignored him, Thomas rushed into the building and up the elevator. Sensing the approach of what they assumed must be a Fantastic Four member, Gideon's men activated Gideon's time platform; Thomas rushed in and was caught in its power, and his cries for help led the Thing to crash into the room to his aid; both Grimm and Thomas were transported through time.

(Fantastic Four I#34 - BTS) - Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) rushed into building and deactivated the time displacer.

(Fantastic Four I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Thomas and the Thing were returned to the present via the machine's accidental recoil.

(Fantastic Four I#34 - BTS) - Having observed the events through his transceiver, Gregory Gideon rushed to the Baxter Building and begged Mr. Fanastic to save his son (the heroes had by now defeated and/or driven off Gideon's men).

(Fantastic Four I#34) - When Tommy and the Thing entered the room and the Thing explained their return, Gregory Gideon was elated to see his son was now safe. He kneeled down and hugged Tommy, appreciating that he and Claire were the only important things in the world. Gideon vowed to renounce his fortune, donate it to charity, and devote the rest of his life to making amends for the way he had neglected his family.

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb)) - Gregory Gideon embarked on a calming vacation with Claire and Thomas, planning to renounce his fortune thereafter.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry) - Some two years later, with Thomas now in his teens, the Gideons were returning by plane from an extended vacation.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry / Fantastic Four I#135 (fb) - BTS) - Under unrevealed circumstances, Gideon's pilot missed all of the warning signals sent from a Russian underwater atomic bomb testing site and blundered into range of the energy pulse/wave of a nuclear explosion that caused their plane to crash.

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb)) - Thomas and Gregory Gideon survived, with Gregory helping keep Thomas afloat, but the rest of the party, including Claire, was lost.

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb)) - Thomas and Gregory were picked up by a Russian trawler supervising this so-called "safe-bomb" test.

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb) - BTS) - On the way to port, three Russian crewmen died from radiation exposure.

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb)) - As Thomas and Gregory lay in hospital beds, covered in bandages, a doctor reported that radiation poisoning had set in, and that both Gideons had approximately 2 years to live; Thomas might have a little longer, because of his age.

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb) - BTS) - Gideon (or his men) designed the Eternity Machine to drain the Fantastic Four's power and transfer it into himself (and presumably Thomas).

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb) - BTS) - Over the next six months, Gregory Gideon deteriorated despite everything his fortune allowed him to attempt. Eight months before the main story,  Gregory was forced to don a biological support shell, and he determined that he could use the mutated genes of the Fantastic Four (and their son, Franklin) to replace the power draining from his and Thomas' cells; ultimately, the process would cause the heroes' deaths, while Thomas and Gregory would live, and Gideon would hold the power of a world in the palm of his hand.glorian-gideon-mourning_dad.jpg

(Fantastic Four I#134 (fb) - BTS) - Gregory Gideon apparently told Thomas multiple times that he was not to be disturbed.

Fantastic Four I#134) - Tommy visited his father seconds after Gregory Gideon shattered his desk in rage when his device failed to incapacitate the Fantastic Four so they could be captured. When Gideon expressed his rage at being disturbed, Thomas explained that he had just wanted to talk, as they had not talked in awhile since his mother had died; Thomas reminded his father that he had promised they would be friends again. Gregory tried to explain his reasons -- including having been ill and having a great deal on his mind -- and told Tommy to forgive him. Tommy apologized for having bothered him, and Gregory told Tommy he never bothered him but that he just needed to be alone sometimes. Departing, Tommy told his father he knew exactly what he meant.

(Fantastic Four I#134 - BTS) - Gregory Gideon's agents captured Reed, Sue, Medusa, and Ben.

(Fantastic Four I#135 - BTS) - Gregory Gideon's agents captured Johnny.

(Fantastic Four I#135 (fb) - BTS) - Thomas sought out his dad at the office, but couldn't find him.

(Fantastic Four I#135) - After Ben, Medusa, and Johnny broke free and Gregory attacked them with energy he had stolen from Reed and Sue, Thomas rushed into the room. He was distraught to see his dad fighting the Thing, but as Thomas yelled out, Gregory Gideon's men restrained him. Thomas cried out that his father had promised he wouldn't try to hurt the Fantastic Four anymore, but his father's agents told him that promises were for breaking.glorian-gideon-wild_ones

    Gregory ignored his son's plight, but ultimately was attacked by Dragon Man, leading to an explosion that slew Gregory Gideon. Thomas rushed to his father's side and wept over his deceased form.

