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Real Name: William Lemuel "Willie" Lumpkin

Identity/Class: Human, citizen of the United States of America (pre-modern to modern era)

Occupation: United States Postal courier (retired)

Group Membership: None;
formerly United States Postal Service

Affiliations: Aquarian, Miss Birdie, Phil Bluster, Charlie Boomer, Nicole Boose, Tom Brevoort, Lila Brown, Caesar, Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Pee-Wee Corkle, Cuddles, Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Elektro, Fantastic Four (Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards-Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura, Thing/Ben Grimm), Fenwick, Fountainhead, Christian Fullerton, Future Foundation (Ahura, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Adolf Impossible, Kor, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Mik, Miss Thing/Darla Deering, Onome, Alex Power, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu), Deborah Green, Doreen Greenwald, Felicia Hardy, H.E.R.B.I.E, Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner), Impossible Man (Impy), Inhumans (Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Triton), J. Jonah Jameson, Marla Jameson, Rick Jones, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Lockjaw, Masked Marvel, Alicia Masters, "Alicia Masters" (Lyja), Mister Mintmore, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Dr. Jeannine O'Connell, Otto Octavius, Mary-Jane Watson-Parker, May Parker, Peter Parker, Pomeroy, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Franklin Richards, Nathaniel Richards, Joe Robertson, Randy Robertson, Roberta, Roberta Rosselini, Sentry #459, Silver Surfer (Norrin Rad), Songbird (Melissa Joan Gold), Rinkydinks, Eugene "Flash" Thompson, Sun Tszu, Uatu the Watcher, Ulana the Watcher, Wyatt Wingfoot, Ben Urich, Kristy Watson

Enemies: Awesome Android, Electro (Max Dillon), Firebrand, Ghost of Christmas Past, Headmen (Chondu the Mystic, Gorilla Man/Arthur Nagan, Ruby Thursday, Shrunken Bones), Mad Thinker, Nightmare

Known Relatives: Bill "Gramps" Lumpkin (grandfather, presumed deceased), unidentified wife (presumed deceased), Wilhemina "Billie" Lumpkin (niece), Frederick "Freddie" Lumpkin (nephew), Mrs. Lumpkin (niece-in-law), Timothy "Timmy" Lumpkin (grand-nephew)

Aliases: Lumpy (common nickname), "chum" (nickname used by Boomer), "old timer" (nickname used by Mr. Fantastic), "mundane degenerate" (nickname used by the Ghost of Christmas Past),

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                formerly New York City, New York;
                                formerly Glenville, Nebraska

First Appearance: Willie Lumpkin newspaper strip (1960); (Marvel) Fantastic Four I#11 (February, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Willie Lumpkin possesses no known superhuman powers. An experienced mail carrier, Lumpkin is helpful, loyal and dutiful to a fault. Willie often jokingly refers to his one superpower: the ability to wiggle his ears.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White (blond in youth)


(Marvel Age I#107) - Attending a college basketball match with his buddy Stretch, Willie wondered why the tall student never tried out for the team. Stretch dismissed the notion immediately, which Willie found remarkable since basketball players are admired by all the girls. With a big smirk, Stretch agreed with him, adding: "But while they're cheering for them, they're sitting with us!".

(Marvel Age I#54 (fb) - BTS) - At an unrevealed point, Willie Lumpkin became a mail carrier in Glenville, Nebraska.

(Marvel Age I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Willie started living with his grandfather Gramps.

(Marvel Age I#67 (fb) - BTS) - At one point, Willie started coaching the Little League team the Rinkydinks.

(Marvel Age I#59 (fb) - BTS) - Walking his route during a snow storm, Willie was accidentally covered by all the snow that fell from the roof of the house he happened to be delivering a letter to.

(Marvel Age I#59) - A year later, Willie was once again covered by snow that dropped off the roof of the same house he got hurt at earlier.

(Marvel Age I#55) - Taken to the hospital for treatment, Willie complained to the staff about how little he got to eat. When the doctor told him he shouldn't overdo it, a sarcastic Lumpkin fired back they should remember that when they send him the bill.

(Marvel Age I#89) - While Willie was resting comfortably in the hospital, a well intended nurse readjusted his bed causing the postman to wake up all bent out of shape.

(Marvel Age I#105) - Willie got annoyed when no less than four doctors got paged over the P.A.-system, causing the usually mild mannered mailman to yell out to the nurses to change the channel.

(Marvel Age I#106) - Willie perked up when he heard about the various new miracle drugs that were around. His attending nurse agreed with him, raving about the fact science was making giant strides every day with new antibiotics and other fantastic wonder drugs, before handing him a simple aspirin.

(Marvel Age I#65) - Willie was visited by his friend and colleague Boomer who excitedly mentioned he was sure his chum couldn't wait to get back to work, carrying his mailbag all over town, rain or shine. Startled, Lumpkin told Boomer he was sicker than he was.

(Marvel Age I#54) - Willie and his friend Boomer figured out the new bowling alley in town would be a big hit when people started waiting in line, ball in hand, on the first day of construction.

