Real Name: Shann

Identity/Class: Unidentified extraterrestrial race

Occupation: Monarch

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Andromian race

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Shann the Conqueror

Base of Operations: His palace, on an unidentified planet (see comments)

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish I#54/3 (April, 1964)

Powers/Abilities: Shann is an excellent military tactician. He also has plenty of weapons (you know, the type that alien planets always had in the 60's). However, he is not very good at planning ahead.

  History: (Tales to Astonish I#54/3)- Shann was the ruler of an alien race who lived perfectly. However, he felt that the idyllic life they were leading was causing them to take him for granted. So, he decided to conquer the weak alien race known as the Andromians, believing he would be praised. His army conquered Andromia, and Shann was a hero. However, the Andromians were left destitute and hungry. As they were now members of his kingdom, he sent technicians and food to their planet, and had extra goods manufactured for them. As a result, people worked longer, taxes went up, and people became unhappy. Rumor spread that Shann conquered the Andromians so he would be popular (you think?). Shann became depressed, as he was the most despised person within his realm.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber.

This was, fairly obviously, part of the "Tales of the Wasp" back-up stories in Tales to Astonish, and was basically just a story the Wasp made up.

The month of Shann’s debut, April 1964, was also the debut month of: The Enchantress! The Executioner! The Black Widow! And Daredevil! Shann fits right in there…

Shann's world was described as "a planet far away in time and space." This description would fit, too, for the Andromians. It is unrevealed whether this occurred in the past or in a potential future...I prefer the former, because the latter would place these events in an alternate reality, and we'd probably never know if the race(s) even existed in Reality-616.

Profile by Voice of Doom

CLARIFICATIONS: Shann the Conqueror should be distinguished from:

Anyone else with "Conqueror" in their name

Tales to Astonish I#54/3 (April, 1964) - Stan Lee (plot/editor), Larry Lieber (script/pencils), Sol Brodsky (inks)

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