compellor beam-rigellian-thor134COMPELLOR BEAM

Classification: Extraterrestrial (Rigellian) technology

Creator: Unidentified Rigellian(s)

Possessors: Rigellian Inspectors, at least

First AppearanceThor I#134 (November, 1966)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Compellor Beam was projected from a small, hand-held device, and it surrounded a target and apparently forced that being to obey the commands of the one projecting the beam. 

    Whether the beam controlled the body, the mind, or both, is unrevealed.

    The device was effective against Rigellians -- at least when utilized by another Rigellian -- who had some psychic abilities of their own. 

    The device was almost certainly effective against non-Rigellians, but the Rigellians tended to use their mind-thrust against others.  

(Thor I#134) - After Thor had defeated Ego the Living Planet and saved Rigel-3 from the threat of the Black Galaxy, a pair of Rigellians returned with Thor to Earth. Thor questioned Rigellian Colonizer Tana Nile -- who had been given claim to Earth prior to Thor's saving the Rigellians and ensuring Earth's liberation -- about his missing lover, Jane Foster, learning only that Tana had sent her away to parts unknown. 

    One of the other Rigellians then silenced Tana, using a compellor beam to place her in their custody. The Rigellians then led Tana to enter the ship that awaited them on the roof. 

    Once they entered the ship, the other Rigellians released Tana from the beam and told her that since Rigel had been saved from the threat of the Black Galaxy, she would receive the highest reward for her part in their good fortune: The the High Commissioner had chosen her to be his wife, and she would rule a galaxy alongside him. Having loved the Commissioner from afar for years, Tana was happy to return to Rigel.

CommentsCreated by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Vince Colletta.

Profile by Snood.

The Compellor Beam should be distinguished from:

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Thor I#134, pg. 4, panel 5 (Tana under effects of Compellor Beam)

Thor I#134 (November, 1966) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (penciler), and Vince Colletta (inker)

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