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Real Name: Ulana

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Watchers)

Occupation: Watcher

Group Membership: Watchers (Acba, Atul, Emnu, Engu, Edda, Egma, the One, Qyre, high observer Yruku, Uravo, Zoma and others)

Affiliations: Blue Marvel (Adam Bernard Brashear), Julius Caesar, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards-Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Future Foundation (Ahura, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Adolf Impossible, Kor, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Mik, Miss Thing/Darla Deering, Onome, Alex Power, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu), Impossible Man (Impy), Living Tribunal, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), Sun Tzu (see comments)

Enemies: Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Doctor Midas, Exterminatrix, Nick Fury

Known Relatives: Uatu (husband), unnamed son, Ikor (father-in-law, deceased), Aron (nephew, deceased), Qire (cousin), Zoma (cousin), Antiphon (ancestor, deceased), Ecce (ancestor, deceased)

Aliases: "my love" (nickname used by Uatu)

Base of Operations: Observatory in the Blue Area of the Moon;
                                  formerly mobile across the universe;
                                  formerly the Watcher's homeworld

First Appearance: FF II#13 (December, 2013) 

Powers/Abilities: Though she has yet to demonstrate them, Ulana possesses all the conventional powers of a member of the Watcher race, which are considered well beyond human comprehension. Like all Watchers, Ulana is virtually immortal provided she is regularly exposed to delta rays. She no longer has to eat or sleep.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: White
Hair: Bald


(FF II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Hoping to procreate, Ulana began seeing Uatu, the Watcher of Earth. Following a number of dates, she moved in with him on the Moon where, after an unrealed amount of time, Ulana became pregnant.

(FF II#13 - BTS) - The Impossible Man teleported the Future Foundation inside the Watcher's home, figuring they would be safe there from Doom and his new allies Kang and Annihilus. Uatu was less than pleased by the sudden intrusion and was ready to show his uninvited guests the door when Ant-Man pulled out an Ultimate Nullifier and threatened to use it if the Watcher didn't cooperate. Sensing Lang's desperation (and well aware the "Nullifier" was just a prop), Uatu played along, even letting himself get tied up with some dimestore clothesline Ant-Man happened to bring.

(FF II#13) - Ulana came to check on Uatu, surprised to find the FF there. She revealed they had been dating, much to the surprise and joy of the younger Future Foundation members. Uatu then asked to be released because he really needed relieve himself, pointing the similarly needy Leech to the guest restroom down the hall. While the FF set up shop inside his home, Uatu talked to Ulana about what had just transpired. She told him she finally sensed how much he loved the Earthlings, especially those under their roof. Uatu replied he felt they were as much family to him as her and their unborn child.

(FF II#14) - Ulana and Uatu watched as the FF prepared to go into battle against Doom and his allies Ravonna, Annihilus and Kang. The evening before the final conflict, Uatu allowed everyone use of the Japanese hot springs he'd once created for Sue Richards on her honeymoon. Ulana joined the women on the team for a dip, revealing that Watchers don't have "due dates", the child could be born tomorrow or centuries from now. All they could do in the meantime is wait and love them while they grow. The next morning, Ulana and Uatu saw the senior FF members off, taking charge over the junior Future Foundation members.

(FF II#15 - BTS) - While the FF pressed their attack on Latveria, heading for Doom, Uatu appeared next to Doom to watch him become the Annihilating Conqueror by absorbing the power of his allies Kang and Annihilus. Considering himself omnipotent and in no mood to be mocked, he savagely attacked the Watcher when Uatu called his actions predictable. Uatu was knocked out.

