Type:  Extraterrestrial planet; Keystone Quadrant star system (in relative proximity to "the black holes of Sirius Major"), Milky Way galaxy

Environment:  Earthlike

Usual means of access:  Space travel

Dominant Life Forms:  Robots, Loonies (aka humans), various altered Terran animals

Significant Inhabitants:  "Awful Eight", Black Bunny Brigade, Chief Toysmith of Spacewheel, "Croaker" (Dyvyne's assistant), Drakillars, Lord Dyvyne, Dyvynicies Inc., Good Humor Men, Head Robot, Lylla, Judson Jakes, Keystone Kops, Killer Clowns/Psycho Circus, Blackjack O'Hare, Uncle Pyko, Robohorse, Robomower, Rocket Raccoon, Simian Sentries, Snail Gang, Stinker, Wal Russ, Wild Worms, various unidentified animals, humans, and robots;
    formerly the ancient shrinks

Significant Items: Red Breath, Gideon's Bible/Halfworld Bible, Wonder Toy

Significant Locations:  Admissions Ward, Asylum, unidentified cantina, Cuckoo's Nest, Galacian Wall, humanoid spaceship, Mayhem Mekanics, Spacewheel

First Appearance:  Incredible Hulk II#271 (May 1982)


(Rocket Raccoon#2 (fb) - BTS) <From the log of the Starship Gideon> - The "counsel" decreed that certain forms of insanity were were incurable, and a group of psychiatrists(?) were ordered to transport their planet's most insane to a world of their own, where they would be cared for by robots and kept amused by pets for the rest of their natural lives.


(Rocket Raccoon#3 (fb)) - Psychiatrists from an unidentified starfaring human civilization (see comments below) left their homes in search of a planet that they could use to house their seemingly incurably insane patients away from the sane society that loathed them (the patients) and made them outcasts from the rest. 

(Rocket Raccoon#3 (fb)) - Five years out, the psychiatrists found a world they found suitable for their needs, and, with great rejoicing, they set their hospice ships (at least five of them) down on it.  They built a facility to house their allegedly incurable patients whom they vowed to cure, building robots to care for their needs while the animals the doctors brought served their intended purpose as companions and entertainers for their patients.  Administering the settlement from their headquarters in Asylum, the psychiatrists spent years studying the functions and dysfunctions of the human mind, expanding their knowledge of same, and writing down all their observations of their patients' mental problems in the logbook of the hospice ship Gideon. 

(Incredible Hulk II#271 (fb) - BTS) <According to Uncle Pyko> - The Loonies and humanity shared common ancestry with the Firstcomers (see comments)...perhaps indicating the Firstcomers were part of one of the races which has claimed to be ancestors of all humanoid races throughout the universe, such as the Xorri.

(Rocket Raccoon#3 (fb)) - Before they could find a cure, though, their research was called into question, their funding was cut off and the doctors were ordered to return to their homeworld.  Having no choice but to obey, the doctors did so

(Rocket Raccoon#1 (fb) - BTS) - The shrinks built the impenetrable Galacian Wall around the entire Keystone quadrant

(Rocket Raccoon#3 (fb)) - The wall was built to keep the doctors' patients (left behind due to safety concerns) safe from outside harm from their home society, and to keep the patients from inadvertently escaping into possible harm.  Having no choice but to obey their orders to return to their homeworld, the doctors left their patients, uncured, in the care of the robots, and also left behind the animals to continue on as companions and entertainers.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb)) - The hospice ships founded the Halfworld asylum in the Keystone Quadrant to exploit the region's remoteness; far away from anything, it was more secure.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb)) - The largest asylum in known space. Halfworld was established as a Matrioshka Brain, a bio-organic ecosystem of world spheres that maximize the power output of the sun at its center. The Galacian Wall was merely its outer shell. Each level housed patients living out therapeutic fantasies, conducted via virtual immersion by the wardens, who were anthropomorphosized animals designed to be friendly and reassuring to the patients, which was part of the therapy. At the very heart of the Matrioshka structure were the highest security sections for the incurably insane. Those levels had the greatest concentration of security guards, who were made to look like clowns to enhance the cheerful, fun atmosphere of the place, as they didn't want any of the dangerous inmates to get upset.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Rocket Raccoon was the security chief, with Blackjack O'Hare as his number two. Rocket personally supervised the admission of thousands of patients. Security was fundamental...in thirty years it had never breached.

(Rocket Raccoon#3 (fb)) <speculated by Uncle Pyko> - "Ages passed," and over the following years (centuries?) the robots continued their task of taking care of the patients and their descendants, who, if not born already insane, were born into and affected by their parents' insane environment and acted insane as normal behavior.  Eventually gaining an artificial intelligence of their own (perhaps caused by radiation from a nova affecting their inner workings), the supremely logical robots began chaffing at the illogic of their charges, and sought a way out.  They found an answer by genetically manipulating the animals and enhancing their intelligence, enabled them to speak human language, and gave many animals prosthetics that mimicked human movement, including the ability to walk upright and use their front paws/hoofs as hands.  The robots then turned over day-to-day care of the insane humans, now called Loonies, over to the altered animals while the robots retreated to their claimed side of the planet, which they turned into an all-metallic industrial plain.

(Rocket Raccoon#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ceaselessly laboring, the robots created artificial limbs for the animals and making parts for toys used to keep the Loonies entertained, they also began working on a gigantic humanoid-shaped starship.

(Rocket Raccoon#3 (fb) - BTS) - The robots studied how to shut down the Galacian Wall, while also making vehicles and weapons.

(Rocket Raccoon#1-3 (fb) - largely inference from events and beings in current stories rather than specifically seen history events) - Over the following years (more centuries?) animal society evolved around caring for the Loonies, with toy companies becoming the chief source of income for many animals, and with the Chief Toysmiths of each company designing both toys for Loonies and far more dangerous "toys" (aka weapons) for their bosses.  Other animals became law enforcers, called Rangers, with both the care of the Loonies and the keeping of law and order among the other animals a chief concern to the animal Rangers. 

(Incredible Hulk II#271 (fb) - BTS) - The main housing facility of the patients became known as the Cuckoo's Nest, the capital (for lack of a better word) of the non-robotic (and thus still full of plants and other natural stuff) half of the planet, now called Halfworld by its inhabitants. 

(Rocket Raccoon#1 (fb) - BTS) - The doctors' headquarters became a shrine called the Admissions Ward, home of a religion worshiping the ancient Shrinks, and tended to by priests called the Good Humor Men, and which only the Loonies were supposed to enter. 

(Incredible Hulk II#271 (fb) - BTS / Rocket Raccoon#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Cuckoo's Nest shrine also housed the log book of the Gideon (which became known as Gideon's Bible or the Halfworld Bible), left behind by the doctors (who came to be referred to as "Firstcomers" and "Ancient Shrinks") when they left, and venerated by the Loonies despite the fact that none could actually read it, let alone had the education to understand what it said. 

