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Real Name: Homer Ghost

Identity/Class: Humanoid ghost (1950s era) (see comments)

Occupation: Adventurer, student (primary school level)

Group Membership: Ghost Gang

Affiliations: Alice, Annie, Dugan, Miss Ghostly, Genie in a bottle (loose), Gobby Goblin, Invisible Irwin, Joe the Geni (loose), Mr. Jones & his Circus (Whizzo, others), Little John, "Martian" monocycle pair (Ooog, one other), Melvin, Dr. A. Nutt (loose), Robin Hood, Snappy (ghost dog), Stringbean, Zelda

Enemies: Bank Robber Brown and his two thugs, Black Witch, Blackbeard and his pirate gang (Baldy, Dudley, Horace, Hawkeye, Orville), Bongo Brothers, Dangerous Dan, Dan [DeCarlo], Doctor Doom, Herman, Gorilla Grogan, Stan [Lee], Mad Scientist, "Martian" bipedal pair, Monstro, Redbeard and his pirate gang, Robert the Robber (loose), Sheriff of Nottingham, Sherman, Tony Toughguy, White-Sheet Willie

Known Relatives: Momma Ghost (mother), Poppa Ghost (father), Goldplate (uncle), George (great-great-great-great-great-great grand-uncle, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Ghost Town, USA

First Appearance: Homer the Happy Ghost I#1 (March, 1955)

Powers/Abilities: As a ghost, Homer is long-lived: at least 800 years old (he claims it took him that long to learn to walk through walls), although he has no recollection of his full age. He is all white in color and weighs nothing. He can go intangible at will; the sensation of items passing through him tickles him and he usually has to concentrate. He can easily levitate and is able to fly into the air, even to the upper atmosphere; with concentration, he beat a propeller plane traveling at normal speed. He also has limited ability to morph his body with concentration, including twisting his face to appear scary or form parachutes; more unusual shapes can take several minutes to return to normal. He does not need to breathe (or can go for long periods without air), but still needs food for sustenance. He is affected by temperature, but generally appears to have enhanced durability. Despite his age, Homer is a primary school student with fluctuating grades, and has a fondness for fairy tales. He has a self-proclaimed large knowledge of spells, charms, goblins, spooks, hauntings and scaring people. He demonstrates problem-solving abilities, but is easily distracted. Despite his lower-than-adult intelligence, he was able to construct a rocket capable of flight. As a ghost of Ghost Town, he naturally induces fear once humans realize he is a ghost; however, he is also easily scared. Of note is that he has a permanent small halo over his head, helping to define his generally altruistic and helpful nature.

Height: 3' (by approximation)
Weight: 0 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: White forelock


