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Classification: Humanoid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Mars (see comments)

Known Members: Names unrevealed

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Dugan, Homer Ghost, Melvin, Zelda

First Appearance: Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/11 (July, 1955)

Powers/Abilities: The "Martians'" standard of technology is far advanced that of Earth regarding interstellar travel, although they seem to rely on old-style fold-out maps. While they appear to generate "audible" speech, their mouths are used to express emotion. Two antennae mounted in line with their eyes seem to serve as ears. Their main egg-like torso incorporates standard facial characteristics, including a large proboscis. The "Martians" indicated no heightened sense of smell, so this extension may have served for air intake or speech generation. Otherwise, they showed no different physical abilities beyond those of a human.

Traits: These "Martians" coveted property to steal and sell on Mars; it can only be speculated if this applies to others of their species. Short but different hairstyles and lower torso/leg clothing suggest this helps with gender identification.

Type: Bilaterally symmetric bipeds
Eyes: Two (upper torso)
Fingers: Three (including opposable thumb)
Toes: Unrevealed
Skin color: "Pink" (comparable to Caucasian humanity)
Average height: 4'


(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/11 (fb) - BTS) - A pair of "Martians" flying in their red X-13 flying saucer became lost while seeking Venus (the "star") and landed on a mountain near Ghost Town, confusing Earth with the Moon. Zelda the witch spotted the flying saucer as she flew nearby on her broomstick.

(Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/11) - Zelda informed her ghost friends Homer, Melvin and Dugan of the flying saucer, and the ghosts borrowed her broomstick to fly over and investigate. The trio found the two "Martians" clambering out of the cockpit and the pair asked for directions. The "female" "Martian" grew increasingly irate at the delay and the pair realized they were dramatically off-course. The friendly ghosts asked for a ride in the flying saucer and the "Martians" happily obliged. Dugan let slip of the flying broomstick and the "Martians" were instantly interested, plotting to take it so they could sell it for a lot of money back home. They landed their flying saucer and while the ghosts were distracted, grabbed the broomstick and locked themselves in their spacecraft, readying for takeoff. But Homer used his ghost abilities to phase through the saucer's hull and took the broomstick back, phasing out again along with the magic broomstick. Thinking the planet haunted, the "Martians" quickly blasted away in their flying saucer.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee & Dan DeCarlo.

The curious offhand comment, intended as a story joke, "isn't everybody [a Martian]?" has wider implications. If many extraterrestrials use a type of universal translator device, then perhaps the cavalcade of "Martians" encountered by mid-20th Century humans (who had little awareness of the greater universe) were simply aliens misidentified by translation units that equated "Martian" with "extraterrestrial" to make it easy for ignorant humans to understand.

A monocycle variation of Martians was encountered by Homer in issue #14/1. These Martians also flew a red X-13 flying saucer and were scared of ghosts. However, Homer had apparently forgotten about this earlier Martian meeting by then.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Homer's bipedal "Martians" have no known connections to:

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Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/11, p2, pan8 (main image)
   p3, pan2 (isn't everybody a Martian?)
   p3, pan4 (with map)

Homer, the Happy Ghost I#3/11 (July, 1955) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks)

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