(Marvel Age I#56) - In an attempt to find the missing Pee-Wee in a department store, Willie went to the manager's desk and yelled out loud that there'd be free candy for a little lost boy who reported to the manager. At least two dozen eager boys stormed the office.

(Marvel Age I#57) - Willie caught quite a bit of attention when he had a lifesize picture of himself framed.

(Marvel Age I#94) - Walking with a ladyfriend during his rounds, Willie got nervous when they neared Oak Street. Lumpkin's companion didn't understand his apprehension, after all Oak Street had neat houses, nice people and no stairs to climb. As if on cue, Willie was besieged by a giant dog who chased him right up the nearest mailbox.

(Marvel Age I#58) - Tired of the agressive dog threatening him during his rounds, Willie planned to hit the animal with a baseball bat. However, one growl was enough to scare Lumpkin who threw away the bat and ran off while the dog chased him. Seeking cover on top of the nearest mailbox, the blushing postman figured he just wasn't the kind of guy to hit a defenseless animal.

(Marvel Age I#62) - Buying tickets to a horror movie advertized to make you shudder with fright, Willie asked the ticket clerk if it would be okay if he just sat still and enjoyed the picture.

(Marvel Age I#63) - Upbeat because Spring was in the air, Willie admitted to feeling like a kid again. He even picked a flower to play the "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" daisy game. When the outcome was "she loves me not", Lumpkin suddenly felt depressed, wondering why he didn't leave well enough alone.

(Marvel Age I#64) - Initially eager to start gardening, listing the numerous chores made Willie and Gramps so tired they needed to go back inside to relax.

(Marvel Age I#66) - Willie visited friends whose teenage daughter was having a date over. Her father showed Lumpkin his invention to make sure the date went off without a hitch: a parking meter that counted down the minutes the boy had left. 

(Marvel Age I#67) - Coaching a little league game between the Rinkydinks and the Tigers, Willie was approached by the parents of Herman, one of the players, who wanted to know why he'd take their son out of the game. Lumpkin explained to the surprised parents it was because he had a no-hitter going... and walked every batter.

(Marvel Age I#68) - While delivering mail past the golf course, Willie was accidentally hit by a stray ball. As the bump on his head grew, he heard concerned people approaching. Much to his chagrin, he learned the golfers weren't concerned for his well-being, they merely wanted to know if hitting a mailman was deserving of a stroke.

(Marvel Age I#69) - Willie was stunned the attendant at the gas station was shocked when the mailman wanted to pay cash instead of charging it to his account.

(Marvel Age I#70) - Delivering mail to the heavily yawning Helen of the Ace Tranquilizer Pill company, Lumpkin couldn't help but think they really lived their work around there.

(Marvel Age I#71) - Willie, already hating Halloween, ended up stuck with a jack-o-lantern on his head that got dropped on him during his route. Depressed, he continued his route and was even more put out when he spotted Miss Birdie who had been trying to get him to one of her tea parties. She spotted Lumpkin, but the pumpkin on his nogging made Birdie believe he was a kid dressed up for Halloween.

(Marvel Age I#72) - Willie was with his friend Philip Bluster who was running for office when two polls came over the radio, predicting that Bluster would either gain no votes or only 3 percent of the vote. This comforted Philip, who figured he wasn't done for yet when not even the polls could agree.

(Marvel Age I#92) - Willie was delivering mail to the campaign offices of Philip Bluster. As he dropped off the letters, he informed Bluster there were reporters waiting to see him. Philip called them in, telling the journalists he was ready to answer any question they have openly... as long as they didn't quote him.

(Marvel Age I#73) - Willie met with his friend Marv who was complaining bitterly about the fact people were losing the Christmas spirit. To prove his point, Marv pulled out the personalized card he'd gotten from his boss, adressed "to whom it may concern".

(Marvel Age I#74) - Willie waited outside of his boss' office when his colleague Harv went in to ask for a raise, only to be laughed away. As he came out, Harv commented that at least the boss didn't say no.

(Marvel Age I#75) - Willie was immediately flushed when his longtime crush Lila Brown called the post office. His excitement soon turned to diappointment when it became obvious Lila only called to check if the post office was open on Saturday.

(Marvel Age I#77)  - Willy was chuckling at the various people rushing to get their mail in before the midnight deadline, wondering why they waited until the last possible moment. He then noticed a letter in his pocket he'd forgotten to mail, forcing Lumpkin to run as well.

(Marvel Age I#78) - Willie was surprised to hear the story of Cuddles, secretary of a company whose treasurer was revealed to be playing the horses. Instead of firing him, the man got a bonus because his winnings were the first profit in months.

(Marvel Age I#79) -  Just as he was finished getting his hair cut by Glenville's barber Tony, Willie watched how the nearly bald Joe was charged $1.55 just like him. Joe became furious, but Lumpkin tried to defuse the situation by saying the hairdresser deserved that kind of money just for keeping a straight face.

