Real Name: Jolen

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Cultivator;
formerly student

Group Membership: Inhumans

AffiliationsMitchell Abrams, Alaris, Black Bolt, Carthus, Crystal, Dewoz, Ellen, Scott Forbes, Gorgon, Damon Hart, Kurani, Lockjaw, Mala, Dean Jeremy Markley, Nahrees, San, Tonaja, Videmus

EnemiesRichard Anderson, Brett, Doctor Cartwright, Mister Chase, Dowlati, Fantastic Four (Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantstic, Thing), Terrence Haller, Jr., Myatt, Myers, Office of National Emergency, Quicksilver, Scott

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Attilan

First Appearance: Inhumans V#2 (July, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: After passing through the Inhumans' Terrigen mists, Jolen developed a special affinity with plants. He became able to cultivate them and make them grow by linking to them. He also developed the ability to transform himself into vegetation, shrinking in size and passing through it and enlarging out of it once again. In addition, Jolen could manipulate plants and roots to follow his will, pushing people into the ground or grabbing them from the Earth, as well as extending roots from his own body in order to battle others. The extent of Jolen's abilities remains unrevealed.

History: (Inhumans V#6 (fb) - BTS) - After passing through the Terrigen mists, Jolen became a cultivator on Attilan, the Inhumans' city on the moon.

(Inhumans V#3 (fb) - BTS) - Jolen and Nahrees pursued a romantic relationship, but Nahrees ended their involvement callously, leaving Jolen with unresolved feelings.

(Inhumans V#2) - Jolen was selected along with Tonaja, Nahrees, San, and Alaris to become foreign exchange students for a year on Earth. Medusa informed them of this mission with Black Bolt standing by. The next day, the selected students, with Medusa and Carthus, listened to human ambassador Mitchell Abrams, tell about Earth, though they mostly talked through his speech.

(Inhumans V#3) - The Inhuman students traveled to Earth and had their photos taken, then took time to adjust to the new atmosphere. They then traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, and were shown to their new home on fraternity row. Jolen was disgusted with Alaris' enthusiasm. He and Tonaja agreed to stand by each other, and Jolen stated he knew why he was selected for the Earth mission, a sinister look on his face. When a reporter tried to take pictures from outside the Inhumans' home, Jolen knocked him off his ladder with a long plant tendril.

(Inhumans V#4) - Jolen, who'd covered his walls in vegetation to feel more like home, asked Nahrees to talk with him on the morning of the first day of classes. He asked if they could be more civil with each other, and struck up conversation about his unwillingness to attend classes. She stated that she intended to participate, though reluctantly, then left to answer the door. Jolen watched from afar as Alaris was taken advantage of by three humans, Brett, Scott, and Myatt, into spending much of the Inhumans' money on them. Later, he followed Nahrees, ensuring her that his romantic feelings were gone and that he was just looking out for her. She conveyed her frustrations about humans, and he tried to convince her that they were there to act as a first strike against the humans. She zapped him and walked away, though. Dean Jeremy Markley informed the Inhumans that Nahrees had destroyed a city bus with her powers and that Alaris had tapped out their credit limit.

(Inhumans V#6 (fb) - BTS) - Jolen, seeking to rally the other Inhumans to his cause, sought to break Tonaja's ties to Attilan, and so broke the mirror her love, Dewoz, had given her.

(Inhumans V#5) - Medusa contacted the students, angry and disappointed in their actions. She informed them that Dean Markley was finding them all jobs to help work off their debt. Jolen was assigned to work in gardening, and used his powers to ease the task. Tonaja and Nahrees later got into a fight over the mirror, and Jolen comforted Nahrees outside. San later approached Jolen, claiming he knew it was Jolen who broke the mirror.

(Inhumans V#6) - San questioned Jolen, who appealed to San's sense of wanting to be a warrior and worked to convince him that they were there on Earth in order to be a first strike against the humans. Jolen stated that he considered it his mission to unite his teammates against humans, but San wondered if Jolen was merely trying to win Nahrees back by driving her into his arms. After work, Jolen scoffed at Alaris' working hard for the humans. Nahrees shunned Jolen when he tried to talk, and a few humans asked if Jolen knew how to grow marijuana. Jolen tried to comfort Nahrees later, but she rejected him and flew away. Later, Jolen pined after Nahrees in his room. Frustrated, he sought out Brett, Scott, and Myatt and used his roots to murder them, burying them in the ground to never be found. Pleased, he said to himself, "Three down. Billions to go."

(Inhumans V#7) - San approached Jolen to discuss a girl that had asked San out. They were both wary of the idea.

(Inhumans V#8) - The Inhumans' students attended a meeting of international students, where cultural diversity was discussed, but they didn't quite fit in. Later, Richard Anderson, representing Haller Industries, offered money in order to study the Inhumans' genetic makeup, but Tonaja refused, even after learning human lives were at stake.

