Real Name: Stacey Montezon

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsAnnie, Britney, Regina, San, Kelly Stapleton, Mrs. Stapleton

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Stace

Base of Operations: Madison, Wisconsin

First Appearance: Inhumans V#7 (January, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: None



History: (Inhumans V#7 (fb) - BTS) - From the small town of Sayner, Stacey Montezon could not wait to get out into a bigger city. She applied to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and made it, feeling like life would be so much better there.

(Inhumans V#7) - Seeking to pledge for the Eta Rho Theta sorority, Stacey listened as her sponsors, Annie and Britney, talked about the Inhuman exchange students that had settled on Fraternity Row, and she reflected on  how empty this felt, though she knew that being 'cool' was what she had always wanted. They challenged Stacey to ask San, the ugly Inhuman who worked in the library, out on a date, for her initiation. Stacey reluctantly agreed. She approached him at the library and asked him to dinner, and he warily agreed to go. At dinner, she was initially very bored, but found that they connected quickly, both feeling like outsiders in the mainstream culture. However, Regina, the server, and the restaurant patrons were uncomfortable with San there, and they were asked to leave. Annie and Britney had stood on, laughing. Stacey apologized to San, embarrassed, and the two of them continued bonding over their similarities. San used his powers to make Stacey a piece of art, giving it to her as a gift. She later received a message from Annie and Britney, unofficially letting her know that she mad made it into the sorority, but Stacey was not thrilled by the news. Stacey later took San miniature golfing, leaving her roommate Kelly to let the sorority know why Stacey had missed the pledge meeting. The two began spending more time together, attending museums, going to  movies and boating together. Stacey's thoughts were consumed by San and she began falling for him. Stacey decided to withdraw her pledge from the sorority and she let them know that she didn't belong there, disgusting Annie and Britney. Stacey later told San that she was falling in love with him. San revealed that he couldn't pursue that due to her being only human. While missing San, Stacey took a brief call from Mrs. Stapleton, revealing to her that Kelly had joined the sorority.

(Inhumans V#12) - San went over to Stacey's and told her of a near-death experience that he'd had. He then confessed that she was his reason for wanting to stay alive.






Comments: Created by Sean McKeever, Robert Teranishi, and Nelson.

Profile by Chadman.

Stacey Montezon has no known connections to

Annie and Britney

(Inhumans V#7) - Members of the Eta Rho Theta sorority at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Annie and Britney supervised various pledges, working to initiate them into the next year's sorority. When Stacey Montezon applied, they challenged her to ask out San, the freakish looking Inhuman who worked at the library, and watched as Stacey did so. They watched later as she took San to dinner at a local restaurant, and San and Stacey were asked to leave. Annie and Britney let Stacey know, unofficially, on her answering machine, that she had made it into the sorority. At the next pledge meeting, Stacey was not there, and they had to learn from Stacey's roommate Kelly that Stacey had chosen to go on a date. Stacey later decided to withdraw from the sorority and revealed that she was dating San. Annie and Britney were disgusted.

--Inhumans V#7






(Inhumans V#7) - Stacey, a server at a restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin, was shocked to see the Inhuman San at a table with Stacey Montezon. She complained, and the manager asked them to leave.

--Inhumans V#7



Kelly Stapleton

(Inhumans V#7) - Roommate of Stacey Montezon, Kelly decided to apply for the Eta Rho Theta sorority at University of Wisconsin-Madison like Stacey had. She attended a pledge meeting, and was questioned by Annie and Britney, sorority girls, why Stacey wasn't there. Kelly let them know that Stacey had gone on a date. Stacey later withdrew from the sorority, but Kelly joined, attending an induction party.

--Inhumans V#7




Mrs. Stapleton

(Inhumans V#7 - BTS) - Mrs. Stapleton called to check on her daughter, Kelly, but Kelly was at a sorority induction.

--Inhumans V#7 (Inhumans V#7 – BTS

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Inhumans V#7, p18, pan2 (main image)

p19, pan4 (head shot)
p2, pan3 (Annie and Britney)
p9, pan1 (Regina)
p15, pan2 (Kelly Stapleton)

Other Appearances:
Inhumans V#7 (January, 2004) - Sean McKeever (writer), Robert Teranishi (penciler), Nelson (inker), Marc Sumerak (editor)
Inhumans V#12 (June, 2004) - Sean McKeever (writer), David Ross (penciler), Rodney Ramos (inker), Marc Sumerak (editor)

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