Real Name: Zakkim

Identity/Class: Human magic-user (active between 1st through 10th Centuries to modern era)

Occupation: frog;
former king

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: John, Nancy, Ozaan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: King Zakkim

Base of Operations: hibernating in a burrow;
    formerly the kingdom of Tyrannia;
1st through 10th Centuries

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#104/3 (January, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: The Frog-Man had a working knowledge of black magic, but he only demonstrated the power to put himself in suspended animation for a thousand years. As King Zakkim heavily armed guards accompanied him. As the Frog-Man he could still use his magic, and retained his intelligence, but was otherwise an ordinary bullfrog.

History: (Strange Tales I#104/3) - <one thousand years ago> The evil king Zakkim ruled his kingdom of Tyrannia with an iron fist. One day a magician named Ozaan visited his court, and transformed the king into a Frog-Man. The newly transformed king fled his court, afraid of reprisal from his long-suffering citizens. He then entered a burrow and went into a trance for a thousand years, hoping that in the future there would be a cure for his condition.

(Strange Tales I#104/3) - The Frog-Man awoke in the modern era, and the first sight he beheld was John and Nancy, a couple dressed as giant frogs. The Frog-Man made the assumption that all humanity had evolved into giant frogs. Not wanting to live in a world of frogs, he went back into suspended animation, this time permanently.




Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

As with many 1950's and 1960's Marvel monster stories, this story is not confirmed as part of Earth-616 continuity, but there's nothing to exclude it either.
    --Leave it in unless something rules it out!--Snood.

The Frog-Man made his very stupid assumption about humanity transforming into giant frogs based on his knowledge of the theory of evolution. Since when did the theory of evolution exist in 1000 A.D.?

Strange Tales I#104/3 was reprinted in Where Monsters Dwell#10.


The Frog-Man has known connection to:

Ozaan has no known connection to:

John and Nancy

Couple that went in matching frog costumes to a costume ball. Their appearance frightened Frog-Man enough to make him go back into hiding.

--Strange Tales I#104/3






Sorcerer who traveled to Tyrannia to perform for the people. When he learned about their tyrant Zakkim, he turned the evil king into a bullfrog. Having ended the king's reign he released all of Tyrannia's unfairly imprisoned citizens.

--Strange Tales I#104/3






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Where Monsters Dwell#10 (July, 1971)

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