Real Name: Ahura

Identity/Class: Sub-specis of huamnity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: CEO of Ennilux Corporation; heir to the throne of Attilan

Group Membership: Ennilux Corporation (Brisson, Marishi Spin, others); Inhumans Royal Family (Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Luna Maximoff, Maximus the Mad, Medusa, others);
formerly Future Foundation (Adolf the Impossible Kid, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Kor, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Medusa, Mik, Ms. Thing/Darla Deering, Onome, Alex Power, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu)

Affiliations: Absorbing Man (Carl Creel), Norm Adams, Vera Adams, Ajaxis, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Brandy Ash, Avengers Academy (Finesse/Jeanne Foucault, Lightspeed/Julie Power, Striker/Brandon Sharpe, She-Hulk/Lyra), Beast (Hank McCoy), Blinky, Julius Caesar (Charles Cotta), Capo, Cloud-9 (Abigail Boylen), Dakor the Magician, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Karolina Dean, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Psi-Lord/Franklin Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Forey the dog, Genetics Council (Arcadius, Minius Gerion, Zhime Krepit, Atrophus Lhos, others), Gravity (Greg Willis), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Kree Sentry, Mighty Avengers (Power Man/Victor Alvarez, White Tiger/Ava Ayala), Namor the Sub-Mariner, Number Nine, James Power, Margaret Power, Randac, Scorpion (Carmilla Black), Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), Skaar, Thor (Odinson), Titania (Mary MacPherran), Toz, Troll, Sun Tzu (alien), Uatu the Watcher, Ulana the Watcher, Ultimates (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Miss America/America Chavez, Spectrum/Monica Rambeau), Warriors (Inferno/Dante Pertuz, Karnak, Moon Girl/Lunella Lafayette, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan, Quake/Daisy Johnson), Young Avengers (Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Hulkling/Dorrek VIII, Loki, Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, Miss America/America Chavez, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Wiccan/Billy Kaplan), X-Men (Anole/Victor Borowski, Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Bling!/Roxy Washington, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Primal/Teon Macik, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Shark-Girl/Iara Dos Santos, Transonic/Laurie Tromette, Velocidad/Gabriel Cohuelo)

Enemies: Skip Ash, Blackheart, Burrowers, Carthus, Crimson Cadre (Ator, Eelak the Agile, Glaboo, Margoyle, Pulssus, Rootar), Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Doom 2099, Doom the Annihilating Conqueror, Eldrac, "elemental creature", Falcona, Felor, Flagman, Fred, Iso, Jailer, Kalikya, Kang the Conqueror (Nathaniel Richards), Kree, Leader (Sam Sterns), Leonus, Lockjaw, Mad Thinker, Maximus the Mad, Mephisto, Minxi, Mister Sinister (Nathaniel Essex), Morgan le Fey, Mother (multiversal demon), Pacifiers, Pinius, Reader, Red Ghost, Seeker (Uys), Sentinels, Skrulls, Super-Skrulls, Super-Apes (Igor, Peotor, Grigori), Timberius, Treste, Tribe (Grove, Kacy, Lash, Mother Bones, Serrata), Ultron, Wizard (Bentley Wittman), "Young Avengers" (constructs of Annie, Leah, Merree, Oubliette Midas, Patriot, Ultimate Nullifier)

Known Relatives: Black Bolt (father), Medusa (mother), Kobar (great-grandfather), La (great-grandmother), Symak (great-grandfather), Tanith (great-grandmother), Magnar (great-grandfather), Zeta (great-grandmother), Korath (great-uncle), Mander (great-uncle), Rynda (great-aunt), Azur (great-aunt), Milena (great-aunt), Agon (grandfather), Rynda (grandmother), Quelin (grandfather), Ambur (grandmother), Maximus (uncle), Crystal (aunt), Quicksilver (uncle-in-law), Luna Maximoff (cousin), Gorgon (cousin), Karnak (cousin), Triton (cousin), Psynapse (cousin), Alecto (cousin), Petras (cousin); other extended members of the Inhumans Royal Family; Norm and Vera Adams (foster parents)

Aliases: Pope, Ahura Boltagon, Ahura Boltblackagar (see comments)

Base of Operations: Ennilux Corporation headquarters in Venice, Italy;
   formerly Attilan

