Real Name: Carthus

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Spiritual advisor, leader of Genetics Council

Group Membership: Inhumans

AffiliationsMitchell Abrams, Ahura, Alaris, Alpha Primitives, Avia, Black Bolt, Crystal, Dewoz, Dinu, Gorgon, Jolen, Kalikya, Karnak, Kurani, Luna, Maximus the Mad, Medusa, Mendicus, Nahrees, Neifi, San, Timberius, Tonaja, Triton

Enemies: Maximus the Mad

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Attilan

First Appearance: Inhumans III#2 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Though exposed to the Terrigen mists, Carthus' abilities remain unrevealed. He does possess blue skin, several red spiked horns, and glowing yellow eyes.


(Inhumans III#2) - Carthus supervised a group of young Inhumans, including Dewoz, Dini, Kalikya, Nahrees, Neifi, and Tonaja, entering the Terrigen mists for the first time, with Black Bolt looking on. When the Inhuman Dewoz came out looking like an Alpha Primitive, the slave race that shamed the Inhumans, the Inhumans were frightened and considered Dewoz dead. Carthus delivered Dewoz to the Alpha Primitives below the city to live.

(Inhumans III#3) - Carthus explained to the Alpha Primitives that Dewoz was to be added to their population to work, and that Black Bolt had amended his offer of population integration to them. The Alpha Primitives were furious, but took Dewoz with them. Carthus reported to Black Bolt and Medusa that Dewoz had been delivered to the Alpha Primitives, stating that Dewoz had requested to work among them, and Black Bolt and Medusa believed the lie. Tonaja and Nahrees approached Carthus, asking how Dewoz was fairing.

(Inhumans III#7) - Carthus watched as Timberius approached the Genetic Council, requesting war with the humans.

(Inhumans III#9) - Carthus helped monitor the dissipating Negative Zone barrier.

(Inhumans III#12) - After the conflict with the humans was ended, Maximus the Mad imprisoned anew, and Dewoz released in his true form, Carthus tended to Maximus in jail.

(Inhumans V#1) - Carthus supervised a group of young Inhumans, including San and Alaris, entering the Terrigen mists for the first time.

(Inhumans V#2) - Carthus watched as Earthman Mitchell Abrams introduced Earth culture to a selected group of Inhumans exchange students, including Nahrees, Tonaja, San, Alaris, and Jolen.

(Silent War#1) - After four Inhumans (Gorgon, Jolen, Kurani, and Nahrees) were captured in a strike against America for their theft of the Terrigen Crystals, the Inhumans held a council to decide what to do. Mendicus conveyed concerns about the human civilian deaths that had taken place. Crystal and Karnak discussed strategy ideals. Carthus recommended a brutal attack, demanding the return of the Crystals and the prisoners. Triton reminded them that their friends were in danger, and Avia agreed, asking Black Bolt what he would do. Black Bolt dismissed the council to decide what to do, shocking Medusa, Triton, and the others.

(Silent War#4) - When Luna had another vision of the Crystals being used, Carthus was furious and demanded that they strike, with Luna, Karnak, Avia, Medusa, and Crystal listening. Karnak reminded him that they must have Black Bolt's order to do so. Black Bolt then entered and authorized a battle.

(Silent War#6) - The Crystals now retrieved, Carthus suggested requiring a second Terrigenesis for all Inhumans and a mandatory one for those who'd never been exposed. Karnak reminded Carthus and Black Bolt that Inhumans had freedom of choice in this matter, and of what had happened to Gorgon when he'd been exposed twice. They received notice that several human ships were attacking Attilan, and Carthus reviewed the danger with the other Inhuman leaders. They realized that some of the humans had become powered by the Crystals. While the Inhumans battled the invaders, Carthus was led by Medusa and Luna to Maximus' prison, and Medusa entreated Carthus, as leader of the Genetics Council, to authorize the freeing of Maximus. Carthus initially refused until Maximus invaded his mind and made Carthus loyal to him. Carthus then set Maximus free, and Carthus acknowledged Maximus as his liege. They all saw Ahura freed as well, then they viewed the battle with the powered humans, Carthus considering them monsters despite his belief in diversity. While they watched, one of the powered humans exploded, destroying much of Attilan. Maximus gathered the survivors, proclaiming himself their ruler.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

It was implied that Maximus manipulated Carthus into tossing Dewoz to the Alpha Primitives, but never revealed.

Profile by Chadman.

Carthus has no known connections to

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Inhumans III#3, p2, pan3 (main image)

p1, pan2 (head shot)

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