(Fantastic Four I#136) - When Reed consoled Thomas over his father's death, Thomas acknowledged that he knew they were both dying despite his father's efforts to hide this from him; and that the radiation sickness had driven his father mad. Taking Thomas into the Fantasticar and heading back to the Baxter Building with Medusa, Reed told Thomas that they would try to cure him, as they owed it to him to try.

(Fantastic Four I#136 - BTS) - Empowered by the Eternity Machine and the Shaper of Worlds, former Gideon employee Andrew "Slugger" Johnson unleashed a wave of energy that created a pocket reality akin to Johnson's memories (or memories of having seen movies, heard stories, etc.) of 1958 (this paralleled Reality-73836).

(Fantastic Four I#136) - Reed forgot how to control the Fantasticar, and it crashed, though Reed shielded Thomas as they landed, leaving the youth only dazed.

    Due to his younger age, Thomas was drawn to the arriving Wild Ones, whom he joined up with alongside Johnny and Medusa.

(Fantastic Four I#137) - After the Shaper ended the Reality of Johnson's dreams, the Shaper then took Thomas Gideon, planning to cure him of his radiation poisoning and then to use Thomas' dreams for a time until returning Thomas to reality.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4: Glorian entry) - The Shaper indeed cured Thomas and helped him attain his true potential.

(Incredible Hulk II#267 (fb)) - As Thomas' form had taken on a golden hue from the radiation, the Shaper fully transformed him into the golden Glorian.
(Incredible Hulk II#190 (fb) - BTS) - Glorian taught the Shaper the reward in bringing life to the dreams of others, for the dreamer's sakes.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry) - Months later, Glorian and Shaper returned to Earth and were drawn to the troubled mind of the Hulk (Bruce Banner).

(Incredible Hulk II#190 (fb) - BTS) - In Siberia, Glorian extended a rainbow in the vicinity of where the Hulk was then wandering.

(Incredible Hulk II#190 - BTS) - The Hulk discovered the rainbow and followed it to its end, a warm valley amidst the frigid wilderness.

(Incredible Hulk II#190) - When the Hulk wondered about its existence, Glorian appeared and introduced himself, awing the Hulk with his apparent embodiment of everlasting peace and contentment. Glorian convinced the skeptical Hulk to trust him, take his hand, and accompany him on the bridge. They  traveled off into space before arriving at a verdant land on a planetoid, which Glorian told the Hulk was the paradise he had always dreamed of, "a land of eternal peace and enchantment where you will never be hounded or be an outcast again." As he departed, Glorian told the Hulk it was his gift to him and hoped it would be all he wanted it to be.

(Incredible Hulk II#190 - BTS) - Soon after, the Hulk was happy to be seemingly reunited with "Crackajack" Jackson, and soon after with Jarella.

(Incredible Hulk II#190) - The Shaper was grateful to Glorian for showing him how much pleasure there was in making other's dreams come true, and Glorian was happy to have helped the Shaper.

(Incredible Hulk II#191 (fb) - BTS) - A passing Tribbitite patrol discovered and were drawn to the verdant paradise on the previously desolate planetoid.

(Incredible Hulk II#190 - BTS) - The Hulk's peaceful time with Jarella was interrupted by the Tribbitites "Toad Men" who sought to capture them as slaves. Even the Hulk was ultimately subdued via the Toad-Men's Magnetroid guns, and he was taken away along with Jarella and Crackajack.

(Incredible Hulk II#191 - BTS) - The Tribbitites scientists determined that the energies used to transform the planetoid belonged to the Shaper of Worlds, and King Torkon resolved to enslave the Shaper so he would make their dreams come true. The Tribbitites forced the Hulk to comply with their instructions by threatening to kill "Jarella" and "Crackajack," and they strapped a Skrull Nulltron bomb to his back and sent him back to the "paradise" planetoid, which transformed into a more hostile landscape due to the Hulk's frustration and fury. The Shaper responded to the Hulk's call, and the bomb soon deonated, subduing both the Hulk and the Shaper; the Tribbitites took the Shaper with them and left the Hulk behind.

