Real Name: Damon Hart

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None


EnemiesMister Chase

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Madison, Wisconsin

First Appearance: Inhumans V#9 (April, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: None




History: (Inhumans V#9) - A wealthy socialite born in loads of money, Damon Hart partied aboard a yacht in Madison, Wisconsin, playing football in his swimming trunks. He accidentally fell into the electric Inhuman Nahrees, spilling her drink, and he tried to win her over with charm. To get revenge, however, Nahrees pitched Damon overboard. Later, at a party, Damon approached Nahrees and the two traded wits for a time. He offered her a very expensive necklace as a peace offering, but she walked away, rejecting him. Damon was only more encouraged to pursue her, though. At yet another party, Damon, drunk, approached Nahrees and she stormed away from him. He teased her about keeping the necklace, and she furiously pulled him into the next room, and they were soon kissing, though Ellen caught them, told where they were by Brock.

(Inhumans V#10) - Nahrees and Damon kissed in an alley outside the Rave club, and Damon wondered why Nahrees was keeping their romance a secret. At another party later, Damon was bragging about his car until Nahrees told him to shut up, but they were soon kissing in the park until Damon was hit by a bullet fired by Mister Chase.

(Inhumans V#12) - Having survived, Damon was happy to see Nahrees come and visit. She tried to break up with him, but he kissed her instead. She soon left, and Damon was shocked to find himself wrapped in roots. The Inhuman Jolen warned Damon not to hurt Nahrees, then he too left.



Comments: Created by Sean McKeever, David Ross, Nelson, and Scott Elmer.

Profile by Chadman.

Damon Hart has no known connections to

Ellen and Brock have no known connection to:


(Inhumans V#9) - Aboard a yacht, sunbathing with her friend Nahrees, Ellen talked over men and life. She watched as Damon Hart fell into Nahrees, Nahrees pitched him overboard. Later, at a party, Ellen tried finding a date for Nahrees, but she didn't want it. Damon Hart approached Nahrees and after the traded wits, with Ellen watching, Damon offered Nahrees an expensive necklace, impressing Ellen, but Nahrees grabbed Ellen and walked away. At another party later, Ellen went looking for Nahrees to give her a drink, and Brock showed her to a room where she found Nahrees and Damon kissing.

(Inhumans V#10) - In the nightclub, the Rave, Nahrees threatened Ellen with her powers if she dared tell anyone about Nahrees' romance with Damon. Ellen later found that Damon had been shot and Nahrees had been kidnapped. She delivered the news to Jolen, Tonaja, and Alaris of the Inhumans.

(Inhumans V#11) - Ellen drove Nahrees' teammates to Chicago to rescue her; afraid she would die if they didn't get there on time. When they arrived in Chicago, the Inhumans rushed out to rescue Nahrees.

(Inhumans V#12) - The Inhumans successfully freed Nahrees, and Ellen told her that Damon survived the shooting.

--Inhumans V#9 (Inhumans V#9-12




(Inhumans V#9) - At a party, Brock told Ellen where to find Nahrees and Damon Hart.

--Inhumans V#9







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Inhumans V#9, p9, pan6 (main image)

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p17, pan5 (Ellen)
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Other Appearances:
Inhumans V#9-10 (April, May, 2004) - Sean McKeever (writer), David Ross (penciler), Nelson & Scott Elmer (inkers), Marc Sumerak (editor)
Inhumans V#12 (July, 2004) - Sean McKeever (writer), David Ross (penciler), Rodney Ramos (inker), Marc Sumerak (editor)

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