Real Name: Devos

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial technology user

Occupation: Vigilante, peace maker

Group Membership: None; formerly Fearsome Foursome (Huntara, Klaw, Paibok)

Affiliations: Devastator drones, Korath the Pursuer, Symka;
formerly Huntara, Lyja, Paibok, Ronan the Accuser

Enemies: Annihilation Wave, Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Crystal, Hercules/Heracles, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Sersi, Stature/Cassie Lang, Thunderstrike/Eric Masterson, USAgent/John Walker, Vision/"Victor Shade", Vision/Jonas, Wasp/Hank Pym), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Dreadface, the Elan, Fantastic Force, Fantastic Four, Gamora, Glorian, Inhumans, Intergalactic Council, Kree, Lyja, Alicia Masters, Paibok, Sandman (William Baker), Skrulls (including General Kalamari), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Talos the Tamed

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His Arsenal Planet
Formerly, Paibok's vessel
Formerly, his starship and alien zoo
Formerly, his unnamed homeworld

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#359 (December, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Devos wields numerous firearms and special devices of alien origins in battle, but chiefly relies upon the devices in his armor. His armor grants him superhuman strength (class 90), flight, a "Luminator" which can blind his opponents, twin blades in his left gauntlet, knock out gas, a gas which can smother out flame, infra-red detectors, an electric shield, miniature missiles, electrical blasts, and sensors.

Devos has also commanded various space vessels, held at his Arsenal Planet. The most powerful of these was his Death Cruiser. He could control a large number of Devastator drones, which resembled himself in his armored form from his heavily armored Cybertank, which sent out the signal to control them.

Height: (in battlesuit) 7' 2"
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

History: (Fantastic Four I#377 (fb)) - As a child, Devos' homeworld was assaulted by raiders, and he was orphaned. He grew up alone in the ruins for years, until he was found by soldiers who recruited him for the army. He quickly became one of the best warriors, and was chosen by Symka for the "Great Experiment", which resulted in him becoming the ultimate weapon of destruction-- but he determined that he would use this power to bring about galactic peace by destroying any race capable of making war.

(Fantastic Four I#359 (fb) - BTS) - Over the years that followed, Devos slew many lifeforms, and his trophy case included the heads of a Titan (Xemnu's race), a Skrull, an Elan, and a Kree Sentry. He also contained the creature known as Dreadface, but was unable to devise a means of destroying it.

(Fantastic Four I#359) - Devos came across a vessel containing the Fantastic Four, and their ally Alicia Masters. Reasoning that any speices capable of space travel would have a capacity for conflict, Devos has his vessel bring them aboard with a tractor beam. He then tested their reactions by turning his ship's defenses and the various creatures in his zoo against them. Having determined that humanity was a violent race, Devos confronted the Fantastic Four himself, and held his own in battle with all four of them, but depleted much of his armor's energy attempting to shock the Thing with electricity. He attempted to recharge his armor, but Mr. Fantastic knocked him back into the energy grid, and the resulting damage caused the ship to begin its self-destruct countdown. Abandoning the Fantastic Four, Devos fled to his escape craft, assuming they would be destroyed by the destruct sequence.

(Fantastic Four I#400) - Devos was among the many enemies of the Fantastic Four who were brought from other points in time to confront members of the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Force. Devos did not recognize some of the players on the field, but engaged them in battle, only to be removed from the conflict by Huntara, who opened up one of her portals in his path.

(Fantastic Four I#366) - Devos' craft was found by a Skrull vessel commanded by Paibok. Although Devos at first intended to slay Paibok and steal his vessel, he was surprised to learn they had a common enemy-- the Fantastic Four. The two men forged an alliance together, and Paibok showed him the unconscious body of Lyja, wife of the Human Torch.

(Fantastic Four I#369, 390 (fb)) - Devos observed as Paibok altered Lyja's genetic structure, granting her superhuman powers.

(Fantastic Four I#370) - With Lyja's enhancements completed, Paibok, Devos and Lyja prepared to combat the Fantastic Four together.

(Fantastic Four I#371) - Devos joined with Lyja and Paibok in assaulting the Human Torch at Empire State University. When the Torch called for help from his teammates, they pressed their attack, and the Torch prepared to release his Nova Flame. Devos' sensors registered the Torch's power build-up, and the three of them escaped before he went nova.

(Fantastic Four I#372) - Devos watched with Paibok and Lyja as the Human Torch was arrested for setting fire to Empire State University.

(Fantastic Four I#374) - Paibok and Devos observed as the Torch became a fugitive from the law, but were surprised when Lyja turned against them, and went to help the Fantastic Four. This confirmed Devos' suspicions-- no Skrull could be trusted.

(Fantastic Four I#377) - Devos and Paibok assaulted the courtroom where the Human Torch was being tried, and found themselves joined by the Fantastic Four's enemy Klaw, and the amnesiac Huntara. The four of them (dubbed "the Fearsome Foursome") joined forces in assaulting the Fantastic Four.

(Fantastic Four I#378) - Devos went toe-to-toe with the Thing, but the Thing received help from his friend the Sandman, and the heroes Spider-Man and Daredevil also joined the fray. Journeying outside, Devos attempted to destroy the heroes with one massive blast, but the Invisible Woman stopped it with her force field. Although the four villains managed to hold their own, with the arrival of the Avengers, they decided to escape using one of Huntara's portals.