(Incredible Hulk II#191) - Glorian traveled to and greeted the Hulk, who was initially angry for Glorian's seeming trickery; Glorian calmed the Hulk and convinced him to share what had happened to the Shaper. Forming a rainbow on which to travel, Glorian transported himself and the Hulk to Toadworld (Tribbit), confronted Torkon, and informed him they had come for their companions. Glorian tried to explain that the Tribbitites need not force the Shaper to do their bidding, as he would be pleased to grant them whatever the craved, but a Tribbitite soldier struck Glorian down with an energy blast from behind.

    The Shaper was anguished by the attack on his friend, and loss concentration on his illusions, causing "Jarella" and "Crackajack" to revert to amphibious "slug-things"; the loss of the friends he had recently regained caused the Hulk to rampage and devastate the Tribbitite forces. Finally, the Shaper -- cradling the fallen Glorian -- instructed the Hulk to stop and offered to restore his "paradise"; but the Hulk refused, as he did not want it if it was not real, and the Shaper returned him to Earth. Torkon begged the Shaper to grant them their wishes, but the distraught Shaper told them there was nothing he could do to help them.
    Finally, the Shaper vanished along with Glorian.glorian-gideon-ohotmui-->a-to-z refurb

(Incredible Hulk II#267 (fb) - BTS) - Glorians' dreams led the Shaper to create world after world of beauty. Those who populated those worlds were grateful and never questioned the illusions.

(Incredible Hulk II#267 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually Glorian asked if one day he could be a shaper, too. The Shaper asked why he would want this and if their symbiotic relationship was not good enough, but Glorian explained that one day the Shaper would pass on and need a successor.

(Incredible Hulk II#267 (fb) - BTS) - The Shaper trained Glorian as his successor. Eventually he tasked Glorian with making true the dreams of others as a sort of graduation test.

(Incredible Hulk II#267 (fb) - BTS) - Returning to Earth, Glorian lit up the sky over the New Mexico desert

Incredible Hulk II#267) - As "the Stranger," Glorian appeared in Dustbowl, New Mexico, bringing about the dreams of the local residents, notably restaurant owners Sam and Mary Melville, Mayor Lyle, Sheriff Bates, teenagers Billy Molt and Maple Waits, lame Jack Horn, and the elderly Tom Martin and Abner Perry. He then led this group to join him in bringing about the dreams of the rest of the town.

    When Betty Ross arrived shortly thereafter to pick up some supplies by the nearby desert lab of Bruce Banner, Glorian took the form of a Bruce Banner free of the Hulk. With everyone in town overjoyed, Glorian looked to the sky and quietly asked his teacher how he was doing.

(Incredible Hulk II#267 - BTS) - Realizing the rainbow at nighttime was not natural, Rick alerted Banner, who feared it was the work of one of his enemies, leading him to panic and transform into the Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk II#267) - The Hulk soon arrived and recognized Glorian; fearing the disruption of the dreams he created as Betty questioned the Hulk being present at the same time as Banner, Glorian tried to soothe the Hulk with dreams of a pleasant family and work life as the Hulk. When the Hulk continued to see through his illusions, Betty saw through them as well; in an effort to stop the Hulk from ruining his efforts, Glorian then made the first group of people he had transformed seem to be the Hulk's foes Hammer and Anvil, Bi-Beast, Rhino, Gremlin, Abomination, Moonstone, and Leader; and he made those people believe the Hullk was ruining their dreams and making them return to their own lives; as a result, they attacked the Hulk to try to prevent this. As things spiraled out of Glorian's control, Betty took the form of the Harpy; she chastised Glorian for turning people's dreams into nightmares, but the Hulk grabbed the "Harpy" and hurled her into the sky.

    The Shaper saved Betty, calmed the Hulk, and dispersed Glorian's dreams. They explained the nature of their mission, but Rick Jones (who had followed the Hulk to Dustbowl) was furious at the manipulation and swiftly whipped the Hulk into a frenzy. As the Stranger departed with Glorian, Glorian asked if any world would want them if they knew they were only peddling dreams, illusions, and fantasies.

(Incredible Hulk II#355 (fb)) - Having practiced extensively and learned a lot from his master, Glorian asked the Shaper to let him return to Earth and use his powers to benefit people. Acknowledging that Glorian at least believed he was ready, the Shaper gave him the opportunity, but warned that Glorian would be greatly tested.