First Appearance: (As infant, unnamed) Marvel Graphic Novel: The Inhumans (1988); (as Pope) Daredevil I#279 (April, 1990); (as Ahura) Fantastic Four Unlimited#2 (June, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Ahura, after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, developed the ability to create psychic doubles of himself that he maintains full control of. These doubles have limited psychic powers and can communicate with each other, and Ahura, telepathically. They can pass through walls, possess others temporarily (gaining full access to their skills and memories), and physically fight. Before his exposure to the Terrigen Mists, in the womb, he grew to the size of a full infant in a matter of days instead of months. As an infant, Ahura briefly seemingly channeled his father's sonic scream to destroy an enemy; as a small boy, he had an "evil eye" which once killed a goat when he looked at it. In addition, as a small child, when subjected to experiments in Attilan, Ahura instinctively drew psychic energy into himself to save his own life. On another occasion, Ahura emitted an "ocular blast" of psychic energy to blast away the ground beneath a villain's feet. Ahura is immune to Black Bolt's destructive powers. It has been hinted that he could possess some of Maximus' madness, and Maximus has taken mental control of Ahura on occasion.

Ahura has the full resources of the Inhuman Royal Family when he calls upon it. In addition, he controls the multi-billion dollar Ennilux corporation, with facilities around the world. Most of his employees at Ennilux are also Inhumans, and they influence global trade, science, and inventions. Among the Ennilux resources are vast zeppelins and armored airships. Ahura also received combat training from Kang the Conqueror. In addition, Ahura seems to have some talent in science and invention.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 165 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

(Marvel Graphic Novel: The Inhumans) - In Attilan, Medusa informed Black Bolt that she was pregnant, and she promised him that it would be a son. When they told the Inhumans, the public rejoiced, but the Genetic Council said the baby could not exist, as Black Bolt was too destructive and Maximus, his closest relative, mad. Medusa argued that they would never subject the child to the Terrigen Mists, but the Council refused to listen, saying they must kill the child, and Black Bolt and the Royal Family agreed with them. Medusa fought her way free, determined to go to Earth to have her baby on her own despite the risk of its atmospheric pollution. Lockjaw teleported Medusa and her aid Minxi into a junkyard, where she felt her child rapidly growing within her. Lockjaw soon brought Gorgon, Triton, and Crystal to Medusa, and they continued arguing about events even as Crystal purified the air. When Maximus arrived to taunt Medusa, the fetus used telepathic powers to order Maximus away. After an elemental monster attacked the family, the Inhumans repelled it, and Medusa felt herself go into labor. Minxi delivered the baby and soon Medusa held her quiet son in her arms for the first time. The baby sat up in its crib and seemingly drew the elemental creature out in the open to save Medusa, then the Inhumans were swiftly overwhelmed by the creature. The baby used its voice for the first time and drove the creature away with a seeming sonic scream, like that of his father's. Maximus taunted Medusa and the baby again, then Black Bolt appeared, embracing the child and accepting him. The Royal Family returned to Attilan, where the Genetic Council took the child to examine him.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Genetic Council refused to return the baby to Black Bolt and Maximus. They made a deal with a man on Earth, Skip Ash, who was seeking Inhuman DNA to use in experiments. They sent the child to Ash in a space ship, but it went off course and crashed.

(Daredevil I#279 (fb) - BTS) - Ahura's ship crashed on Earth. Vera Adams found the boy in the ship and decided to raise him as her own. She called him Pope and took him home with her to her husband Norm. In Pottersville, Vera warned him not to go near the goat outside of town as it was known to be evil.

(Daredevil I#280 (fb) - BTS) - Vera taught Pope about Heaven and Hell.

(Daredevil I#279) - Pope approached the goat, unafraid, as Sally's daughters watched. Pope looked the goat in the eye and it fell dead, causing the locals to wonder if Pope had caused it. Ahura was taken to the church, where a priest questioned him, and Ahura claimed he had a darkness inside him. With his mother at his side, Ahura was frightened as an angry crowd, including Fred, closed in, but Daredevil arrived to protect him, along with Karnak and Gorgon of the Inhumans, and Number Nine and Brandy Ash. They were led back to the site of the crashed ship. Blackheart the demon soon attacked, causing the adults to fight, and he opened the ground under the mortals. Vera cried out for Pope.

(Daredevil I#280) - Ahura and Brandy landed together, seemingly miles below, and they started to climb up a miles-long wall that had images of gods carved in it. They climbed seemingly endlessly, and when Pope fell, a snake grew from the cliff and saved him. They found a man in human clothes with angel wings and a halo and Pope convinced Brandy to kiss him.

