Real Name: Reptyl

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial ("Saurians") mutate;
    criminal record on various planets;
    Earth's general populace is unaware of his existence

Occupation: Currently unrevealed;
    former would-be god of pirates;
    former space pirate captain;
    former progenitor of reptilian evolution

Group Membership: Formerly Thanos (or one of his Thanosi)'s Pantheon;
    former leader of the band of space pirates aboard the Serpent's Tooth (Belderman,
Dalabuur, Clumsy Foulup,  Grieder, Kyndron, an Achenonian, many others)

Affiliations: Badoon, Saurians, Sauro (see comments), Primo, S'Byll, Skrulls, Thanos (allegedly one of the Thanosi);
    formerly Clumsy Foulup, the
Contemplator imposter, Kid Syn, Raptra, the Silver Surfer, unidentified reptilian pirate;
    had made deals with Firelord, Starfox, and the Stranger

Enemies: Avengers (Mantis, Scarlet Witch, Silverclaw, Thor, Vision), Clumsy Foulup, the Contemplator imposter, the Cotati, Haywire of Earth-712, Intergalactic Council, Lady Karlot, the Kree (led by Nenora), Nebula, Nova (Frankie Raye), princess Alaisa Ruantha Pethnan (later Avatar), Quoi, Raptra, Rot, Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull (Kl'rt), unspecified beings on Earth who captured him;
    humanoids and mammals of all kinds

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Cap'n Reptyl, the Non-human, Reptyl Prime

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout known space;
    formerly the Coalsack Nebula (including a series of hidden bases);
    formerly an unidentified saurian-occupied planet in the Coal Sack Nebula

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#11 (May, 1988)








Powers/Abilities: Reptyl has a thick, scaly, ridged hide, sharpened teeth and claws, and a 3' tail. His initial form had Class 10 strength, superhuman speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. He had metahuman regenerative power, but was vulnerable to extreme colds. Lacking conventional (if any) pleasure centers in his brain, Reptyl has proven immune to Eros' pleasure power/

    He is an experienced armed and unarmed combatant, and a master of most known hand weapons. He is a skilled leader, though he has readily sacrificed his entire crew to achieve his personal goals. He is a highly skilled space pilot. Reptyl has a deep and abiding hatred of mammals in general, and humanoids in particular; he sees them as having prevented reptilian races from achieving prominence on their worlds. He has experience with the Coalsack Nebula, using its murky depths and tortuous paths to escape his enemies.

    He wore body armor and a space suit of undefined alien materials. He carried a ray-pistol and sword, and formerly piloted a starship. He commanded a large crew, and his career of looting has gained him a number of sophisticated weapons. His weapons of choice included his Sparkutlass, an energy-sword that could absorb power and return it back on an attacker; and a neurocarbon charged pistol.

    In rare generations of Reptyl's race, there were allegedly a "prime," a being whose genes contained the key to the next step in their evolution; Reptyl was apparently such a being. Upon his physical death, his body metamorphosized into the monstrously powerful Reptyl Prime. As Reptyl Prime he had grey, thick, scaly, ridged hide, sharpened teeth, 6" claws, bat-like wings with a 35' wingspan, and a 7' spiked tail. He had Class 100 strength, could fly at warp speed, and had metahuman stamina and durability, with superhuman agility and reflexes. In this form, he was immune to even the extreme cold of outer space. He could generate and hurl spheres of destructive energy.

    As Reptyl, the God, he maintained his normal height, but was much more massive. He had great strength and durability (withstanding fire, energy blasts, and the vacuum and cold of space), a spiked tail, and he could fire powerful energy blasts. He could fly, survive in, and navigate through space. He also briefly used a cloak of invisibility provided by Thanos.