(Incredible Hulk II#271 (fb) - BTS) - The system Halfworld belonged to was named the Keystone Quadrant by its inhabitants, though where the system is located (i.e. which galaxy itís in, which empire itís nearest, etc.) in relation to the rest of the universe at large has yet to be revealed.

(Rocket Raccoon#1 (fb)) - Not realizing their true origins, the animals felt the robots were unable to stop themselves from making machines for which they had no use, so they gave them to the animals, who used them with which to play and farm.

(Rocket Raccoon#3 (fb) - BTS) - Judson Jakes, chief Toysmith of Mayhem Mekaniks (presumably originally named Inter-Stel Mechanics), assassinated the business' husband and wife owners, seize their company, and wage war on his competitors; Jakes also made himself guardian of the former owner's daughter, Lylla, who nonetheless stood to inherit the company upon coming of age.

(Rocket Raccoon#1 (fb) - BTS) - From the Spacewheel (allegedly built by the presumably built by scientist tortoise Uncle Pyko, but perhaps actually constructed by the robots, with Pyko's guidance), in the center of the Keystone Quadrant, Jakes ruled Inter-Stel Mechanics, from which Uncle Pyko apparently turned out automaton assassins such as the Killer Clowns, as well as the alien Drakillars, and used Blackjack O'Hare and his Black Bunny Brigade to do his dirty work. Jakes and Pyko apparently sought Gideon's Bible to learn the origin of the Keystone Quadrant and its inhabitants.



(Incredible Hulk II#271 - BTS) - Many years ago, under unrevealed circumstances, tortoise toysmith Uncle Pyko probed the mind of a human Keystone Kop, and unearthed deeply submerged memories of the connection between the Firstcomers (aka the psychiatrists) and the Loonies (whom the Kop belonged to).  In the process, Uncle Pyko also learned the key to deciphering the Gideon's Bible, which all believed held the secret for ultimate power on Halfworld.  Unhappily for him, the Kop did not survive the probe.

(Incredible Hulk II#271) - A runaway robot mower approached a sleeping Hulk (Bruce Banner, who, long story short, had been transported to Halfworld by a dying Galaxy Master), who could not be awakened by the two animals (Rocket Raccoon and Wal Russ) who had found him.  Rocket attempted to divert the robomower from its path, but the robot couldn't be stopped.  The sound from the mower awoke the Hulk, who was angry his sleep was disturbed, and smashed the robomower, but not before the 'mower got off an alarm and summoned the Loonie police, the Keystone Quadrant Kops.  Upon arriving, the Kops promptly crashed into the victim, then futilely gave chase to the two animals and the Hulk, who calmly left in the spaceship Rakk 'n' Ruin while the Kops were getting themselves organized enough to begin their investigation.

(Incredible Hulk II#271) - After Rocket explained what he knew of Halfworld to the Hulk, he received a distress call from the Cuckoo's Nest, as Lylla (Rocket's girlfriend and Wal Russ' niece) reported the Black Bunny Brigade's assault.

(Incredible Hulk II#271 - BTS) - The Black Bunny Brigade overpowered those defending the Cuckoo's Nest, and they took both Lylla and Gideon's Bible back to the Spacewheel.

(Incredible Hulk II#271 - BTS) - The Hulk agreed to aid Rocket and Wal Russ and they traveled to the Cuckoo's Nest, where Stinker, one of the few conscious guards, reported the abduction of Lylla and Gideon's Bible. Rocket correctly reasoned they had been taken to the Spacewheel, and he led Wal Russ and the Hulk there aboard the Rakk'N'Ruin. As their ship arrived, Jakes had Pyko send Killer Clowns to intercept them; Wal Russ remained behind to pilot the ship. With the Hulk's power, they made short work of the Clowns, and the Hulk smashed his way into Spacewheel (with Pyko's servodroids rapidly repairing this damage upon their entry). When Blackjack threatened Lylla to force Rocket's surrender, the Hulk punched the ground, upsetting Blackjack with the Shockwave and allowing Rocket to finish him off. As Rocket rushed to confront Jakes, the Hulk was distracted and summoned by Pyko, who had read Gideon's Bible and determined the Hulk's planet of origin and offered to send him back. As Rocket defeated Jakes' Drakillar agent and forced Jakes' surrender, Pyko briefly explained how he had determined that the Firstcomers were the ancestors of the Keystone Kops and the Hulk (meaning they had come from Earth). Setting his devices to send the Hulk home to prevent him from upsetting Halfworld's balance of power, Pyko returned the Halfworld Bible to Rocket, claiming it to be incomprehensible even to him. With the Bible, Rocket and Lylla rejoined Wal Russ on the Rakk'N'Ruin and departed Spacewheel, heading back to return the tome to the Cuckoo's Nest.

(Rocket Raccoon#1 (fb) - BTS) - Under unexplained circumstances, Jakes apparently relinquished control of the Spacewheel to his chief rival in the toy industry, Lord Dyvyne and his Dyvynities Inc. Jakes renamed Inter-Stel Mechanics as "Mayhem Mekaniks" and established a new base in a factory on the crater-ridden border between animal and robot zones.

(Rocket Raccoon#1) - After borrowing the Gideon's Bible from the Loonies in an attempt to decipher it, Rocket and his companions, Wal and Lylla were interrupted by the Keystone Quadrant Kops, whose investigation of the Snail Gang was interrupted by a call from toy mogul Lord Dyvyne over the assassination of his chief toysmith, which sent the Kops off to find Rocket so he could take the call.  Rocket returned the Bible to its caretakers, the Good Humor Men, whose leader assured Rocket that the language of the ancient Shrinks was unfathomable, then invited Rocket to watch the ancient rites, which Rocket did for a few moments before getting back to Dyvyne's call.  As Rocket headed to investigate Mayhem Mekaniks, Dyvyne ordered Blackjack O'Hare to kidnap Lylla so he could possess her inheritance.
    As the Loonies prepared for the Great Masquerade, Pyko, hidden beneath a sheet, sneaked into their shrine, stole the Halfworld Bible, and replaced it with a fake. During a later performance of their ancient rites, the leader of the Good Humor Men asked, as part of the ritual, for the ancient book to speak to them, only to be horrified when the book opened like a jack-in-the-box and revealed a jester's head inside the book. Desperate to recover the Bible before the Loonies sank into lethal despondency, Lylla armed herself only seconds before being ambushed and abducted by O'Hare.
    Jakes' forces, including a giant nutcracker, the Killer Clowns (aka the Psycho-Circus), and other cyborgs/robots assaulted Rocket, Wal Russ, and the Rakk'N'Ruin. As Jakes' forces fell, he nonetheless revealed his goal of becoming chief toysmith and charging the Loonies for the toys, despite it being the animals' intended duty to entertain the Loonies for free; of seeing Dyvyne dead; and of marrying Lylla to make her fortune his. Pyko interrupted the struggle and pointed out the pointlessness of it all, as well as revealing Dyvyne's announcement that he held Lylla and intended to make both her and Mayhem Mekaniks his.