(Daredevil I#281) - Brandy and Pope kept climbing, the angel climbing with them. They passed a carving of Black Elk, a Native god, then the angel soon abandoned them. Brandy moaned about hating herself, but Pope challenged her to work that much more to be a good person.

(Daredevil I#282) - Brandy and Pope made their way toward the center of the realm, where they hoped to find Daredevil, but the ground opened up beneath them, with demonic hands grabbing at their feet. They were soon reunited with Gorgon, Nine, and Karnak, and they watched Daredevil face off against Mephisto. When Pope nearly fell, Brandy grabbed him and saved him. Mephisto seemingly reduced Brandy to ash, just as Silver Surfer arrived to battle him. Daredevil and the others returned to Earth, leaving Brandy behind. Pope sensed she had become an angel. Karnak and Gorgon planned to take Pope home to Attilan with them.

(Daredevil I#283) - The Inhumans prepared to go home as Daredevil broke off from the group.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#2 (fb) - BTS) - Norm and Vera moved with Pope to the Bronx in New York City.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#2) - Vera took Pope to see a speech by the Fantastic Four about their neighborhood. A group of Inhuamns (Maximus, Leonus, Timberius, Falcona, Pinius, Felor) under the leadership of the Seeker (Uys) attacked, wanting Pope, but they mistook Franklin Richards for Pope and ended up battling the Fantastic Four. Back at Norm and Vera's home, Pope sensed the arrival of the Inhumans, and Lockjaw teleported in with Medusa, Karnak, and Gorgon. Medusa named him Ahura, and he recognized her as his mother. As the Seeker and his men attacked, Medusa fled with Ahura, going to the Fantastic Four for help, with the Seeker and his soldiers right on their tail. As a battle ensued, Ahura ran off with Franklin and grabbed a baseball bat to defend himself, using it against the Inhuman Burrowers, then Karnak arrived and convinced Ahura to return with him to Attilan, as Black Bolt wished. The Inhumans returned to Attilan and confronted the Genetic Council, who excused their past behaviors. The Council demanded that Black Bolt take the throne, and that they would take custody of Ahura and restrict visits from the Royal Family. Ahura cried out to Black Bolt and Medusa, but they let them go. The Fantastic Four exposed the Genetic Council for having goals to overthrow Black Bolt, then Black Bolt attacked the Council, learning that they had put Ahura in a power-siphoning machine, allowing the Council leader to draw upon that power. Black Bolt liberated Ahura and battled the Council, exposing Maximus the Mad as the one behind it all, then Black Bolt used his destructive voice, with Ahura proving he was immune to Black Bolt's powers. When the council head looked into Ahura's "evil eye", he gave up his gathered power and then disappeared in a black flash, seemingly destroyed. The Council apologized to the Royal Family, cancelling their genetics policy and freeing Ahura to return to his parents. Black Bolt and Medusa abdicated their throne and the people tried to name Ahura the new King, but Ahura simply destroyed the crown with his evil eye.

(Inhumans: The Great Refuge#1) - Somewhere in Earth near a mountain Medusa was playing with Ahura when Kree assassins planned to kill Black Bolt, who sensed them before they could shoot him. Medusa protected Ahura while Black Bolt, Karnak and Gorgon took care of the assassins. Medusa aided in the attack on the Kree as well. When the Kree captured Black Bolt in an energy field Ahura tried to come to his aid, but Black Bolt broke free and defeated the Kree all on his own.

   Ahura then joined the Royal Family when they were teleported to Attilan by Lockjaw with the captured Kree assassins. Protected by an energy sphere Ahura witnessed more Kree attacking his family in the Blue Area of the Moon until the Kree Major Kol ordered the other Kree to put down their weapons and stop their assault on the Royal Family. Ahura then accompanied the Royal Family in a visit to the Genetics Council's chamber to learn more about the refugee situation with the Kree.

(Inhumans: The Great Refuge#1 - BTS) - After several incidents the Kree were banished from the Moon and the Royal Family, alongside Ahura, returned to their self-imposed exile on Earth.

(Fantastic Four I#402 (fb) - BTS) - Ahura aged swiftly as the Royal Family lived in a circus tent in New Jersey.