Height: 6'8"; (as Reptyl Prime) 15'6"
Weight: Approximately 990 lbs.; (original form) 420 lbs.; (Reptyl Prime)  2 tons (see comments)
Eyes: Yellow; (as Reptyl Prime) red
Hair: None





(Silver Surfer III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Reptyl encountered the skrull posing as the Contemplator. Though Reptyl apparently did not recognize him to be an imposter and despite his extreme hatred of humanoids, Reptyl made an alliance with the Contemplator imposter; this was allegedly because they both had been born in the Coalsack Nebula, the powerful Contemplator's own humanoid race had died out approximately 4 billion years ago, and the Contemplator had left Reptyl's race alone. Reptyl agreed to help the Contemplator imposter hide from Galactus, whose wrath the Contemplator imposter had earned by attacking him as part of a union of the Elders of the Universe

(Silver Surfer III#11) - Reptyl's crew held a birthday party for him. During the party, Nova (Frankie Raye) and the Silver Surfer -- who had come their incognito in search of the Contemplator (actually the Contemplator imposter) -- got into a fight when Reptyl's crewman Clumsy Foulup tried to force a dance with Nova. However, the Contemplator imposter had forewarned Reptyl that they would be coming, and so they had set a trap. Reptyl confronted the two seconds after the trap had captured them both.

(Silver Surfer III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Reptyl had Nova and the Surfer placed within devices that siphoned their energies to power his ships, leaving the two weak, disoriented, and nauseous.

(Silver Surfer III#12) - Reptyl surveyed his prisoners and reviewed his alliance with the Contemplator imposter. One of the Cotati, hidden as a decorative plant aboard Reptyl's base, transmitted information on the Surfer's imprisonment to other Cotati, who viewed the Surfer as an ally due to his affiliation with Mantis (who had married the Prime Cotati). The Cotati took control of Clumsy Foulup's mind via a psychogenic herb he had ingested, and they had him release Nova. The Contemplator imposter sensed the Cotati's involvement and had word sent to Reptyl, but word arrived too late. Nova attacked Reptyl's fleet, and Reptyl realized his ship could not hope to defeat her, so had the Surfer jettisoned.
    The Contemplator imposter attempted to reassure Reptyl that they could escape and hide out within the depths of the Coalsack Nebula and evade Nova and the Surfer's wrath, but Reptyl decided that the Contemplator was too smart, that he knew too much, and that he would probably taste pretty good. Reptyl suddenly bit the Contemplator imposter in the neck, ripping out a huge hunk of flesh, and then devoured his body.

(Silver Surfer III#19 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing that Clumsy Foulup was under alien control, Reptyl spared him for freeing Nova.




(Silver Surfer III#19) - Eros (a.k.a. Starfox) and Firelord assaulted Reptyl's cove within the Coalsack Nebula. Furious that his hidden base had been discovered, Reptyl took out his rage on crewman Kyndron, ripping open his face with a slash of his talons. Despite Reptyl's crews efforts, Eros and Firelord invaded the cove, seeking information on Nebula, the alleged grand-niece of Eros and granddaughter of Thanos. Reptyl admitted that he disliked Nebula, both because she was humanoid and because she was his competitor as a pirate, but he refused to grovel before the powerful beings; Eros' pleasure power proved useless against him. Ultimately Reptyl used Firelord's animosity towards the Surfer (based on Firelord's former ally, Gabriel Lan, becoming Galactus' herald and being slain in that capacity; he blamed the Surfer for this b/c the Surfer had defected from Galactus' service, causing Galactus to seek a new herald) to extract a vow of non-interference with Reptyl in the future, in exchange for information on the Surfer's whereabouts.

(Silver Surfer III#28 (fb) - BTS) - Reptyl sent Clumsy Foulup to a tiny moon to guard a hidden cache of weapons.

(Silver Surfer III Annual#2/5) - Reptyl and his crew assaulted a ship containing Lady Karlot, daughter of the governor of Segov-3, and Reptyl forced the ship's captain to surrender the valuable jewels they carried. Karlot and her handmaiden Marya were initially intrigued by the idea of strong men. Reptyl saw them spying on him and he grabbed Karlot, taking her with them as he and his crew traveled to a deserted asteroid (which apparently had its own atmosphere, gravity, and heat source). Karlot watched as Reptyl commanded his crew to dig, and she assumed they were digging up buried treasure, but he then commanded them to fill the pit with marinade. The asteroid was laced with savory minerals; two cycles in the hole and Karlot's unworked aristocratic flesh would soak it up like a sponge. Reptyl salivated over his future meal. 