(Incredible Hulk II#353) - At Las Vegas, Nevada's Sands Hotel and Casino, Glorian -- appearing with very faint yellow/gold skin -- made a man believe he had hit the jackpot, telling him he would see money and glory forever, although there did not appear to actually be money coming from the machine. He later appeared to the elderly couple Sidney and Sylvia, making them see each other as young and vibrant, leading them to kiss passionately. Observing the Hulk (now in his gray, "Joe Fixit" identity), Glorian noted that he needed to have some happiness brought to him, to see the light, "and I'm just the one to do it."

(Incredible Hulk II#354) - Glorian watched the Hulk from a distance, noting soon, very soon.

(Incredible Hulk II#355 - BTS) - Glorian made the Hulk/Fixit's dreams seem to come true, including a feast delivered by a trio of beautiful women, his mob Michael Berengetti turning his business over to him, having the Thing (Ben Grimm) as a servant, and having both Marlo Chandler and Betty Banner willing to share him. However, Banner's mind forced the Hulk to accept that this was all a trick, leading him to reject it.

(Incredible Hulk II#355) - Glorian then appeared, admitted his involvement, and offered to cleanse the Hulk's soul, to replace his anger and hatred with happiness; enraged, the Hulk attacked and savagely beat Glorian, breaking free of Glorian's efforts to restrain him with rainbow bands. With Glorian seemingly dead, Marlo was disgusted by the Hulk's brutality and walked out on him.

(Incredible Hulk II#356) - Glorian's psychic essence met with the Shaper, asking what he had done wrong, and the Shaper told him the Hulk had no desire to be "better." Glorian insisted he would not give up, and the Shaper told him to return to his fool's errand.glorian-gideon-white-suit

    Glorian then returned to his physical form, surprising Marlo and everyone else when he seemingly returned to life. Forming a temporary duplicate to distract the others, Glorian departed and -- though sensing the apparent evil present -- accepted an invitation to get in a limousine that brought him to Maggia leader Nick Cloot (secretly Satannish).

    At the Kudos resort, Cloot introduced himself, explained his connection to the Maggia, and offered to help Glorian convert the Hulk "to the light." As Glorian didn't trust him, Cloot provided a contract; essentially it stated that if Glorian could convert the Hulk, the contract would expire, but if Glorian failed, he would forfeit his soul to Cloot in exchange for Cloot converting the Hulk. Mistakenly believing this all to be a test from the Shaper and not appreciating Cloot's true nature and power, Glorian accepted signing with his own blood. 

(Incredible Hulk II#357) - Glorian arranged for Cloot and the Maggia to present a physical threat to the Hulk to assist in his conversion while Glorian attended to the Hulk's associates.

    Glorian went on to meet with Michael Berengetti and Marlo Chandler in series, attempting to warn them of Fixit's dangerous nature and giving them a vision of Fixit rampaging and nearly injuring him.

(Incredible Hulk II#357 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Cloot returned to his realm of Hell and transformed former hitman Dennis Malloy into the monstrous Ghoul while motivating him to seek seeming vengeance on Fixit.

(Incredible Hulk II#357 - BTS) - The Hulk was extremely frustrated when Marlo ordered him out of her house.glorian-gideon-cloot-domination

(Incredible Hulk II#358) - Glorian met with Cloot, telling him that soon the Hulk would be left with no one to turn to, except Glorian; and Cloot revealed his agent, the Ghoul.

    Watching the Ghoul in action, Glorian questioned Cloot on the nature of his agent, and told him he had figured out that Cloot was the Shaper. Cloot then grabbed Glorian's hand, demonstrated his superior power, and hinted at his satanic nature. Cloot further reminded Glorian the contract specified that he only had until midnight to turn the Hulk into a self-serving individual or lose his soul forever.

(Incredible Hulk II#359) - Glorian approached the Hulk, asking his aid, but his appearance was the last straw in a breakdown between Fixit and Berengetti; as a result, even after Glorian had explained the situation the Hulk refused to aid him. Glorian's forming duplicates of the Hulk's foes failed to force the Hulk aid him, and then Cloot arrived, announced Glorian's failure, and transported Glorian and himself to the Grand Canyon.

    Glorian argued that his motives were pure, but Cloot showed him how he had terrorized the Hulk's friends and had driven the Hulk away from his life of contentment. As Cloot's demons arrived and began dragging Glorian down into the depths, the Hulk arrived, initially noting he had only come there to watch Glorian get his just desserts. When Cloot noted that part of his goal was to be certain Glorian didn't actually purify the Hulk, as he knew he would eventually gain the Hulk's soul, the Hulk pulled Glorian back up -- noting no one deserved that just for trying to help him -- and hurled Cloot into the canyon.