(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/10 (fb) - BTS) - Homer's origins are unrevealed. As a ghost, it took him 800 years to learn to walk through walls with ease.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#1/1) - In the 1950s, Homer, his parents and Snappy, his ghost dog, moved into an old house in Ghost Town (populated by ghosts and not far from a human city). Homer went out to make friends and first encountered the belligerent bully Dugan, dim-witted Melvin, Invisible Irwin and the scatter-brained witch Zelda.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#1/3) - Homer and Dugan came across Zelda, weeping that Gobby Goblin had stolen her flying broomstick. Homer had Snappy trace Gobby's scent and they pursued Gobby to the city. Homer and Dugan duped the crowd at Radio City Hall that Gobby was a celebrity so that they crowded the thief, allowing the ghosts to retrieve the broom and return it to Zelda.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#1/6) - While walking together, Homer asked Invisible Irwin if his face was dirty, but Irwin replied his eyes were closed. They inadvertently scared an artist.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#1/10) - Homer and Irwin secretly watched Dugan tell someone he was tougher than him. This scared Homer and Irwin away, not realizing Dugan was talking to a mirror!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#1/11) - Homer made a snow-sled with a sail attached for fun, but Dugan gruffly challenged him to a race with his own snow-sled. However, Dugan cheated by cutting Homer's sails, so Homer used Melvin for a sail; when Homer and his sled fell into a hole Dugan had cut into the ice, Homer snagged a fish that rocketed his sled underwater, then over the ice across the finish line just ahead of the angry Dugan.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#2/1) - A wandering tramp encouraged Homer and Irwin to join Mr. Jones and his traveling circus, but the two ended up causing chaos and scaring the show's animals, so they left. When Homer arrived home, his mother surprised him with an invitation to the circus!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#2/2) - Homer and Dugan watched Zelda mix a concoction in her cauldron, only to discover it was vegetable soup!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#2/3) - Homer read the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk underneath a tree, then fell asleep and dreamed himself in the adventure. He woke to his father yelling at him to do his homework and was spanked for being late.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#2/4) - Homer and Irwin watched bully Dugan shove his way past other ghosts, who feared him. The two later saw him scolded by his mother for biting his nails.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#2/7) - Homer and Snappy the dog played a game of fetch using an old tin can, but Snappy got tired, so the dog used a magnet to bring back the can.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#2/10) - Zelda caused a small ruckus among the gang when she found a treasure map, but Gobby grabbed it and streaked ahead selfishly. Homer, Zelda and their young friends pursued Gobby, scaring city folk, and all ended up at the U.S. Mint at Fort Knox. They left the gold behind and on the journey home on Zelda's broomstick, they agreed that being an American was the greatest treasure!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/1) - Homer and Snappy enjoyed fun time at the beach until they encountered Blackbeard and his pirate gang (Baldy, Dudley, Horace, Hawkeye, Orville) burying a treasure chest. Thinking Homer belligerent, Blackbeard ordered the boy walk the plank, but he levitated off the end. Confused, all the pirates followed and fell into the sea instead. Homer (somehow) brought home the small pirate ship and treasure as souvenirs.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/3) - Homer and Melvin entered a department store. Homer tried to impress Melvin by listing the prices of items until Melvin asked the price of an actual exit sign.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/4) - Momma Ghost took an unwell Homer to Dr. A Nutt, but his ethereal and ghostly form scared the human doctor and left Dr. Nutt requiring medical attention instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/7) - Outside, (offering nothing) Homer tried unsuccessfully to teach Snappy to beg. He returned home where his mother offered a cookie to Snappy instead of Homer because the dog begged cutely.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/9) - Homer tried to impress Alice by asking tough ghost Dugan if he was looking for a fight; Homer then told Dugan he'd tell him if one was found!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/11) - Tipped off by Zelda, Homer, Dugan and Melvin used Zelda's broomstick to investigate a flying saucer and discovered two lost bipedal "Martians" (the aliens' generic term for extraterrestrials). The Martians took them for a quick ride but stole Zelda's broomstick for its value. Homer angrily phased in and took the broomstick back; the two groups parted ways.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/1) - Homer was left at home alone to do his homework when fugitive Dangerous Dan sought to hide there from police. Shocked by visitor Invisible Irwin and that Homer was a ghost, Dan soon ran out and gave himself up to police. Later, Homer tried explaining to his disbelieving parents why his homework had been interrupted.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/2) - Poppa Ghost tried spanking Homer for being naughty, but couldn't because ghosts can't be hit, so he tickled his son under his feet instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/3) - Homer and Dugan watched as Zelda tried a new magic trick and summoned a geni, but Joe the Geni was a burly worker unable to perform magic feats himself -- instead he charged by the hour. They couldn't escape him, even flying on Zelda's broomstick, so Homer came up with an idea and got him a job as a wrestler.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/4) - Momma Ghost was concerned that Homer was watching too much television. So Poppa Ghost removed the TV set and Homer stayed seated, watching the wall instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/5) - While riding together on Homer's homebuilt scooter, Melvin told Homer that he tore the pages out of a new book because he couldn't read and it was easier to carry.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/9) - Homer prompted Snappy to eat, but he stubbornly refused. Snappy only ate his bowl clean when Homer's back was turned. Just then, Homer's parents arrived and scolded him for not feeding the dog as his bowl was empty.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/10) - Excited by a rodeo show coming to town starring Tex Yewall, the Ghost Gang (Homer, Dugan, Irwin, Melvin, Zelda) rushed to the stadium. Dugan soon challenged Homer to a bucking bronco test to see who could stay on one the longest and they "borrowed" cowboy hats along the way. But the animals and crowd were soon spooked by the playful ghosts, and the stadium emptied. The gang went home on the back of a tamed bull.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/1) - Homer, Dugan and Melvin heard a fire truck rush past and flew after to investigate. A series of hijinks and mishaps ensued until the ghosts helped put out the fire by closing a skylight that the firefighters couldn't reach. The three were later disappointed to see that they helped save their school building from burning down.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/2) - Homer and Dugan caught Melvin practice playing violin outside, but without the violin because of noise complaints and because he had a piano teacher.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/3) - Snappy evaded Homer's efforts to give him a bath, so Homer craftily let him outside where the rain washed him instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/4) - Homer and Dugan chanced upon Timely Studios shooting a ghost movie. Mistaking them for actors, the director told them to get real costumes. The costume man showed them actor Boris Roaris posing dramatically in a sheet, which Homer ridiculed. Discovering the two were real ghosts, the studio quickly abandoned work for another project elsewhere.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/6) - Homer was doing a painting of a tree. Homer asked Alice, standing next to the tree, to keep smiling. She grew tired of this and became mad when she wasn't in the picture.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/7) - Poppa Ghost kept silencing Homer as he was hunting for his hat. Finally allowed to speak, Homer told him that Poppa had been sitting on his hat the whole time!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/8) - Melvin dug a very deep hole to plant a bush when oil suddenly burst out of the hole. Passing by, Irwin and Homer promised to keep watch until Melvin could file a claim with City Hall. But Homer discovered that Melvin had instead broken an underground oil pipeline.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/9) - Homer tossed around an idea to create a local circus with his friends; he would play the trapeze act, but Zelda had a mishap conjuring a giant.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/11) - Homer and Irwin took Zelda bowling, but the witch misunderstood all the rules and they baffled several onlookers.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/1) - Homer and Dugan found Melvin wearing a new Davy Crockett-style raccoon-skin hat. Dugan grabbed it and, after a long chase, ran into a group of Native Americans. Homer had an idea after a tense stand-off and a short fight with their champion; he gave them the "magic" hat in exchange for directions home and ensure peace. Afterward, they saw the champion levitating with the hat.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/2) - Slightly amused, Homer and Dugan watched as Melvin avoided each question the teacher asked dim-witted Melvin in the classroom.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/3) - Homer and Zelda found Zelda upset because Gobby the Goblin stole her magic book. Homer confronted Gobby but he refused, using magic against him. Homer devised a plan to have Invisible Irwin steal the book, but Irwin couldn't see without his spectacles. In the end, the magic book defended itself by whacking Gobby and flying back to Zelda.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/4) - Walking home from school, Homer asked Alice on a date, but she was busy each night with a different date. Only available Saturday yet hopeful, she was fobbed off by the frustrated Homer.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/5) - Zelda invited Homer and Dugan to dinner. Greedy Dugan mistakenly downed a bowl of dishwater while Zelda was in the kitchen, then ran off ill.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/8) - Frustrated that Homer had eaten all the jam, Momma and Poppa Ghost's anger was assuaged when Homer returned with top grades on his school report card.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/9) - Dugan joined Homer on a duck hunt with Snappy leading the way, but the dog just took them to a butcher's shop selling ducks!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/10) - Two hoods, Herman and Sherman, saw Homer come out of a cinema through a wall. Seeing an opportunity, they duped the altruistic Homer into helping them quietly get inside a bank and raid the vault. Homer realized their motives and used his ghostly form to scare the thieves be roped up for arrest. Homer and his parents later heard of it on the radio, but Homer stayed quiet.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/1) - Homer heard the radio warn of the villainous White-Sheet Willie, so he went into town to investigate and found the crook. But police soon arrived and because both were in white, the police took both before a judge. The white hood was removed from Willie while Homer's ghostly form could not penetrated, scaring them all. Later at home, Homer kept quiet and his parents thought he lacked interest in current events.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/2) - A small masquerade party was held in Ghost Town. Poppa Ghost awarded Zelda with the best mask; insulted, she bashed him  with the trophy as she wasn't wearing a mask!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/3) - After a movie featuring a dashing army hero, Alice revealed she loved men in uniforms. So Homer tried to join the U.S. Army to get a uniform. Mishaps with the desk sergeant and recruiting captain saw them faint when they learned Homer was a ghost. Alice was unimpressed when Homer later wore a doorman's uniform while working at the theater.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/4) - Alice was frustrated with Homer, who was bored at the art gallery with her. He finally found a piece that he liked, but it turned out to be a mirror reflecting his visage!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/5) - Homer tried unsuccessfully to teach Snappy to bark on command. Homer gave up and walked off with Alice. (The dog later spoke in English to the reader.)