(Fantastic Four I#402) - Lord Arcadius of the Genetic Council reached out to the Inhuman Royal Family, including Ahura, making them aware of the Inhumans being in danger from Namor the Sub-Mariner. Seeing intel that the Fantastic Four were in London, the Inhumans teleported there with Lockjaw, leaving Ahura behind.

(Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Royal Family joined the Inhumans in a conflict when Attilan was attacked. They entered a battle, where Morgan le Fay was controlling Thor, and Medusa ordered Ahura to remain secured in a castle.

(Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#2) - Sensing danger outside, Ahura rushed outward and found Black Bolt badly wounded at the hands of Thor. Ahura used an "ocular blast" to break up the ground beneath Thor's feet, rescuing his father.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/1) - Ahura and the Royal Family barely escaped the crumbling city of Attilan alive before they were attacked outside by the Crimson Cadre, who attempted to put the Royal Family into protective custody on Lord Arcadius' order. Ahura stood by as his family fought off the attackers before Lockjaw teleported the Royal Family to New York City. On their way to Avengers Mansion they were attacked by statues under Lord Arcadius' control. Ahura was taken captive by one of the statues, but broke free with a powerful eye-beam. Arcadius finally lost control over the statues when the Avengers came to the Inhumans' aid. Medusa and Ahura delivered Lockjaw to Crystal because it was her dog even though Ahura would surely miss him. Crystal didn't join her family when they, including Ahura, left to wander the Earth without a home once again.

(Fantastic Four I#411) - Black Bolt went temporarily mad when his powers were disrupted, and he attacked Medusa, Karnak, and Ahura, leaving them unconscious. The Fantastic Four (with Psi-Lord) and Namor arrived to help them contain Black Bolt before he was contained. The Invisible Woman was also wounded after stopping a dam from collapsing.

(Fantastic Four I#412) - Ahura stood by while the Fantastic Four, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and Namor tended to the wounded Black Bolt.

(Fantastic Four I#413) - The Fantastic Four and Psi-Lord stabilized Black Bolt in surgery and promised a full recovery, as Ahura watched; he then saw his family help in a fight against Doom 2099.

(Silent War#6 (fb) - BTS) - Maximus planted a telepathic virus in Ahura's brain that drove him mad.

(Silent War#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Genetic Council determined that Ahura's powers were growing too fast, that they were genetically linked to the madness of Maximus the Mad, and that Ahura was being driven insane and would turn against them. Given no choice, Black Bolt and Medusa agreed Ahura should be imprisoned, and they let the dark Pacifiers take him. Black Bolt ordered that Ahura's name should not be spoken again. Medusa disobeyed her husband's orders a few times and visited Ahura in his cell.

(Silent War#4 (fb) ) - During one of Medusa's visits, Ahura was going mad and he told her that Vera was his only real mother. During another visit, she saw that Ahura was nearly catatonic.

(Silent War#4 - BTS) - Medusa argued to Black Bolt that Kalikya could heal his mind, but Black Bolt refused to listen. Medusa argued that Kalikya could try to heal Maximus first as a test subject.

(Silent War#6) - Passing the jailer, Lord Carthus, Medusa took Luna down to the cells, and Luna used her powers to cure Maximus of his madness. When Luna examined Ahura, she realized that Maximus had planted an infection in his brain, and Luna cured him. With Medusa, Luna, and Carthus, Maximus showed Ahura how Black Bolt and the Inhumans were at war with humans who'd been powered up by Terrigen Mists in experiments. As the battle concluded, Black Bolt was driven mad, and Maximus declared himself leader of the Inhumans.

(Secret Invasion: Inhumans#1) - Ahura stood by Maximus' side at a Council meeting when Medusa announced that Black Bolt had been discovered to be a Skrull and the Inhumans were going to war.

(Secret Invasion: Inhumans#2 (fb) - BTS) - Ahura was captured by the Skrulls.

(Secret Invasion: Inhumans#2) - Unable to escape the Skrull ship with his psychic powers, Ahura was approached by a Super-Skrull who had the combined powers of Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Medusa, and he was taken before the captive Black Bolt. Ahura apologized for being captured.

(Secret Invasion: Inhumans#3) - Ahura watched helplessly as the Skrulls mentally interfaced with Black Bolt, seeking to break him.

(Secret Invasion: Inhumans#4) - Ahura gained enough control of his mental powers to convince one of the Skrulls to release Black Bolt, who then attacked the aliens. The Super-Skrull held a knife to Ahura's neck, but Medusa arrived and killed the Skrull before she could act. Crystal embraced Ahura as Medusa and Black Bolt were reunited. Ahura stood with the Royal Family as they announced an ongoing alliance with the Kree.

