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Real Name: Eldrac

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Interdimensional teleporter for the Inhumans;
former politician

Group Membership: Inhumans

Affiliations: Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Future Foundation (Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Nathaniel Richards, Spider-Man/Peter Parker), Inhumans (Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Dal Damoc, Elejea, Flint/Jason, Gorgon, Inferno/Dante Pertuz, Iso/Xiaoyi Chen, Karnak, Lockjaw, Maximus/Maximus Boltagon, Frank McGee, Lineage/Gordon Nobili, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon, Naja, Triton and numerous others), Light Brigade (All-Knowing/Dara Ko Eke, Metallic Titan/Prax Ord, Midnight Blade/Kal Blackbane, Stonethrower/Els Udonta, Sun/Voorr), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Universal Inhumans (Aladi Ko Eke, Avoe, Oola Udonta, Onomi Whitemane and numerous others)

Enemies: Thanos, X-Men (teen Angel/Warren Worthington III, Wolverine/Laura Kinney)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Eldrac the Door

Base of Operations: Battery Park, New York
formerly Universal City (Blue Area of the Moon)

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#577 (May, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: Gaining powers after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, the Inhuman Eldrac became a construct that could teleport people by letting them walk through his mouth. His powers included sensing where the person wanted to be and could send them to the exact location, even interdimensionally. Able to send large groups to the same spot as sending individuals to different locations. As an added power, it'll take people not just where they think you should be, but to where they needed to be. Eldrac's eyes only appeared when he activated his powers.

Eldrac appears to be able to dupe others, sending them to the wrong place, and also able to pull people through by his own volition when he chooses. Eldrac can also send people through time.

Height: 8'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 450 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Yellow/White, no visible irises
Hair: None


(Fantastic Four I#577 (fb) - BTS) - Eldrac was a politician for a minor faction within the Inhuman population. But became irrelevant during unification (see comments).

(Fantastic Four I#577 (fb) - BTS) - After his Terrigen transformation, Eldrac was transformed into a large, immobile object capable of teleportation. Now known as "Eldrac the Door", he received his own place in Attilan.

(Fantastic Four I#577) - When investigating a mysterious vessel on the Blue Area of the Moon the Fantastic Four were welcomed by the Inhuman Dal Damonan who explained that the vessel was the Universal City. While inside the construct Dal Damonan showed the adventurers Eldrac the Door, Eldrac opened his mouth to provide passage to a secret hallway that would lead towards the Universal Inhumans.

(Fantastic Four I#578) - Queen Onomi Whitemane of the Universal Inhumans offered six warriors for sacrifice, calling them the Light Brigade. Midnight Blade asked Eldrac for a battle they could not win and Eldrac opened his doorway for them, sending them towards the Negative Zone.

(FF I#9) - Black Bolt ordered Reed, Nathaniel Richards and Spider-Man to return home since their ships had been destroyed in the conflict. Facilitating their speedy return, Boltagon allowed them to use Eldrac. Intrigued after hearing Eldrac could take them to wherever they needed to be, Spider-Man was curious if the Inhuman could also take them back in time as he and the others entered Eldrac.

(FF I#10 - BTS) - Reed Richards was returned to the Baxter Building and told Sue about Eldrac's abilities, though she wondered where Nathaniel Richards and Spider-Man had wound up. Nathaniel was sent to Latveria because an alternate universe Reed Richards known as Alpha had need of him. Alpha, familiar with Eldrac in his own reality, wondered if this universe's door was powered by desire or need. Spider-Man, despite his repeatedly expressed wish to be sent to Tahiti, was delivered by Eldrac to Avengers Mansion. There, he was able to convince the Thing to return to the Fantastic Four. For his trouble, keeping with his desire for something tropical, Spider-Man was handed a hamburger and a festive umbrella covered cocktail by the Avengers butler Jarvis.

(Fantastic Four I#600/2 (fb)) - Imprisoned in the Negative Zone, the Light Brigade remembered how Eldrac had teleported them there.

(Infinity#3) - When Thanos and his forces invaded Attilan, Maximus had Eldrac send all the remaining Inhumans to different locations.

(Inhuman#1 - BTS) - Due to the destruction of Attilan, Eldrac was hurled towards Battery Park in New York and seemingly survived the ordeal. Thinking it nothing more than common wreckage, a division of S.H.I.E.L.D. had roadblocked the area.