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/9) - Melvin told his mother he was going on a hike with Homer but was confused about taking a bus.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/10) - Homer, Dugan and Melvin rushed to see Zelda's latest invention: a story-tale machine, which brought stories to life. Homer chose Sinbad the Sailor and instantly the storybook Sinbad appeared carried by the giant Roc bird. Homer caught him in a parachute form when Sinbad fell and after introductions, took him to his ship.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/1) - Homer encouraged Dugan, Irwin, Melvin and Gobby to join him watching a live recording of game-show "54 Thousand Dollar Question"; they scared the doorman away. Homer was selected as contestant and told the host of his supernatural knowledge. The audience and host treated it as comedic until Homer proved his ghostly abilities, then everyone fled scared and the studio shut down as haunted.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/3) - Homer called his friends together to meet his rich seafaring Uncle Goldplate at his docked yacht and they went for a quick sea trip. Bet Redbeard and his fellow pirates attacked, firing cannons. Homer followed his uncle's strategy to lead the charge, flying in, dropping cannonballs and cutting sails until the pirate surrendered. Returning home, Homer enthusiastically told his parents, but they shrugged it off in disbelief.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/5) - Homer asked Alice on a date but dismissed each idea she had. She walked away frustrated so Homer thought the problem lay with her gender.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/8) - Homer encouraged Zelda to get a new hat, so she went off shopping in the city.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/10) - Class teacher Miss Ghostly left a reluctant Homer in charge as monitor while she stepped out. The class misbehaved, but only cleaned up the mess and sat angelically just before Miss Ghostly returned. Impressed, she made Home class monitor for the rest of the term, much to his chagrin.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#9/1) - Homer led his friends Dugan, Melvin and Zelda to a baseball game between the Lions and Eagles at the local city stadium. Zelda was baffled by the game and caused many supernatural interruptions on field. Homer encouraged them to all leave quickly before tensions rose further.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#9/2) - Homer sought a goodnight kiss at the gate from Annie after a date. When she finally gave in with a peck on the cheek, he walked away, thinking her too easy.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#9/3) - Annie invited many friends (including Homer) to her birthday party. To save on their allowance money, the boy ghosts each bought her the cheapest present they could find, all of them being backscratchers from the same novelty store.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#9/8) - Melvin was very pleased with his bumper book of magic tricks which he showed Homer at his house. Melvin used Homer's father hat to try out a trick but instead ruined it, however, Poppa Ghost actually hated the hat and was happy that it had to go. Poppa Ghost rewarded the two boy ghosts with a dollar, which they used to buy sodas.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#9/9) - Zelda hinted to Homer, Melvin and Dugan that she wanted the special lipstick advertised in shop signage as a birthday gift, but the boys mistakenly bought the lipstick signboard for her instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#9/10) - Having been given a mini shotgun for his birthday, Homer went bear hunting and was quickly joined by Melvin and Zelda. They soon found one and, very scared, they fled on foot before climbing a tree. The bear followed but fell while the others levitated. Homer could not bring himself to shoot the unconscious bear. The bear swiftly recovered and just wanted to be friends.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#10/1) - Homer took his shotgun on a jungle expedition to shoot beavers to make his mother a fur coat. Keen for adventure, his friends joined him, but ran from various dangers including wild carnivorous animals and cannibals, until they found a cute beaver. Unable to bring himself to shoot it, Homer took the leashed beaver home as a pet for his mother instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#10/2) - Poppa and Momma Ghost, joined by Homer, went to the city to buy a car. In the car showroom, each car salesman fainted in fright when they discovered their customers were ghosts. This continued with the human cityfolk as the Ghosts phased through walls, leaving the family puzzled with the experience.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#10/3) - At the ice cream parlor, Homer encouraged Alice to have a banana split. When she finally said yes, she was angry that Homer wasn't paying for it.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#10/4) - Homer and Dugan made mud in the backyard of a beauty store to sell as popular beauty mudpack treatment (which coincidentally Zelda was about to buy).