(Rocket Raccoon#2) - Later that night, the Loonies held the Great Masquerade, where each Loonie could become what they truly believed they were for a night, as part of the "therapy" left for them by the ancient Shrinks.  Wal Russ monitored for the presence of non-Loonie lifeforms using the parade as cover, but by the time he detected two incoming attackers, Rocket was too far away to hear his warning, and was attacked by a Drakillar and a Killer Clown (courtesy of Dyvyne and Jakes, respectively) during the parade portion of the celebration; Rocket ultimately destroyed both. Meanwhile, O'Hare decided to keep Lylla for himself, notifying Dyvyne of his intent to marry her and make himself top toysmith in the Keystone Quadrant. In response, Dyvyne unleashed the misty Red Breath creature (created by Lord Dyvyne's late toysmith) to seek out and erase his enemies. Jakes interrupted Pyko's review of the Halfworld Bible, and the two argued regarding there differing motivations; when Jakes noted his plans to "clean house" (by eliminating anyone in his way), Pyko (perhaps seeking to distract Jakes so he could return to the Halfworld Bible), showed him his Vacusleds, which could clean up anything or anyone.
    As the Loonies arrived at the sacred building Asylum and continued their Masquerade Ball there, Blackjack, his brigade, and Lylla entered seconds before Wal Russ and Rocket arrived there via the Rakk'N'Ruin. The Red Breath arrived to kill Rocket and Blackjack, and erased anything else that got in its way, including several Loonies. Wal Russ freed Lylla, and the two fought the Bunny Brigade until a squad of Killer Clowns arrived on Vacusled, sucking up all of the other Black Bunnies besides Blackjack. Wal Russ and Lylla pointed out who Blackjack was now enemies of both Jakes and Dyvyne, like Rocket, and that they should join forces. Blackjack detoured the Killer Clowns on vacusleds into the path of the Red Breath, which was sucked up by the Vacusleds even as it erased both sleds and riders. With the Red Breath eliminated, the erased Loonies rematerialized, seemingly none the worse for their experiences. Rocket and Blackjack reluctantly agreed to an alliance against the two toy moguls.

(Rocket Raccoon#3) - After faking their deaths to throw off a posse composed of Judson Jake's Killer Clowns and Lord Dyvyne's chimpanzee samurais, O'Hare brought Rocket, Wal Russ, and Lylla to a cantina on the robot side of Halfworld, where O'Hare claimed that every deal for the toys sold to the Loonies was negotiated.  There, Rocket, Lylla, and Wal discovered Uncle Pyko waiting for them, wishing to talk.  While Pyko revealed the true history of the Shrinks as detailed in the Gideon's Bible, O'Hare slipped off and recruited seven other animals to kidnap Lylla and the Bible so he could turn them over to Lord Dyvyne (his most recent employer) and return to Dyvyne's good graces.  Rocket and the others defeated O'Hare and his so-called "Awful Eight" and escaped.  Pyko took them to the Assembly Line, run by the Head Robot, and explained to Rocket that the Bible also held the notes the ancient Shrinks had taken about the forms of insanity the Loonies suffered from, and that the best way to end the toy war between Jakes and Dyvyne was to cure the Loonies using the notes in the Bible.  Rocket reluctantly fed the Bible to the Head Robot, which digested the data within the Bible and soon turned out a therapeutic toy designed to cure the Loonies.

(Rocket Raccoon#4) - Days later, the four animals, along with a Robohorse, set up a traveling carney show to give all the Loonies of Halfworld a Wonder Toy (the therapeutic toy from last issue's end) in an attempt to cure the Loonies of their insanity, and thus end the toy war between toy moguls Jakes and Dyvyne by depriving them of their customer base.  After every Loonie got a toy,  the four commented on the silence that now hung over the Cuckoo's Nest, before coming under attack by the combined forces of Dyvyne and Jakes.  Rocket, Wal, Lylla, and Pyko fought the two armies, but even with the aid of a semi-repentant O'Hare they were outgunned by their enemies, until the Robohorse returned with reinforcements -- the other robots and the now-cured Loonies -- who quickly turned the tide of battle and finished off the Clowns, and took the chimpanzee samurais prisoner.  Afterwards the humans asked the animals and robots to help them rebuild their world; while some animals and robots accepted, others chose to follow Rocket onto the humanoid spaceship into outer space and seek their destiny there after the Robots shut down the Galacian Wall.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb)) - Star-Thief (Barry Bauman) was admitted to Halfworld; his physical body having been killed on Earth years ago, his mind had survived, jumping from one new host to the next. Inside his latest host body, he was brought to Halfworld and placed in the tightest security. Bauman resisted all therapy, possessing inmates and guards alike, causing riots and disruption. He repeatedly tried to escape, and he even managed to take control of the beloved head of psychology, Dr. Dyvyne. Rocket and Blackjack fought to stop the escape, to avoid the risk of his madness infecting the entire galaxy.
    Realizing it could only be a matter of time, Rocket took drastic action, turning the very bio-organic nature of Halfworld against Bauman: The wardens were biological components of the living prison; Halfworld was the lock, and Rocket turned the wardens into the key. Only the wardens' collective unique cellular patterns could combine to open the inner levels of the asylum. Unless all were present and willing, Halfworld's lock could never be turned, and Bauman could never escape. To guarantee this, Rocket decided to throw away the key, leaving Halfworld forever.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Before he departed, Rocket redesigned a number of systems, including having the clown-class security drones made from bioreactive dendronic wood from Planet X (home of Groot) because it was best suited to Halfworld's living eco-security system.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb)) - Believing it to be his duty as security chief, Rocket handed his badge over to Blackjack, then made the other wardens use the immersion therapy to wipe his mind so he could never remember his life or his friends there, so he would never be tempted to return. As Rocket left, he took with him were half-memories of adventures he had participated in.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Judson Jakes became Blackjack's new number two security chief.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Lylla married Blackjack O'Hare.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - More recently, Jakes was possessed by Star-Thief and ran amok. Blackjack and the others managed to stop Jakes but not before he could jettison some of the clown-class security drones. Via Star-Thief's manipulations, the Clowns were intended to lure Rocket Raccoon back to Halfworld.

(Annihilators#1/2 - BTS) - A Killer Clown was sent to Rocket Raccoon while he was working in the postal division of the Alpha Centauri offices of Timely Inc. Customer Services Division. Rocket learned of its arrival while being reprimanded by his superior for receiving a personal delivery, and upon opening it was attacked the the Clown. It recovered from a series of assaults as Rocket briefly pinned it to the wall with a staple gun, stunned it with a mop handle, bound it in bubble wrap and parcel tape, and kicked it into the incinerator. Finally, Rocket threw a water cooler at the Clown, knocking it through a window/causing a hull breach into the vacuum of space, and then sent it hurtling through space with the exhaust from a fire extinguisher. It's right arm broke off just below the elbow in the final assault, and was left behind in the office as the room was sealed and the atmospheric breech contained.
    Fired for endangering the other workers and the amount of paperwork his boss would have to fill out, Rocket decided to visit his old friend Groot, alleged monarch of Planet X, after being reminded that the Clown's wood was a bioreactive dendronic material found only on Planet X. He took with him a Timely Inc. Shipment Processing and Analysis Device.