(Inhuman#1) - Having heard of Eldrac's survival Queen Medusa and her handmaiden Eljea arrived at Battery Park to collect their friend. After dealing with S.H.I.E.L.D. Medusa offered Eldrac her sincerest apology for getting him caught up in Black Bolt's plan like so many of them. Medusa then asked Eldrac to send her to Black Bolt, Eldrac opened his portal, allowing Medusa to enter. She was however teleported to a fight between newly transformed Inhuman Dante and evil Inhuman Lash.

(Inhuman#8) - Gorgon tried taking Frank McGee and Inferno through Eldrac, but the door was unresponsive until McGee closed his eyes and whispered, "You know what I need." Eldrac then sent them on to the Himalayas to find Black Bolt and Maximus.

(Amazing Spider-Man Special#1) - Eldrac provided passage for Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Medusa, Gorgon, Triton, Naja, Flint, Iso, and Inferno when they needed help in beating criminals from Sky-Island.

(Uncanny Inhumans#0 (fb) - BTS) - Medusa continually asked Eldrac to send her to wherever Ahura was, but Eldrac refused.

(Uncanny Inhumans#0) - When Black Bolt asked Eldrac to send him to Ahura, Eldrac instead sent him through time, to Siberia in 1908.

(Inhuman#13) - Lineage approached Eldrac, empathizing with his situation of being immobile and being generally considered more of a tool than an Inhuman. Lineage showed him the plans to build him a robot body that would allow him to move freely, but he wanted a favor from Eldrac in return. Later, Lineage brought Medusa, Frank McGee, Triton, and Elejea with him to Eldrac, and they expected to be sent to a threatening Kree laboratory to find Black Bolt, but instead Eldrac, per his agreement with Lineage, sent them to Siberia to face the threat of Lash and his Tribe.

(Inhuman#14) - Eldrac was equipped with a mobile robot body, allowing him to run for the first time in years. He rushed past Lineage and went running for it.

(Inhuman Annual I#1) - Eldrac heard Lineage spoke telepathically to all of the Inhumans, saying it was time to seize power. Eldrac looked out at the water from the shore. He reached through his own form, retrieved Medusa, McGee, and Triton (saving their lives during a battle with enemies, though Elejea had been killed), then sent them on to where they were needed. He then removed himself off the robot body and left himself on the shore near the water.

(IVX#2) - Iso and Inferno sought out Eldrac, who was asleep and lying on the ground. Desperate for help, they told Eldrac he was forgiven. Helping them avoid a fight with teen Angel and Wolverine (Laura Kinney). He sent them on through the door to Old Man Logan in Alberta (where he was helping create a machine that would destroy the Terrigen).

Comments: Created by Jonathan Hickman (writer), Dale Eaglesham (pencils, inks).

Just what the "unification" Dal Damoc spoke of isn't made clear. Presumably, since we haven't seen anything close to a conventional political system in Inhuman society, at one point all factions unified under the rule of both the Genetics Council and the House of Boltagon. Also: there's a weird discrepancy in Eldrac's origins. Most, if not all, Inhumans are exposed to the mists during their (early) teens. For whatever reason, Eldrac first rose to adulthood, then became a political figure and then suddenly decided to undergo Terrigenesis which turned him into a teleporting door?

During his initial appearance, there was no sign Eldrac was a teleporter, he was merely used as a doorway.

You have to wonder: what is it with Inhumans and their nowhere close to normal teleporters? Back in the early 80s, John Byrne wrote the Thing's first solo series in which he revealed the Royal family's loyal teleporting pooch Lockjaw was in fact a regular Inhuman who got transmutated into a canine-like teleporter thanks to Terrigenisis. Iater years, Peter David summarily dismissed this notion in X-Factor, when he had Quicksilver explain Lockjaw's alleged sentience was just a prank Karnak and Gorgon pulled on the Thing by using a little radio transmitter in his collar to make it seem as if the mutt could talk. Still, that didn't explain Lockjaw's origins or powers, considering the Mists are sacred, I doubt pets are allowed to wander in.

And then there's Eldrac. He didn't grow wings, fins or armadillo arms, he didn't even became a dog, He actually turned into a door. As of mid-2014, no one stopped to wonder the psychological trauma being forcibly reduced to an object has on a person's psyche. Eldrac must surely be going stir crazy.

Profile by MarvellousLuke. Update by Chadman (Inhuman#8 to IVX).

Eldrac has no known connections to

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Inhuman#1 (main image)
Fantastic Four I#578 (first appearance)
Inhuman#1 (teleporting Medusa)
Inhuman#14, p2, pan2 (mobile)

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