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#10/10) - Gobby and two of his bullying goblin pals decided to kick out all the ghosts from Ghost Town and claim it as their own. They sent in a home-built robot to wreak havoc. From Homer's suggestion, Zelda magically created a more powerful robot that dismantled the goblins' robot and dumped it before the goblins.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#11/1) - Homer, Melvin, Dugan and Zelda were chatting about the fairytale Jack and the Giant Beanstalk when an old man sold Homer magic beans. Planting them, the beanstalk shot up and took them up to the giant's kingdom in the cloud, where the son proposed to Zelda but wanted to cage the ghosts. They escaped with Zelda. Homer chopped down the beanstalk, but Zelda looked for the man with the beans as she was attracted to the young giant's proposal.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#11/2) - Homer and Dugan found Zelda without her broom, which was in for repairs, so they fashioned a pogo stick from an old lawnmower. However, she lost control of the device and caused havoc, so she claimed her old unready and unsteady broom back. Homer and Dugan were unhappy that she rejected their help.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#11/8) - Homer and Dugan scrambled over a lost quarter on the sidewalk, but lost it to a grate in the road.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#11/10) - Zelda, Melvin, Dugan and Gobby spotted Homer baking a cake at home. Once the gang found out it was for $100 prize money, they all joined in, creating a huge mess for which Homer received a spanking from Momma Ghost. Homer still won the competition, but then discovered the prize was $100 worth of cake.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#12/1) - Relaxing in the forest with Zelda, Dugan and Melvin, Homer chanced upon Robin Hood's bow and arrow, to the amazement of all. Robin Hood and Little John appeared; Zelda and the ghosts helped the duo storm the Sheriff of Nottingham's castle, but discovering that Robin's paramour, Maid Marion, had grown obese waiting, Robin and Little John ran back to the forest followed by the surprised ghosts.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#12/3) - On a very hot day, Poppa and Momma Ghost sent Homer to buy an air conditioner. Delivered and installed the same day, the technician ran off when he found out the customers were ghosts. But the Ghost family found the aircon unit was too powerful for them, so it took all three of them to fly it back to the store and angrily drop it on the salesman.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#12/6) - Dugan mischievously duped Homer into trying out boxing gloves with him in a fight, but ended up hospitalizing himself instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#12/7) - Homer and Dugan chided Melvin after he was swindled buying a fake gold brick from a con artist. But a passing reporter identified it as the missing uranium brick wanted by an atomic lab with a huge reward. Hoping for the same returns, Homer, Dugan and Zelda then called out seeking more fake gold bricks to buy.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#12/8) - Alice wanted to spend time with Homer, but he dismissed each idea she had. She walked away frustrated, so Homer thought the problem lay with her gender.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#12/10) - Seeing a circus nearby, Homer and Dugan saw the ringmaster for a job and took on the new opening for the trapeze act. The duo used their supernatural levitating abilities to compensate for their lack of trapeze skills, but the dissatisfied spectators left, thinking them fakes, so the ringmaster kicked the ghosts out.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/1) - Homer showed Zelda, Melvin, Dugan and Gobby a giant egg he had found. It hatched and rapidly grew into a brontosaurus-type dinosaur, instantly taking to Zelda as a mother figure. Unsure what to do with it, they put it in a horse race, winning because of the chaos it caused. Eventually they sold it to Ghost Town Amusement Park as part of a roller coaster track.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/2) - Homer walked Snappy the ghost dog and made a sassy remark to an overbearing couple.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/4) - Homer watched on amused in class as Melvin unintentionally upset teacher Miss Ghostly with his responses to her questions about art.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/6) - Poppa Ghost blamed Homer's faults on Momma, but took credit for Homer's successes.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/8) - Outside her house, Homer and Dugan were duped by Zelda into thinking she had a date that evening because she had stolen a male mannequin for her window.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/9) - Initially frightened when they heard Bank Robber Brown and his two thugs were hiding out in Ghost Town, Homer, Melvin, Dugan and Zelda found bravery when they heard of the reward. Finding the thieves in a "haunted" house, the gang deliberately scared the crooks toward the police, but missed the reward when they were scared by a fluttering sheet.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/1) -  Discussing flying saucers, Homer, Dugan, Melvin and Zelda were shocked when two "Martians" (Ooog plus one other) in a flying saucer (X-13) suddenly arrived. These Martians' lower parts were monocycles; friendly, they took the Earthlings to Mars, revealing a society where Martians weren't afraid of anything--except ghosts. When Ooog found out his guests' true nature, he quickly returned them to Earth.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/5 [coloring page]) - Zelda was impressed that Homer was reading ghost stories while Dugan admitted they scared him.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/6) - Homer boasted to people how Snappy's barking made him a good watchdog, but that night, Snappy slept while a burglar robbed Homer's house.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/7) - Poppa Ghost tricked Homer into doing his homework in front of an unplugged television set so that the boy ghost couldn't be distracted.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/8) - Homer encouraged Melvin to take up ice skating, but Melvin found it easier without ice skates.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#14/10) - While returning bottles for deposit with Dugan, Homer discovered the Genie in a bottle. It obeyed his commands, including bringing his friends together and bringing fun rides, but the Genie demanded a hefty fee for his work, so Homer slyly made one last request and locked him inside the bottle again, throwing it onto a passing goods train.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/1) - In the city, Homer, Dugan, Melvin and Zelda heard from roving police that the criminal Tony Toughguy was on the loose. They chanced upon him in disguise and were fooled, but still unwittingly helped in his arrest.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/2) - Despite his mother's repeated coaxing in the morning, Homer was slow to get moving for the schoolday, but then rushed off before washing his face.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/3) - Homer found Zelda crying on the street. She revealed she won first prize for best mask at a masquerade ball, but she hadn't worn a mask to the event!