(Secret Invasion: War of Kings#1) - Ahura and Luna stood by in shock while Black Bolt launched an aggressive attack on Skrull ships, killing many aliens.

(Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1) - Ahura and Luna were playing aboard the Inhuman ship, pretending to be king and princess. Maximus told them he used to play the same thing.

(FF II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Crystal, Luna, and Lockjaw delivered Ahura from Attilan to Medusa on Earth.

(FF II#5) - Medusa introduced Ahura to the Future Foundation, a group of child geniuses and prodigies who had been assembled by the Fantastic Four to train in the sciences and build a better future. The FF membership included Alex Power, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Onome, Vil, Wu, Mik, Korr, Turg, and Tong; they were being supervised by Medusa, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Ms. Thing, and She-Hulk. Ahura's first words to the team assured them that he was no longer crazy.

(FF II#6) - Ahura woked and asked Dragon Man where Medusa was. At breakfast, the team realized Medusa and Bentley-23 were both missing, so Ant-Man sent She-Hulk and Ahura to Attilan to look for them. There, Bently saw the Royal Family and communicated mentally with an upset Black Bolt, who gave him permission to take Lockjaw as they searched for Medusa.

(FF II#7) - Medusa and Bentley-23 were rescued from the Wizard in the Negative Zone, and Ahura and Lockjaw brought her back to New Attilan. There, the Royal Family imprisoned the Wizard, then the FF returned to New York. Medusa embraced Ahura.

(FF II#8) - Ahura and Bentley-23 returned to their headquarters with Lockjaw, and found the students had set up booby traps for them as a prank. A small skirmish broke out until Dragon Man broke it up, then Alex Power returned to the FF.

(FF II#9) - The Future Foundation went to a pool party at Julian Enterprises. When Ahura removed his shirt to swim, the others saw the black lightning markings on his chest. When they got in a splash fight, Medusa broke it up.

(FF II#10) - An alternate version of the Human Torch lived among the Future Foundation for a time, occasionally growing aggressive with the team. Ahura and Alex Power drank coffee with Onome, Bently-23, and Tong, then Ahura took them to visit the imprisoned Maximus the Mad, who called Ahura the "boy who would not be king". They engaged in a series of questions and riddles with Maximus, who was then set free when the children lost the game.

(FF II#11) - Ahura and the others snuck Maximus back into the FF headquarters. Soon, Adolf the Impossible Kid joined the team.

(FF II#12) - Ahura joined the Future Foundation, Maximus, and Julius Caeser (alien) in trying to activate a portal that would bring the Fantastic Four home.

(FF II#13) - Sensing that Doom the Annihilating Conqueror was coming after them, Ant-Man shrunk the FF and joined with Impossible Man before rushing to the Blue Area of the Moon to hide with the Watchers Uatu and Ulana. After fighting Red Ghost and the Super-Apes (Igor, Peotor, Grigori), they made a plan to defeat Doom.

(FF II#14) - On the Blue Area of the Moon, the FF put their plans in place, with Ahura helping work on a Kree Sentry. In the hot tubs, Bentley-23 tried selling tickets to spy on Medusa, She-Hulk, and Darla, but Ahura turned down his offer. That night, Medusa, speaking as his queen, woke up Ahura and gave him the option to wear the regalia of House Boltagon and join the adults in battle the next day. Ahura accepted the uniform and the duty. Medusa softly cursed the Boltagon traditions.

(FF II#15) - Ahura and Alex Power prepared to go with the adults of the FF into battle, preparing an elaborate plan involving a Kree Sentry, the old Human Torch, Julius Caeser (Charles Cotta), Sun Tzu (another alien), and Dakor the Magician. Ahura and Alex freed Alex Power's parents, James and Margaret Power, as well as the captive Ravonna.

(FF II#16) - Ahura and Alex got the Powers to safety while Doom was defeated.

(Young Avengers II#11) - The Young Avengers sent out a call for help to many young super heroes, including Ahura.

(Young Avengers II#12) - Ahura and Alex Power gathered with a large group of young super heroes, including the Young Avengers, members of the X-Men, students from the Avengers Academy, members of the Mighty Avengers, as well as other young heroes Cloud 9, Gravity, Troll, Scorpion (Carmilla Black), Karolina Dean, and Skaar. The teen heroes agreed to help the Young Avengers fight the dimensional threat of Mother and her gathered "Young Avengers".

