Real Name: Aptak

Identity/Class: Skrull trapped in Waziliah form

Occupation: Soldier in Skrull armada, third-in-command under Kylor's warship

Affiliations: Lover of Nenora; Served under Kylor, and Ripan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:

Appearances: Silver Surfer III#6 (December, 1987) (8, 10 (dies)

Powers: Aptak originally possessed the typical metamorphic abilities of the Skrulls, but lost this to the Hyperwave Bomb. It is unknown if the Waziliah possess any superhuman abilities. He had significant experience in military strategy

History: Following the detonation of the Hyperwave Bomb, all Skrulls became trapped in the form that they were in when exposed to its energies, losing their metamorphic abilities. Aptak had been a military leader serving under Kylor, but was sent by Empress R'Kll to spy on the Waziliah, had taken the form of a Waziliah female. Aptak maintained this mission even after R'Kll's death when Galactus consumed the Skrull throne-world Tarnax IV. It was in this form which he was trapped. This put a strain both on his military career, and on his relationship with his lover Nenora, who was trapped in the form of a blue Kree, and had maneuvered herself into a position of relative power and confidence of the Supreme Intelligence.

Nonetheless, Aptak returned to his military career as third-in-command to Kylor, one of the five Skrulls who sought the role of Emperor left open by the destruction of the ruling family on Tanax IV. Aptak participated in several missions during a flare-up of the age old Kree-Skrull war, through which Kylor sought to achieve definitive rule. In addition, he maintained contact with Nenora, who supplied him with information on the activities and strategies of the Kree.

However, when the Silver Surfer stole the Infinity Mind Gem from the Supreme Intelligence, it lost the ability to control conflict between the blue and white Kree minds within it. The sudden mental conflict left it completely incapacitated. Nenora used this opportunity to assume the role of supreme ruler of the Kree. When Aptak met with Nenora to congratulate her, he died after drinking some poisoned wine. Nenora had decided that she would like to keep her position of power and wanted to eliminate anyone who could ruin it for her.

Comments: Created by Steve Engelhart and Marshall Rogers.

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