(Inhumans V#9) - Tonaja, Jolen, and San attended Alaris' first football as mascot, though Jolen traveled there on his own through the trees. At the game, the public was shocked by the Inhumans' presence, and Jolen tried convincing San of the humans' faults. The management soon gave the Inhumans a private booth.

(Inhumans V#10) - While working in the library, San was approached by Jolen through a potted plant and continued working to convince San that humans should be destroyed. At the Inhumans' home, two students asked Jolen if they could be pledges, and Jolen invited the students in. He then murdered them in the backyard, narrowly avoiding San catching him. Jolen heard from Nahrees' friend Ellen that Nahrees had been kidnapped by Mister Chase.

(Inhumans V#11) - Medusa was furious to hear about Nahrees' capture, and she ordered the students to find and save her, giving them Nahrees' location. Nahrees' friend Ellen drove them to Chicago, and they hoped they weren't too late to prevent her death. Upon arriving at Haller Industries, the Inhumans rushed inside after Jolen interrogated scientist Dowlati, and found Nahrees. Mister Chase, a hitman, shot Jolen in the head.

(Inhumans V#12) - Chase shot Alaris, who was resistant to the bullet. Alaris picked Chase up, and Chase shot him in the throat, then the head, knocking Alaris out. Tonaja leaped on him, disarming him, while the scientist Dowlati stopped Myers from hurting Nahrees. San, with Haller and his son, entered and San stated that he agreed to give his life so that Haller's son could live. Then Jolen, revived, shocked them all by murdering Chase with roots through the abdomen. Tonaja then freed Nahrees, who was tempted to kill Haller, but Tonaja stopped her. The F.B.I., including Agent Scott Forbes, then arrived and arrested Haller. The Inhumans were free to leave. Jolen applauded San for faking his chivalry, though San did not. Later, Jolen threatened Nahrees' human boyfriend, Damon Hart, that if he hurt Nahrees Jolen would kill him.

(Son of M#3) - Working as a cultivator on Attilan, Jolen perfected a new species of flower and, trying to impress Crystal, named it after her. He put one in her hair, flirting, but Crystal's husband Quicksilver walked by and leaped on Jolen, who fought back, holding Quicksilver in a bunch of roots. Jolen released Quicksilver at Crystal's request.

(Son of M#4) - Jolen revealed to Black Bolt, Gorgon, and Videmus that Quicksilver had beat him up, using his new powers.

(Silent War#1 (fb) - BTS) - In response to American possession of the Terrigen Crystals, Gorgon led Kurani, Nahrees, and Jolen in an assault on New York City. They posed as immigrants from Eastern Europe and checked into a hotel, where they planned their assault of the following week. Jolen chose a televised charity broadcast of the Tempest for their strike, and secretly grew vines beneath the theater during the day in preparation.

(Silent War#1) - Kurani disguised the four of them as they infiltrated the production, then Jolen restrained the entire crowd with a grouping of vines. While Nahrees electrically controlled the cameras, Gorgon threatened that war would be waged until the Crystals were returned. A few in the crowd began heckling them, so Gorgon ordered Jolen to silence them. Jolen did so by killing several of them, even popping the head off of one with the vines, an act that infuriated Gorgon who swore that Jolen would be held accountable for the deaths. Kurani reestablished their disguises and the four of them planned to depart peacefully, but they were stopped by the Fantastic Four (Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, Thing). Gorgon tried to dissuade them from fighting, but a fight was imminent. Jolen restrained the Thing with vines. Gorgon knocked the heroes down, then the Human Torch started Jolen's plants on fire until Nahrees knocked Human Torch out of the air with an electric blast. Invisible Woman held Nahrees in a forcefield while Mister Fantastic restrained Gorgon, who encouraged Kurani to run. Kurani cast an illusion of a large monster in front of Thing, who wasn't phased and Kurani chose to surrender. Human Torch then knocked out Jolen. All four Inhumans were turned over to the Office of National Emergency (O*N*E) for containment.

(Silent War#5) - The four captives were freed by Dewoz and Mala the diviner, and Gorgon (who'd been mutated by further exposure to the Terrigen Mists) ordered them to help him liberate the Crystals, despite Jolen's protests. They took the Crystals from Doctor Cartwright, who had been exposed to the Crystals and was dying, though they were suspicious of his motives. The captives and Crystals retrieved, the Inhumans returned to the moon.

Comments: Created by Sean McKeever, Matthew Clark, and Nelson.

Profile by Chadman.

Jolen has no known connections to

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Inhumans V#6, p21, pan2 (main image)
Inhumans V#4, p19, pan1 (head shot)
Inhumans V#4, p19, pan2 (shot using powers)

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