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/4) - Homer, Dugan, Melvin and Zelda supernaturally sneaked into a cinema to watch the movie Moby Dick from atop a chandelier. Inspired, they traveled out to sea to find a real whale and were eaten whole by a real white sperm whale. Through trickery, Homer had the whale return them home, beaching itself. To avoid fishing fines, they decided to briefly adopt the whale as a pet and had to get truckloads of fish food to feed it.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/5) - Homer warned Dugan from throwing snowballs at passing hats from behind a high fence. But Dugan continued and scored an angry policeman.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/7) - Dugan challenged Melvin, Homer, Alice, Zelda and Gobby to a race around Ghost Town to determine the fastest. They were surprised to find Homer at the finish line ahead of them until he revealed he chose not to race.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/8 [coloring page]) - Two boys, Eggbert and Elvis, wandered slightly scared in Ghost Town, not finding anything, while Homer hovered above them out of sight.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/10) - Dugan, Melvin, Gobby and Zelda were surprised to find Homer reading fairy tales. Homer later fell asleep while reading Sleeping Beauty and dreamed of a sorcerous knight who imprisoned an ugly princess. Cursed by a kiss to marry her, Homer escaped the dream and eschewed fairy tales.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/12) - Homer was keen to take Alice to a dance night and offered to do chores to win her over. But she tired him out with so many tasks that he fell asleep and she went to the dance with Dugan instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#15/1) - Broke, the Ghost Gang (Homer, Dugan, Melvin, Zelda) answered a newspaper ad from a fraternity to haunt a house as part of an initiation for a new student. They instead scared witless a new door-to-door salesman for Live Magazine as the student never showed, so the ghosts were never paid.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#15/2 [coloring page]) - Homer was lifted away by helium balloons at a fair, leaving Momma Ghost and the seller wondering where he had gone off to.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#15/3) - Homer received a sled for his birthday. He excitedly dressed in thick clothing but reaching outside, he realized there was no snow!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#15/4) - Homer succumbed to Snappy's begging for the last lamb chop from Homer's dinner, but Snappy just buried it in the garden for later and returned to beg for more food.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#15/5) - Melvin borrowed the thickest book from the city library so that he could use it as a step to nail a picture on the wall, watched by Homer.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#15/7) - Homer called Melvin and Dugan to join him watching Zelda prepare what he thought was a powerful spell, but she was just using new soap to clean her clothes!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#15/11) - Dugan found an old stove abandoned in a vacant lot. He took it for cookouts with his friends, but thought he needed coal. Homer, Melvin and Zelda joined him on an adventure to find a coal, but caused an explosion in a coal mine. Despondent, they returned only to find it was an oil stove. Dugan said he had that fuel, but the others were fed up and left.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/1) - Homer brought home his school report card with low grades to his parents, but coupled it with a book promoting the lenient disciplining of children.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/2) - Seeing Snappy the ghost dog sleeping in the rain prompted Homer to build him a kennel, but the next day, Snappy slept outside it anyway!

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/3) - Mad scientist Doctor Doom fooled Homer, Dugan, Melvin and Zelda into helping him evade police. In his lab, he unveiled his destructive robot Monstro and sought to eliminate them to keep their silence, but realizing their supernatural nature, he fled. The Ghost Gang pursued and Zelda stopped him with a spell.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/4 [coloring page]) - Homer laughed at the notion that Melvin discovered a dinosaur egg, but it hatched behind him.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/6) - Homer, Melvin and Gobby saw Zelda furiously stirring her cauldron, only to discover she was cleaning her petticoat!

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/7) - Zelda encouraged Homer, Melvin and Dugan to join her on a rare-egg hunt, but they unwittingly claimed a golf ball, thinking it a prize egg.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/8) - Homer picked up Alice for a dance night, but criticized her new hat that she had specially bought to impress him. He went sad, alone and bruised to the dance instead.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/10) - To impress Alice, Homer aggressively challenged tough guy Dugan to knock a piece of paper off his shoulder. Dugan did so and Homer told Alice that Dugan did what he instructed.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/13) - Homer, Melvin and Dugan were upset that the Black Witch had been sent by the Witches' Union to replace Zelda, who was banished. Homer and Dugan rescued her and restored her faith in herself. Zelda outwitted the Black Witch and the gang were happy again.

