Real Name: Tonaja

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Royal guard;

formerly student

Group Membership: Inhumans

AffiliationsMitchell Abrams, Alaris, Black Bolt, Carthus, Crystal, Dewoz, Diné and her mother, Dinu, Ellen, Scott Forbes, Gorgon, Jolen, Kalikya, Kurani, Lockjaw, Dean Jeremy Markley, Maximus the Mad, Nahrees, Neifi, Nick, San, Senschi, Somnus, Telv, Timberius, Rexel Toiven, Triton

EnemiesRichard Anderson, Avengers (Ares, Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Sentry, Wasp, Wonder Man), Mister Chase, Dowlati, Terrence Haller, Jr., Maximus the Mad, Myers, Portuguese mercenaries

Known RelativesGrandmother (name unrevealed), brother (name unrevealed), father (name unrevealed)

Aliases: Childkin, Archaeopteryx, Tonj

Base of Operations: Attilan

First Appearance:  Inhumans III#2 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: After passing through the Terrigen mists, Tonaja developed green scaly skin and extendible brown wings that could shrink to small flaps or grow larger than her entire body. Tonaja became capable of flight. Her wings will carry herself and one other person in flight. It is possible that Tonaja has enhanced strength.




History: (Inhumans V#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tonaja's grandmother took her to see the sunrise in Attilan often, a memory Tonaja would grow to cherish.

(Inhumans IV#4 (fb) - BTS) - Her father was killed by humans.

(Inhumans III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tonaja was part of a group of seven Inhuman students, including Dewoz, Dinu, Kalikya, Nahrees, Neifi, and Telv, set to graduate to the Terrigen mists exposure that all Inhumans participated in, a process that would unlock their genetic potential. They studied Inhuman history and learned of Inhuman culture. One of their classmates, Telv, got held back a year, leaving only six to graduate together. Tonaja had a rivalry with classmate Nahrees, especially since the good-looking Dinu paid more attention to Nahrees than to Tonaja. Tonaja was best friends with Kalikya.

(Inhumans III#2 (fb)) - On a class visit to Regent's Arch in Attilan, Tonaja was bitter because she got paired up with classmate Neifi. Tonaja barely paid attention during the lesson, distracted by Dinu. Later, Neifi, Nahrees, and Dinu played a prank on the teleporting dog Lockjaw while Dewoz, Kalikya, and Tonaja, on a dare, snuck in to see the imprisoned Maximus the Mad, but they soon grew bored and left. Tonaja had been sure to let Dewoz know she found him ugly.

(Inhumans III#2) - Tonaja wrote in her journal of her dislike of Nahrees for taking all of Dinu's attention. She later confided in her grandmother about her fears of the upcoming Terrigen exposure. Her grandmother told her of her own transformation, and comforted Tonaja. The class was later presented to the mists, under the eyes of King Black Bolt and Carthus. The mists had differing effects of each of the youth. Tonaja became green and scaly with large brown wings, the first natural flyer the Inhumans had seen in over sixty years. Neifi became a gray-green monster with thick skin. Nahrees developed into an electrical energy form, a rarity among the Inhumans. Dinu's face became transformed, reportedly causing death to anyone who looked at him thus requiring him to wear a mask. Dewoz was transformed into looking like an Alpha Primitive, the slave race that lived beneath Attilan; the transformation frightened and shamed the Inhumans and they mourned Dewoz as if dead.  Kalikya's only transformation was her fingers becoming long and lanky, which shamed her. Tonaja let Kalikya know that they could no longer be friends. Tonaja took the name Archaeopteryx, and she and Nahrees were offered potential placements on the Inhumans Royal Guard. The surviving graduates took compensation gifts to Dewoz's family for their loss.

(Inhumans III#3) - Dinu, Nahrees, and Tonaja were all recruited to the Inhuman Royal Guard. Gorgon introduced them to their quarters and worked on intimidating them, making fun of their powers and demanding that they clean the floor to his satisfaction. Tonaja was worried by thoughts of Dewoz and what became of him. Dinu was perplexed by the erratic behavior of Lockjaw. Tonaja and Nahrees approached Carthus, asking how Dewoz was fairing.

(Inhumans III#4 (fb)) - While walking Lockjaw, Tonaja noticed incessant barking and erratic behavior. When she touched Lockjaw, she felt a tugging at him, seemingly from another dimension, and she saw a giant frightening version of Dewoz.

(Inhumans III#4) - Tonaja reported the strange vision to Black Bolt, Gorgon, Crystal, and Triton.

(Inhumans III#5) - When a group of Portuguese mercenaries attacked Attilan, Black Bolt led a group of fliers, including Tonaja, against them. They battled briefly before Attilan's outer defenses overloaded and collapsed.