(Fantastic Four I#379) - While Paibok showed Klaw around his vessel, Devos spoke with Huntara, to determine if her people were as war-like as she.

(Fantastic Four I#382) - With the aid of one of Huntara's portals, the four villains invaded Four Freedoms Plaza, and Devos helped Paibok set a trap for the Fantastic Four when they returned, knocking them unconscious with gas. They then teleported the Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Lyja to Paibok's ship, and Devos joined Paibok as he presented their captives to the Skrull Empire (including Kalamari) at their new Throneworld. Having now reestablished contact with the Empire, Paibok realized that Devos had a price on his head and attempted to arrest him, but by then Devos had contacted his Arsenal Planet, and had it assault the Throneworld in an attempt to destroy the Skrull military.

(Fantastic Four I#383) - While his Death Cruiser assaulted the planet, Devos slew the guards Paibok had brought with him, and then faced him in one-on-one combat. When Paibok himself was branded a traitor for bringing Devos to Throneworld, Devos abandoned the fight to personally command the Death Cruiser into battle. However, Paibok snuck aboard the ship, and sabotaged the stardrive, sending the ship into sub-space.

(Maximum Security#1) - Devos was among the alien criminals exiled to earth by the Intergalactic Council during the so-called "Maximum Security" event. While on earth, Devos again battled Daredevil.

(Fantastic Four: Foes#1) - Devos attended a gathering of enemies of the Fantastic Four held by the Puppet Master, who suggested that they combine their forces. Devos left with the others, without even acknowledging the Puppet Master's scheme.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2) - Devos was compelled to visit the planet Godthab Omega. In the town of Abyss, he fought the Skrull Talos. He managed to defeat Talos, and then encountered Ronan, who compared notes with him. Just as they began to theorize as to why so many high-level cosmic activities were going on, Gamora snuck up behind Devos and plunged a dagger through his chest.

(Annihilation: Ronan#3) - When Devos came to, he found that he and Talos were both being held prisoner by Glorian, the one responsible for drawing them to Godthab Omega. Devos conferred with Talos, who believed that Glorian was the one-time pupil of the Shaper of Worlds.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4) - When the planet was overrun by the Annihilation Wave, Glorian was distracted, releasing Devos and Talos. Ronan ordered the two of them to the spaceport to get off-planet with any other survivors.

(Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1 (fb) - BTS) - Devos survived and returned to his Death Cruiser. Learning of the recent war between the Inhuman-controlled Kree and the Shi'ar he targeted the Kree homeworld Hala to punish them for their crime.

(Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1) - Devos attacked Hala to destroy them for waging war on the Shi'ar and sent an army of Devastator drones down to the planet to destroy them. Wasp (Pym) and his Avengers arrived to aid against the drones.

(Realm of Kings: Inhumans#2) - The Avengers and Inhuman warriors, including Gorgon and Karnak, fought and destroyed many of Devos' drones. Vision traced back the drones' control signal to Devos' Cybertank. Hercules and Gorgon broke through the tank's windshield and found Devos attached to the tank's control panels still spouting threats to the Inhumans and Kree through his drones. Karnak easily knocked him out with a tap to the temple, ending Devos' threat to Hala.

   Devos and his functional drones were imprisoned on Hala.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Paul Ryan and Danny Bulanadi.

Among the trophies in Devos' starship seen in Fantastic Four I#359 was the head of what appeared to be a bearded human wearing glasses. John Byrne?


by Prime Eternal

Devos should not be confused with:

  • Devastator, Kirov Petrovna, agent of the Gremlin, @ Incredible Hulk II#186
  • The Devastator, Gregori Larionov, successor to the armor, @ Rom#44


Devos used this heavily armored land vehicle during attacks on planets with the Devastator drones, which were linked through an electromagnetic command signal sent out from the Cybertank. Attached to the control panels via his cybernetic implants Devos could talk and mentally control the drones' every move from inside the Cybertank.

--Realm of Kings: Inhumans#2

Death Cruiser

Devos' Death Cruiser was held at his Arsenal Planet until he needed it for an assault on the Skrull Throneworld. Possibly the most powerful vessel Devos possessed, the ship was nearly capable of destroying the planet single-handedly. Paibok sabotaged the stardrive of the Death Cruiser, causing it to enter into sub-space, with no way of returning. Presumbly, Devos abandoned the vessel in order to escape sub-space.

Retrieving it Devos used it in an attack on Hala with an army of Devastator drones.

--Fantastic Four I#382 (Fantastic Four I#382-383, Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1-2




Devastator drones

Devos could release an army of Devastator drones housed on his Death Cruiser to rain destruction upon whole cities. Controlling them from a Cybertank Devos sent them out to attack Hala during the reign of the Inhumans over the Kree Empire. Many were taken apart by the Inhumans and Wasp (Hank Pym)'s Avengers before the rest was ultimately deactivated when they invaded and knocked out Devos in his Cybertank. After the battle the still functional drones ended up imrisoned on Hala.

--Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1 (Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1-2





Symka was the beautiful scientist who oversaw the "great experiment" in which Devos was transformed into his planet's ultimate warrior. However, Symka did not forsee that Devos would use his powers not to make war, but peace-- his own version of peace.

--Fantastic Four I#377 (fb)

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