(Adventures of Homer Ghost I#2/14) - Homer bought a camera, but everyone in the Ghost Gang wanted to be in the photo, therefore no one would take it. Homer returned it for tiddlywinks instead.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/1) - The fiendish Mad Scientist sprinkled his shrinking powder randomly over people, including Homer, Dugan, Melvin and Zelda. They gave chase with Homer pretending to be the villain's conscience, but instead the scientist shrunk him further with more powder so that Homer was ant-sized. Homer tickled the fiend until police arrested him. Homer evaded homework for two days until the powder's effects wore off.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/2) - Gobby Goblin made large demands to substitute for the absent Dugan before a baseball match; Homer reluctantly assented until Dugan turned up.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/4) - Poppa Ghost ordered Homer to clean up his room, but Homer just kept shifting his mess to different parts of the house. Poppa finally acceded and returned the mess to Homer's room while Homer was out playing.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/5) - Homer had great difficulty with archery but, seeing Scrappy, warned the dog to go somewhere safe. So Scrappy stood by the bullseye target!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/7 [coloring page]) - Homer and Gobby pushed Melvin to wear an Elvis-type wig to compete in an amateur music night for the prize money.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/9) - Dugan derided Homer for using an umbrella in light drizzle, but then saw Homer share it with Alice. Later, in sunshine, Dugan stood ready with an open umbrella so he could help a girl.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/10) - Homer was happy with his camera on a sunny day, taking great photos, but became saddened when he realized he had no film in the camera.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/12) - Homer was impressed that Zelda won first prize cup in a beauty contest until she revealed there hadn't been any other contestants.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#16/14) - Relaxing, Homer pondered how good it would be to have a million dollars. Zelda cast a spell to help out, but it yielded a map to the creepy Dead Man's Cave. All were scared, but dug at the correct spot until they found the treasure chest--which was empty. Zelda's spell called only for a chest, not money. The ghosts left her in the hole they'd dug.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/1) - Despite Poppa Ghost's insistence, Homer refused to wash his hands before dinner as he was going to use knife and fork.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/3) - Homer and his friends (Alice, Dugan, Melvin, Zelda) went to see a prize fight, but the opponent for the massive boxer Gorilla Grogan didn't show up. Bully Dugan backed down, but Homer went forward. Supernatural abilities gave him the advantage and he knocked out Grogan, winning the $100 prize money, and they sped home on Zelda's broomstick.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/4) - Zelda bought one ticket to the cinema, insisting she only needed one seat, as her three ghost friends (Homer, Dugan, Melvin) levitated in a stack above her.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/5 [coloring page]) - A plane pilot who flew advertising banners lamented that Homer, having taken up the same role but flying by himself, had put him out of business (however, the editorial box indicated that Homer would quickly get bored with that).

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/7) - Homer invited Alice to paint the town red later. She thought it meant a date, but Homer meant it literally, appearing later in overalls, brush and a paint pot.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/13) - Homer, Dugan, Melvin and Alice made fun of Zelda for reading the "fairytale" Alice in Wonderland, so the witch cast a spell that dropped them into a fantasy world where they were harassed by the Cheshire Cat and chased by various threats until they escaped back to the real world with Zelda. Trying to reorient themselves, the  ghosts took to reading.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/1) - Unhappy with how they were being represented in their magazine, Homer, the Happy Ghost, the Ghost Gang (Homer, Alice, Dugan, Melvin, Zelda) traveled to Brooklyn to confront pretzel-munching Stan and golf-putting Dan. The gang pushed their way into the office, their supernatural nature shocking Stan and Dan, who didn't realize that the characters they wrote and drew were real. Having said their piece, the gang flew out the upper-story window. Later, the ghosts wondered if Stan and Dan knew how lucky they were to receive advice from their characters (but the creative duo were being chased by mental health workers with big nets!).