    Cloot then revealed his true form as Satannish and overpowered the Hulk, who then challenged him to a game of chance with the stakes being both the Hulk and Glorian's souls. When the Hulk jumped, knocking the dice to obtain victory, Satannish attempted to take Glorian anyway. With Satannish having lost, the Shaper interfered, banishing Satannish back to his realm.

    Glorian told the Shaper he had succeeded in making the Hulk see the light, but the Shaper -- as he transported them both away -- advised he think about the manner in which he had went about his goals.

(Generation X I#28 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry) - Months later, Glorian returned to Earth yet again, accompanied by the sardonic J, apparently a sentient seagull of his own creation. He rescued the teenage mutants of Generation X after their escape from enemy Black Tom Cassidy.

(Generation X I#28) - Glorian attempted to bring about the dreams of the young mutants of Generation X, including restoring the face and chest of Jonothon Starsmore (Chamber) to help facilitate a relationship between him and Paige Guthrie (Husk); having Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) and Everett Thomas (Synch) enter a relationship and open a daycare camp; and restoring Marius St. Croix to normal (from his monstrous Emplate form) and restoring the friendly familiar relationship between he and his sister Monet (M); however, Angelo Espinosa (Skin), refused to accept Glorian's new realities -- or shadow tapestry woven upon the nether rings of Ultarus. Angelo accused Glorian of giving them so superficial dreams that did not fit with what they truly wanted. When Skin told Glorian he accepted life as it was and didn't need or want to live in a fantasy world, Glorian insisted there must be some wish he had. Skin finally told Glorian what he wanted was for him and his friends to be returned home and to be left alone.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry / Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#1) - As part of a project undertaken by several cosmic entities in hopes of better understanding humanity, the Living Tribunal granted the Shaper of Worlds leave to create the alternate reality/pocket dimension Eurth inhabited by mystic variations of many of Earth’s heroes and villains. Glorian was one of the "Four Muses" of inspiration, assisting the Shaper in Eurth's development. Glorian contributed light and life, while Prester John contributed the memory of a shining realm forgotten; the Stranger contributed the gift of mystery; and the Earth-616 human Tim contributed heroes.

(Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#3 - BTS) - Eternity, Infinity, and the Living Tribunal agreed to allow Eurth to continue to exist.glorian-gideon-annronan-ohotmu-20th

glorian_annron3_p7_pan4(Annihilation: Ronan#3 (fb) - BTS) - Per eventual intergalactic rumors, Glorian was abandoned by the Shaper for reasons unspecified.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry) - Glorian, by his own account, sought both redemption and independence, suggesting that, at least in his own mind, he had failed to meet Shaper’s standards for a successor and now sought to prove himself Shaper’s equal.

(Annihilation: Ronan#3 (fb) - BTS) - Glorian took up residence on Godthab Omega and began drawing beings of power and conflict there, intending to use the energies of their conflicts to transform the relatively barren and harsh Godthab Omega into a paradise.
    Glorian intended this to be his redemption, his declaration of independence; he was willing to sacrifice any who might perish in the process.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS / Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb) - BTS) - An increased number of recognizable faces -- including Cerise, Devos, Gamora, Nebula, Spirit, the former Kree Starforce and other Kree, Ronan the Accuser, Stellaris, Talos, Tana Nile -- began to show up in Godthab Omega's Abyss township.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 - BTS) <Annihilation Day, plus 95> - Gamora and her Graces battled Ronan and the Starforce.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2) - In the township of Abyss, Devos attacked Talos; Glorian noted their power levels with pleasure, though he needed still more. 

(Annihilation: Ronan#2) - As Gamora and Ronan clashed, Glorian noted that this increased power level would allow him to create calm and creation; he would become the new Shaper of Worlds.

 (Annihilation: Ronan#3) - With the captive Devos and Talos as his witnesses, Glorian used the energies released by Ronan and Gamora's battle -- which had extended west into the Cauldron -- to amplify his own powers to levels never before achieved. 