(FF II#16) - Uatu recovered in time to watch how Ant-Man (using Pym particles to hugely increase his strength) crumpled Doom's armor, crushing the tyrant's arms in the process. Elated he had witnessed the moment the univere changed, Uatu teleported himself back to his home on the Moon where Ulana and the junior FF members were concerned by his bruised and battered appearance. However, they wanted to know how Ant-Man was beating Doom, which Uatu refused to reveal. Ulana convinced him, telling him these little ones had been so brave, that should warrant a single indulgence. Even though Uatu felt the three fastest ways of communication in the galaxy were telepathy, teleporation and tell a human, he told them anyway, if only to prove his point to Ulana. After Uatu had explained the inventive use of Pym particles, it only took the hyperintelligent children moments to realize this was the way to unlock the all powerful Destiny Force. Seeing Uatu's point about not sharing information with humanity, Ulana offered to wipe their memories clean. With a reluctant sigh, Uatu told her he'd tried that in the past, only for them to figure it out again five minutes later. Smiling benignly, Ulana commented that such frail bodies housed such strong spirits. Uatu then returned to Earth for the final confrontation with Doom, while Ulana took care of the FF.

(Fantastic Four IV#16/2) - Ulana and Uatu joined the party the Fantastic Four, the Future Foundation and their allies threw in the Blue Area of the Moon to celebrate their recent victory over Dr. Doom. Ulana, hoping to emulate what she'd read about pregant females in this sector, manifested a bright glow which the Invisible Woman found endearing though a bit much. Ulana then surprised Sue by alluding that this wasn't her actual form, since a Watcher's appearance is always modulated by those they observe. Curious, Sue wondered what the baby would look like then, since it had yet to observe mankind. Ulana assured her the child has been very watchful already, taking in everything and waiting for the right time to be born. The Invisible Woman replied there was no "right" time to give birth. A newborn always changes everything, ushering a time of terror, confusion and more joy than one could ever imagine. Later still, Ulana and Uatu were asked to actively participate in the gathering, with Uatu being forced to play Twister with Sentry #459 by Franklin Richards while Ulana was tempted to try one of the Silver Surfer's hot dogs, preferably topped with Halan sweet bugs. While they experienced the value of this newfound sense of community, Ulana felt her baby was ready to be born.

(Mighty Avengers II#10 - BTS) - At an unrevealed point, Ulana gave birth.

(Mighty Avengers II#10) - As soon as the Blue Marvel learned Uatu had died, he travelled to the Moon. There, he was met by Ulana with whom he talked about her lover, his reputation for being a rebel and his fondness for mankind. Ulana, bound by the Watchers' oath, was not allowed to tell Adam who had killed Uatu. However, she did ask him to act as godfather to their newborn son during its formative phase as a neophyte Watcher. Adam, aware this would honor his lost friend, happily accepted the responsibility.

(Original Sin#8) - Doctor Midas returned to the Blue Area, along with his daughter and the Mindless Ones, because he felt there was still power left to be claimed in the Watcher's citadel. He even decided Uatu's corpse might contain usable energy and he planned on eating the body to gain a Watcher's strength. Midas was opposed by Nick Fury and the heroes who had been roped by a Fury LMD into finding out who killed Uatu. In the end, Fury managed to defeat Midas, even blowing up the Watcher's home so no one could lay claim to it. From a distance, a teary-eyed Ulana said goodbye to Uatu, though his body has not been found.

Comments: Created by Matt Fraction & Lee Allred (writers), Michael Allred (pencils & inks).

Poor Ulana, it's hard out there for a widowed single mother, especially if your raison d'etre is not interfering. Makes you wonder how she chastizes her misbehaving baby... As for her affilations, just like Uatu, it's her job to know everyone and everything, so it's safe to say she's familiar with just about everyone in the known universe. But since that would make that list a tad long, I've decided to stick with those who actually met or interacted with Ulana on panel.

Also, it's safe to assume it's no coincidence Ulana was introduced in FF II#13, fifty years after Stan & Jack dreamed up her late husband Uatu in Fantastic Four I#13

Profile by Norvo.

Ulana should not be confused with

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Fantastic Four IV#16, p29, pan3 (craves a hotdog)
Original Sin#8, p22, pan3 (saying goodbye to Uatu)

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