(Marvel Age I#80) - Even though Willie urged his colleague Frankie to be careful while stamping a particularly fragile package, he slammed it so hard with the stamp seal it was broken anyway.

(Marvel Age I#81) - Willie was honored at a special banquet, saluting Glenville's friendliest postman. The gathering was so long winded however, most of the audience members had trouble staying awake. Willie on the other hand, was sound asleep behind the dais.

(Marvel Age I#82) - Willie and Boomer watched as Miss Birdie stormed out of the local beauty parlor, completely outraged. Boomer wanted to know what could possibly have caused her to behave like that. Lumpkin explained that before receiving a single treatment, the beauty salon manager handed her an estimate.

(Marvel Age I#83) - Overworked and exhausted while doing his rounds, Willie turned a corner and accidentally ran into a man carrying a grandfather clock. Slightly annoyed, Willie wondered why the man wouldn't wear a wrist watch like everyone else.

(Marvel Age I#84) - While discussing their favorite candidates in the upcoming election, Willie overheard his friend Cuddles say she was supporting Herbert Blossom because of his adorable smile. Lumpkin added that this only made sense, he'd picked a dentist for his campaign manager after all.

(Marvel Age I#86) - So fed up with Lumpkin's convoluted coffee order, the chef at the local Glenville diner simply ordered "three javas to go!" for Willie to add as much or as little cream and sugar to as he saw fit.

(Marvel Age I#87) - Willie was a little curious when teenager Bobby had him deliver a letter to his girlfriend Liz who lived right across the street. Bobby told him they'd split up and that he was never even planning to speak to her ever again. This made Willie wonder even more why he bothered writing her. Bobby gave a simple answer: how else would he know if she wanted to go to the big dance with him?

(Marvel Age I#88) - The ditzy teenage girl Pomeroy had been standing on her head so long, she began to think the whole town had flipped upside down. Willie assured her it was just her.

(Marvel Age I#90) - Willie watched as a bystander asked a light from a passerby who happily lit the man's cigarette and immediately went into intimate detail about the crisp, clear taste of the tobacco, not to mention the proper way the filter worked. When he took off, the smoker asked Lumpkin who the man was. Willie told him he had a hunch he's in advertising, which came as a complete surprise to the man, happily puffing away.

(Marvel Age I#91) - Willie teased a secretary during his mail round, betting the woman she couldn't tell him who's the best writer in America right now. After incorrectly guessing Rod Serling, Micky Spillane and Hemmingway, Lumpkin gave her the answer: it was local Glenville politician Wallace Frumff because of all the congratulatory telegrams defeated politicians are supposed to send out.

(Marvel Age I#93) - Willie happened to pass by just as a painter was finishing up the signs on the offices of Glenville's first private investigator Sam Spy. The painter wanted to know if Lumpy felt Sam would be a good private eye. Pointing at the giant mailbox marked *CLUES* right next to the regular mail slot, Willie smilingly commented that the man had to be good, after all he didn't miss a trick.

(Marvel Age I#95) - Lumpkin was ready to buy some Christmas cards, calling it one of the few simple joys that still remained. When the salesperson overwhelmed him with the various choices: painting, photo, cartoon, regular, odd-shape or king-size... not to mention embroidered, engraved or three-dimensional, Willie was so overwhelmed he was almost tempted to sit down and cry.

(Marvel Age I#96) - Lumpy was surprised to hear Fenwick's teenage nephew had written a letter to Santa, figuring he was too old for such a thing. Willie was unaware, however, that the letter was a heartfelt Christmas card.

(Marvel Age I#97) - Willie entered the home of Liz to hand her a special delivery, but the teenage girl announced she was way too busy to come over. Besides, she had promised her mother nothing would interrupt her homework, while she lay on the living room floor, talking on the phone while eating candy with both the TV and her record player blazing.

(Marvel Age I#99) - Willie came home to Gramps on pay day, thoroughly annoyed by the fact they'd taken so much out of his paycheck: taxes, social security, insurance, state tax... there was one bright spot, though: today they goofed and let him keep the empty envelope.

(Marvel Age I#100) - With Spring once again in the air, Willie was convinced everything was changing for the better. However, as soon as he hit Oak Street he was once again chased up the nearest mailbox by the old familiar dog.

(Marvel Age I#101) - Willie and Boomer spotted an attractive blonde who looked like Brigitte Bardot, the famous French movie star. Lumpkin was convinced the woman had just come from Basil's Beauty Parlor. To prove his point, they walked by the place where at least half a dozen women had come in for the week's special: the Brigitte Bardot hairdo.

(Marvel Age I#102) - Lumpkin happened to be delivering the Corkle's mail when the lady of the house complained about the fact her son Pee-Wee felt the need to enter every breakfast food contest. However, when Willie learned the grand prize of Pee-Wee's latest contest was a free two-week vacation in Hawaii, he actively started helping the tot out.

(Marvel Age I#103) - Willie was so convinced he was going to win the Goodie Woodies breakfast cereal contest he was already stocking up on information brochures on Hawaii.

