Real Name: Dewoz

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: Inhumans

Affiliations: Alpha Primitives, Black Bolt, Carthus, Dinu, Gorgon, Jolen, Kalikya, Kurani, Mala, Maximus the Mad, Karnak, Medusa, Nahrees, Lockjaw, Neifi, Telv, Tonaja

Enemies: Doctor Cartwright, Rachel Grey, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), Maximus the Mad, Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Yuri Stalyenko

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Woz

Base of Operations: Attilan

First Appearance:  Inhumans III#2 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Dewoz, after passing through the Terrigen mists, developed the ability to pass through reflective surfaces into what he called the 'Antiverse.' He could then transport out of another reflective surface. This ability would work on mirrors and even eyes. He could travel brief distances through such surfaces, but not from Earth to the moon. The extent of his abilities is unknown.






History: (Inhumans III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Dewoz, called Woz, was part of a group of seven Inhuman students, including Dinu, Kalikya, Nahrees, Neifi, Telv, and Tonaja, set to graduate to the Terrigen mists exposure that all Inhumans participated in, a process that would unlock their genetic potential. They studied Inhuman history and learned of Inhuman culture. One of their classmates, Telv, got held back a year, leaving only six to graduate together.

(Inhumans III#2 (fb)) - On a class visit to Regent's Arch in Attilan, Dewoz was paired up with Kalikya. Later, Neifi, Nahrees, and Dinu played a prank on the teleporting dog Lockjaw while Dewoz, Kalikya, and Tonaja (who called Dewoz ugly), on a dare, snuck in to see the imprisoned Maximus the Mad, but they soon grew bored and left, though Maximus strangely knew Dewoz's name.

(Inhumans III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Maximus telepathically stunted Dewoz's mental functioning and made it so his powers would be delayed once he underwent Terrigenesis. He also somehow ensured that Dewoz's form would initially resemble an Alpha Primitive, the former slave caste that lived beneath Attilan.

(Inhumans III#2) - The class was later presented to the mists, under the eyes of King Black Bolt and Carthus. The mists had differing effects of each of the youth. Tonaja became green and scaly with large brown wings, the first natural flyer the Inhumans had seen in over sixty years. Neifi became a gray-green monster with thick skin. Nahrees developed into an electrical energy form, a rarity among the Inhumans. Dinu's face became transformed, reportedly causing death to anyone who looked at him thus requiring him to wear a mask. Dewoz was reported dead in the mists, his loss mourned. The surviving graduates took compensation gifts to Dewoz's family for their loss. Secretly, however, Dewoz had been transformed into looking like an Alpha Primitive, the shaming slave race that lived beneath Attilan. To hide their shame, Dewoz was placed into chains and imprisoned.

(Inhumans III#3) - Carthus delivered Dewoz to the Alpha Primitives below the city, fated to live and work with them. Seemingly in shock, Dewoz kept repeating his true name to himself over and over. During this struggle, Dewoz began to notice ridges forming on his arms and his own body mass increasing. His mind seemed somehow attuned to the teleporting dog, Lockjaw, and his eyes began to glow as he looked in the mirror. After listening to some of the Inhumans debate over their place in Inhuman society, Dewoz returned to the mirror and realized that he could enter a dimension within reflective surfaces. He allowed himself to enter this Antiverse, reveling in the fact that he was the only one who could go there, and realizing that the Inhumans had not realized that the Terrigenesis had taken longer to work on him. He exited the mirror, landing directly in front of Maximus in his cell.

(Inhumans III#4) - Working with Maximus, Dewoz began gathering items, including a garish hat, and stayed hidden in the mirror while Maximus was questioned by Karnak and Gorgon. While passing through the Antiverse with a stolen device, he was pursued by Lockjaw, frightening Dewoz, whose intellect seemed subdued. Using Dewoz's powers, Maximus confronted Soviet general Yuri Stalyenko, enticing the general to lead an attack on Attilan and providing him with the devices he would need to invade the city.

(Inhumans III#5) - In Maximus' cell, Dewoz listened to the humans outside firing upon the city, and Maximus promised that he and Dewoz would move among the humans someday.

(Inhumans III#6) - Woz tried to contact Tonaja through her mirror, but did not. When Woz returned, Maximus was furious about Woz's absence, and briefly beat Woz before apologizing.

(Inhumans III#7) - Maximus had Dewoz teleport him through the Antiverse to the underground home of the Alpha Primitives, where he worked to unite them under his cause of fighting against the upper-crust society of the Inhumans. Woz helped Maximus kidnap Medusa, taking her through the mirror to the Alpha Primitives' realm under the city.

(Inhumans III#8) - The Alpha Primitives noted that Woz was dying, and Maximus told Woz he would have to die in his 'false form' in order to give the Primitives a martyr.

(Inhumans III#10) - Maximus, who'd removed all the mirrors so that Woz couldn't escape, entreated Woz to die quickly, until Woz realized that Maximus' eyes could reflect as well. He began using his powers to teleport through Maximus' eyes, and threatened to die in Maximus' head unless Maximus released him from this false form and restored his mental functioning. Maximus did so and Woz escaped.

(Inhumans III#11) - Remorsefully, Woz, now in his true form, appeared before Black Bolt and Karnak and apologized for his forced involvement in Attilan's plight. Karnak revealed that they knew what was happening, and that they had greater plans than these. He asked Woz to stay hidden until it was all over.

(Inhumans III#12) - The structure holding Attilan was sunk and the city removed to another location. Dewoz rejoined Nahrees, Tonaja, Kalikya, and Neifi, and tended to the recovering Dinu, who'd been wounded in battle.

(Inhumans V#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tonaja and Dewoz formed a romantic relationship. Attilan settled on the moon.

(Inhumans V#2) - Dewoz and Tonaja slept together, and Tonaja, the next morning, received the news that she was to be an exchange student on Earth. She hugged Dewoz for comfort, complaining about having to live under the same roof as Nahrees and how Gorgon wasn't requesting her to stay. Dewoz told Tonaja that it was her destiny to go to Earth and asked her to trust that Black Bolt had her best interests at heart. She refused to leave Dewoz, though, and flew away in tears, determined to find a way to stay. She later changed her mind, and returned to Dewoz, who gave her a mirror that had been in his family for generations. She showed him where the sun rose over Attilan and they kissed goodbye.

(Silent War#5) Ė At Black Boltís order, Dewoz teleported through a reflective surface inside the Pentagon, disabled two guards, and used a bomb to burst open the door to the room where Gorgon, Jolen, Kurani, and Nahrees were being held captive. He maintained mental contact with Mala the Diviner, who hacked into their security systems, freeing the captives, though Dewoz had to silence Jolen to allow him to concentrate. They took the Crystals from Doctor Cartwright, who had been exposed to the Crystals and was dying, though they were suspicious of his motives. The captives and Crystals retrieved, the Inhumans returned to the moon, leaving Black Bolt behind to defeat the Avengers.


(Civil War II: X-Men#3 - BTS) - Medusa sent Woz to War Room X in the Savage Land to spy on Magneto and his allies.

(Civil War II: X-Men#3) - Woz teleported into War Room X through a computer screen. When he was noticed by Sabretooth, who smelled him, Woz tried to flee through the screen again, but was caught by Rachel Grey. Magneto decided to change their plans and before the situation escalated further.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

Dewoz appeared on the cover of Son of M#3, but not in the issue.

Civil War II update by Markus Raymond.

Profile by Chadman.

Dewoz has no known connections to

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Inhumans V#2, p10, pan3 (main image)
Inhumans III#2, p2, pan3 (pre-transformation)
Inhumans III#3, p22, pan3 (shackled)

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