Real Name: Jinku

Identity/Class: Terrestrial race (Lava Men), magic-user

Occupation: Ruler and Witch-Doctor

Group Membership: Lava Men

Affiliations: Former advisor to Basallo (the previous King of the Lava Men);
Worshipper of Cha'sa'dra;
Creator of the
Lava Men and the Avatar of Cha'sa'dra;
Former pawn of
They Who Wield Power;

Enemies: Avengers (Black Panther, Captain America, Giant-Man (Pym), Gilgamesh, Iron Man, Namor, Quasar, She-Hulk, Thor, Wasp), Grotesk, Human Torch (Johnny Storm); Molto, Pele, Sledge, Vanisher, X-Force (Meltdown, Moonstar, Proudstar, Siryn, Sunspot)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: the Witch-Doctor

Base of Operations: Realm of the Lava Men, Subterranea

First Appearance: Avengers I#5 (May, 1964); (named) Marvel Team-Up I#26 (October, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Conventional Lava Man powers: Superhuman strength (enhanced human) and durability, immune to intense heat, can generate intense heat and project volcanic ash which can rapidly harden into rock. He frequently used this ash to build large ceremonial masks for himself, or to make himself appear larger.

In addition, Jinku possessed a number of additional abilities via his use of magic. He sometimes used a staff able to project radioactive energy. He could manipulate and animate magma in its liquid or solid forms, forming large arms, etc.

Jinku briefly possessed the power of the golden Lava Men: a golden form which could be reshaped and merged into virtually any form, even combining with others to form larger objects. Jinku and a group of others once formed a working airship.

Jinku used a number of technological and magical items to increase his destructive potential (see below).

History: Jinku is a member of the subterranean race known as the Lava Men, whose history has been described elsewhere. Jinku served as the witch doctor of the Lava Men, counseling the King, Basallo, and leading the worship of their god, the demon Cha'sa'dra.

(Avengers I#5) - When the Lava Men were menaced by the Living Rock, it was Jinku who suggested that they build a machine and drive the Living Rock to the surface world where it would destroy the surface of Earth instead. Despite the protests of Molto, who had encountered the people of the surface world, Basallo agreed and followed Jinku's recommendations. This brought them into a conflict with the Avengers, which ended when the Avengers duped the Hulk into striking the Living Rock in the one spot that would destroy it. With the threat over, the Lava Men returned to Subterranea.

(Marvel Team-Up I#26) - Some time later, Jinku had a vision in his dreams promising to lead his people to conquest. Unbeknownst to Jinku, this dream was actually caused by They Who Wield Power for their own purposes. Nonetheless, Jinku convinced Basallo to steal the Mole Man's volcano-activating machine from the Moloids. The machine lacked a power source, and Jinku sought to obtain Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, as that source. To this end, he ranted of his plans to destroy humanity in front of Molto, who he knew would inform Thor, causing him to investigate. Jinku followed Molto and blasted him, mortally wounding him, but not killing him instantly. Molto made his way to the surface world where he encountered the Human Torch whom he initially mistook for an agent of Jinku, but then convinced him to summon Thor. After relating his story to Thor, Molto died, crumbling into ash. Thor and the Human Torch journeyed to the realm of the Lava Men, where Jinku succeeded in overpowering both of them with the radioactive energy of his staff. Jinku used a fist of molten rock to lift Mjolnir and place it in the machine. However, after 60 seconds without contact with Thor, the hammer reverted to the form of Blake's walking stick. Blake took advantage of the surprise caused by the sudden ceasing of the machine to reclaim his stick, return to the form of Thor, and destroy the machine. Thor and the Torch made quick work of the Lava Men, and Basallo ended the battle. Jinku was mystified at why his vision betrayed him.