(Marvel Age I#104) - Lumpy delivered the mail to mister Mintmore bitterly complained about the fact he was surrounded by yes-men who did nothing but agree with him. When Willie asked if he never had anyone who had the gumption to disagree with him, Mintmore pointed to a janitor in the corner who used to be an argumentative vice-president.

(Marvel Age I#108) - Willie attended the local Glenville P.T.A. meeting where he got to ask the first question. While the crowd was ready for some stimulating questions posed by Glenville's most brilliant minds, all Lumpkin wanted to know was who made the "jazzy" doughnuts he'd been served.

(Marvel Age I#109) - Not wanting to dash Pee-Wee's hopes when the child asked if he'd delivered his letter to Santa, Willie told a little white lie by saying he did, adding that Santa had promised to get him that football he'd asked for. Pee-Wee became furious, after all he'd actually asked for a bike.

(Marvel Age I#110) - Willie happened to run into Harv who was Christmas shopping with his wife. Harv bitterly complained about the fact she always gave him a goofy looking tie, so this year he'd sent her to meet with the gift counsel at Doober's department store. Unbeknownst to both Willie and Harv, the counselor roped her into buying yet another hideous looking tie.

(Marvel Age I#111) - Commenting on the apparent chronic tardiness of commuter trains, Willie answered a group of despondent housewives waiting at the station for their husband that he wasn't sure the inbound train was today's 6:05 or yesterday's.

(Marvel Age I#112) - Willie was walking with Mr. Bluster who was busy campaigning. He was elated to spot a young boy wearing a great number of his "vote for Bluster" buttons, figuring that his greatness was obvious to any age. Willie however, noticed that the boy tried to barter the buttons for one ride on another boy's scooter.

(Marvel Age I#113) - During his rounds, Willie ran into Mrs. Smith who was out strolling with her newborn baby boy. Lumpkin briefly chatted with her, saying that she must have big hopes for the boy, after all in this great democracy even the humblest child might one day attain the highest office in the land... that of postmaster general.

(Marvel Age I#114) - Eager to help Mrs. Corkle find her son Pee-Wee's favorite food in the grocery store, Willie asked the manager where he could find the candy isle. When Lumpkin got hopelessly confused by the man's convoluted directions, he asked what the boy's next favorite food was.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#18/4 (fb) - BTS) - Willie always dreamed of becoming a mailman in some big city.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#18/4 (fb) ) - Every Christmas Morning in Glenville, Willie exchanged presents with his friend Boomer and his secret crush Lila Brown. This particular morning, Willie was shocked when Boomer and Lila told him they were getting married, which devastated Willie. But Lila explained she was more interested in a man with big goals like becoming postmaster general instead of chasing the pipe dream of becoming a mailman in a big city. Willie was left crushed.

(Fantastic Four I#11 (fb) - BTS) - At one point, Willie decided to leave Glenville. He moved to New York City where he joined the local post office. His daily route included the Baxter Building, which soon became world famous as the headquarters of the Fantastic Four. Willie noted the team's popularity because the mailbag got heavier every day with fan letters.

(Fantastic Four I#11) - Willie was struggling with his massive sack of fanmail when he ran into the Fantastic Four in the lobby of the Baxter Building. Thing picked up the mailbag with two fingers, wondering what Lumpy was griping about. Astonished, Lumpkin offered "Mr. Thing" a job at the post office department before turning to Reed. Willie was curious to find out if the FF was looking to hire any new members. Though he didn't exactly have any super powers, he showed he was able to wiggle his ears real good. Amused, Mr. Fantastic told Lumpkin they were all filled up right now, but promised to keep the old timer in mind.

(Fantastic Four I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Before he confronted the Mad Thinker, who had taken over the Baxter Building following the FF's absence, Mr. Fantastic reached out to Willie Lumpkin. He asked the postman to ring a special downstairs bell at exactly 16.00 hours. Willie happily complied.

(Fantastic Four I#15 - BTS) - Willie actually pushed an electric circuit breaker that rendered all the equipment in Reed's labs useless. This allowed the Fantastic Four to gain the upper hand in their battle against the Mad Thinker and the Awesome Android.

(Marvels#2) - Willie attended the official opening of Alicia Masters' sculpture exhibit which featured statues of various superheroes and villains.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#18/4 (fb) ) - On Christmas Eve, Willie visited the Fantastic Four who were busy decorating their pogo plane like a makeshift Christmas tree. The FF invited him in for some mulled cider, but Willie got shoved inside a reinforced supply closet when the Super-Skrull (Kl'rt) suddenly burst in. Even though the fight was over within minutes, Willie ended up stuck in the closet for six hours until the Invisible Girl accidentally freed him.

(Fantastic Four I#114) - Willie went to the Baxter Building to deliver a registered letter to the Thing, insisting Ben signed the receipt to confirm he was the right person, which Grimm found utterly ridiculous. When Lumpkin left, Ben opened the letter only to find it was a stink bomb sent by the Yancy Street Gang.