(Annihilators#2/2 - BTS) - Groot informed Rocket that Killer Clown had been manufactured on Halfworld, which Rocket had failed to realize due to the previous memory blocks; Rocket had even forgotten Halfworld existed until he heard the name. Groot further correctly posited that whoever sent the Clown had realized they wouldn't be able to slip much past Timely Inc's security systems, perhaps one Clown, which they knew Rocket would be able to deal with, but that it would bring him to Planet X, to which they could more easily deploy a full-scale hit squad.
    A group of Killer Clowns then appeared and confronted the Undergrowth Resistance (allies of Groot), threatening to burn down the entire forest if they did not surrender Rocket, but Rocket and Groot led the Undergrowth Resistance to fight back, destroying the Clowns; Rocket put out the fire the Clowns and the struggle had started.
    Rocket and Groot then piloted the Clowns' ambulance ship to Halfworld, and en route Groot informed the memory-damaged Rocket that Halfworld was an insane asylum.

(Annihilators#2/2) - Two days later, via jump drive, they arrived at the Keystone quadrant, where they found the Galacian wall had been reinforced from a force field into a full-scale barrier. As they approached, a gate opened for them, and when they found the dock area deserted, Rocket used his communicator to announce his presence.

(Annihilators#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Upon learning it was Rocket in the approaching ship, Blackjack O'Hare figured Rocket must have remembered and thus presumably have been possessed by Star Thief...and was coming back to organize a mass escape.

(Annihilators#2/2) - Blackjack O'Hare said, "Oh Rocket, you should never have come back...because now we'll have to kill you," at which point he launched 24 fusion warheads at Rocket and Groot's ship.

(Annihilators#3/2) - Blackjack lamented having to have killed Rocket, but Rocket, via his Timely Inc. Shipment Processing and Analysis Device, Rocket had himself and Groot immediately transported to Halfworld in a package brought in by Clowns and announced by Wal-Rus. Blackjack realized what the package was just as Rocket and Groot burst forth; they made short work of the Clowns, and then Rocket held Blackjack and Wal-Rus at gunpoint and asked what they had to say for themselves. However, Rocket was then distracted by suddenly remembering his two old associates, an Lylla blasted him from behind, apologizing afterwards and noting it was for his own good. She injected Rocket with a cortical stimulator to gently awaken his dormant memories via (to reduce the shock of recalling the harsh truth) a happy aspect of his past, couched in the comforting and reassuring terms of a children's tale. Strapped to a table, Rocket recalled his memories of his adventures, culminating in defeating his enemies, and lead Blackjack, Wal-Rus, and Lylla to escape Halfworld; Blackjack apologized for having to restrain him, but noted they had to be sure what they were dealing with. Blackjack identified their location as the Halfworld Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Blackjack and Lylla explained the reasons for the fairy tale memories, and Lylla revealed she had long since married Blackjack. They then strapped Rocket in the immersion couch, and began the full upload restoration of his memories.
    Upon recovering, a confused Rocket wondered if the bits of his life he did remember weren't real, and Lylla responded, "Of course they're real, silly! Just not real in the same way. See?" Not really understanding what had really happened, Rocket accepted Blackjack's suspicions and then realized that he had been lured back there, presumably by Star-Thief so he could open the lock. Superceding Blackjack's authority, Rocket ordered Wal-Rus to check on Star-Thief and insisted on interviewing Jakes himself. Upon being revived, Jakes was mortified to see Rocket had come back, denying Rocket's assurances that things were still OK and Rocket's questions about what thoughts Jakes had gleaned from Bauman from their mental contact. Jakes insisted that if Rocket was there then Star-Thief was as good as escaped already. Blackjack reminded Jakes that Bauman would have to provide the unique genetic combination and that they had extra security watching Bauman, who was locked up tight. Just then, the massive combination tumblers began turning and the immersion systems crashed. Jakes screamed that Halfworld was going to open wide and Star-Thief was coming, and then Jakes' head suddenly exploded. As the tumblers continued to turn and mass panic ensued, Rocket instructed Lylla to sedate the patients and instructed Groot and Blackjack to accompany him to the high security core. There things seemed normal, with the Clown on guard, and Wal-Rus showed Rocket a video showing Star-Thief's host as deeply immersed. Rocket insisted on seeing the host himself, and they found a skeleton there indicating the host had been long-dead. As the tumblers turned again, Star-Thief's image appeared before Rocket and his allies, and he revealed he had control of the Clowns, and that his madness had escaped into the bio-facility's nervous system; he WAS the Halfworld asylum now, and he could unlock himself.

(Annihilators#4/2 (fb)) - Needing the wardens alive but pacified, Star-Thief zapped Rocket, Groot, Blackjack, and Wal-Russ, and the Clowns brought them into an enviroputic bio-scape, an immersion environment, which kept the wardens entranced.

(Annihilators#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Star-Thief had enthralled all of Halfworld and begun herding all of the inmates into the giant ark ship Halfworld's robots built, planning to use the ship as a body to escape the asylum, with the inmates as a living, bio-organic control system and/or a crew.

(Annihilators#4/2 (fb)) - As the Clowns wheeled Groot away, he split off a cutting of himself, made a break, and slipped into the bio-scape holding Rocket. Using his natural dendronic powers, Groot spoke through the bio-scape's trees.

(Annihilators#4/2) - Groot revived and rescued Rocket (who had been dreaming of a relaxing time with Lylla and Wal-Russ by a stream), and they found Star-Thief herding the inmates into the ship, with only 10-15 minutes before Star-Thief would be ready to launch. Fearing Star-Thief's madness spreading across the galaxy, Raccoon led Groot back into the bio-scape, from which Groot extricated Blackjack as he rose a toast to the Black Bunny Brigade. When Blackjack noted they needed to reach the control center, which Bauman would have guarded, Groot germinated the Clown's living wood and sent them to assault the ship and distract Star-Thief. As Star-Thief forcibly retook control of the Clowns and ordered the ship's repair, Blackjack and Rocket broke into the control center, and destroyed the guards present there. Blackjack accessed, and they reviewed Bauman's files while Blackjack noted that since Star-Thief was hooked into the asylum's Matrioshka brain structure to be in control, if they cold disrupt Bauman's attention, the asylum's systems might have a chance to reboot automatically and sedate him again. As Star-Thief announced the completion of ship's repairs and that they were prepared to depart, Rocket  dropped in, posing as Mr. Binkey, the dog Bauman had loved while possessing Tom Vocson, his first human host before becoming Star-Thief. Confused and wondering if Mr. Binkey was real, Bauman became sufficiently distracted and thus vulnerable, and Black  activated the asylum's psychic dampeners. Star-Thief was pulled back into his own immersion environment (where Barry Bauman was a healthy child with his parents and Mr. Binkey), while Wal-Russ, Lylla, and the other wardens were awakened from within their bio-scapes.
    Rocket wished Blackjack and Lylla to be as happy as Bauman and Mr. Binkey and declined Blackjack's offer to return as co-chief of security, opting instead to continue his efforts to save the universe, whether it wanted it or not.