(Young Avengers II#14) - Ahura attended an after-party held by the Young Avengers.

(Young Avengers II#15) - The after-party concluded.

(Fantastic Four IV#16) - Ahura and the FF joined the Fantastic Four and many of their friends for a barbecue on Earth's Moon.


(Uncanny Inhumans#0 (fb) - BTS) - Before Attilan was destroyed at the hands of Black Bolt, Ahura passed through Eldrac, the Inhuman doorway that sent people where they needed to be. Medusa spent weeks looking for Ahura, but Eldrac wouldn't reveal where Ahura was. Ahura ended up in the hands of Kang the Conqueror, where he spent weeks waiting for his parents to find him, but they never came. In time, he stopped feeling like a hostage and instead started learning what he could from Kang. Kang took Ahura many places and taught him many lessons, until Ahura thought of Kang as his father.

(Uncanny Inhumans#0) - When Black Bolt arrived at Kang's castle, Ahura responded that he had no father any longer. Black Bolt mind-linked with Ahura, comforting him as Black Bolt triggered Ahura's Terrigenesis. Ahura grew a cocoon as his powers prepared to reveal themselves. Black Bolt then allowed Kang to take Ahura into the time stream to save him from upcoming events. Black Bolt agreed that to save Ahura, he would allow the boy to belong to Kang forever.

(Uncanny Inhumans#4) - Kang took Ahura's cocoon 13,000 years into the past to Attilan, where he found King Randac, hoping for help with Ahura's Terrigenesis. Ahura awakened and met Randac, the man who discovered Terrigenesis, but Kang advised Ahura not to give Randac any knowledge of the future. As Kang left to handle a crisis, Medusa and Black Bolt arrived with a group of Inhumans (including Iso, Triton, and Reader) and allies (including the Human Torch and Beast, as well as Forey the dog). They revealed to Ahura that his power was to generate psychic doubles that he could control to fight or possess others, then they showed him what would happen if he stayed with Kang: decades of Ahura being trained as a warrior before he eventually helped destroy the Inhumans. They told Ahura they had met his future self (in #2-3) just as Kang returned and attacked ancient Attilan. Kang grabbed Ahura who managed to trigger his first psychic double, using it to possess Kang. He ordered Kang to go and repair all damage he had done to the Inhuman timeline then to kill himself if he ever came after the Inhumans again. Rejoined with his mother and father, Ahura asked to go home.

(Uncanny Inhumans#5 (fb) - BTS) - Ahura, now 16, adapted to being back home. He learned that Black Bolt and Medusa were separated, and Medusa was now dating the Human Torch.

(Uncanny Inhumans#5) - Medusa took Ahura and Iso to visit Black Bolt in the bar underneath Grand Central Station, the Quiet Room. Flagman gave Ahura a tour, introducing him to Reader and Treste, showing him the upcoming fight between Ajaxis and Toz, showed him a poker game between the Leader and the Mad Thinker, then took him to a meeting of shareholders of Ennilux, where Marishi Spin was helping the group elect a new leader after the seeming death of their previous leader, the Capo. Ahura was left alone, waiting for Black Bolt to join him for dinner.

(Uncanny Inhumans#6) - Ahura was kept sequestered by Flagman as he addressed events in the Quiet Room. Ahura generated a psychic double, determined to get involved.

(Uncanny Inhumans#7 (fb) - BTS) - Throughout the night, Ahura met with key politicians representing the Inhuman corporation Ennilux, while possessing others to gain favor with them. He got his name on the ballot of individuals up for election, then garnered support for himself.

(Uncanny Inhumans#7) - Ahura revealed himself as a last-minute candidate for the president of the Ennilux Corporation, angering the (still-alive) Capo and others. He gave a speech in which Black Bolt offered the support of Attilan, and he soon assumed control of Ennilux.

(Uncanny Inhumans#12 (fb) - BTS) - Ahura moved into a private office in Ennilux headquarters in Venice, Italy. Over the following months, he delved into learning the complex history of Ennilux, spanning thousands of years. He also perfected his powers, learning to generate and control four astral forms at once, which allowed him better control of Ennilux overall.