(Inhumans III#6) - Tonaja took a break to shower and listened to a communication from her grandmother, requesting that Tonaja visit her brother soon. As she dried off, she thought she heard Woz talking to her from her mirror.

(Inhumans III#7) - Tonaja watched as Timberius approached the Genetic Council, requesting war with the humans.

(Inhumans III#8) - Tonaja joined Nahrees, Dinu, Neifi, and Rexel Toiven on the frontlines in battling the mercenaries, and watched as Dinu was mortally wounded, airlifting him back behind the shields. She comforted him while Toiven ran for help.

(Inhumans III#10) - Tonaja noted that Kalikya, who had developed healing abilities, had stabilized Dinu. She apologized to Kalikya, stating that she was unaware that Kalikya's Terrigenesis included greater abilities. She offered to be friends again, but Kalikya refused. Rexel Toiven rushed in, warning the ladies away from an attack, and took the full hit himself, which killed him.

(Inhumans III#11) - Tonaja continued fighting and worked to remove the fallen from battle.

(Inhumans III#12) - The Inhumans were all ordered back into the city while the island sunk into the ocean around them, the act triggered by Black Bolt's plans to have the city removed and have the humans think them dead. Dewoz (now in his true form) joined Kalikya, Nahrees, Tonaja, and Neifi in looking over the recovering Dinu.

(Inhumans IV#4) - Tonaja was one of the Inhumans that approached the Royal Family when they were free again after Black Bolt had defeated the Kree Ronan. She didn't want to return to Earth like many other Inhumans because humans feared and hunted them. She stayed in space aboard the flying city Attilan.

(Inhumans V#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tonaja and Dewoz formed a romantic relationship. Attilan settled on the moon.

(Inhumans V#1) - Tonaja flew above the sports playing field in Attilan, among other fliers. One player, San, got caught in low gravity and Tonaja had to rescue him.

(Inhumans V#2) - Tonaja slept with Dewoz, but left early without waking him so that she could watch the sun rise over Attilan, feeling somewhat guilty that she hadn't shared that pleasure with Dewoz. Senschi soon arrived and let Tonaja know she'd been summoned by the king. Tonaja joined Nahrees, San, and two other Inhumans, Jolen and Alaris, at the palace, where Medusa let the five of them know they had been selected to become foreign exchange students for a year on Earth. Tonaja was distressed and wrote in her diary to Dewoz, regretting that she'd never traveled with him to his mirror world. She hugged Dewoz for comfort, complaining about having to live under the same roof as Nahrees and how Gorgon wasn't requesting her to stay. Dewoz told Tonaja that it was her destiny to go to Earth and asked her to trust that Black Bolt had her best interests at heart. She refused to leave Dewoz, though, and flew away in tears, determined to find a way to stay. The next day, the selected students, with Medusa and Carthus, listened to human ambassador Mitchell Abrams, tell about Earth, though they mostly talked through his speech. Tonaja saw Gorgon later, demanding that he release her from this duty. Gorgon convinced her it was necessary through logic and a personal story; though he offered to arm wrestle her for the duty. Inspired by Gorgon, Tonaja spent her last moments with Dewoz, who gave her the gift of a mirror that had been in his family for generations.

(Inhumans V#3) - The Inhuman students traveled to Earth and had their photos taken, then took time to adjust to the new atmosphere. They then traveled to  Madison, Wisconsin, and were shown to their new home on fraternity row.

(Inhumans V#4) - Tonaja rushed off to her first day of class. Later, she was shocked to see that Alaris had used their credit card to purchase vast amounts of possessions. Dean Jeremy Markley came to the door, informing her that Nahrees had destroyed a city bus with her powers and that Alaris had tapped out their credit limit.

(Inhumans V#5) - Medusa contacted the students, angry and disappointed in their actions. She informed them that Dean Markley was finding them all jobs to help work off their debt. Tonaja angrily reproached Nahrees for her selfishness. Tonaja was assigned to do mail delivery, and used her wings to speed the task. That night, Tonaja found her mirror broken, and assumed the culprit was Nahrees. Furiously, she attacked Nahrees, until Alaris broke them apart.

(Inhumans V#6) - Tonaja and Alaris talked about the conflict the Inhumans were having, and Tonaja informed Alaris that Dean Markley had asked her to give a speech to the student council. Tonaja received word that Nahrees had threatened a human, and she warned Nahrees to not let it happen again. Tonaja, in ceremonial garb, appeared before the student council and offered her speech on embracing diversity.

