Real Name: Nenora

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Skrull)

Occupation: Former spy, former chief coordinator for Supreme Intelligence, former supreme commander of Kree Empire

Group Membership: former ruler of the Kree

Affiliations: Former lover of Aptak, former agent of Kylor, former assistant to Supreme Intelligence; former ally of Clumsy Foulup and Ronan the Accuser,

Enemies: Cotati, Reptyl, S'Byll, Shalla-Bal, and the Silver Surfer; traitor to Skrulls

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Agent K6@

Base of Operations: Kree-Lar, Hala

Appearances: Silver Surfer III#6 (December, 1987)

Powers: As a skrull, Nenora possessed the ability to transform into any form within her mass and volume range. She temporarily lost this ability as a result of the Hyper-Wave bomb and was trapped in the form of a blue Kree female.

She was exceptionally cunning, able to take advantage of any opportunity which presented itself. She was willing to betray allies and even lovers to further her own goals. She was a skilled military strategist.

She was presumably trained in armed and unarmed combat in the skrull military.

History: Nenora is a skrull. Following the destruction of the Skrull homeworld, Tarnax IV, was consumed by Galactus, the Empress, R'Kll was killed, leaving the empire without a ruler. This resulted in an immense civil war, in which several generals and politicians sought to position themselves as Emperor. During this war, one of the would-be emperors, Zabyk, set off a device called the Hyper-Wave Bomb, which resulted in all skrulls in the universe losing their metamorphic abilities, trapping them in whatever form they had been in.

Nenora had been allied with a different would-be-emperor, General Kylor. Under his orders, she had taken the form of a Blue Kree female, and had managed to position herself into a position of trust within the higher ranks of the Kree Empire. In fact, she had become the coordinator to the Supreme Intelligence, the composite entity which ruled the Empire. She was trapped in that form by the Hyper-Wave bomb, and continued to act in that capacity, reporting anything of value to Kylor and her lover Aptak (who had become trapped in the form of a wazillah female).

Opposition between the Blue and White Kree and caused problems in the mind of the Supreme Intelligence, which was made up of minds of hundreds or thousands of each. In order to unite these minds, it utilized one of the Infinity Gems (presumably the Mind Gem). The interstellar hero, the Silver Surfer, during a struggle against the Supreme Intelligence, removed the Infinity Gem, causing it to become catatonic from the disharmony of its component minds.

Ironically, this positioned Nenora as the temporary successor to the Supreme Intelligence, making a skrull the secret ruler of the Kree Empire. Kylor and Aptak were ecstatic at this turn of events, which they felt would guarantee Kylor as emperor to the Skrulls, as well as insure the downfall of the Kree, their long-time enemies. However, Nenora decided she liked the power she had gained more than her own alliances. She met with Aptak with plans for celebration, and then poisoned him/her. Nenora then sent Kylor into a trap, destroying him, his fleet, and anyone who knew that she was not actually a true Kree. She also had the Supreme Accuser, Ronan eliminate any other potential candidates to rule the empire, or any who opposed her own rule.

Seeking the alliance of the Silver Surfer, Nenora met with Shalla-Bal, Empress of Zenn-La and former lover of the Silver Surfer, to gain her support, and in turn, his. Shalla-Bal refused, seeking only neutrality. As Nenora left, Shalla-Bal thought she heard a Cotati, the intelligent plant race, say, "Skrull." During her visit, other agents of Nenora had had Kree Sentry#7497 buried in a desert on Zenn-La.

Around this time, an entity posing as the Contemplator was seemingly betrayed and killed by the savage reptilian pirate, Reptyl. However, while posing as the Contemplator, the imposter had been granted immortality by the cosmic entity Death. Surviving as a disembodied head, the imposter sought vengeance on Reptyl. Realizing Reptyl would ally himself with the skrulls, the imposter coerced Reptyl's chief aide, a man known only as Clumsy Foulup, to betray Reptyl. Foulup met with Nenora, detailing Reptyl's plans

Other events had positioned the Silver Surfer in alliance with the Skrulls. Nenora activated Sentry#7497 and had it abduct Shalla-Bal back to Kree-Lar. Nenora revealed that she knew Shalla-Bal correctly suspected her true nature as a skrull, so she had her abducted to prevent her from revealing the truth, while seeming only to act against an enemy in the war. Fearing the wrath of the Silver Surfer from slaying Shalla-Bal, Nenora had her drugged into unconsciousness. However, the Cotati, acting through the vegetable products used to drug her, reversed the effects and awakened Shalla-Bal.

Reptyl had become leader of the Skrull armada and was leading a critical space battle, when Clumsy ambushed and skewered Reptyl with his own sword, seemingly killing him. This allowed the Kree to overpower a large Skrull armada and gain the upper hand in the war. Desperate, the Silver Surfer, together with the acting skrull empress, S'Byll, who had gained vast power in effort to reform her metamorphic abilities, made a personal assault on the Kree Capital, Kree-Lar. While there, the Silver Surfer was contacted by Shalla-Bal, who revealed Nenora's true nature to him. They then confronted her, and S'Byll returned Nenora's power to her, the shock of which caused her to revert to her true form. The sudden loss of their Empress caused turmoil in the Kree Empire, during which time the Kree agreed to a truce.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers.

S'Byll claimed to have destroyed Nenora. I'm not sure if she killed her, but its hard to believe either the Skrulls or the Kree would have allowed her to live after her actions.

The Contemplator imposter was later shown to be a skrull, which means that two separate skrulls, unbeknownst to each other, were acting together as allies of the Kree. I don't think Englehart initially intended the Contemplator in this story-line to be an imposter. Just my opinion.

The Cotati opposed Nenora in an effort to make peace with the Silver Surfer for their actions against his former companion, Mantis.

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