Classification: Supernatural sub-order of humanity

Location/Base of Operations: Earth-1211

Known Members: Alice; Arkady Dread (deceased); Arlen Cyrus (deceased); Simon Benedict (deceased); Bruno; Gorgeous George (deceased); Greta; Jelly The Belly (deceased); Karis; Little Bertha (deceased); Marie Dread; Phil The Snake; Risso (deceased); Sal; Tiny Tim; unnamed Were-Tigers

Affiliations: The Others are more or less divided into sub-races that affiliate amongst themselves. This includes The Vampires; The Werewolves; The Ogres; The Little People, etc. A group called The Five (Alice; Greta; Risso, Sal; Tiny Tim) attempted to unite the factions.

First Appearance: Nightside#1 (December 2001)

Powers/Abilities: The various sub-races among The Others possess differing powers. The vampire contingent possess the usual powers of vampires (super-human strength, thirst for blood). The werewolves can change form into wolves and wolf-like creatures. The Were-Tigers are like-wise. The powers possessed by the other sub-races (Little People, Ogres) are unknown, but the Little People somehow control the Worms of the Earth. Unlike the legendary counterparts, the Others can be defeated by more than just silver bullets and wooden stakes, but they are powerful enough it can take eight or more gunshots to fell them.

Traits: The Others apparently only spend their waking hours at night. It’s not clear if its just to avoid regular humanity or if the majority of them fall under the same "daylight" weaknesses of their legendary counterparts.

History: (Nightside#1-4) After being persecuted by humans, the supernatural creatures known as the Others went underground. They began to form coalitions and mobs, most notably in New York City, where the Others were also known as The Nightside, an underground mob scene unto itself, unknown to mankind. The various races split into five distinct factions and acted as any mafia-type organizations. At some point in time, The East Coast Council was set up to govern the actions of The Others in the area.

During an intricate plot by several bodies working with and against another, a series of events were set in motion to replace all five leading bosses of the factions. Members of the Black Dragon Society, while searching to obtain the Three Lost Treasures of Tao, helped five underlings replace their leaders through assassinations, blaming each on another faction of The Others.

Comments: Created by Robert Weinberg.

There’s a lot of guesswork involved in The Others and what they are. There are five main races listed (Vampires, Werewolves, Ogres, Little people and an unnamed fifth branch). The fifth race are abnormally large, and for purposes here will be referred to as Big People. Also, there are several types of creatures that do not fully fit any of these races, but can be seen as off-shoots of them. The Were-Tigers are obviously a deviation of the Werewolf race, while the psychic ghouls (Dread and his sister) may be classified as some form of vampire. Where the Worms of the Earth fit in is unknown.

This four issue series should not necessarily be considered part of any Marvel continuity. First, it is, at least for the most part, a creator-owned series. Secondly, the set-up for how the supernatural world is run does not match that of Marvel-616’s at all.

ALICE (Nightside#3) – Took over the Big People after Jelly The Belly’s death.  

ARKADY DREAD (Nightside#1-3) – Psychic ghoul/attorney who instigated the gangland takeover of the Nightside, using members of the Black Dragon Society. His bargaining chips, the Three Lost Treasures of Tao, brought BDS leader Princess Orugawa to his offices, where she first placed him under her control, then finally killed him by having her Spirit Dragon absorb him.

ARLEN CYRUS (Nightside#2) – Leader of the werewolves. Was killed by the Worms of the Earth during The Five’s takeover of The Others.

SIMON BENEDICT (Nightside#1-3) – Vampire boss, killed by Risso in an attempt to take over the racket as part of The Five. Benedict believed Arkady Dread and Risso to be working for his interests, but they were working with the Black Dragon Society to overthrow him and take the Three Lost Treasures of Tao, which Benedict had acquired.

BRUNO (Nightside#1-4) – Bouncer at the Nightmare House, Simon Benedict’s nightclub. One of Sydney Taine’s few allies in The Others and aided her in raiding Arkady Dread’s offices. After Benedict’s death and Risso’s (who attempted to take over), Taine made sure Bruno was handed the club and the reigns of the vampire population in New York.

GORGEOUS GEORGE (Nightside#1 (fb)) – Leader of the Ogres who was killed in the takeover by The Five. He was poisoned via food.

GRETA (Nightside#3) – Ogre who took over that faction in the plot to kill the mob bosses.

JELLY THE BELLY (Nightside#1) – Jelly The Belly was one of the five Nightside bosses who were murdered. His body was drained of its blood to look like a vampire slaying and dumped in the Hudson River.

KARIS (Nightside#1) One of Benedict’s bodyguards. Attacked Taine when she came to question Benedict about Jelly The Belly’s death, but quickly defeated.

LITTLE BERTHA (Nightside#1 (fb)) – Leader of The Little People, she was killed and left in St. John’s Cemetery in The Five’s plan to takeover the Others.

MARIE DREAD (Nightside#1,3) – Arkady Dread’s sister and receptionist. Also a psychic ghoul. She helped Taine’s infiltration of Dread’s offices.

PHIL THE SNAKE (Nightside#2) Agent working for Arlen Cyrus who was alerted by Taine to a possible attempt on Cyrus’s life. His true supernatural nature is unknown, though it is possible he is a Were-Snake

RISSO (Nightside#1-3) – Bodyguard of the vampire boss Simon Benedict. Risso, along with four other underlings in the various Others factions, killed their bosses. Risso tried to take command, but was killed by Taine after attacking her.

SAL (Nightside#2) – Werewolf who usurped that faction from Arlan Cyrus as part of The Five. Along with Tiny Tim, Alice and Greta, attended a meeting that was infiltrated by Taine, who questioned them and deduced their part in the slayings of the mob bosses.

TINY TIM (Nightside#3) – Leader of the Little People after Little Bertha’s death.

WERE-TIGERS (Nightside#1-2) – Seven Were-Tigers were hired by Arkady and the Black Dragon Society to kill Taine and Ape Largo. All but one were killed instead. The survivor was allowed to flee to South America in exchange for information. Were-Tigers are much like Werewolves and change into their beast form at night. They are most likely considered a subrace to the Werewolves in The Others.

WORMS OF THE EARTH (Nightside#2) – Emerged from the ground to attack and kill Arlan Cyrus. It was assumed that they were sent by The Little People, who were generally known to command the gigantic creatures. Exactly what the Worms are and how they fit into the Others’ history is unknown.


All characters involved in this series are contained within the series and should not be confused with any similarly named characters elsewhere.

Nightside#1-4 (December, 2001 - March, 2002) - Robert Weinberg (writer), Tom Derenick (pencils), Mark Powers (editor)


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