(Inhumans V#8) - The Inhumans' students attended a meeting of international students, where cultural diversity was discussed, but they didn't quite fit in. Later, Richard Anderson, representing Haller Industries, offered money in order to study the Inhumans' genetic makeup, but Tonaja refused, even after learning human lives were at stake. While flying, Tonaja heard a call for help and saw Nick, who'd been in a skateboarding accident. She lifted him and his companions, including Nick's sister, begged Tonaja to take Nick to the hospital and she agreed. While waiting for news, Tonaja read the newspaper about Earth's heroes. Nick's sister and friends soon gave Tonaja a huge hug, delivering the news that Nick was going to make it, and called her a hero. Tonaja later talked to San about her willingness to save the human even though she turned down Anderson's offer earlier. Alaris revealed that he'd been appointed the football team mascot.

(Inhumans V#9) - Tonaja, Jolen, and San attended Alaris' first football as mascot, though Tonaja flew there on her own. At the game, the public was shocked by the Inhumans' presence, and one young girl called Tonaja ugly. Management soon gave the Inhumans a private booth. Alaris checked in with Tonaja the next day and she asked him if he thought she was ugly. She described how she used to feel prettier, and Alaris promised to take her out soon to get her mind off of things.

(Inhumans V#10) - Alaris and Tonaja, who wore human clothes for the first time, went out among the people. Neither of them enjoyed the loud nightclub, so they left and talked about culture, then played Frisbee in the park. Alaris offered Nahrees a rose, and she felt much better. Alaris offered Tonaja a rose, and she felt much better. Tonaja thanked Alaris, who almost kissed her, but Jolen interrupted when Nahrees' friend, Ellen, informed them she'd been kidnapped.

(Inhumans V#11) - Medusa was furious to hear about Nahrees' capture, and she ordered the students to find and save her, giving them Nahrees' location. Medusa was even more furious to find out that Tonaja had not told her about Haller seeking out the Inhumans' genetic material. Nahrees' friend Ellen drove them to Chicago, and they hoped they weren't too late to prevent her death. Upon arriving at Haller Industries, the Inhumans rushed inside after Jolen interrogated scientist Dowlati, and found Nahrees. Mister Chase, a hitman, shot Jolen in the head. Alaris later talked to Tonaja, who informed him that she would like to be his best friend, but not romantic interest. He agreed. Tonaja reflected on her Earth experience, questioned Medusa about it, and bonded with a student in her next class.

(Silent War#4) - Tonaja joined several Inhumans in attacking the Pentagon, to release captive Inhumans (Gorgon, Jolen, Kurani, and Nahrees) and the stolen Terrigen Crystals. Other Inhumans attacking included: Black Bolt, Crystal, Lockjaw, and Somnus. The captives and Crystals retrieved, the Inhumans returned to the moon, leaving Black Bolt behind to defeat the Avengers.

(Silent War#5 - BTS) - The Mighty Avengers (Ares, Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Sentry, Wasp, Wonder Man) arrived to stand against the Inhumans.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

Tonaja appeared on the cover of Son of M#3, but not in the issue.

The Inhumans and Attilan eventually returned to Earth's moon.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Chadman with a little help from Markus Raymond (Inhumans IV).

Tonaja has no known connections to


(Inhumans III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Telv was held back from the rest of his classmates from graduating to the Terrigen mists, reportedly because his grandparents were phenotypically incompatible.

--Inhumans III#2 (Inhumans III#2 (fb) - BTS

Tonaja's Grandmother

(Inhumans III#2 (fb)) - As a young female Inhuman at the age of five, Tonaja's grandmother was exposed to the Terrigen mists, not truly understanding the life that lay ahead of her.

(Inhumans V#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tonaja's grandmother took her to see the sunrise in Attilan often, a memory Tonaja would grow to cherish.

(Inhumans III#2) - Tonaja confided in her grandmother about her fears of the Terrigen mists, and Tonaja's grandmother offered consoling words of support. Tonaja was later transformed into the first natural flyer the Inhumans had seen in over sixty years.

(Inhumans III#6) - Tonaja's grandmother sent Tonaja a video hologram expressing her love and inviting Tonaja to come and visit her brother.

Tonaja's grandmother was exposed to the Terrigen mists, a process which turned her skin green. Any other powers are unrevealed.

--Inhumans III#2 (Inhumans III#2 (fb), V#2 (fb) – BTS, III#2, III#6


(Inhumans V#8) - After getting into a serious skateboarding accident, Nick lay there while his sister and friends called for help. The flying Inhuman Tonaja overheard, and agreed to carry Nick to the hospital.

--Inhumans V#8









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Inhumans V#8, cover (main image)
Inhumans III#2, p2, pan3 (pre-transformation)
Inhumans V#1, p7, pan1 (head shot)
Inhumans V#6, p12, pan1 (classy outfit)
Inhumans III#2, p11, pan1 (Tonaja's grandmother)
Inhumans V#8, p8, pan2 (Nick)

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