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Classification: Semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Mars

Known Members: Ooog

Affiliations: Dugan, Homer Ghost, Melvin, Zelda

Enemies: None

First Appearance: Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1 (May, 1957)

Powers/Abilities: The Martians' standard of technology is far advanced that of Earth regarding interstellar warp travel, including within planetary atmosphere, with spacecraft that responds to verbal commands. Martians have a single wheel that they use for mobility; this may be biological or part of their suit. They have mastered perfect balance with this form. Of note are their exaggerated ears, nose, eyes and mouth (compared to humans), suggesting potentially enhanced senses. These features are able to be compressed without injury within a constrictive mask.

Traits: Martians are naive in their ability to disguise themselves in alien environments. Apparently without any clear gender definition (potentially even a single-gender species), their society appears similar to contemporary American city life with tall buildings, used vehicle sales, roving police, fast food sellers, buskers, and assumptions of extraterrestrial life on neighboring planets. They have a reduced fear instinct and keep giant Donkleburro creatures as pets. Despite their reduced fear instinct, the Martians are superstitious and are afraid of ghosts.

Type: Bilaterally symmetric mono-wheeled life-forms
Eyes: Two (upper torso)
Fingers: Three (including opposable thumb)
Toes: Inapplicable
Skin color: Various
Average height: 4'


(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1 (fb) - BTS) - Two Martians, Ooog and a companion, flew in their red X-13 flying saucer observing life on Earth, counter to popular Martian view that there was no life on Earth.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1) - The Martian pair chanced upon Zelda, Homer Ghost, Dugan and Melvin arguing about the existence of flying saucers (the superstitious Martians didn't realize the latter three were ghosts). The Martians adopted a simple disguise using masks and, after a simple mix-up over moon spies, Ooog and his companion took off their masks, but were shocked that the Earthlings wore no disguise. Homer and his pals readily accepted the Martians and asked for a ride in their saucer; the Martians happily obliged, letting the Earthlings choose the destination and ending up in a bustling Mars metropolis. They were greeted by astonished Martians, disbelieving that Earth beings existed. Homer and his pals were scared of a passing Donkleburro pet and a nearby atomic bomb explosion that the Martians considered were just firecrackers. Ooog's assistant emphasized that Martians weren't afraid of anything, until Melvin revealed that he and his friends were ghosts. Aghast, Ooog and his companion shoved Homer and his friends back into the flying saucer and dropped them back on Earth, then rushed back to the safety of their own planet.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee & Dan DeCarlo.

A bipedal variation of apparent "Martians" was encountered by Homer in issue #3/11. With a similar head-torso, these Martians also flew a red X-13 flying saucer and were scared of ghosts. However, Homer had apparently forgotten about this earlier Martian meeting. Maybe those were a different but related race. (That said, it was the same writer, same artist, same premise, same beginning and same finish, just a different middle bit. But hey, it's a comedy mag, let's not treat it too seriously.)

It's unfortunate that partway through the story, the appearance of the Martians changed significantly with the inexplicable "loss" of their ears (see the Ooog subprofile for images). Maybe these Martians can compress them quickly, just like some of us humans have mastered the life skill of wiggling our ears.



Profile by Grendel Prime.

Homer's mono-wheeled Martians have no known connections to:


The Donkleburro was a large fearsome-looking beast that was sometimes kept as a pet by young Martians. The ghosts were scared of the creature but the Martians just emphasized that Martians weren't scared of anything... until they realized that Homer and his pals were ghosts!






--Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1


Ooog led a two-Martian expedition to Earth in a red X-13 flying saucer to observe life, running counter to the popularly held Martian view that Earth held no life. The duo chanced upon the witch Zelda and ghosts Dugan, Melvin and Homer Ghost. Quickly making friends, the Martians gave the Earthlings a ride to a bustling Martian city. But upon discovering Homer and his pals were ghosts, the superstitious Ooog and his now-scared assistant shoved the Earthlings into the flying saucer and dropped them back to Earth, before rushing back to the safety of Mars.

   Ooog's ears inexplicably disappeared partway through the story. I put this down to clumsy/rushed art; a no-prize explanation is that these Martians can compress their ears rapidly.




--Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1

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Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1, p4, pan2 (main image)
   p6, pan4 (blue Martian)
   p3, pan5 (Martians in disguise)
   p6, pan3 (Martian city)
   p7, pan1 (Donkleburro)
   p4, pan7 (Ooog with ears)
   p6, pan1 (Ooog without ears)

Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1 (May, 1957) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)

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