(Uncanny Inhumans#12) - Medusa and Lockjaw visited Ahura in Venice, asking him to seek acquisition of Stark Industries, after a recent attack on Stark left him depleted. Ahura refused to capitalize on war and terror just as they got the news that Lash and his soldiers in the Tribe (Lash, Mother Bones, Serrata, Grove, Kacy) were behind the attack. Ahura joined Medusa in fighting back, teleported to Switzerland by Lockjaw, though he brought a number of Ennilux soldiers with them. As they battled the Tribe, members of the Ultimates showed up, thinking Medusa was responsible for the attack on Stark.

(Uncanny Inhumans#13) - A fight broke out between the Ultimates, the Tribe, and the Inhumans, with Captain Marvel knocking Ahura aside before Medusa had Lockjaw teleport the Tribe into the Triskelion, where they would effectively be arrested. Medusa promised to turn herself in to Captain Marvel if they couldn't find the real culprit. Medusa and Ahura determined that Maximus was behind it all.

(Uncanny Inhumans#14) - Ahura, with Medusa, got word that Iron Man had attacked New Attilan, and he promised to leave if Medusa surrendered. Ahura responded with an attack zeppelin from Ennilux, and the fight soon ended when Medusa exposed Maximus as the one behind it all.

(IVX#0) - When it was shown that the Terrigen Mists were lethal to mutants, Medusa had Beast of the X-Men start seeking a cure. Medusa reported back to Black Bolt, Ahura (with Ennilux), and Crystal.

(IVX#6 (fb) - BTS) - After weeks of conflict with the X-Men, the Inhumans were preparing for final battle, but Moon Girl and Iso realized that the Terrigen Cloud that remained on Earth could kill all remaining mutants. They went to Ennilux and asked Ahura for help in designing a counter-device, and he did so.

(IVX#6) - Ahura showed up during the final battle with the mutants in a giant warship, and Moon Girl explained about the device that would destroy the Terrigen Cloud; Medusa activated it without hesitation. Emma Frost turned on the Inhumans, launching a series of specially-designed Sentinels and destroying Ennilux's airships, killing many of Ahura's people. Frost was soon apprehended.

(Uncanny Inhumans#20) - Ahura was part of the crowd at the Quiet Room giving a toast to Queen Medusa.

(Secret Warriors II#6) - At the Ennilux offices in Manhattan, Ahura was discussing why the company didn't trade electronics with Atlantis when Karnak showed up, there without an appointment. Ahura stated how relieved he was that his parents and the Royal Family were off planet. Karnak asked for a job, but Ahura said there were no openings. Karnak reviewed that Ennilux employed 11,292 people, many of them Inhumans, and that they had new 4-D televisions shipping out of Chernaya soon. Ahura was a bit stunned. Later, during a business meeting, Ahura heard about political unrest in Chernaya, and he immediately knew Karnak was responsible.

(Secret Warriors II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Ahura gave Karnak a job at Ennilux. Karnak was assigned to work on the company's global shipping, but bizarre reports began coming back to Ahura based on mysterious activities in the office.

(Secret Warriors II#8) - Ahura went to confront Karnak on his activities, but Karnak showed Ahura out, saying it was none of his business.

(Secret Warriors II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Karnak tried talking business with Ahura while he was using the restroom, and Ahura later spoke to him about boundaries.

(Secret Warriors II#9) - Karnak interrupted a board meeting, where Ahura was reporting the loss of the factories in Chernaya while providing updates on money. Seeking money for a project he was working on, Karnak exposed board member Brisson's embezzlement, then got permission to use the stolen funds. Soon, Inhuman children that were experimented on were found and returned to their families, but the children were suicide bombers and they detonated, killing many around the world.

(Black Bolt#8) - After Black Bolt was missing for a time, Ahura got word that he'd landed in an ancient Inhuman ship in New Attilan, and Ahura went there to confront him. When he met Black Bolt's young protégé Blinky, Ahura was annoyed, but then shocked when Black Bolt hugged him tightly. Ahura turned away in pain.

(Secret Warriors II#10) - As investigators researched the dead children, the media started honing in on Ennilux and Ahura. The police showed up to the Ennilux offices in Venice and began gathering files. When Karnak arrived at the office, Ahura questioned him, and Karnak freely admitted that he had been working with Mr. Sinister, who created the bombs, by giving him Ennilux technology. Karnak said he could save the company if Ahura transferred all assets into Karnak's shell company, Lunar Holdings. Magik and Inferno arrived, determined to attack Karnak, so Ahura used his psychic doubles to hold them back, then he put them on the trail of Sinister, saying he needed Karnak himself. Ahura transferred his funds, but then Karnak allowed Ahura to be arrested as Karnak boasted he had now taken control of the company.