    Eschewing illusions to physically reshape Godthab and its inhabitants in a piecemeal fashion to suit his whims, creating beautiful buildings, etc., Glorian imposed alleged “order” over what he perceived as the planet’s natural “chaos.” Overcome by his own grandiosity, he designated Devos and Talos to become heralds of his supposed greatness.

(Annihilation: Ronan#3 - BTS) - Sensing the creation and life advancement on Godthab Omega, Annihilus ordered his swarm to purge it.

(Annihilation: Ronan#3 - BTS) - Astronomer, Champion, Contemplator, Grandmaster, Gun Runner, Judicator, Quantum, Runner, and Zarek showed up in the transformed Abyss. (or possibly in the spaceport?)glorian_annron4_p22_pan1

(Annihilation: Ronan#3) - Glorian noted with dread the arrival of the Annihilation Wave.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4 - BTS) <Annihilation Day, plus 99> -  The Annihilation Wave swarmed over Abyss, the Kree settlement, Mount Virago, and the spaceport.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4 - BTS) - As Glorian struggled (and failed) to preserve Godthab Omega from the damage being wrought to it by the Annihilation Wave, his influence over others faded.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4) - As Korath pointed out the location in which the "grand puppeteer" was based, Ronan went to confront him, only to be assaulted by Eradica, leader of this portion of the Annihilation Wave. Ronan caused Eradica's personal craft to crash them both into Glorian's base. Glorian was subsequently distracted by direct assault by the Annnihilation Wave.

    Overwhelmed by the Wave, Glorian reluctantly used his power to completely eradicate the Wave from Godthab Omega, destroying all he had created in the process.

    Ronan and Gamora found Glorian in an inert state.glorian-gideon-surf14-face

(Silver Surfer#15 (fb) - BTS) - As the end of the multiverse approached (at the hands of the Beyonders), Glorian allied with the Incredulous Zed -- who had been banished from the previous universe during an encounter with the Surfer -- in a plot to usurp the Shaper of World's power and role in the universe that would follow.

(Silver Surfer#13) - As the multiverse was apparently destroyed by Dr. Doom and the Beyonders during Secret Wars III, Glorian created a rent in the fabric of reality through which the Silver Surfer and his companion Dawn Greenwood escaped into a plane of non-existence. After approaching them alongside his ally, "the lowly Zee" (with both wearing cloaks), Glorian sealed the rent so that the destruction would not consume/erase them as well and then explained what happened. Glorian then shed his cloak, introduced himself and Zee, and explained that they could help him recreate the universe using the body and power of the inert Shaper of Worlds.glorian-gideon-surf15-usurp_shaper

(Silver Surfer#14) - While the Surfer was cautious in accepting this offer, Glorian assured him it came free of any price: He planned to give the Surfer and Dawn everything they asked for; when the Surfer saw how elated Dawn was after seemingly restoring her family and townspeople, the Surfer agreed. As Dawn stayed with Zee and worked on re-creating Earth, Glorian took the Surfer to restore the rest of the universe: Glorian was surprised that the Surfer started by restoring the void of space. Glorian offered the Surfer to alter the laws of physics, change minds and memories, etc., but the Surfer elected to preserve things as they were. They continued on, re-creating entire star systems and their inhabitants, but after recreating Galactus, the Surfer decided the universe might be better without his "cancer"; and he used the Shaper's power to obliterate Galactus, and then to restore all the worlds and peoples consumed by Galactus.
    Deviations caused by both the Surfer and Dawn caused the Shaper to cry out, "Wrong! The shape of every world is wrong!"

(Silver Surfer#15) - Alongside Glorian, the Surfer restored Zenn-La last, after which they were confronted by the remaining portions of the Shaper who warned them they had made errors, duplications, and anomalies that must be dealt with  if his new universe was to survive. For example, when the Surfer re-created the worlds and people lost to Galactus, he created duplicates of the surivors, such as the settlers of Euphoria; and the actual beings were then being torn between their two realities. Sending the people back to their home worlds caused many to be sad to leave their new friends, and the Surfer realized he was ill-suited to play God. 

(Silver Surfer#15) - The Shaper guided the Surfer and Glorian to correct the anomalies.