(Fantastic Four I#135) - Willie was delivering the mail at the Baxter Building when he spotted Gregory Gideon (armored and covered by a long raincoat), trying to access FF headquarters. Lumpkin figured the man was off his game, since no one was allowed to go up unless they had Reed Richards' permission or the special solenoid belt buckle that operated the elevator. When Gideon did indeed manage to operate the elevator, Lumpkin figured he had been wrong in this case.

(Giant-Size Fantastic Four#2) - Tempus manipulated Willie Lumpkin into accidentally stepping on and activating the FF's time platform. As a result of Lumpkin's time jaunts, a series of temporal paradoxes were created that reduced mankind to mere savages. Uatu the Watcher decided to interfere, appearing before the FF when they returned from an outer space mission. He explained what had happened and sent them into the past to prevent Lumpkin from inadvertendly changing history. Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch were sent to save George Washington who got captured by British soldiers after Lumpkin's arrival spooked his horse, preventing him from escaping. Uatu then sent the Thing and Medusa to 1928 Chicago to stop Willie from giving stock tips to the mob a year before the stock market crash of 1929. With Willie saved and Washington rescued, the FF then focussed on fighting Tempus. Following his defeat and the restoration of the timeline, the Watcher brought the team and Willie home, though he did wipe his memories of the events.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#26) - Willie was stunned when he went to the Baxter Building to deliver a letter to the Thing and Ben appeared, flanked by Fixer and Mentallo (who had mind controlled the hero). Mentallo told Lumpkin not to bother them as Thing called for the elevator. Watching the doors close on the strange trio, Willie wondered why the Thing didn't say a word to him, reasoning those two strangers did something to him.

(Fantastic Four I#191 (fb) - BTS) - Willie went into semi-retirement.

(Fantastic Four I#191) - After hearing the FF had broken up, Willie made it a point to deliver a telegram for the team. Making his way to the 31st floor of the Baxter Building, he rang the bell and was greeted by a teary-eyed Invisible Girl who was touched that Lumpkin had come out of retirement for them. Trying to lighten the mood, Willie once again offered to join the FF to replace Mr. Fantastic, figuring that though he didn't have Reed's stretching abilities, but he could still wiggle his ears pretty good. Sue gave her old and trusted friend a kiss goodbye, telling him they were all going to miss him. Walking off, Lumpkin assured her the four of them really were one-of-a-kind.

(Fantastic Four I#195 - BTS) - When the Sub-Mariner came to the Baxter Building looking for the Invisible Girl, Willie told Namor that Sue had gone off to Hollywood.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#12 - BTS) - When Crystal and Lockjaw teleported to the Baxter Building to involve the FF in their fight against Thraxon, they only found Willie who told them Johnny Storm was at the Nassau circuit, test driving a rocket powered racing car.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#46) - Willie delivered a package addressed to Ben Grimm "all the way from Hollywood". It included a proposal for a new sitcom called "Thing In The Family", starring Ben and Carrol "Archie Bunker" O'Connor.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#47) - On Ben Grimm's birthday Willie delivered a ticking package from the Yancy Street Gang to Ben at the Baxter Building. The package blew up, but it was not a real bomb, and was only designed to scare Thing and deliver a message to him. His help was needed on Yancy Street.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#74) - Willie attended the Fantastic Four's Christmas party, along with Alicia Masters, Quasar, his fiancée Jeanine, the Aquarian and several others. The festivities were briefly interrupted by the arrival of Alicia's father Philip, better known as the Puppet Master.

(Incredible Hulk II#279) - Willie was part of the celebrations thrown in honor of the Hulk receiving a presidential pardon. He brought in the sacks of congratulatory messages, adding his own well wishes in person by telling the "green fella" that the whole world was rootin' for him.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#95) - Ben Grimm closed the door on Willie, who asked for a tip after delivering a package to the Grimm, and the only tip Grimm had was to stay off of Yancy Street.

(Thing I#2) - Willie ran into Ben Grimm on the ground floor of the Baxter Building, just as the mailman was planning to come up and deliver a signed letter to him.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#21) - Willie was catching up with the FF's robot receptionist Roberta when the "new" Fantastic Four came in. Willie greeted his old friend the Thing, commenting on how he'd read about his new, spiked form and Ms. Marvel's more curvey physique. He also attempted to join up yet again, figuring that with the team changing members he had a chance. However, despite the fact he'd gotten even better at wiggling his ears, Lumpkin was still turned down.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#18/4) - Willie, after having lugged several massive mailbags to Four Freedoms Plaza, invited the Fantastic Four to spend Christmas Day with him and his family. The FF agreed, figuring Lumpkin's place might be a safer, saner place to celebrate the holidays than their headquarters. That night however, Willie was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (only one ghost was assigned to JJJ) who was actually headed for J. Jonah Jameson's apartment, but ended up at Willie's instead. The ghost showed the scared mailman several painful Christmas related incidents from the past. He was then shown how his nephew Freddie and his family felt about him: a loveable old coot suffering from Alzheimer's, since he claimed to know the FF. Finally, the Ghost of Christmas Past showed Lumpkin his funeral in an alternate future reality where he died of a heart attack after the Inhuman Lockjaw startled him. The experience left Willie so shocked and demoralized, he refused to celebrate Christmas the next day (see comments).