Comments:  Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Sal Buscema (penciler), Jim Novak (inks).

    This profile is mostly a catch-all for the many Halfworld denzines that didn't fit in with the other animal characters getting their own profiles (Rocket Raccoon, Lylla, Wal Russ, Uncle Pyko, Blackjack O'Hare, Judson Jakes, Lord Dyvyne, maybe Psycho-Circus), or who had enough history in common that they didn't need truly need separate profiles for them (Robots and Loonies).  The Wild Worms and Drakillars have their own profile already.

    I've seen mentioned on some websites discussing the Rocket Raccoon stories that Mantlo wrote, that he had been strongly influenced (or was doing an homage of sorts) to a Beetles song, ("Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", I think is the song being referenced by them), given much of the fun lunacy that Halfworld has.  My guess is that Mantlo was simply drinking from the same creative well, figuratively speaking, that whoever wrote "Lucy" drank from, and nothing more (no rocking-horse people or girls with kaleidoscope eyes homages on Halfworld that I saw, anyway).  Halfworld simply had the same feel as the world in "Lucy", is all.  (And before anyone brings it up, yes I am aware the Beetles' song was supposed to "really" be about a LSD trip, and no, I'm not accusing these creators of using it or anything like that.  You can get weird imagery like rocking-horse people without using ANY drugs, trust me.  Imagination and a different world view is all you need. to do it with.)

    What happened to the Halfworlders who left the planet has never been revealed, beyond the fact that Rocket Raccoon was somehow separated from the others and has yet to be reunited with them.  My guess/preference is that they first went to the world the ancient psychiatrist came from, and then saw how many threats were out there (Kree invaders, Skrull invaders, other alien invaders, ect.), then decided to return to Halfworld and make it their home base to explore the rest of the universe from.

    What link Bill Mantlo intended between Halfworld, the Sword in the Star timeline, and Earth (which was mentioned as having a link to the same people who founded Halfworld in the Hulk issue), will unhappily never be revealed by him, due to a brain injury he suffered several years ago (some details and occasional updates here).  Given the number of similarities between many of Halfworld's denizens (all animals people are clearly descended from Earth animals, the Loonies dress up as characters from American pop culture, etc.), there has to be a major link between the two planets somehow.  Most likely is that Earth humans were seeded onto other worlds by an outside agency (or the outside agency seeded Earth along with the other worlds), and that is the source of much of the commonality.  Or else several Earth humans and animals were kidnapped by aliens and stranded on the planet the ancient psychiatrists came from (who said that such things didn't/couldn't have happened before the sliding timescale activated in the modern MU?), with some time-travel involved in the mix.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like an answer will be revealed anytime soon.  :(
     Perhaps the Firstcomers were part of one of the races which has claimed to be ancestors of all humanoid races throughout the universe, such as the Xorri.

    I'm not sure what exact mental condition(s) the Loonies were suffering from, beyond loss of contact with reality, and being the stereotype of the happy-go-lucky harmless crazy person.  Possibly the planet the Loonies originally came from managed to eliminate the truly violent crazies from their population, leaving them just the more harmless crazies to fear.

    It's unclear just how many centuries passed since the Shrinks first came to Halfworld and the current day.  I'm guessing not very many (like, maybe, 2-3 centuries at most), since at least one of the Loonies still remembered how to read the Shrink's native language (the Kop Uncle Pyko inadvertently killed), which apparently all living Loonies can't, given how impossible it was for Rocket to read the Halfworld Bible on his own (otherwise, why wouldn't the Loonies just tell him and the other animals how to read it if they knew how?).  Another mystery that likely won't get solved anytime soon.

    One thing I noticed with the altered animals is that there seems to be no birds or marine animals among the altered, just land mammals and reptiles.  Possibly the altered dolphins, whales, and various fish species, if they exist, live primarily in the oceans and lakes, where none of the Rocket Raccoon series took place.  Where the altered birds live, if they exist, I'm not sure.  Maybe they're primarily forest/mountain dwellers, and have no use for either the Loonies or the robots, or the other animals at all.

    The simian sentries tended to scream "Chim-Chim-Chireeee!", presumably intended as an homage to Dick Van Dyke's song from Mary Poppins.

    One thing I noticed during the recent Planet Hulk/World War Hulk storylines.  the design for Warbound member Arch-E 5912 is very similar to that of the Halfworld robots.  Perhaps a ship from the Shrink's homeworld (NOT Halfworld, since it doesn't have but the one interstellar craft capable of FTL travel) managed to get trapped in that wormhole the Sakaarian Shadow Priests had been creating for the last several years, and that's where Arch-E's from originally.  Or not. . . . .

Profile by Elf with a gun


Halfworld and its various places (Admissions Ward, Cuckoo's Nest, the cantina, ect.) have no known connections to

  • any other "half" or "world" places and/or people
  • any other places with identical names
The animal people of Halfworld have no known connection to
  • ANI-MEN (Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man, Dragonfly, Frog-Man) - agents of Organizer + Count Nefaria + Madame Masque, originally recruited by Organizer, briefly empowered by Nefaria's scientists, killed by bomb Spymaster set for Tony Stark  @ Daredevil I#10
  • ANI-MEN (Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man) - successors, recruited + outfitted and Ape- + Cat-Man subsequently killed by Death-Stalker @ Daredevil I#157
  • ANIMEN (Buzzard, Crushtacean, Flying Fox, Komodo, Spinner) - New Men, sent to sabotage one of the Jackal (Miles Warren)'s labs, opposed the Scarlet Spider and the Cult of the Jackal @ Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1
  • ANI-MEN (Giraffe-Man, Great Horned Owl-Man, Pig-Man, Rabbit-Woman) - attacked the Milwaukee Convention Center on an animal rights crusade, defeated by Avengers @ GLA#1
  • ANI-MEN (Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man) - present at Hammerhead's meeting @ Civil War: War Crimes#1
  • CULT of the JACKAL (Anubia, Caiman, Harrier, Piranis) - New Men, formerly worshipped the Jackal (Miles Warren) for his promises to make them human, eventually convinced by the High Evolutionary to abandon their wishes of becoming human  @Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1
  • NEW MEN (Animen, Animutants, Barrachuudar, Bobo, Bova, Civit, Cult of the Jackal, Eaglus, Equius, Haukk, Inheritor, Jackal-Man, Knights of Wundagore, Kohbra, Lizhardus, Lycrus, Man-Beast, Monck, Phrogg, Pih-Junn, Porcunius, Reynar, Reynardo, Rhodan, Snakar,Tabur, Triax, Weezhil)  Artificially evolved animals created by equipment/processed used by the High Evolutionary @ Thor I#132
  • NEW MEN - more primitive version, designed by Sinister when he took over the High Evolutionary's citadel @ Uncanny X-Men#380
  • or any other of the hundreds of animal races & groups (natural or artificial) running around the Marvel Universe.
The Halfworld (Gideon) Bible is named after
  • The Bibles distributed by Gideon's International to hotel rooms across the USA and other countries

    but otherwise has no connection to
  • any other book(s), mystic or otherwise, called a "bible", "journal," or "tome".

