Real Name: San

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Artist;
former student

Group Membership: Inhumans

AffiliationsMitchell Abrams, Alaris, Black Bolt, Carthus, Dewoz, Ellen, Scott Forbes, Terrence Haller III, Jolen, Lockjaw, Luna, Dean Jeremy Markley, Medusa, Stacey Montezon, Nahrees, Nallo, Senschi, Tonaja

EnemiesRichard Anderson, Annie, Britney, Chad, Mister Chase, Dowlati, Terrence Haller, Jr., Myers

Known RelativesFather, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather (names unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Attilan

First Appearance: Inhumans V#1 (June, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: After passing through the Terrigen mists, San shrank in size and mass and developed off-white skin, an elongated cranium with a series of tendrils coming from it, massive forearms with three clawed fingers, and strange red colorations on his skin. He developed the ability to channel his emotions into crystal-like art-forms, with a shelf-life of up to several days. These art-forms appear at various sizes. The extent of San's abilities remains unrevealed.







History: (Inhumans V#1) - Son of a military man, and descendant of other military men, the Inhuman San planned on a long life in the military, focusing on sports and strategy. With his friend Alaris, he excelled in various sports, competing in the low gravity of the Blue Area of the Moon. While playing one game, he went for a long pass and nearly died in the low gravity, having to be rescued by the flying Tonaja. San and Alaris soon prepared to enter the Terrigen mists. San assumed he would have a more impressive transformation than Alaris, but told his friend he would always remember him. After emerging from the mists, however, he realized that he had grown smaller and shorter, not a warrior at all. Alaris was appointed to the royal guard, and San didn't get to see him anymore, having been appointed to the artist caste. San learned that he could create beautiful works of art, reflecting his emotional state, from his hands. Days later, he watched a sport, morosely, and Nallo invited him to walk, working to convince San that being an artist was a positive thing. San saw people admiring his art and Nallo's music, and he started realizing the value of his place in society. They then watched an Earth ship fly over. San discussed their intentions with his father while they played a strategy game, and San listened to his father describe how humans were envious of Inhumans and not to be trusted. San lost the game, feeling terrible, and his father tried to ensure San that his genetics were what they were meant to be, but San felt that his father was disappointed in him. He tried to play sports again, and was incapable, watched Alaris train, and then released all of his emotions in a mighty sculpture. San was soon summoned by Senschi to see Black Bolt, having been selected for a mission to Earth.

(Inhumans V#2) - San was selected, along with Tonaja, Alaris, Nahrees, and Jolen, to become a foreign exchange student for a year on Earth. Medusa gave them the news with Black Bolt standing by. San was very distressed until Medusa chastised him. The next day, the selected students, with Medusa and Carthus, listened to human ambassador Mitchell Abrams, tell about Earth, though they mostly talked through his speech. San said goodbye to Nallo and his father, who confessed his pride in San.

(Inhumans V#3) - The Inhuman students traveled to Earth and had their photos taken, then took time to adjust to the new atmosphere. They then traveled to  Madison, Wisconsin, and were shown to their new home on fraternity row. Alaris enthusiastically recruited San to go shopping with them, even though they hadn't talked in some time. They entered a CD shop, where a tattooed girl admired San's 'colors.' Then others, including Chad, demanded that San get out of the store and out of the country. Violence almost ensued until Alaris intervened. He coerced the others to take them back to their home, where they listened to music for hours. San finally convinced Alaris to go home, and he berated Alaris for his enthusiasm over Earth culture, focusing more on their frustrating differences and San's foreign appearance. San stated that he hated what he'd become, and that he hated what Alaris had become even more, and walked away.

(Inhumans V#4) - San attended his first day of class, startling his professor and students with his appearance. San was shocked to see that Alaris had purchased dozens of items on their credit card. Dean Jeremy Markley came to the door, informing the Inhumans that Nahrees had destroyed a city bus with her powers and that Alaris had tapped out their credit limit.

(Inhumans V#5) - Medusa contacted the students, angry and disappointed in their actions. She informed them that Dean Markley was finding them all jobs to help work off their debt. San was disgusted that he had to pay for the acts of his companions. San was assigned to work in the library, and immediately sensed the prejudice of humans there. Later, Nahrees and Tonaja got into a fight over a broken mirror, but San correctly guessed it was Jolen who'd broken it, and approached Jolen about it.

(Inhumans V#6) - San questioned Jolen, who appealed to San's sense of wanting to be a warrior and worked to convince him that they were there on Earth in order to be a first strike against the humans. Jolen stated that he considered it his mission to unite his teammates against humans, but San wondered if Jolen was merely trying to win Nahrees back by driving her into his arms. San worked at the library that night.