(Quasar I#12) - Willie Lumpkin was about to leave the Baxter Building, having finished his mail delivery, but just when he opened the door the hero Quasar swept by him, throwing the mailman for a bit of a loop.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#341 - BTS) - Willie changed routes, switching from downtown Manhattan to Forest Hills, Queens.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#341) - Willie delivered a postage due letter from Florida addressed to May Parker. She realized it was from Anna Watson, who always forgot the stamp, but she didn't have any change at the moment. Lumpkin introduced himself, explained he was new to this route, and assured her it'd be his pleasure to come back tomorrow to pick up the postage. As May closed the door, she couldn't help but think what a nice young man he was.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#342 - BTS) - Willie got bold and asked May to accompany him to a band concert in the park. Though she was flattered and interested, May felt a little guilty to accept so soon after the death of her fiancé Nathan Lubensky. However, after talking it over with her nephew Peter, she decided to go for it.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#343) - Willie happily accepted May's offer to join her, her nephew and his wife for dinner at her home. He showed up wearing his Sunday best, carrying flowers and opened with the daring oneliner: "face it tigress, you just hit the jackpot" to the obvious amusement of Peter and Mary Jane.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#345) - May and Willie invited Mary Jane and Peter to come to lunch. While May and Mary Jane went into the kitchen to serve, Peter and Willie tried to make some awkward small talk. Sensing the young man's nervousness, Willie assured him he wouldn't do anything to break her heart. Relieved, Peter thanked Lumpkin and explained that he really did worry too much. Willie replied that it's only understandable, he loved her after all, adding: "let's eat, eh?".


(Amazing Spider-Man I#347) - Willie calmed May down who started to worry when Peter and Mary Jane didn't answer their phone for the longest time. He assured her Peter would be fine, he was after all a grown man with his own life to lead. They then sat down to watch some television together, nibbling on popcorn and wondering how "those fly girls moved like that".

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#173) - Willie joined Mary Jane and her niece Kristy Watson in decorating the Christmas tree at May's house. May fed Lumpkin and the others an ample supply of sweet and treats, making Lumpy worry about losing his job if he got too fat to walk his rounds. However, he couldn't resist having another one of May's cookies, because he felt, and proved, they were ear-wiggling good. Not too long after that, Willie witnessed a fight between Dr. Octopus (Otto Octavius) and Spider-Man who had caught the villain peeking through a window at May's place to observe the warm family gathering. When May, Willie and the others came outside, the two stopped their struggle, with Octavius slipping away quietly into the night after apologizing for disturbing their merriment.

(Spider-Man Holiday Magazine 1995#1/4 (fb) ) - Willie and May spent Christmas together, enjoying each other's company and even watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

(Web of Spider-Man I#73) - Getting tickets to the opening of Alicia Masters' latest art exhibit in Greenwich Village, Willie decided to take May, Kristy, Mary Jane and Peter out for a night on the town. Beforehand, he even cooked them his famous lasagna, though the third helping didn't sit particularly well with Peter. In the cab ride to the exhibit, Willie had everyone in stitches with his ear-wiggling shenanigans. At the exhibit, Willie and the others met famous people like Richard Gere, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Roberta Rossellini and even Alicia Masters and her husband Johnny (Alicia was actually the Skrull spy Lyja in disguise). Willie even joked that Alicia must be the biggest super-villain in the world, how else could the blind sculptress create such matching statues of bad guys without ever having been near to any of them. However, the evening took a turn for the worse when the Headmen attacked. After Spider-Man and the Human Torch teamed up to fight them off, Willie apologized profusely to May for having put her in such danger. May, however, felt it was quite stimulating.

(Web of Spider-Man I#77) - Willie and May were invited by Peter and Mary Jane to attend a charity ball for the homeless at the West Side's refurbished Poseidon hotel. Willie recounted how he perfected his famous "Wiggle-Ear-Watusi" at the establishment. Later that night, Willie tried to teach May the dance. Though she quickly had the steps down, she felt she would never be abe to match his ear movements. Later, when the Morlocks attacked while looking for one of their own, Willie was determined to get May out of there, though she refused to leave without her nephew Peter. Later still, now stuck in the collapsed Poseidon ballroom, they were attacked by Firebrand.

(Web of Spider-Man I#78) - After Cloak and Dagger arrived to deal with Firebrand, Willie helped where he could to get the injured to safety.

(Spider-Man I#23) - After a pretty harrowing fight against the Sinister Six, Peter was roped into a surprise birthday party thrown in his honor by Mary Jane. Willie, May and several of his friends and Daily Bugle co-workers attended.

