Classification: Terrestrial technology

Creator: Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)

User/Possessors: Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Thing (Ben Grimm)

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#126/1 (November, 1964)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The "Encephalo-Feedback Scrambler" was a device used as a defense against the mesmerizing effects of the Puppet Master's radioactive clay. When activated, it would reflect the Puppet Master's commands back at him.




(Strange Tales I#126/1) - When the Mad Thinker formulated a scheme to destroy the Fantastic Four individually, he had the Puppet Master create a puppet of the Thing from his radioactive clay. The Puppet Master then commanded the Thing to attack the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) against his will, nearly killing the torrid teen -- but due to the stress of seeing his young friend in danger, the Thing unexpectedly reverted back to his human form momentarily, breaking the Puppet Master's spell.

  Returning to the Baxter Building, the Thing and the Torch went to Reed Richards for help in finding out who was really responsible for the attack. By placing the Thought Projector Helmet on the Thing's head, they were able to ascertain the identity of the true culprit, so Reed went to his lab to build a defense against the Puppet Master.

  Meanwhile, the Thinker told his partner to use double the usual amount of radioactive clay to make yet another puppet of the Thing.

  Some time later, Reed called Ben and Johnny into his lab to show them the completed "Encephalo-Feedback Scrambler," then he placed the machine's headset on the Thing.

  In their hideout miles away, the Thinker told the Puppet Master to command the Thing to grow weaker. As the emanations from the puppet reached the Thing, Reed activated his machine, which caused a power feedback that bounced the attack back at the Puppet Master, who fell helplessly to the floor.

  With the menace of the deadly duo ended, Reed concluded: "When the Puppet Master recovers, he'll know we have a defense against him...and he may never attack us again!!"

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Dick Ayers.

This device was never actually named in the story, so its name is subject to change.

This was the only time this device was ever used, which is surprising considering the number of times the Puppet Master would later attack the team -- the machine is rather bulky, but I wonder why Reed never figured out a way to miniaturize the circuitry and incorporate it directly into the team's costumes, or at least set up a protective field around the Baxter Building.

Profile by John Kaminski


The "Encephalo-Feedback Scrambler" has no known connection to:

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Strange Tales I#126, p12, pan1 (Reed revealing his new invention)

p12, pan2 (headset on Thing's head)
p13, pan2-3 (headset activated, Puppet Master hit by feedback)

Strange Tales I#126 (November, 1964) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Dick Ayer (writer/pencils), Paul Reinman (inks)

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