(Secret Warriors II#11) - Ahura joined a large contingent of Inhumans in attacking Mr. Sinister and destroying his base. Karnak handed over the deeds of Ennilux to Moon Girl, self-determining that she would be the next natural leader of the people. Moon Girl handed ownership back over to Ahura, who worked with Iso on using resources to clear up the fallout from Karnak's schemes. Karnak was banished for his actions.

(Black Bolt#11) - Ahura found his astral form pulled into the astral realm along with Blinky, and they soon determined that Black Bolt had called them both there for help against the Jailer, who hunted them there. Blinky helped Ahura realize how important Ahura was to Black Bolt. Soon, Ahura and Blinky were subjected to images of Black Bolt as a child, kept in an isolation chamber by his parents.

(Black Bolt#12) - Ahura and Blinky saw more memories from Black Bolt's traumatic childhood, experiencing some of his nightmares and seeing how Agon experimented on him. The Jailer attacked in Black Bolt's mind, but Black Bolt, with the help of the Absorbing Man, Titania, and Lockjaw, defeated him. Ahura was physically pulled to Black Bolt's location and he embraced his father.

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti (writer), Bret Blevins (penciler) and Al Williamson (inker).

Ahura has certainly had a complex history in the Marvel Universe. Generally a bit player who is forgotten for years at a time, he has actually grown to adulthood while many of his contemporaries seem to age much more slowly. Ahura has a lot of mystery around his power development. It's only in the last few years where he has had a consistent character development.

Vera Adams was called Verna in Fantastic Four Unlimited#2.

Ahura was identified as Ahura Boltagon in his profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update#3 (October, 2010) and Luna's profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC#14 (2010). In the profiles for Karnak and Medusa he was identified as Ahura Boltblackagar.

We don't have a definitive answer on how Inhumans name themselves, but here is a discussion among group about what we know and assume:

Thanks to Markus Raymond for adding Ahura's appearances in Inhumans: The Great Refuge#1, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11 and Uncanny Inhumans#20 and for adding images of his early years.

Profile by Chadman.

Ahura/Pope should not be confused with:


(Daredevil I#279) - An angry crowd, including Fred, closed in on the church in Pottersville, where they heard an evil boy named Pope had killed a local goat. Daredevil arrived to hold the crowd back.

--Daredevil I#279

Vera and Norm Adams

(Daredevil I#279 (fb) - BTS) - Ahura's ship crashed on Earth. A woman, Vera Adams, found the boy in the ship and decided to raise him as her own. She called him Pope and took him home with her. In Pottersville, Vera warned him not to go near the goat outside of town as it was known to be evil.

(Daredevil I#280 (fb) - BTS) - Vera taught Pope about Heaven and Hell.

(DaredevI I#279) - After Pope was accused of killing the goat, his mother met him at the church, where there was an angry crowd closing in. Daredevil arrived, along with Karnak and Gorgon of the Inhumans, Brandy Ash, and Number Nine, and the woman led them back to the site of the crash. Blackheart the demon soon attacked, causing the adults to fight, and he opened the ground under the mortals. Pope's mother cried out for him.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#2 (fb) - BTS) - Norm and Vera Adams moved with Pope to the Bronx in New York City.

(Fantastic Four Unlimited#2) - Vera took Pope to see a speech by the Fantastic Four about their neighborhood. A group of Inhumans (Maximus, Leonus, Timberius, Falcona, Pinius, Felor) under the leadership of the Seeker (Uys) attacked, wanting Pope, but they mistook Franklin Richards for Pope and ended up battling the Fantastic Four. Back at Norm and Vera's home, Pope sensed the arrival of the Inhumans, and Lockjaw teleported in with Medusa, Karnak, and Gorgon. Medusa named him Ahura, and he recognized her as his mother.

--Daredevil I#279 ([Daredevil I#279 (fb)], [280 (fb)], 279, [Fantastic Four Unlimited#2 (fb)], 2


(Daredevil I#279 - BTS) - In Pottersville, Sally's daughters saw Pope seemingly kill a goat by looking it in the eye.

--[Daredevil I#279]

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