(Silver Surfer III#27) - Seeking vengeance on Reptyl (and upon the reptilian races in general), the Contemplator imposter, who had survived the "decorpitation" of his physical self, directed Clumsy Foulup to make an alliance with the Kree and to betray Reptyl.
    Via the advice of his mutant crewman Dalabuur, Reptyl followed a cloaked Badoon fleet (or the wasn't clear) to Satriani, where S'Byll was using her new powers to restore the Skrulls' metamorphing power. Reptyl was appalled to find the Badoon (who were much closer to true reptiles) attacking the Skrulls (who had both reptilian and mammalian traits). At the same time, the Stranger claimed the recently mutated S'Byll, intending to take to his laboratory world for further study. Reptyl offered his entire fleet, including the mutant Dalabuur, to the Stranger in S'Byll's place; despite Dalabuur having proven himself dependable to Reptyl, the captain was more strongly bonded to his fellow saurons. The Stranger accepted, sucking Reptyl's crew out of his ship and departing. Reptyl then released S'Byll, asking to be made a privateer in her forces and expressing his desire to oppose any who would threaten the lives of reptilians. S'Byll accepted his offer, though she would have him watched for the first sign of treachery.
    S'Byll announced their newest ally to the Surfer, who was less than pleased.

(Fantastic Four Annual#24/4 (fb) - BTS) - S'Byll commanded the Super-Skrull to fake his death at the hands of Reptyl. She wished certain parties to believe the Super-Skrull dead at the time.

(Silver Surfer III#28 (fb) - BTS) - Reptyl returned to the Coalsack Nebula to collect a new crew and gather his armaments and fleet.






(Silver Surfer III#28) - Reptyl gathered a new crew and his full fleet. He contacted Clumsy Foulup, telling him of his plans to gather the weapons cache he was guarding (and this info was given to the Kree). Reptyl then brought his fleet to join the Skrull forces, quickly earning the enmity of the Super-Skrull for his closeness with S'Byll and his disrespectful attitude. Reptyl continued to empress S'Byll with his skills, manpower, and saurian loyalty, leading to an embrace. Enraged upon seeing this, the Super-Skrull challenged Reptyl, and both males ignored S'Byll's orders, and engaged in a full battle. Though the Super-Skrull initially dominated the struggle, Reptyl wounded him by firing neurocarbon charges that ricocheted off a wall to hit the Super-Skull behind his force field. Absorbing and returning the Super-Skrull's next flame attack, Reptyl then leapt atop his stunned foe and ripped out his throat.
    The Surfer arrived seconds too late to stop this, and S'Byll stopped the Surfer from taking vengeance, proclaiming that Reptyl was needed to defeat the Kree. Reptyl instructed Clumsy Foulup to serve as his vassal in the coming assault, completely unaware of Foulup's new loyalty.

(Silver Surfer III#29) - Berating Foulup for his clumsiness, Reptyl stressed the importance of him performing adequately in his impending foolproof plan against the Kree. Reptyl was next confronted by the Surfer, and Reptyl happily challenged to a battle, but the Surfer refused to risk either of their involvement in the upcoming battle against the Kree.
    Later, while the Kree engaged the Surfer with Midnight Sun, Reptyl led his troops to attack the Kree fleet's vulnerable underbelly. As Reptyl gloated over imminent victory, Foulup grabbed Reptyl's Sparkutlass and stabbed Reptyl in the back. Reptyl collapsed, astonished both that Foulup had betrayed him and that he had succeeded in the assault, and Foulup escaped the Skrull warrior present who assumed Reptyl to be dying.









(Fantastic Four Annual#24/4 (fb) - BTS) - Reptyl recovered from his injuries and plotted vengeance on Foulup, who had -- believe it or not -- become the leader of the Kree Empire.

(Fantastic Four Annual#24/4) - After preying before the Skrull war-dog, Sl'gur't, the Super-Skrull was unable to tolerate any longer the dishonor of having faked his death at the hands of a "worthless piece of scum" such as Reptyl.
    The Super-Skrull caught up to Reptyl's ship as he continued advancing towards his mission on Foulup. Despite Reptyl's abuse of his crewmen, none of his ship's weapons could affect the Super-Skrull, who ripped through the ship and pulled Reptyl into space, choking him to death and leaving him floating in space.