The Keystone Quadrant Kops are an homage to

  • The Keystone Cops,  a silent film series produced by the Keystone Film Company, and that originally ran from 1912 to 1917, with various revivals since then, in both movies and video games.

    but otherwise have no connection with
  • other "keystone" or "kop/cop" characters/places/things

The Loonies have no known connection to:

  • LOONIES (Billy Bird, Guns Gummy, Ham, Rochester, Rooster Cockburn, Southpaw, Tailgunner) - robots of Arcade, modeled after cartoon characters @ Marvel Comics Presents#31/4
  • other loonie characters/races or crazy people

The robots of Halfworld may or may not have a connection to

  • ARCH-E-5912 - Sakaar robot, enlisted with Hulk's Warbound, piloted stone starship to Earth @ Incredible Hulk III#93

but otherwise have no know connections to

  • any of the other hundreds of robots out there in the Marvel Universe
  • The Shrinks and their hospice ships have no know connections to
    • any other known human or human-like races roaming the Marvel Universe spaceways.



        The animals of Halfworld were originally brought to the planet by the Shrinks as companions and entertainers for the Shrinks' insane patients.  The animal species seen include (but aren't limited to) dogs, raccoons, walruses, otters, iguanas, snakes, chimpanzees, gorillas, rabbits, warthogs, pigs, skunks, alligators, turtles, frogs, and tons more I can't quite identify off the top of my head.  (Given the selection of animals present, and that many of those animals would not have made good pets at all, I'd say it's a fair assumption that the ancient Shrinks, or someone associated with them, did some undocumented massive terraforming on Halfworld before setting up shop there, otherwise why bring so many wild animals along with them on an interstellar journey?)  After the Shrinks left, the logical robots charged with caring for the insane humans eventually came to dislike the day-to-day aspects of the job, so they played around with the genetics of the various animal species also left on Halfworld, and eventually succeeded in giving the animals sentience.  The robots altered the animals' bodies so they could walk on two legs, and use their front paws as hands (when feasible; walruses and snakes don't have humanlike legs, and use robotic prosthesis's as hands.  Presumably other animal species whose bodies are close to the ground, like seals, say, also weren't altered to have humanlike arms and legs).  Evidently all normal animals on Halfworld were altered into intelligent animal-people, since there seems to be no unaltered animals left anywhere on Halfworld that I could see, nor are any mentioned by anyone anyplace.  Once they had the results the way they wanted, the robots passed the day-to-day job of caring for the Loonies to the animals, and retreated to their own side of Halfworld, where they could keep the contact with both animals and Loonies to a more tolerable level (for them, anyway).

        How exactly the animals' society is set up has never really been revealed.  It is unknown, for example, if intermarriage between different species is common or not, and if such marriages can produce young of any kind (the genetics would be hard to work out, but not impossible in the MU, at least).  In fact, it's unknown if the animals renew their numbers via something like a cloning lab, or if they do the in the time-honored ways.  There is a criminal element among the animals, hence the need for law enforcement officers like the Rangers, though there doesn't seem to be a need for more than a few active Rangers at any given time.  Beyond that, nothing is really known about the society(ies) of the animals.

         While many of the animals left Halfworld on the robots giant Ship, some animals remained to help the now-sane Loonies in rebuilding their world, though in what capacity they're doing so remains unrevealed.

    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1-4

    (And yes, those are Steve Purcell's Sam & Max characters sitting in the corner there in this pic.  Which may go a long way to explaing a great deal of the things on Halfworld, if someone wishes to go in that direction. >:)  )

    "Awful Eight"

        A group of animals gathered on a moment's notice by Blackjack O'Hare to capture the Halfworld Bible from Rocket Raccoon and Uncle Pyko, take Lylla the otter hostage, and return them to O'Hare's estranged employer, Lord Dyvyne.  Presumably they were mercenaries of some sort, and were solely after the rewards both Dyvyne and Judson Jakes were offering for Rocket and co.'s heads (and other body parts).  During the fight in the unnamed cantina, the Awful Eight were quickly reduced to the "Frightful Five", then down to the "Terrible Trio", before Rocket and co. escaped the enraged O'Hare.

    --Rocket Raccoon#3


    One of the few animals outside of the main seven ever given names.  Stinker is a skunk (obviously) who is a close friend of Rocket and Lylla.  It is unknown if he had any of the same abilities of a Terran skunk, like being able to hibernate and shoot smelly musk at his enemies.  He was among those animals attacked and knocked unconscious by the Black Bunny Brigade's assault on Cuckoo's Nest in order to steal the Gideon's Bible.  He revived just in time to give Rocket the information that the BBB had taken the Bible and Lylla hostage.  It is unclear if he was one of the animals who left with the others at the end of the toy war, or if he stayed behind to help the former Loonies rebuild Halfworld.

    --Incredible Hulk II#271


        The human Loonies are descended from the insane patients the ancient Shrinks brought to the future Halfworld to cure them of their insanity.  The home planet of the Shrinks and the patients has never been revealed, though it isn't Earth (616 planet Earth doesn't have enough space capability to launch spaceships for a multi-year journey -- yet).  Nothing has been revealed about their home culture, save that it seemed to have had a one-world government of some type, and that the insane patients were feared and loathed by the sane members of their society, to the point that the insane had to be removed to a different world for their own protection.  After the Shrinks were ordered back to their homeworld, they left their uncured patients behind where they would be safe from harm from their own species.  The patients' descendants eventually became the Loonies, playing their lives away since they had no idea how to become productive people in their own right, and had to be cared for by the robots, then later the animals the robots engineered to take their place as caretakers.  Some of the Loonies did manage to remember how to read the ancient language of the Shrinks up to at least a few decades before the Hulk visited Halfworld, since Uncle Pyko learned to read the Halfworld Bible from buried memories provided to him by a Loonie, though seemingly no other Loonie knows how to read, or else didn't connect reading with what was written in the Bible.  After they were cured by the Wonder Toy, the former Loonies began the task of taking responsibility for themselves, and remaking their world to create a new place for themselves in it.

    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1-2, 4

    Good Humor Men

        The high priests, so to speak, of the Loonies, and probably the closest thing to rulers the Loonies could manage while they were insane.  There were seven of them that performed the sacred rites in the chapel called the Admissions Ward at least once or twice a day, in an attempt to gain the Final Cure and become one with the Shrinks.  The rites included tying each up in their straightjackets while the leader 'read' an old nursery rhyme from the Halfworld Bible ("One flew East, one flew West, one flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"), then all began dancing around the pedestal where the Bible sat.  Later the Good Humor Men would dance out of the chapel, then dance back in and, according to their ritual, ask the Book to speak to them, and not with words.  Which it didn't, until Uncle Pyko stole the original Bible and secretly left a substitute in its place, which did 'speak' when asked to, by opening up and allowing a clown's head to bobble out of it, horrifying the watching Loonies. (Incidentally, Good Humor Men is a slang term for the guys in the white coats who catch crazy people in butterfly nets to haul them away to the local insane asylums.  In case anyone was wondering why these Loonies were called that here.)