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/2) - Zelda told Homer that she was disappointed that her blind date was female, despite the date's positive characteristics.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/4) - Homer, Dugan and Zelda warned Melvin as he set off alone that a dangerous fugitive named Robert the Robber was loose. Melvin obliviously led to his capture and later met his friends for a soda.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/5) - A talent scout for a ghost movie role had the gang excited, but they dismissed Dugan as he was too rough and dirty looking, but this was exactly what the scout was looking for and Dugan got the part.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/6) - Homer, Alice, Dugan and Melvin came to the aid of Zelda, who was being troubled by the maleficent and power-hungry Black Witch. Homer tricked the Black Witch and made her reverse her spells, and she was forced to flee.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/7) - Ambitious Gobby Goblin had to bring a ghost prisoner to his secret goblin society and he almost hypnotized Homer for this, but Zelda came to Homer's aid by reversing the hypnosis. To teach him a lesson, the gang painted Gobby white to look like ghost and sent him back to his secret clubhouse to get in further trouble.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/10) - Homer bought a cheap wishing ring, but all it caused was cascading trouble, so he returned it to the store. He later broke Melvin's oil lamp when Melvin suggested pretending it was a genie's lamp.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#18/11) - Homer wore an ugly mask to scare people, but was frustrated at the complete lack of success. But when people saw him as a ghost, they ran away frightened!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#19/1) - Homer, Dugan, Melvin and Gobby discovered Zelda had secretly created a time machine in the form of a telephone booth(!). She took them to ancient Rome, but Dugan's rambunctious behavior brought an immediate death sentence from the passing Julius Caesar. They escaped only to land in the arena before fleeing back to the time machine and returning to their own time. But then Caesar followed them out...!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#19/2) - Dugan challenged Homer to see who could fly the highest with Zelda the judge and watched by Gobby. The two flew beyond the clouds and into the outer atmosphere, where they encountered the Soviet satellite Noodnik. The Russians fired missiles at what they thought were Martians on their satellite, so the ghosts cast it down onto the missile launchers before returning to their friends, but Zelda and Gobby were listening to radio reports of Martians knocking out a Soviet satellite. Homer regretted missing the action on the surface.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#19/4) - Homer caught Snappy the dog playing in mud and struggled giving him a bath, but immediately afterward Snappy just ran back out into the mud.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#19/5) - Alice invited Homer to watch television together, but they only watched Alice's picks of romance and fashion shows. She called Homer selfish when he wanted to check sport scores.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#19/9) - Momma and Poppa Ghost saw happy Homer and imagined his future life where he would eventually forget them, and told him off for that!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#19/10) - Homer built a lifelike snowman and Zelda, as a prank, cast a spell that made her friends and nearby people think it was alive and wreaking havoc.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/1) - The Ghost Gang (Homer, Dugan, Melvin, Zelda) discussed dragons and Dugan asserted they didn't exist, so Homer suggested that Zelda conjure one up to change Dugan's mind. But the magical dragon proved too fierce and followed them into the city until Zelda could magically banish it away. After all that, Dugan still refused to believe in dragons!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/2) - Gobby was jealous that the ghosts had earned money to buy a soda, but his begging caused damage to the soda shop that he had to work to pay off.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/3) - Homer and Dugan invited Melvin to play baseball with them, but Melvin wanted to stay out of trouble.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/4) - Homer left Snappy outside as he went into a store to check on comics, but a dog catcher caught Snappy and took him to the dog pound. Homer gave chase and ignored the catcher's restrictions for dog permits. The ghostly abilities of Homer and Snappy as they traversed through walls left the dogcatcher in a mental mess.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/5) - Alice was hopeful that Homer would ask her to a dance, but Zelda advised her to play hard to get. After briefly doing so, Homer moved on to find another date.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/6) - Poppa Ghost and Homer argued over who could watch which television show, so Momma Ghost resolved it by watching her favorite TV show instead!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/7) - Homer and Dugan played a trick on Melvin while playing hide and seek by floating higher in the air than he was.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/8) - Homer saw Zelda arrive home excitedly with a long box. She told him it was a garage and Homer realized she only drove a broom!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#20/10) - Dugan, Homer and Melvin pitched in to get Zelda a new book of magic spells for her birthday, but it led to her unintentionally casting a chaotic pinballing of extreme weather conditions that earned her a fine for "spooking the weather without permission" from Officer White.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/1) - Homer was satisfied with the first small rocket he made to go to the moon. His friends (Dugan, Melvin, Stringbean, Gobby, Zelda) were excited and helped him make a larger version with a rubber band for propulsion. They rocketed upward into the atmosphere, thinking they were headed to the moon, but instead landed in the Grand Canyon, Colorado, where they mistook a local farmer for a moon-man until he corrected them. The troop headed home with Homer determined to get the rocket ready for moon travel.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/2) - Homer tricked Melvin into an unfair exchange of coinage, but Melvin was using the coins that had fallen out of Homer's wallet.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/3) - Zelda showed off a movie camera she received for her birthday and the gang (Homer, Alice, Dugan, Melvin, Stringbean) wanted to appear in her home movies, performing awkward and exhausting tasks, until she revealed she hadn't yet put film in!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/6) - Snappy begged for food while Homer was reading. Homer interrupted his reading, but the dog walked away, satisfied he'd received attention.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/7) - Homer, Dugan and Gobby were concerned when Mr. Octane left troubled Melvin in charge of his gas station and garage. The three didn't see the chaos and ensuing anger Melvin caused, so they were surprised at Melvin's negative attitude afterward.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/9) - Flying over New York with his pals, Homer begged Zelda to turn him into a human so he could experience it. Unsure, Zelda obliged and Homer's friends, Dugan, Melvin and Gobby, helped where they could. Homer was trapped in the human condition, frightened of ghosts, feeling cold, unable to go through walls and with unusable Ghost Town currency. In trouble, Homer called out for Zelda to return him to ghost form and they returned home. Homer stated he felt lucky to be a ghost.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/10) - Momma Ghost offered Homer various dinner options, which he was all happy with, only to discover she had no ingredients. The only viable option was untasty and he was scolded.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/1) - At the museum, Homer, Melvin and Zelda looked at dinosaur bones. Later, while digging for worms for bait, Melvin found a large dinosaur egg, which immediately hatched. The brontosaurus-type dinosaur grew rapidly and chased the trio into the city, causing panic, until Homer lured it out to sea and onto a deserted island. Once back home, Melvin and Homer became angry when Dugan appeared with small eggs.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/2) - Zelda challenged the fastest ghost, the simple-minded Melvin, to a race watched by Homer, but Zelda fooled Melvin into believing she had outrun him.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/4) - Homer dreamt that Alice was kissing him on the cheek, but woke up to find it was his dog Snappy licking his face!

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/5) - Homer stalled doing a window-washing task set by his parents by citing a bit more reading, but he was just waiting for rain to prevent him going outside.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/6) - Homer and Dugan were shocked to see Zelda badly injured until she revealed she tried flying without her broomstick.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/7) - Momma and Poppa Ghost were told their great-great-great-great-great grand-uncle George had passed away, leaving them $1 million. They feigned grief, but soon Homer joined them in buying extravagant items on credit. The lawyer returned the next day, revealing that the inheritance was worthless Confederate money.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/9) - In their clubhouse, the gang (Homer, Dugan, Melvin, Gobby, Zelda) listened to a radio broadcast warning of dangerous jail escapees, the Bongo brothers, who soon chose the clubhouse to hide from the police. The ghosts surreptitiously signaled to police outside, but it was the ghosts' supernatural nature that had the scared villains run back to the police. The ghosts hoped for a reward, but instead received a fine for having a club meeting without a license.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo.

Homer, the Happy Ghost certainly looks (deliberately?) similar to Casper the Friendly Ghost, the latter beginning as cartoon in 1945, then comics in 1952.

Homer, the Happy Ghost was one the last to fall when Atlas Comics axed titles. Maybe it's time for a return somewhere?

Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/3 (June, 1957) shows Zelda upset at coming 1st at a masquerade ball when she hadn't worn a mask. Maybe she was recalling the time in Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/2 (March, 1956) when it happened at a small party hosted by Poppa Ghost, but Homer didn't indicate it related to that.