(Silver Surfer III#57) - Reptyl's body formed a cocoon around itself. Sometime later he emerged in a monstrously powerful form.

(Silver Surfer III#63) - Reptyl assaulted a Kree ship, shrugging off energy blasts and slaughtering the crew.

(Silver Surfer III#64 (fb) - BTS / Silver Surfer III#65 (fb) - BTS) - Reptyl arrived at the shrine to Death Thanos had created while he held the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. Perhaps drawn their by Thanos' residual energies, Reptyl paused there to gather himself for the long journey home. Upon returning home, he intended to propagate a super-reptilian race that would burn away the humanoid universe.

(Silver Surfer III#64) - Seeking to destroy the last remaining legacy to Thanos' power, the Surfer arrived at the shrine to Death,

(Silver Surfer III#65) - Reptyl attacked the Surfer relentlessly, defying his assertions of superior power. Reptyl pronounced himself the first of a glorious race of conquerors, condemning humanoids as meat. The Surfer attempted to take Reptyl down without killing him, but their energies attracted the attention of the idly rich adventure-seeking Kharta'een princess Alaisa Ruantha Pethnan, and the arrival of her ship distracted the Surfer. Knocked to the ground by a blast, the Surfer flattened Reptyl, who recovered and -- recognizing the Surfer's superior power -- took Alaisa hostage and demanded the Surfer sacrifice his own life to save her. Princess Alaisa's loyal guards attacked Reptyl from behind, but were swiftly slain by him.
    Baiting Reptyl by challenging his courage, the Surfer distracted him sufficiently to enable him to rescue Alaisa with his surfboard. The Surfer then attacked Reptyl, eventually blasting a sculpture of Death's head to crush him.

(Silver Surfer III#65 - BTS) - Reptyl escaped through the floor of the shrine

(Maximum Security#1 (fb) - BTS) - Reptyl reverted to his original form and was imprisoned under the authority of the Intergalactic Council. Reptyl was sent to Earth as part of "Maximum Security," a plot by the Intergalactic Council to keep humanity occupied on Earth to prevent them from interfering with Intergalactic Affairs. Reptyl was captured by unrevealed parties and imprisoned in a new superhuman wing at Lurton, Virginia.