        The guy at the head of the line in this pic seems to be the head Loonie.  He was one of the Loonies erased, then un-erased by the Red Breath at the Masquerade Ball, then later let the cured Loonies against the combined forces of Dyvyne and Jakes in their last battle against Rocket and company.  Later, he was the one who acted as the human spokesman asking the animals and robots to stay on Halfworld and help them rebuild.

    --Rocket Raccoon#1 (Rocket Raccoon#1-2, 4

    Keystone Quadrant Kops
    (more commonly referred to as "Keystone Kops")

        These are the Loonies who acted as the Loonies' law enforcement division.  After receiving the alarm from the damaged robomower that it was under attack (by Rocket Raccoon, Wal Russ, and the Hulk), this group of Kops responded, demanding that everyone stop in the name of the Law, while inadvertently running over the victim with their car.  While the two animals and the Hulk calmly entered the spaceship Rakk 'n' Ruin the Kops futily waved their nightsticks at them while demanding they stop.  Sometime later, during one of Rocket's days off, the Keystone Kops Crime Detection Squad approached him (this time crashing their car into in pool Rocket was relaxing in) to report that a call from toy mogul Lord Dyvyne had come in about the assassination of Dyvyne's Chief Toysmith.  After receiving their report, Rocket sent them back to original mission of tracking the Snail Gang back to their lair (a mission that was supposed to take "the next century and a half" to complete).  After Rocket and co. distributed the insanity-curing Wonder Toy to the Loonies, the Kops joined with the other cured Loonies to help the robots drive away the enemies trying to kill Rocket and co., then later stayed on as true law enforcement officials to help rebuild Halfworld.

    Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1, 4


        The founders of the future Halfworld, and creators of the human stronghold Cuckoo's Nest.  The psychiatrists left their home planet (location as yet unrevealed) to find a world where they could safely treat their patients without worrying about threats from their sane fellow humans.  On their new planet, the doctors used everything at their disposal to try and cure their patients, and prepared against the day they would be ordered to return to their homeworld.  When that day arrived, they chose to leave their patients behind a protective Galacian Wall, safe from their fellow humans.  What happened to the psychiatrists after that remains unrevealed.  On Halfworld, they were mythologized as god-like creatures, with their buildings and their left-behind logbook becoming the focus of worship from the human Loonies.

    --Rocket Raccoon#3

    Snail Gang

    To occupy the Keystone Cops for an extended period of time (Wal-Rus estimated a century and a half), Rocket ordered them to track the Snail Gang to their lair. The Cops broke from their duty to locate Rocket and inform him that a Killer Clown had assassinated the Toysmith of Lord Dyvyne. Not wanting the Cops to negatively affect his efforts, Rocket sent them back after the Snail Gang while he prepared to determine who had ordered the assassination.

    We don't know anything about the Snail Gang (who may or may not even actually exist), other then that Rocket considered them such a low level threat that he sent the Keystone Cops after them...and that he figured they were safe from being inadvertently harmed by the Cops.

    --(mentioned only) Rocket Raccoon#1


        The robots were first created by the humans who originally settled the future Halfworld as a haven for their insane patients.  While the psychiatrists worked to cure their patients, the robots took care of the patients' more mundane needs (like food and water).  These early robots, though intelligent enough to care for their human patients, apparently didn't have a true intelligence comparable to sentient organics.  After the psychiatrists were recalled to their homeworld, they left the robots behind to continue to care for the patients they had to leave behind.  For years (centuries? see comments above) they took care of their charges while the charges (now called the Loonies) stayed at the same level of insanity as their ancestors had.  At some point the robots developed a true intelligence (though radiation from a nearby nova was postulated as a cause of this, it has never been confirmed or denied as part of the cause).  Chaffing under the illogic of their charges, but unwilling to leave them without caretakers, the robots eventually discovered how to alter the animals left behind as entertainers and companions for the humans, creating a race of animal people to become the Loonies' new caretakers.  The robots then retreated to the other side of the planet, which they turned into an industrial land to work on how to shut down the protective Galacian Wall surrounding their planet, and worked on a giant humanoid-shaped starship to take them into space.  They also manufactured the toys designed for the Loonies' amusement, and manufactured the prosthetics and weapons the animals requested for their own use.  After the Loonies were cured, almost all the robots left in their starship for adventures offworld, though presumably some robots stayed behind to help the humans rebuild Halfworld.

    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1-4

    Head Robot

        This particular robot was located in the main assembly plant (called, appropriately enough, the Assembly Line), and was apparently where the animal toysmiths inputted their designs for their toys to be mass-produced.  Uncle Pyko introduced Rocket to the robot, and explained how information in the Gideon's Bible could be used by this robot to create a means of curing the Loonies of their insanity, and thus ending the toy war between Jakes and Lord Dyvyne.  Rocket placed the Bible in the robot's mouth, and the robot chewed, swallowed (with a satisfying 'aahh' afterwards), and quickly digested the data.  It then reprogrammed the other robots on the assembly line to design, build, and program the Wonder Toy helmets to cure the Loonies.  Whether this robot left with the others, or remained on Halfworld, is unrevealed.

    --Rocket Raccoon#3


        This robot joined Rocket Raccoon, Wal Russ, Lylla, and Uncle Pyko when they distributed the Wonder Toys to the Loonies in Cuckoo's Nest.  It (though it was referred to as a 'her' throughout the issue) pulled the carney wagon the animals were using to distribute the toys from.  When the animals came under attack by the combined forces of Jakes and Dyvyne, Wal cut the robohorse loose from the wagon, allowing her to escape and summon reinforcements.  It soon returned with the robots' humanoid Ship, which unleashed an army of other robots and the now-cured Loonies fighting for their futures.  After Jakes and Dyvyne were defeated, the robohorse may have joined the other animals and robots who chose to leave Halfworld in Ship.

    --Rocket Raccoon#4


        This robot's main job was as a lawn maintenance worker, mowing the grass and trimming the hedges as needed.  However, it malfunctioned somewhere, causing it to run away from its chores and leaving it unable to stop or change the direction of its path to avoid mowing down animals and other creatures in its way.  The robomower (definitely a slow-moving one, given its original job) eventually came across the unconscious Hulk, whom it threatened to chop up despite the attempts by Rocket Raccoon and Wal Russ to either stop the robot or move the Hulk out of its path.  The noise the 'mower made woke up the Hulk, who angrily attacked the 'mower, saying if the machine like to make noise that the Hulk would make more noise than it ever could, and smashed the 'mower on the ground, destroying it.  Before it got smashed, though, the 'mower got off an alarm to the Keystone Quadrant Kops, who came to investigate, and ran over the 'mowers remains in the process.

    --Incredible Hulk II#271

    Things & places
    Some of the things and places on and around Halfworld.

