# Ripan (Skrull, Silver Surfer character)


Real Name: Ripan

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Skrull)

Occupation: Second-in-command to Kylor

Affiliations: Aptak, Kylor, formerly Nenora

Enemies: Karza, Kree empire, Nenora, S'Byll, Yorak

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: At the right hand of Kylor, wherever that may lead him.

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#4 (October, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Formerly, Ripan had the ability to change his shape, like all deviant Skrulls. He lost this ability after the detonation of the hyper-wave bomb.
    He did not demonstrate any particular abilities, though he likely had some military training.

History: After the Skrull empire split into five factions, Ripan chose to ally himself with one of the five Skrulls who claimed the title of emperor, Kylor. He rose to become Kylor's second in command and was privy to all his secrets, including the fact that they had sent Nenora, a Skrull disguised as a Blue Kree, to infiltrate the Kree, and had become the Supreme Intelligence's 2nd-in-command.

(Silver Surfer III#4) - Ripan informed Kylor that a party of Skrulls had been overcome by a Kree cruiser and had committed suicide to avoid discovery of their inability to shape-shift as per Kylor's orders. Ripan believed that Kree to still be ignorant of their inability. In the middle of his conversation with Kylor, Ripan realized a Celestial had landed on the planet, much to his shock and dismay.

(Silver Surfer III#6) - Ripan, Kylor, and Aptak discussed their future plans for the new Kree-Skrull war.

(Silver Surfer III#8) - Ripan was with Kylor when he was informed by Nenora that the Silver Surfer had been defeated and incapacitated by the Supreme Intelligence when he tried to take its soul gem, without which it would go insane, and when Kylor ordered Nenora to steal the gem to rid them of the Supreme Intelligence.

(Silver Surfer III#13) - Believing that Nenora, whom had taken control of the Kree Empire, was leading the Kree armada into a Skrull ambush, Ripan was on Kylor's ship which was leading an assault on the Kree armada. Ripan spoke with Kylor about how perfect it was that Nenora had infiltrated the Kree and taken control. Kylor requested that Ripan refer to her only by her codename, and then led the Skrull fleet to attack the Kree armada. However, unbeknownst to Ripan and Kylor, Nenora had actually led them into a trap, and their ship was destroyed by the Kree armada and Ripan was killed in the resulting explosion.

Comments: Created by Created by Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers, and Joe Rubinstein

Nenora wanted Ripan and Kylor dead so that nobody would know that she was a Skrull except her, leaving her free to expand her power throughout not only the Kree empire, but after she won the Kree/Skrull war, and take over the Skrull empire as well. Unfortunately for her, she did not win the Kree/Skrull war.

Profile by  Stunner

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Images taken from:
Silver Surfer III Annual#1, p54
Silver Surfer III#13, page 20, panel 3

Other appearances:
Silver Surfer III#6 (December, 1987) - Steve Englehart (writer), Marshall Rogers (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks), Michael Higgins (editor)
Silver Surfer III#8 (February, 1988) - Steve Englehart (writer), Marshall Rogers (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks), Michael Higgins (editor)
Silver Surfer III#13 (July, 1988) - Steve Englehart (writer), Joe Staton (pencils), Dave Cockrum (inks), Michael Higgins (editor)

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