(Maximum Security#1; Maximum Security#2-3 - BTS) - Reptyl revealed to the USAgent that he and the other aliens were not invading Earth, but had instead been imprisoned there.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#2 (fb) - BTS) - Regaining his freedom, Reptyl also allied with a new crew and returned to his pirate career. Among his crew were Raptra and Kid Syn, the former of whom quickly grew to respect Reptyl. Reptyl disregarded Kid Syn's advice of getting better shields as opposed to increased speed.
    Reptyl also got fat and may have lost his left eye, gaining a cybernetic replacement.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#2) - A ship escaped Reptyl's crew by escaping into a class 3 nebula, knowing the pirate ships lacked the shields to follow. When Kid Syn reminded Reptyl about his recommendation, Reptyl told Syn that if he would die if he challenged his decision further.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#3) - Reptyl's crew assaulted an Avengers quinjet headed for Tamal to meet with Quoi and the Cotati, leading the Avengers to fly into space and attack them directly. After the Avengers demolished multiple ships, several members of Reptyl's crew took to escape pods. Reptyl ordered Raptra to guard his flank and they escaped, but she refused, intending to rescue as many escape pods as possible. Reptyl was irate, but Raptra stood her ground, reminding Reptyl that she was his ally, not his servant. Reptyl angrily refused to use his supplies to fix Raptra's ship, but then the remainder of the fleet was confronted by Sanctuary, the ship of Thanos.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#3 - BTS) - Reptyl or Raptra transported to the others' ship.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#3) - Thanos (allegedly actually one of his Thanosi duplicates, though he will referred to as Thanos for simplicity's sake) boarded one of the ships, confronting Reptyl, Raptra, Syn, and others. Thanos announced his intention to create his own pantheon of gods, and he offered to grant them power if they would serve his will to destroy the Celestial Messiah, Quoi (the son of Mantis and the Prime Cotati). Reptyl accepted his offer, seeking to raise a reptile to the height of godhood -- even at the cost of serving a humanoid like Thanos. Thanos drained Kid Syn's life force and used its power to transform Reptyl into god-like form.
    Raptra refused to serve Thanos.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#4) - Sanctuary approached a Plasmagen ship and Reptyl -- wearing a cloak of invisibility and using a torpedo as a distraction -- boarded the ship and assaulted the Plasmagen. Reptyl withstood the flame assaults of their leader, Primo, then beat him into submission and brought him to Thanos, who converted Primo into the next of his would-be gods.
    Reptyl soon joined Primo in fighting off the Eternals of Titan who then assaulted Sanctuary, allegedly killing four of them and badly wounding three others. Thanos then called them to his side to join in badly battering his brother, Eros.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#5) - Thanos sent Reptyl and Primo to take down Raptra after she had escaped, taking Quoi with her. Thanos instructed Reptyl to bring them both back alive so he could kill them himself.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#6) - Reptyl and Primo met with one of Reptyl's old associates (presumably one of his crewmen) who, in exchange for payment, directed them towards the Rot to follow Raptra. Reptyl correctly followed Raptra's trickery and tracked her down, and he and Primo assaulted her ship. Primo fell before Quoi, but Reptyl withstood multiple hits from Raptra's blaster, and he continued to advance on her, eventually backing her into Thanos himself who captured Raptra and Quoi.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#7) - Reptyl and Primo stood by Thanos' side as he announced the imminent deaths of his prisoners: Mantis, Quoi, Raptra, and the Vision. Reptyl then led Mantis to an altar where Thanos initiated his psychic assault upon her. Mantis withstood his attacks, and the Avengers (Scarlet Witch, Silverclaw, Thor) and Haywire then assaulted Sanctuary. Thanos ordered Reptyl to destroy the Avengers, but the Scarlet Witch swiftly fused his boots together, limiting his mobility. Reptyl drove the Avengers quinjet back with Sanctuary's weapons.
    The Avengers nonetheless boarded Sanctuary while Raptra escaped and freed the Vision, but as Reptyl and Primo joined Thanos for the final assault, they suddenly realized that the Rot -- a devouring blackness in space -- threatened them all. Death herself then appeared and confirmed the danger.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#8) - Thanos silenced Reptyl's efforts to taunt the Avengers in the presence of Death, while Mantis and Quoi prevented the Rot from engulfing them all (but not before it disintegrated Primo). Reptyl then joined Thor, the Vision, and the Scarlet Witch in a direct assault on the Rot, but their combined power affected it not at all. Ultimately Thanos and Death destroyed the Rot, and all those it had consumed were restored.
    Reptyl was more concerned with the developing relationship between Raptra and Quoi, swearing to kill her if she mated with the humanoid/plant being. Mantis and Quoi swore to defend her, and Reptyl flew off, questioning his godhood since he would die for dinosaurs.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart (writer), Joe Staten (pencils), and Joe Rubinstein (inks).

    The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition notes that Reptyl's initial form resembled a humanoid dinosaur (Saurornithoides) with green scaly ridged hide, sharpened teeth and claws, and a 3' tail.

    Reptyl refers to himself as a saurian, but that may just be a descriptive term for being akin to dinosaurs. There's enough "Saurians" races already.

    Reptyl Prime's weight was listed as 2 tons in the Master Edition. To be more accurate, if the same body proportions are maintained, the weight increases by a cube factor of the increase in height. To maintain the same proportions, he would 2.62 tons...and he was much more broad, plus likely much more dense. At the same time, he could well have had hollow bones, etc. to facilitate flight within a planet's gravity.

    Contemplator imposter is tedious to write repeatedly. I vote for Contemploster.

    Belderman looked like a Pegasusian (like Sphinxor), but he was only like 6' tall...maybe he was affected by some Pym Particles.

    Reptyl invoked Sauro:
        "What about our weapons, for Sauro's sake!"
        "By Sauro's scales!"
    Sauro would presumably be either a deity or a being valued from Reptyl's people's history.

    "In normal times I kill both species (reptilians and mammals) indiscriminately, for I alone cannot affect the balance of power--and mine is the way of the cold-blooded times."

Reptyl has a profile in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#1.

Profile by Snood.

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