(Web of Spider-Man I#84) - Willie was setting the table at May's in anticipation of Peter and Mary Jane's arrival. May joked that Peter was never on time for a meal in his life and that the boy would probably be late for his own funeral. As soon as he arrived, Peter wanted to evade kitchen duty, asking Willie where he could find the Sunday edition of the Daily Bugle. Mary Jane forced him to help carve the roast, however. After dinner, May asked Peter to take out the trash. Before he went out, he asked Willie to guard the paper for him, feeling the women seemed determined to keep him occupied. With a smile, Lumpy told Peter he'd guard it with his life.

(Fantastic Four I#400/2) - Willie attended the memorial service for Reed Richards following his presumed death at the hands of Doctor Doom.

(Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995#1/4) - Days before Christmas, Willie visited the grave of May Parker (who was still believed dead then). Overcome with grief and sadness over losing May and having to spend the holidays alone, he put a bouquet of flowers on her grave. A gust of wind caused a lone rose to blow away, forcing Willie to chase after the flower until he ran into Doreen Greenwald, a widow who was at the cemetary to visit her husband. Doreen and Willie hit it off almost immediately and left the cemetary together to go Christmas shopping.

(Onslaught: Marvel Universe#1 (fb) ) - Willie kept working during the Onslaught crisis, though the ferocity of the final battle against the villain even gave the loyal mailman pause.

(Thunderbolts I#6) - When the city of New York gave the abandoned Four Freedoms Plaza to the new superhero team the Thunderbolts, Willie started to deliver the ongoing deluge of fanmail to the team. He assured Songbird there'd be even more tomorrow.

(Marvel Knights 4#3) - Willie was on his route, about to deliver the mail to the Baxter Building when a freak gush of wind blew the letters out of his hand. As he chased them, he found the missives suspended in mid-air, courtesy of the Invisible Woman who was carrying several moving boxes with her force field. Sue was glad to see Willie, because she was meaning to ask him to have their mail forwarded. Lumpkin was a little stunned because this meant the FF were really moving (following financial difficulties). Willie came in and set down, agreeing to have one final cup of coffee at the Baxter Building while Sue assured him the FF would still continue to do good despite the fact they were pretty much broke. Somewhat relieved, Willie told her they shouldn't hesitate to call on him, like during the time he saved the team from the Mad Thinker.

(Marvel Team-Up III#4) - Willie was among the crowd that watched the fight between the FF and the Iron Maniac.

(Marvel Knights 4#13) - Willie attended the welcome back party the Fantastic Four threw after regaining their financial footing and returning to Four Freedoms Plaza after having been forced to live in Washington Heights. Willie chatted with the Invisible Woman, who admitted to be glad to be home, though she hoped to continue teaching as soon as she got the FF's business affairs back in order.

(X-Men II#187/2 (and other issues published that month)) - Willie visited the offices of Marvel Comics to deliver a parcel containing a pair of power-negating shackles Reed Richards had sent to make sure they were drawn correctly in the Fantastic Four's officially licensed comic. Though Mr. Fantastic had addressed the package to editor Tom Brevoort, Willie showed up at the desk of Tom's young, attractive assistent editor Nicole Boose who wondered why Lumpkin came in person when the company had a mail department to take care of these matters. Just as Lumpkin was reminding Boose of his sacred duties as a post office employee, Electro (Max Dillon) burst into the Bullpen, demanding to know who was responsible for portraying him like a fainting wuss in the most recent issue of New Avengers. Willie, Nicole and the other Marvel employees hid in terror, until the Masked Marvel arrived to knock out the villain. Tom Brevoort then showed up to use the shackles Willie had brought to make sure Electro wouldn't be able to cause any more trouble until the police could pick him up.

(Marvel Knights 4#30) - Willie was delivering the mail to the Baxter Building just as a painter was finishing a special mural in the lobby, depicting the FF in a most adventurous pose. He ran into Susan Richards who had her doubts about the art piece, figuring there was so much more to the Fantastic Four than merely the superheroics. She asked Willie if this was the way the public perceived the team and Lumpkin assured her they were regarded as superheroes, since saving the world came as easily to them as he changed his drawers. After handing her the day's mail, he said goodbye to Sue, who was resigned to having the mural up, figuring it was after all the big fights against enemies like Galactus or Doctor Doom that sell merchandise.

(Marvel Monsters: Fin Fang Four#1) - Willie welcomed the reformed former villain Elektro as part of the Baxter Building's mail delivery service. He was so impressed by the robot's ability that he soon regarded him as one of his best workers. As soon as Willie became aware that Elektro had a crush on the FF's robotic receptionist Roberta, he made sure he got every chance to see her, sending him up to deliver packages and parcels for the team that were too heavy to lift.

(Thing II#8 (fb) ) - Willie was among the many friends and family members who attended the bar mitzvah of Benjamin Grimm.

