Classification:  Extraterrestrial invertebrates (see comments below)

Location/Base of Operations:  Underground tunnels of Halfworld

Known Members:  None named, though at least two are known to exist.

Affiliations:  Blackjack O'Hare, Lylla, Rocket Raccoon, Wal Russ (actually, they're affiliated with anyone willing to sit on them and allow them to transport their passengers around Halfworld's caverns and tunnels).

First Appearance:  Rocket Raccoon#3 (July, 1985)

Powers/Abilities:  None known, though they can somehow "hear" high-pitched whistles despite the fact they have no visible ears, or ear-like patches (like some reptiles have) to detect sound with.

Traits:  The Wild Worms are gigantic (seemingly) invertebrates resembling Terran earthworms, but with visible mouths. They have no eyes (species that lives their whole lives underground usually don't have them because they have no use for them in a lightless environment) but do have "whiskers" on either side of their mouths to tell them where the tunnel walls are in relation to their heads.  Presumably they can feel vibrations from the ground through their bodies (which isn't the same thing as being able to hear someone whistling through the air).  They produce slime from their bodies, presumably to eat and digest the dirt they burrow through.  The Worms wear saddles over their pleasure centers, which when someone sits on them gives the worms a wild thrill.  It is unrevealed if the Worms are in any way sentient.




History:  The history of the Wild Worms is currently unrevealed, though apparently they have been giving passengers rides through the tunnels of Halfworld for years.

(Rocket Raccoon#3) - On board his ship the Rakk 'n' Ruin, Rocket Raccoon and Co. (Wal Russ, Lylla the otter, and Blackjack O'Hare) were attacked by the combined forces of toy moguls Judson Jakes and Lord Dyvyne.  To escape, O'Hare directed Rocket to a specific crater in Halfworld's badlands, and had everyone drop down it under cover of a self-destructing Rakk 'n' Ruin.  Once in the crater, O'Hare whistled loudly, and summoned two nearby Wild Worms to take them away from their approaching attackers.  The Worms eventually arrived at an underground elevator shaft located in a garbage dump on the robots' side of Halfworld, and left their passengers there to continue their quest to stop the toy war between Jakes and Dyvyne.






Comments:  Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Mike Mignola (penciler), and Al Gordon (inks).

I'm not enough of a science/biology whiz to guess whether the Wild Worms should be classified as invertebrates (in which case they have a LOT of silicon -- or some similar metal -- in their bodies to support their weight and not get squished by gravity overtime they moved), or vertebras (they could have a skeletal structure similar to snakes, I guess).  Anyone out there with the requisite training willing to take a guess at this problem?
     I'm no zoologist, but you're reasoning is sound. Smaller animals can survive without bones b/c they don't need a lot of strength to support their bodies. The Wild Worms would either have to have some sort of internal support structure or be composed of stronger materials.
     Earthworms are Annelids.    --Snood

Profile by Elf with a Gun.


No known connection to

  • White Worm, vampiric creature @ Blade: Vampire Hunter II#½
  • Worm, Savage Land Mutates, former agent of Zaladane.  secrete mucus from hands that allows him to control others it contacts, worm-like lower half of body @ Uncanny X-Men#250
  • Worm (Winston Hobbes), mutant, District X, former tunnel dweller, abandoned by parents, raised at St. Jerome's until escaped, went on a violent rampage until killed by Ismael Ortega monstrous form, sharp claws, poison venom @ District X#7
  • Worm of Darkness - see DARK-CRAWLER @ Marvel Fanfare I#8
  • Worm Man, Communist (?) spy, used shrinking potion, lost potion while trapped at tiny size took potion to shrink in size @ Strange Tales I#78
  • Worms of the Earth, sub-human race, possible descendants of Dagon or one of the Elder races. Bran Mak Morn stole their Black Stone to force them to kill Titus Sulla, they destroyed his village and slaughtered his people and drove him mad @ Savage Sword of Conan#16/4
  • Worms of the Earth of Earth-Nightside, unknown nature, summoned by Little People @ Nightside#2
  • Any other "wild" or "worm" characters/races

Rocket Raccoon#3, p6, pan5 (main image)
Rocket Raccoon#3, p7, pan1 (head shot)

Rocket Raccoon#3 (July, 1985) - by Bill Mantlo (writer), Mike Mignola (penciler), Al Gordon (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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