Classification: Terrestrial (Savage Land), presumptive human variant

Location/Base of Operations: Savage Land

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: Formerly served Quor

Enemies: Golden People, Ka-Zar

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes II#19 (March, 1969)



Powers/Abilities: No superhuman abilities demonstrated. Perhaps they have enhanced tracking abilities, or sharp claws.
    They utilized the advanced weaponry of Quor, including airships, energy blasters, and a device to camouflage themselves.
    They apparently lost these weapons when Quor's power source was destroyed

Traits: Superstitious, bellicose



History: The Reptile Men are presumably one of the races mutated by the Atlanteans who once ran Pangea, but there is no evidence to support or refute this.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Quor's spaceship crashed on Earth, landing in the Savage Land. Using his advanced technology and knowledge, he quickly convinced a tribe of Reptile Men that he was to lead them. Needing the Anti-Metal (Antarctic Vibranium) to power his ship, he sent the Reptile Men to raid nearby tribes, such as the Golden People.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#19) - The Reptile Men followed Quor's commands to raid other villages. One of their guards was ambushed and defeated by Ka-Zar, who then defeated Quor himself. Ka-Zar fought back a group of Reptile Men and then convinced them to flee by revealing their leader's defeat and loss of power.



Comments: Stan "The Man" Lee, Arnold Drake, Steve Parkhouse, George Tuska, and Sid Greene.

The Reptile Men were once referred to as Swamp Men, so it's possible that they were a variant tribe that had just taken to wearing costumes, but I'm gong with a different race until further info is revealed.

I'm not sure who it really was that attacked Ka-Zar. It may have been some overzealous Golden People put on the defensive by the recent attacks, rather than the Reptile Men.

No known connection to:

I'm not sure if they're related to the Lizard Men of the Savage Land from Astonishing Tales, but I don't thinks so...


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