(Fantastic Four I#543 (fb) ) - Willie was interviewed by news show Lateline's Christian Fullerton for a special on the Fantastic Four. Willie commented on the impact Galactus had when he showed up to devour Earth, reminding the viewers that this was the first time the Earth had been invaded, even calling the devourer "like the judgement of God standing in Midtown". He continued to note that the FF never backed down or gave up, which finally led them to victory, not just against Galactus but also against the Hulk, the Atlanteans, the Skrulls, Dr. Doom, the Frightful Four and too many others to mention. Though what set the FF apart in Willie's book was the fact they remained regular people, who always had a kind word for him. He ended his comments by noting they were good people and a real family.

(Fantastic Four: True Story#1-4) - Willie and his niece Billie Lumpkin got wrapped up in a convoluted plot concocted by Nightmare to conquer mankind by taking the works of fiction from their imagination. In the end, the FF with a little help from Fountainhead, beat back the villain and restored mankind to normal. In the end Mr. Fantastic saved Willie from Nightmare's revenge, possessing Willie's niece Billy to choke Willie to death for aiding the FF.

(Incredible Hulk II#600/2) - Willie took a holiday, travelling to a mountain resort where he planned to hire a car and do some sightseeing. He was unaware the Hulk and Red Hulk were fighting each other nearby, which meant he was surprised when the local car rental refused to help him. Annoyed, Lumpkin bolted out of there, muttering he preferred the Baxter Building any time over these supposedly friendly small towns.

(Fantastic Four I#569) - Willie attended the planned (and ultimately aborted) wedding of Benjamin J. Grimm and Deborah Green at Fifth Avenue's Reform Synagogue.

(Fantastic Four I#574) - Deciding to entertain children at Franklin's birthday party, Willie dressed up as Spider-Man though the costume barely fit him. Franklin and the other kids didn't fall for it, especially when the one, true wallcrawler showed up to join the festivities. In the end, he was unmasked by Mr. Fantastic.

(Fantastic Four I#606 (fb) - BTS) - When Willie Lumpkin collapsed in the Baxter Building as a result of an undiagnosed, seemingly inoperable tumor the FF brought him to the hospital. They decided to help their old friend even though the doctors gave him less than a week to live.

(Fantastic Four I#606) - Shrinking themselves down to microscopic size, the FF boarded a specially prepared craft and were injected into the comatose Willie's bloodstream. Navigating their way through his body to locate the tumor, they removed the malignant growth, thereby ensuring their trusty mailman would live. The FF greeted the dazed and confused Willie as soon as he woke up, presenting him with the tumor in a jar.

(FF II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways and without any apparent proof of competence, Willie Lumpkin was hired by Reed Richards to work as a biology professor, teaching the young students of his newly founded Future Foundation.

(FF II#5) - Professor Lumpkin was about to divulge the finer points of procreation to the junior Future Foundation members, using the classic birds and bees model. Ant-Man interrupted the lecture, informing the class that the alternate reality future Human Torch they'd recently taken in had gone mad, terrorizing New York City. Ant-Man told the FF to stay inside and turn to Dragon Man should an emergency come up.

(Fantastic Four IV#16/2) - Uatu and Ulana joined the party the Fantastic Four, the Future Foundation and their allies threw in the Blue Area of the Moon to celebrate their recent victory over Dr. Dooms. 

(FF II#16/2) - During the party in the Blue Area, Willie was assaulted by the figment tiger created by the Moloid members of the Future Foundation.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks). Original newspaper version by Stan Lee (writer) and Dan DeCarlo (pencils & inks).

Strange Tales I#127 (1964) was for the most part reprinted in Fantastic Four I#154 (1975).

In Fantastic Four Annual I#15 (1980) a Skrull was posing as Willie Lumpkin.

Ah, Willie Lumpkin... Along with Patsy "Hellcat" Walker, he started out as one of the few "joke characters" that made their way into the Marvel Universe proper. Unlike Marvel's Distinguished Competition who happily tried to incorporate the cast of some of their humor books into their mainstream publications... But less said about Plastic Man's sidekick Woozy Winks, Wonder Woman's Edda Candy or Mr. Tawky Tawny the better. Willie, probably because of his job, was able to make the transition without seeming out of place. For that achievement alone, he is deserving of some attention.

But... Just how old is Willie Lumpkin? Visibly already well past 60 when he first appeared in 1963's Fantastic Four I#11, it's hard to fit his pre-modern newspaper strip appearances in continuity. Still, that's exactly what we're supposed to believe, seeing as Marvel Age reprinted a selection of the 1950s Willie Lumpkin newspaper strips from 1987 to 1992. In the story in Marvel Comics Presents I#18 his year of birth is revealed as 1919. But that can be questioned, since it was portrayed as an alternate future reality, or possibly even a dream or an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard or even a crumb of cheese... Bah, humbug and all that.

Willie Lumpkin received profiles in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: The Legend, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe III#4, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#6

Thanks to RobinHoodMtl for pointing this out. In Strange Tales #127, a man strongly resembling Willie Lumpkin delivered a telegram for "the Torch and the Thing" (which invited them to attend and compete in a charity race at the salt flats) to Johnny Storm's Glenville residence.
But, is it Willie?

Profile by Norvo.

Willie Lumpkin should not be confused with

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