Homer and his gang meet a "Martian" pair, both with big heads, just different means of mobility (2 legs vs. 1 wheel) at different times, the first is #3/11 (July, 1955), then later in #14/1 (May, 1957). Did the gang forget? Are they the same Martians? Or recycled jokes (there certainly seem to be a few of those)? The 2nd Martian pair arrived in a flying saucer labeled X-13, a designation that would be used a few years later for a monstrous robot in Strange Tales I#93 (June, 1962).

In the "meta" story in #18/1, where the Ghost Gang meet their storytellers, the surnames of Stan and Dan aren't revealed in-story, but given the real-life creators are Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo, it's clear who they're meant to be.

Zelda's time machine modeled as a telephone booth in #19/1 (May, 1958) predates Dr. Who's time-traveling phone booth (1st broadcast in November, 1963). Zelda's time machine seemed a little bigger on the inside too (like Dr. Who's), as Caesar was able to hide in there without the Ghost Gang seeing him (presumably Zelda returned Caesar to his own time afterward).

I'm not sure there's a biological connection between Homer and his parents (probably, given Melvin said the stork brought ghosts and humans into the world (euphemism for being born to a mother) in #15/1), or even if they are ghosts in the traditional sense (being a human boy was a unique experience indicates that Homer had never been human). It may be that they are as-yet undocumented long-lived life-forms that just have the characteristics of ghosts and have adopted that identity, but have long since forgotten why or when that happened. At any rate, Ghost seemed a common surname for, um, ghosts in this book.

A bunch of stories were reprinted by Marvel with slightly modified covers in a 4-issue series in 1969, as well as a 28-issue reprint run by Australian publisher Horwitz (ca. 1956) with new and modified covers.

Given the long life of Homer, I've kept the profile in the chronological order that the stories appear.

Thanks to Grand Comics Database for additional information.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Homer Ghost has no known connections to:

Bank Robber Brown

Bank Robber Brown and his two dopey thugs (names unrevealed) were hiding out in Ghost Town. Homer, Melvin, Dugan and Zelda sought to secure the reward for the thieves' capture. Finding the thieves in a "haunted" house, the gang deliberately scared the crooks toward the police.








--Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/9

Bongo Brothers

The Bongo brothers were a pair of dangerous jail escapees, who, still dressed in prison clothes, chose the Ghost Gang's clubhouse to hide from the police search party. The ghosts surreptitiously signaled to police outside, but it was the ghosts' supernatural nature that had the scared villains run back to the police.








--Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/9

Dangerous Dan

The armed fugitive Dangerous Dan sought to hide from police in Homer's house in Ghost Town, where Homer was home alone doing homework. Shocked by visitor Invisible Irwin and that Homer was actually a ghost, Dan soon ran out and gave himself up to police nearby.








--Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/1


Goldplate was Homer's rich seafaring ghost uncle. His large yacht was the Sea Spook II and was armed with cannons. He visited Ghost Town, and welcomed Homer and his friends onboard for a quick trip, but Redbeard and his gang (unaware Goldplate was a ghost) attacked from their pirate ship. Cannonballs flew, but Goldplate had his nephew lead the charge, dropping captured cannonballs and cutting sails on Redbeard's ship. Redbeard soon surrendered and presumably Uncle Goldplate made good on his promise to claim the reward on Redbeard.






--Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/3

Gorilla Grogan

Gorilla Grogan was a fierce boxer in a prize match that Homer and the Ghost Gang had come to watch. His opponent had failed to show, so a prize of $100 was set for anyone who could stay five minutes in the ring with him. Bully Dugan thought he could until he saw Grogan's massive size. Homer bravely went forward in his stead. Aided initially with a blow from Zelda's flying broom, Homer used his supernatural ghost abilities to evade Grogan's blows then knocked out Grogan by cutting the lights onto his head.










--Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/3

Tony Toughguy

 The criminal Tony Toughguy was on the loose, adopting simple false disguises and muddled excuses to dupe passers by. The Ghost Gang (Homer, Dugan, Melvin, Zelda) chanced upon him in the city and were fooled, but still unwittingly helped in his arrest.







--Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/1

images: (without ads)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#10/3, p1, pan1 (main image)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#19, p19 (headshot)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#9, cover (catching baseball)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#27 (Horwitz reprint), cover (levitating beyond plank)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/4, p3, pan7 (weight)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/5, p1, pan2 (on home-made scooter)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/1, p2, pan1 (flying)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#7/10, p2, pan6 (parachute shaped)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/1, p5, pan1-2 (disappearing demo)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/3, p2, pan4 (stretched spooky face)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/4, p2, pan4 (light through head)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6, cover (quivering in fear)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/1, p1, pan1 (with 1st rocket)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#21/9, p2, pan7 (transformed into boy)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#13/9, p5, pan4 (Bank Robber Brown)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/9, p2, pan1 (Bongo Bros)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/1, p1, pan5 (Dangerous Dan)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8/3, p4, pan1 (Uncle Goldplate)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#17/3, p3, pan4 (Gorilla Grogan)
Adventures of Homer Ghost I#1/1, p4, pan3 (Tony Toughguy)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#8, cover (inverted, levitating while watching)

Homer, the Happy Ghost I#1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/10-1/11 (March, 1955) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)
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Homer, the Happy Ghost I#4/1-4/5, 4/9-4/10 (September, 1955) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#5/1-5/4, 5/6-5/9, 5/11 (November, 1955) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)
Homer, the Happy Ghost I#6/1-6/5, 6/8-6/10 (January, 1956) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)
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Homer, the Happy Ghost I#10/1-10/4, 10/10 (September, 1956) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)
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Homer, the Happy Ghost I#22/1-22/2, 22/4-22/7, 22/10 (November, 1958) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)

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