Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, cybernetic implant

Occupation: Runs organization of mercenaries/assassins

Affiliations: Runs organization of mercenaries/assassins; employed by Elwood

Enemies: Iron Fist, Power Man (Luke Cage), Rip Chord

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist#86 (October, 1982)

Powers: Goldeneye possesses a cybernetic right eye, from which he can fire a blast which temporarily incapacitates the somatic nervous system of its victim, eliminating the capacity for voluntary motion.
He runs an organization of mercenaries and assassins, who possess vary degrees of combat training and experience in armed and unarmed combat. His agents have access to conventional weaponry, such as firearms and explosives, as well as advanced equipment, such as a more powerful version of Goldeneye's nerve beam, and a device able to fuse large quantities of electronics.

History: Goldeneye's past history is unknown. He established himself as a professional assassin of some repute.

(PM/IF#86)-Goldeneye was hired by Mr. Elwood to destroy the Madball Express train. Goldeneye used a series of attempts on the life of Rip Chord, a musician on board the train, to cover the true motives. Goldeneye's men sabotaged a bridge that the Express was crossing. Graco had the train stopped, but not before they were most of the way on the trestle. Goldeneye's men fused the train's electronics to prevent them from reversing and escaping the damaged trestle, and had men stationed on the nearby cliffs to take out anyone who tried to escape from the train.
Power Man and Iron Fist, who had been hired to protect Rip Chord and the train, broke through the bottom of the train and took out Goldeneye's men. This enabled them to get the passengers out of the train and off the trestle before it collapsed. Power Man suspected an inside job, and so they headed back to New York, where they caught Elwood paying off Goldeneye. Goldeneye used his nerve blast in an attempt to stop Power Man, but it wasn't powerful enough, and Cage knocked him out with a single swat.



Mr. Elwood was the head of the Elwood Corporation. He knew that Graco's Madball Express would fail its test run, and he stood to lose a lot of money from his investors if this occurred. To prevent this, he hired Goldeneye to destroy the train before it could have a chance to fail. He was caught in the act of dealing with Goldeneye by Power Man and Iron Fist, who carted him off to the cops.




Harry Graco was employed by the Elwood Corporation, and was the inventor of the Madball Express, a train designed for high speed travel (its big claim to fame was the ability to go up a forty-five degree upgrade at 200 mph). However, he knew the train would fail its test, and so he tried to kill the engineer and sabotage the train before it could have a chance to fail. Iron Fist saw this, and subdued Graco, saving the engineer. Graco, half-conscious, revealed that the train should not be allowed to cross the tracks, and they stopped it, but not before it was already on the tracks. He was presumably turned over to the cops afterwards.



Rance Halliburton was Rip Chord's manager. He acted as liason between Rip and Power Man and Iron Fist. He was shot in the shoulder by one of Goldeneye's men, but was rescued by the heroes, and saved.



Rip Chord was a rock musician who sought to promote his new album by creating it while riding on the Madball Express. He was heavily addicted to a variety of narcotic drugs, and his "adventures" on the trip nearly foiled the heroes attempts to defend him. Ultimately, while tripping, he dove off a cliff after the train, and fell to his death. Rip's album, recorded just prior his death set a new sales record.





Comments: Created by Denny O'Neil and Denys Cowan.

Clarifications: Goldeneye should be distinguished from:
Goldeneye, the James Bond movie.

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