Real Name: Alaisa Ruantha Pethnan

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial, possible mutant, enhanced

Occupation: Former princess and pethnan of the

Group Membership: Princess and Pethnan of Second Royal House of the Kharta'een empire

Affiliations: pledged to serve Mistress Love and Master Hate; formerly used robotic servant and royal guards;

Enemies: Reptyl Prime, Silver Surfer

Known Relatives: father (king of Kharta'een empire)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Fantascape Virtual Reality Parlor, Calculex; formerly mobile throughout space

Appearances: (Alaisa) Silver Surfer III#65 (May, 1992), (Avatar) Silver Surfer III#66 (June 1992)

Powers: Alaisa originally possessed the ability to manipulate most men by causing them to love and obey her. This power was further enhanced by Mistress Love. In addition, she gained the ability to fly, survive in a vacuum, fire energy blasts, etc. She possesses superhuman strength, durability, etc. Her powers exist as the union of love and hate, although they were not clearly defined in that respect.

History: Princess Alaisa was the spoiled brat. She used the wealth and power of her father's position, as well as her own subtle manipulative powers to get what she wanted, when she wanted it. This ability caused her to be bored in general, and to seek out excitement and adventure wherever she went.

Detecting fluctuating energy patterns, she forced her crew to journey to the former temple of Thanos (a remnant of the Infinity Gauntlet affair), and stumble into the middle of a fight between the Silver Surfer and Reptyl Prime. Her foolishness got her entire crew killed, and herself the hostage of Reptyl. The Surfer managed to save her, but her interference allowed Reptyl to escape. She was unable to understand why he rejected her offer to become her lover.

Frustrated that she was unable to force him to love her, Alaisa sought out other methods to amplify her power to both make her his peer and to allow her to control him. She forced her servant to list a number of means through which she might gain power, and chose a ritual summoning of the love deity of the natives of Amaru. Following this ritual, she summoned Mistress Love, and agreed to serve her in the future in exchange for power now. As Avatar, she was then confronted by Master Hate, who promised her much greater power by uniting her own with the force of hate. Ignoring the warnings of Mistress Love and her own servant, she again agreed to serve in the future in exchange for power now.

Using her new power, she located the Silver Surfer and explained that she now was his equal in power and could be his mate. When he again refused her, she attempted to use her new power to force him to be her lover. In a short battle, he overcame her and left her alone in space, vowing revenge.

While the Surfer was exploring the past of his home planet, Zenn-La, in a virtual reality chamber on the planet Calculex, the Avatar located and confronted him once again. Managing to temporarily subdue her, and hoping to prevent further conflict, the Surfer placed her within a VR chamber, where she believed that she had succeeded in attaining his love. He left her within the chamber, content with her beliefs.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz, Ron Lim, and Kirkwood Studios.

Seeing as how she still owes both Master Hate and Mistress Love favors in the future, she should be back some day.

Clarifications: Princess Alaisa has no connections to, nor should she be confused with:

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