(Inhumans V#7) - While working at the library, San was shocked when Stacey Montezon struck up a conversation with him and asked him out to dinner. He agreed, though wary. San later talked about this decision with Jolen, who was wary as well. At dinner, they quickly connected, feeling like outsiders in the mainstream culture, though Regina, the server, and other restaurant patrons were uncomfortable and asked them to leave. Stacey told San to ignore her 'friends' Annie and Britney, who'd watched them, laughing. Stacey apologized to San, embarrassed, and the two of them continued bonding over their similarities. San used his powers to make Stacey a piece of art, giving it to her as a gift. Stacey later took San miniature golfing, and he discovered a sport he could participate in. The two began spending more time together, attending museums, going to  movies, and boating together. Stacey later told San that she was falling in love with him. San revealed that he couldn't pursue that due to her being only human.

(Inhumans V#8) - The Inhumans' students attended a meeting of international students, where cultural diversity was discussed, but they didn't quite fit in. Later, Richard Anderson, representing Haller Industries, offered money in order to study the Inhumans' genetic makeup, but Tonaja refused, even after learning human lives were at stake. San tried to confide in Alaris about Stacey, but Alaris was distracted by a football game and decided to go try out for the college team. San later talked to Tonaja about how she'd flown an injured human to the hospital, and yet been unwilling to aid Anderson. Alaris revealed that he'd been appointed the football team mascot.

(Inhumans V#9) - Tonaja, Jolen, and San attended Alaris' first football as mascot, though San had to walk there on his own. At the game, the public was shocked by the Inhumans' presence, and Jolen tried convincing San of the humans' faults. The management soon gave the Inhumans a private booth.

(Inhumans V#10) - While working in the library, San was approached by Jolen through a potted plant and continued working to convince San that humans should be destroyed. Later that night, San wondered what Jolen was doing in the garden.

(Inhumans V#11) - Medusa was furious to hear about Nahrees' capture, and she ordered the students to find and save her, giving them Nahrees' location. Nahrees' friend Ellen drove them to Chicago, and they hoped they weren't to late to prevent her death. Upon arriving at Haller Industries, the Inhumans rushed inside after Jolen interrogated scientist Dowlati, and found Nahrees. Mister Chase, a hitman, shot Jolen in the head.

(Inhumans V#12) - While the Inhumans fought Chase, San saw Terrence Haller Jr. sitting next to his sick son, Terrence Haller III. Chase shot Alaris, who was resistant to the bullet. Alaris picked Chase up, and Chase shot him in the throat, then the head, knocking Alaris out. Tonaja leaped on him, disarming him, while the scientist Dowlati stopped Myers from hurting Nahrees. San, with Haller and his son, entered and San stated that he agreed to give his life so that Haller's son could live. Then Jolen, revived, shocked them all by murdering Chase with roots through the abdomen. Tonaja then freed Nahrees, who was tempted to kill Haller, but Tonaja stopped her. The F.B.I., including Agent Scott Forbes,  then arrived and arrested Haller. The Inhumans were free too leave. Jolen applauded San for faking his chivalry, though San did not. San went over to Stacey's and confided in her, stating that she was his reason for wanting to stay alive.

(Son of M#2 - BTS) - Back in Attilan San befriended Luna. One day he made a small sculpture for her as a present for her father Quicksilver.

Comments: Created by Sean McKeever, Matthew Clark, and Nelson.

San appeared on the cover of Son of M#3, but was only mentioned in the issue.

Markus Raymond added the BTS appearance in Son of M#2.

Profile by Chadman.

San has no known connections to

San's father

(Inhumans V#1) - Son of a military father and grandfather, San's father became a royal guard of notoriety. His son, San, planned on a military career as well. He watched as San entered the Terrigen mists and emerged an artist instead of a warrior. Days later, after an Earth-ship approached the moon, San and his father talked over their intentions while playing a strategy game. San's father instructed him on how Earth-men were envious of the Inhumans and how they weren't to be trusted. San's strategy capability had lessened, and he felt poorly, but San's father tried to comfort him, letting him know that his bloodline was what it was supposed to be.

(Inhumans V#2) - San's father, with San's friend, Nallo, bid San farewell after San was selected to be an exchange student on Earth.

--Inhumans V#1 (Inhumans V#1-2




images: (without ads)
Inhumans V#1, p10, pan5 (main image)

p5, pan4 (pre-transformation)
Inhumans V#3, cover
Inhumans V#1, p8, pan6 (San's father)

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