Real Name: Presumably Dalabuur

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (race unknown) mutant

Occupation: Former navigator of a starship and pirate

Group Membership: Stranger's prisoners, space pirates aboard the Serpent's Tooth

Affiliations: formerly Captain Reptyl

Enemies: Captain Reptyl, the Stranger

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently the Stranger's laboratory world, formerly Reptyl's starship.

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#27 (September, 1989)


Powers/Abilities: Dalabuur has the mutant ability to navigate space in his head.

History:  At an unknown point and time, Dalabuur became a space pirate and a member of Captain Reptyl's crew. He gained Reptyl's approval despite his being a humanoid.

(Silver Surfer II#27) - After the Stranger flew by Reptyl's ship at near light speed on his way to capture S'Byll, Reptyl asked what just past them. Dalabuur told him that whatever it was it wasn't on the monitor "two kliks back" and was four times larger than a class 7 comet, headed toward Andromeda-6. Reptyl complemented Dalabuur on his quick work.

Later on, when observing the Badoon battle the Skrulls, Reptyl was amazed that two reptilian races were fighting and Dalabuur suggested it was probably a mistake. Reptyl came to a conclusion of his own and thanked Dalabuur, telling him he was the one mate he could always count on.

Later still, after the Stranger had obtained S'Byll, Reptyl offered Stranger his entire crew in exchange for S'Byll, including Dalabuur, who's mutancy the Stranger would enjoy studying. Dalabuur told Reptyl that he thought Reptyl had said that Dalabuur was the only one he could count on. Reptyl said that this was for his fellow reptiles, and then the Stranger took Dalabuur and the rest of the crew, presumably to his laboratory world, never to return.



Comments: Created by Steve Englehart, Ron Lim, and Tom Christopher

The reason Reptyl complemented Dalabuur so much was to show how treacherous he was when he later betrayed him without a thought.

The only reason I think he deserved an entry is because he was a prisoner of the Stranger.


CLARIFICATIONS: None really needed

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