(Silver Surfer#15) - When Glorian and the Surfer returned to Earth, they found that Dawn had unwittingly created another Silver Surfer in the effort to summon the Surfer back to her. The Shaper told the Surfer this was the final anomaly, and that Dawn must choose one Surfer. Eager to complete the task, Glorian urged the Shaper to take control and choose for Dawn; but the Shaper advised that it was not his place, and that he had almost exhausted his full power. Unwilling to wait patiently, Glorian instead drained the Shaper's energies, declaring himself this new universe's Shaper and noting that he was now free. As "Zee" revealed him to be the Incredulous Zed, Glorian explained to the Surfer that he had only the end of the universe and the expending of the Shaper's energies could allow him to free himself from the Shaper's yoke; he likened this to the Surfer's servitude under Galactus.

    Realizing that with Zed as his next-in-line, he might be similarly betrayed, Glorian then obliterated Zed, and then impatiently urged Dawn to make her choice between the Surfers. Though she knew which Surfer was the correct one, Dawn also realized that Glorian's power was limited until she had made her choice; and then the Surfer realized that the Shaper's rule about anomalies or duplications might apply for the entire reality, and that their previous reality might be restored. glorian-gideon-surf15-reality-shattered

    As Dawn recalled guidance from the Never Queen, Glorian futilely tried to prevent her from reaching the gate around her home. After the false Surfer sacrificed himself to block Glorian's blasts, Dawn reached the gate, releasing the Never Queen, who shared that the restoration of their previous reality was now a possibility. As the Surfer and Glorian debated accepting the Doom-controlled Eternity vs. the one under Glorian's control, Doom's control was severed, and Eternity was restored as its own entity.

    Glorian warned that the family and friends Dawn had restored may not exist in this new reality, but her recreated father told her he and the others were really created from her memory, and that she owed it to herself to reconnect with her real father if there was any chance he still existed. Glorian advised the Surfer that in his new reality, all of his sins had been cleansed, and that choosing Eternity's reality over his would cause all of those worlds to die again. Ultimately, however, Dawn convinced the Surfer that the re-created universe contained only what they knew of it, and that it would be better to have the entire universe so they could have new experiences. As the Surfer and Dawn chose Eternity, Glorian's reality seemed to shatter.

Comments: Thomas Gideon created by Stan "The Man" Lee, Jack "King" Kirby, and Chick "...the brick?" Stone.

    Rainbow at night not natural? Maybe true, but certainly good enough for Ronnie James Dio. Rainbow in the Dark is a great song.

    The events of Annihilation: Ronan seemed to occur within just a day or so. I could see the 7 day break between Ronan leaving Bwokk and arriving on Godthab Omega, but from there, it seemed to be events continuing from one thing to the next. Apparently the swarm arrived on Annihilation Day, plus 95, and everyone fought them for 4 days straight without rest...

    I'm not sure whether the Kree settlement arrived on Godthab Omega first, and then the others started showing up afterwards...or whether Glorian arrived first, and the Kree settlement came there because they were drawn there by Glorian.

    I have misplaced my Annihilation: Ronan issues, so I took my information from the Godthab Omega profile I had written a year or so ago. Our overworked and underpaid primary editor Markus supplied me with some images and a note or two about Glorian. If you have the series and can provide any supplemental information of Glorian himself before I can locate my issues and add the stuff myself, please send them my way; thanks!

    The notations about the rainbows being made of tachyons first came in the OHotMU I#4: Glorian entry.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:


(Generation X I#28 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover: Glorian entry) - Months later, Glorian returned to Earth yet again, accompanied by the sardonic J, apparently a sentient seagull of his own creation. He rescued the teenage mutants of Generation X after their escape from enemy Black Tom Cassidy.

(Generation X I#28) - Glorian attempted to bring about the dreams of the young mutants of Generation X, including restoring the face and chest of Jonothon Starsmore (Chamber) to help facilitate a relationship between him and Paige Guthrie (Husk); having Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) and Everett Thomas (Synch) enter a relationship and open a daycare camp; and restoring Marius St. Croix to normal (from his monstrous Emplate form) and restoring the friendly familiar relationship between he and his sister Monet (M); however, Angelo Espinosa (Skin), refused to accept Glorian's new realities -- or shadow tapestry woven upon the nether rings of Ultarus. Angelo accused Glorian of giving them so superficial dreams that did not fit with what they truly wanted. When Skin told Glorian he accepted life as it was and didn't need or want to live in a fantasy world, Glorian insisted there must be some wish he had. Skin finally told Glorian what he wanted was for him and his friends to be returned home and to be left alone.

--Generation X I#28

Note: What is/was J?
    A plot device, nothing more

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