(Avengers I#305-308) - Cha'sa'dra was later killed while participating in the events of Inferno. This led to the deaths of numerous Lava Men, and the immobilization of the few remaining. Only Jinku retained his mobility and he sought vengeance on the surface world for the destruction of his god. He tapped into the power of the Vault of Making to create a second race of Lava Men, which he sent to destroy Avengers Island. These Lava Men captured the Avengers and brought them to Jinku, while the others remained and formed an immense pillar to lift Avengers Island high into the air. Jinku next sent another creation, the Avatar of Cha'sa'dra against the Avengers, who were powerless to stop it. Just as things appeared hopeless, the other Lava Men regained consciousness, having been transformed into a new golden form. These golden Lava Men wrested control of the Avatar from Jinku and halted it. Jinku then similarly transformed into one of these golden Lava Men. Jinku was convinced by the others of the wrongness of his actions, and he even helped the Avengers return back to their island.

(X-Force I#81) - But it was not to last. Under uncertain circumstances, the Lava Men reverted back to their original forms. A group followed Grotesk, another subterranean, while Jinku became the leader of the remaining Lava Men. Jinku again plotted to destroy the surface world and built another weapon, the Firebringer. In order to power this weapon, Jinku sought the Heart of Pele, which had recently been stolen by the Vanisher (who had betrayed his partners, Risque and Sledge). Unable to track the Vanisher, Jinku sent his Lava Men to attack Sledge, who was aided by X-Force and Pele, herself (in disguise as Risque). X-Force recovered the Heart of Pele, which Jinku then placed into the Firebringer. However, Siryn then stole the Heart and destroyed the Firebringer before Jinku could use it. Siryn replaced the Heart of Pele, allowing her to regain her full power. Feeling merciful, Pele banished all who sought to use her, including the Lava Men, from Hawaii.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

For more information on the Lava Men, consult OHotMU Deluxe Edition#7.

I'm going to blame the disorientation of his transformation for Jinku's change of heart. That was pretty out of character. I think he was just biding his time until he regained his bearings.

Grotesk (Gor-Tok) is the last survivor of the Gor-Tokian race, from which the Lava Men originated.


The artificial Lava Men are distinguished from:

The Avatar of Cha'sa'dra was created by Jinku using the power of the Vault of Making. It was this Avatar who struck Gilgamesh with such force that he was rendered inert for several months. Only the willpower of the Lava Men III was able to halt the creature. It was an immense creature, approximately 25 feet tall. It was composed of molten rock and possessed Class 100 strength an was virtually indestructible. It easily resisted the combined force of Gilgamesh, She-Hulk, and Thor.

--Avengers I#306 (307













The Firebringer was another machine capable of causing the eruptions of all of the volcanoes of Earth, based on some ancient designs. This machine, too, required a potent power source to function, and Jinku obtained the Heart of Pele for this purpose. This machine was destroyed by X-Force. Perhaps this machine and the one built by the Mole Man were based on similar designs?




An artificial race of Lava Men were created by Jinku using the power of the Vault of Making. They were unthinking creations composed entirely of molten lava which followed his commands. His Lava Men were roughly human sized, but lacked any facial features. They could alter their configuration, merging with each other to accomplish a number of goals. A column formed from these creatures once lifted Avengers Island far out of the water. When destroyed they could also reform into a number of smaller creatures. They crumbled into dust as Jinku focused his power into the Avatar, and subsequently ceased his attack after his transformation. Only the combined actions of the Invisible Woman and Wonder Man stopped Avengers Island from being destroyed when these Lava Men crumbled.
--Avengers I#305 (306-308







The Living Rock-see own entry--Avengers I#5 (5(fb)


Jinku once used the volcano-activating machine, a weapon stolen from the Mole Man, which was allegedly able to cause the simultaneous eruption of all volcanoes on Earth. This machine required a potent power source, for which Jinku briefly used Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. It was destroyed by Thor.




--Marvel Team-Up I#26 (26(fb), 26

images: (without ads)
Avengers I#306, p16, pan4 (Jinku main image)
Avengers I#306, p17, pan1 (Jinku head shot)
Avengers I#307, p21, pan4 (Jinku in gold)
Marvel Team-Up I#26, p15, pan5 (Jinku with mask)
Avengers I#307, p5 (Avatar of Cha'sa'dra)
Avengers I#305, p19, pan1 (artificial Lava Men)
Marvel Team-Up I#26, p7, pan5 (volcano-activating machine)

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