    Admissions Ward

        A chapel located in the main building of Cuckoo's Nest.  Unclear if this room was originally used as an actual admissions ward for the original patients when they first settled in the compound, or if it was originally used as a religious chapel by the Shrinks and renamed later by the Loonies.  In the modern era of Halfworld's history, the Ward was used to house the Halfworld Bible, and where the Good Humor Men did their dances in an attempt to obtain the Final Cure for themselves.

    --Rocket Raccoon#1


        Originally built by the Shrinks for use as their administrative office and general headquarters.  Later it became a sacred shrine of the Loonies that the animals (and presumably the robots) evidently did not enter.  The Loonies used it once a year as the site of their Masquerade Ball, which became one of the battlefields of the toywar between Jakes and Dyvyne when they both sent assassins after Rocket Raccoon and a renegade Blackjack O'Hare.

    --Rocket Raccoon#2 (Rocket Raccoon#2-3

    Cuckoo's Nest

        The main human settlement on Halfworld, and possibly the only one in existence there.  It is also home to various animals, though whether it's also the only animal settlement on Halfworld (at least by law-abiding animals, anyway) is unrevealed.  Originally used as housing and treatment centers for the original patients of the Shrinks.  The name 'Cuckoo's Nest' was most likely used by the original settlers as a nickname for the hospital, with the name becoming official sometime after the Shrinks left for their homeworld.  (It should be noted that in the Rocket Raccoon issues, Cuckoo's Nest was shown with a moat inside the compound's walls, while in the Hulk issue there was no moat to be seen within those walls.)

    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1-2, 4

    Galacian Wall
    detail of Galacian Wall

        The Galacian Wall was a force field created by the Shrinks when they were forced to leave Halfworld by their native government.  Presumably the Wall was started long before the recall order came, since it would take several years to plan, build, and power something like this.  The Wall surrounded Halfworld, and, from the looks of things, several of Halfworld's moons IF the picture here is accurate.  (Doubtful if it also included the entire solar system Halfworld belonged to.)  The metallic part of the Wall generated a globe of energy that wouldn't allow anyone inside to leave, and supposedly repelled anyone outside of it from entering.  The Wall's main purpose was to keep the humans the Loonies were originally descended from from attacking and destroying them, since their native society evidently feared their crazies to the point of killing them.  Though the robots shut the force field down (via feeding it a shutdown code?), the Wall still remains around Halfworld, and presumably can be reactivated by the remaining citizens of Halfworld if needed.

    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1-4

    Gideon's Bible/Halfworld Bible

        Originally the logbook of the hospice starship Gideon, the ancient shrinks also used it to record their history on the future Halfworld, and jot down their notes on what exactly ailed the Loonies and theories on how they might be cured.  The original (written) language the Bible was written in was all but forgotten until accidentally rediscovered by Uncle Pyko, who eventually succeeded in stealing it and deciphering it.  Pyko later convinced Rocket to feed it to the Head Robot, in order to have the robots use the knowledge within to find a final cure for the Loonies, and stop the war between Jakes and Dyvyne.  However, there is a good possibility that Pyko copied the Bible's contents into his own computers for his own later reading.  Also, it's extremely likely that the robots also made their own copy of the Bible for their own uses as well.

    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1-3

    Hospice ships

        The ships used by the Shrinks to travel to and from the planet later named Halfworld.  How many of them were used in this mission is unrevealed, though five are shown in the story.  They could fly in space and in a planet's atmosphere, and presumedly had FTL capabilities as well.  Their known passenger and cargo list had the Shrinks themselves, their human patients, the robots (or at least parts to make them when they reached their destination), and tons of animals to amuse the patients while they waited to be cured.  Though it's not mentioned anyplace, the ships would have had trained crew members running the ships who weren't the Shrinks.  And presumably it would have been these same crew members who built the Galacian Wall, since the knowledge and know-how to do it would have certainly been beyond the experience of doctors trained to work on the human mind and body.

    --Rocket Raccoon#2 (Rocket Raccoon#2-3


        The spaceship (named Ship, of course) the robots stared on after retreating to their side of Halfworld.  It took them several years (decades? centuries?)  to complete, and was apparently several miles long.  In addition to things like hyperspace capabilities, it also had life-support functions capable of supporting a few hundred animals in addition to whatever life-support needs the robots would have had (obviously not air and organic food, but rather electricity and repair services and things like that).

    --Incredible Hulk II#271 (Incredible Hulk II#271, Rocket Raccoon#1-4


        The orbital space base of both Judson Jakes and Lord Dyvyne.  Spacewheel was originally designed by Uncle Pyko (with the actual construction presumably done by the robots, since they'd be the only ones with the know-how and materials to do it), who was then Jake's Chief Toysmith for his Inter-Stel Mechanics toy company.  Sometime after the events of the Hulk issue, Lord Dyvyne took over Spacewheel under unrevealed circumstances and made it the headquarters of his Dyvynities, Inc. toy company, and had (again, presumably, by the robots) the station overhauled and re-designed into something closer to his aesthetic visions.  While several hundred animals could have easily lived on the station, neither Jakes nor Dyvyne seemed to ever have enough people up there to fill it to even a quarter of its capacity.  Jakes seemed to keep only Uncle Pyko and himself there, along with several dozen of his Killer Clown cyborgs/robots, while Dyvyne seemed to keep his Toysmith, several retainers, and his chimpanzee army (which seems to have been around fifty in all) housed there.  And both allowed the Black Bunny Brigade to base there as well.  After the apparent deaths of both Jakes and Dyvyne, who currently runs the station is unrevealed.

    --(Judson Jakes version) Incredible Hulk II#271
    --(Lord Dyvyne version) Rocket Raccoon#1 (Rocket Raccoon#1-3

    Wonder Toy

        When Rocket Raccoon asked the Head Robot for a device to finally cure the Loonies of their insanity (using the information stored in the Halfworld Bible), this helmet is what the Robot gave Rocket.  Using electromagnetic feedback and a sophisticated computer program, the helmet essentially reprogrammed the Loonies' minds, correcting their biological imbalances and teaching the wearers what sane behavior was like whenever the handles on either side of the helmet were turned.  (I haven't been trained as a psychologist or in any psychology fields, so I have no idea what exactly in the human head/body this thing would have to affect to gain the desired results, and therefore can't give a real good description of what the helmets' are supposed to be doing.)  Once donned by a crazy Loonie, the Wonder Toy could cure said Loonie in a matter of hours.  Presumably the now-sane humans have kept the Toys around, just in case one of them needs to use one. . . .

    --Rocket Raccoon#3 (Rocket Raccoon#3-4

    Unnamed cantina

        Located on the robot side of Halfworld and run by the robots, it was frequented by Blackjack O'Hare and other members of his Black Bunny Brigade.  O'Hare claimed that all the deals for all the toys sold on Halfworld were negotiated in this cantina, but that seemed to have been a ruse for O'Hare to lure Rocket Raccoon, Wal Russ, and Lylla into an ambush there.  The three animals instead met Uncle Pyko there, and with his aid defeated the mercenary animals O'Hare had hired to kill them.

    --Rocket Raccoon#3

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